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Nominate Your World for WOTD Here! [September - November Cycle]

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    GrowID: UpY

    This world has different kinds of parkour styles all around it, following a christmas and candyland theme. It includes..
    * P and Z Jammers, including Ghost charm!
    * Fun diverse styled parkour
    * VIP room for the winners (located in a cloud )
    * Adventure items + Obelisk challenge
    * Snowy weather machine, A small Christmas town too

    Click image for larger version

Name:	319BED76-2CF1-4D66-937E-E12F217EFD04.png
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Size:	529.9 KB
ID:	6593388



      Grow id: Cryst3r
      World: Christmastrouble

      Christmas is almost here, and santa has yet to deliver all his presents! Would you help him deliver the presents? Can it be delivered on time??

      World includes:
      >An exciting & Cool parkour
      >Uses of adventure items
      >Christmas music
      >Nice pixel art
      >A storyline
      >Cool facts about christmas
      >Punch & Zombie jammer
      >Ghost charm & Firehouse
      >Snowy Night Weather

      Best regards,
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        Nominating FIERYCITY by Kaito and Krankie

        Here is the latest render:
        Click image for larger version

Name:	fierycity.png
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Size:	987.9 KB
ID:	6593235

        Here is the connected world:
        Click image for larger version

Name:	oxvon.png
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Size:	211.1 KB
ID:	6593236

        Living in a city wherein countless fires have been spreading all throughout, a citizen from the city is destined to be the solution on dtoppin the curse of the fiery tree caused by the queen of dark spells "Ysandra" from the Book of Crapedium. Do you have what it takes to stop the curse of the fiery tree and save the citizens?

        World contains:
        *Interconnected worlds (FIERYCITY - main/adventure world, and OXVON - story/parkour/adventure world)
        *Hypertech Antigravity Field Gameplay
        *Deciphering of Codes
        *Tricky Gameplay
        *Usage of old and latest halloween blocks
        *Intensive use of paints (mixing)
        *Intriguing Story to capture visitors attention
        *Usage of Adventure Items
        *Usage of Clash Items
        *VIP/Winners lounge
        *Punch Jammer, Zombie Jammer, Ghost Charm, and Firehouse on both worlds
        *Creditory Board


        THECURSEDFLAME by Kaito and Krankie

        Here is the latest render:
        Click image for larger version

Name:	thecursedflame.png
Views:	15
Size:	1.62 MB
ID:	6593138

        In the city of Haluluna, a fire emerged within the forest causing enormous fire spreads among the city: this fire plead no harm to burn anything but to curse massively on its surroundings. A chosen one, prior to a prophecy from the Crapedium Book of Haluluna, a book which holds the destiny of the city written by a Greek God named "Titaly", ruler of fate and wisdom. The chosen one was to find solution to stop the curse of the flame, and try to revoke it with the help of the Eyeledge, what holds beyond hids beneath.

        World Contains:
        *Various Scenarios
        *Horrific Storyline
        *Pixel Arts
        *Wolfworld inspired
        *Usage of numerous unknown blocks
        *Usage of old and new Halloween Blocks
        *Story Quiz
        *Mind boggling block mixing
        *Usage of various adventure items
        *Full set of jammers: Punch Jammer, Zombie Jammer, and Ghost Charm
        *Publicity of Bridge Creation
        *Moral Lessons
        *Medium Difficulty Level
        *Creditory Board
        *Ensurance of better gameplay
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        A demon never hides - therefore lurking in the beneath of the abyss, now bow down you puny little mortals!

        IGN: Zytran
        World: ZYTRAN
        Instagram: @zytran_gt


        • Nominating SPACEBOTS for wotd!

          World: SPACEBOTS
          Growid: aNDq

          You are an astronaut! Your task is to collect samples(gameblocks) from all around the world! There are many challenges to collect them all. Luckily you have an entire team to help you. Be the first team to find all samples to win the game. There are parkours and puzzles you must complete to get all the samples. The game is fun with and against your friends. Have fun competing!

          World features:
          -jammers (punch, zombie, pineapple guardian, ghost charm, firehouse)
          -comet weather
          -game generator with unique configuration
          -adventure puzzles
          -small parkours

          World made by aNDq and ELEKTRONI

          Click image for larger version

Name:	spacebots.png
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Size:	438.2 KB
ID:	6593390


          • WOTD Attempt by Banksy

            Hello my name is Banksy! And this is my 2nd WOTD ATTEMPT! I'm really proud with this creation since I got no help with building and I formed a cool looking jungle-world with a big parkour and fun adventures.

            -THELONELYLODGE is all about having fun and it has a big adventure theme with alot of parkour and it's funny because you'll have to be patient to complete the parkour so that will make you enjoy doing the parkour and winning it of course. It's a Jungle theme basically.

            -World Name: THELONELYLODGE
            -Grow ID: Banksy

            World Contains:

            -Punch Jammer
            -Zombie Jammer
            -Jungle Weather
            -Ghost Charm
            -A fun adventure with alot of parkour!
            -A cool design of a jungle

            Click image for larger version

Name:	thelonelylodge.png
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Size:	1.23 MB
ID:	6593391


            • End Product?

              Click image for larger version

Name:	treasuremap.png
Views:	1
Size:	535.0 KB
ID:	6593394
              GrowID: BLUTCH
              World: TREASUREMAP

              You got swept across the ocean by a hellish storm. Your crew arrived at the "Treasure Tower" that is said to be the place where Captain Kidd hid all his treasures... Hurry and get the Legendary pirate's treasures! It will be difficult thought

              This is my end product. I've done lots of changes since I finished the world last year. Unfortunately, it didn't win so I had to make all of those changes. I thought the treasure update was my time to shine, but it's okay. Here's my world, feel free to enjoy and play there.
              IGN: BLUTCH
              Follow my Instagram: @blutchofficial
              Subscribe my Youtube: BLUTCH Official

              Goals in Growtopia:
              Angel of Mercy's Wings: ✔
              Dr. Title: ✖
              3 WOTDs: 2/3
              Legendary Bot: ✖
              10 BGL: ✖
              1k YT Subs: ✖



                GrowID: MiLYONERiM
                World Name: HALLOWEENJUMP

                Click image for larger version

Name:	halloweenjump.png
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Size:	492.8 KB
ID:	6593396


                Let’s back to Halloween for one more day with this world. Halloween Monsters are back!
                Crazy, hungry, bloodthirsty monster is ready to eat somone. By the way, I have some bad news... You’re in this nightmare with friendly ghost. You’ve to get to the sheltered room
                [and the Adventure Begins!]


                This World Has:
                • Story
                • Adventure Items
                • Parkour
                • Confusing Maze
                • Deathly Traps
                • Guardian Pineapple
                • Zombie and Punch Jammer
                • Firehouse

                - - - Updated - - -

                GrowID: MiLYONERiM
                World Name: EVILDUCKY

                Click image for larger version

Name:	evilducky.png
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Size:	631.4 KB
ID:	6593395
                Imagine a very cute ducky mutating in the past and this duck is on a giant rocket! Ducky is doing bad things like evaporating the ocean, killing all fishs and sure vaporize water. Don’t let the Evil Ducky! We need our ocean and fishs to live!
                [And your Adventure Beginst...]

                This world has:
                • Parkour
                • Story
                • Race Against Time
                • Searbots
                • Password Game
                • Adventure Items
                • Punch Jammer, Zombie Jammer
                • Firehouse


                • Reposting my world HILLSOFLOVE for WOTD!

                  Originally posted by Carbonide View Post
                  I would like to nominate my world HILLSOFLOVE for the Wolrd of the Day!You will love it!

                  Story: Welcome to HILLSOFLOVE! The place where dreams really do come true. HILLSOFLOVE is not just any world, but an entire domension - one of love, peace, and joy. It is said that in these hills, awaits esch and every Growtopian true love. A valentines perhaps? You'll know if you let your heart free to wander Cupid's Valley one of the villages on this town! But you must hurry, for Cupid's magic is only around until the clock striked midnight! Best of luck, traveler! Your valentines awaits.

                  A traveler searching for true love, sounds cute huh? That's not all! The world has tons of villages with awesome people to meet. Also with very cool stories.

                  World includes

                  -Zombie Jammer
                  -Punch Jammer

                  Click image for larger version

Name:	hillsoflove.png
Views:	8
Size:	490.3 KB
ID:	6593398

                  Just wanted to repost my world for a WOTD!


                  • CURSEDMEMORIES
                    by ROOTbeerr

                    Click image for larger version

Name:	B86B5AEC-ED23-4A0C-9760-E20E73285A36.png
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Size:	393.5 KB
ID:	6593399

                    An adventure world about reliving painful memories.

                    Two interlinked worlds


                    • DRAGONVALENTINE By Draluxes
                      Click image for larger version

Name:	dragonvalentine.png
Views:	30
Size:	468.0 KB
ID:	6593402

                      Synopsis :
                      Looks like someone can't find what is true love. And you, maybe you could help a queen with drago-heart. Start your journey to find a true love and bring to our drago-heart!

                      *1 Cave Slab
                      *Adv. Items and obstacles.

                      In Additional.
                      *Punch and Zombie Jammer,
                      *Thrilling story about valentine that you should to know it,
                      *and last Dragon art belongs to ItzEagleT.

                      ELEMENTFORESTRETURN by Draluxes.
                      Previous epsiode from Thelastjudgements of Elementforest WOTD, here's the continous!
                      Click image for larger version

Name:	elementforestreturn.png
Views:	8
Size:	669.3 KB
ID:	6593401

                      Synopsis : The problematic has gone. I don't know if it occured again in the future. At least, this is about end of disturbance. But, i've been too much overthinking about arsonist. Like why, what, how.. that question always across towards in my mind. I won't be cowards, be confidential is my principal. I can't just, leaving him alone, when its over.... Hopefully he'll be okay, stay with his family and enjoy the justice.

                      Now, i'm back to the point. How's the situatiom of element currently?

                      World including.
                      * Story telling.
                      * Punch and Zombie jammer
                      * Much more.

                      What's New?!
                      * Summer clash blocks was added into the world.
                      * Spring clash blocks was added into the world.
                      * Bountiful blocks was added ( including Bamboo Background, Bamboo Platform, Corpse Flower, Flowering Garland, Growtopia-Eating Looming Plant, Jungle Temple, Jungle Temple Background, Jungle Temple Pillar, and Moonkshood. )
                      * Summer clash mechanic added ( sort of 20 Deathtrap wall, and 4 Gravity well. )
                      * Winter clash mechanic added ( sort of 1 Lunar Crater, and 1 Cracked Stone Slab. )
                      * New worldwolf blocks added.
                      * Block party v2 added.
                      * Hey, Searbot level 1 ( 2 pieces. ), Searbot lvl 2 ( 2 pieces. ) is running your way.
                      * Hey, Flame-bot level 1, and Shockbot level 1 is running your way.
                      * 5 Winter Wind, Winterfest Cracker Blocks was added into the world.
                      * Last, Variants of asteroid.

                      THELASTJUDGEMENTS by Draluxes
                      Previous episode from Prismdimension of Elementforest WOTD, here's the continuous!
                      Click image for larger version

Name:	thelastjudgements.png
Views:	30
Size:	387.6 KB
ID:	6593400

                      Synopsis :
                      Whoosh, the dark hole teleported into red world with strange area. Suddenly, this is an actual arsonist hometown. Which this area has been taken away by his enemies.

                      *) Trickster is working on Tower and cloud part.
                      *) Up, Up and Away Blocks!

                      In Additional.
                      * Song playing : Maplestory - Temple of time
                      * Punch and Zombie Jammer.
                      * Readable story-telling.

                      Bluragon's can go anywhere, if i will on there, don't get surprised.

                      Check out of this video ^^


                      • WHERENUKEDWORLDSGO

                        Your world was accidentally banned. Through some sort of ritual, you got into the World-Banning Office! The place where nuked worlds go. They are very meticulous about banning worlds. You're very sure that your world is not really harmed right now and is reserved for future observations. It's just nuked but not removed. Now, you got to search for your world! Go everywhere where your world could be. Goodluck, player.

                        Click image for larger version

Name:	wherenukedworldsgo.png
Views:	2
Size:	420.4 KB
ID:	6593404

                        -Possible without wings.
                        -A winner's room.
                        -Catchy story?

                        Note: Removed the shortcut door
                        Last edited by Gungnirs; 11-19-2019, 07:37 AM.
                        IGN : elyxiaL
                        Level : 94

                        Goals :
                        Just expressing thyself


                        • EERIEST for November WOTD

                          World Name: EERIEST
                          GrowID: Turdy

                          The world EERIEST is the superlative form of EERIE – meaning, something spooky. I

                          t caters to provide three pixel arts all in relation to HALLOWEEN. Along the way, it introduces information about Halloween and anything scary. Furthermore, it also gives a taste of an original story in line with the original character concept for the Halloween Monster Character Contest.

                          It consists of parkour and adventure, Q&A and riddle, as well as a maze. The world makes use of different mechanics such as CYBOTS, ADVENTURE ITEMS, PASSWORD DOORS, SCREENDOOR MAZE, Looming blocks even the use of gravity pulls to bring you to your destination. Moreover, quite a number of different Halloween blocks were used to further give emphasis and correlation to the theme.

                          After finishing the world has to offer, there is a hangout area to chill. I hope that by this world, it is able to entertain people and provide connection to HALLOWEEN. It was made by heart and mind.

                          Thank you!

                          LATEST RENDER:
                          Click image for larger version

Name:	eeriest.png
Views:	4
Size:	1.15 MB
ID:	6593405
                          IGN: Turdy


                          KARERA FOR WOTD!


                          • My wotd attempt.

                            Hello i want to nomminate my world for wotd

                            World name: Controlledcity
                            GrowID: Starantula

                            20 years ago humans from the city you live in attacked the giant city. Stone giants defeated it only becouse a joung giant helped them but in battle his heart was split in 3 peaces. The giant tried to get his heart back so he made a stone army and took control of the city.Everyone knew they cant defeat the giants army so people tried to find it but couldnt becouse a crazy man stole it from them and placed it somewhere in the city. YOU are the citys last chance to find it...

                            World has:
                            Zombie and punch jammers
                            Jungle weather machine
                            Cool design
                            Easy parkour
                            Cool cave
                            Giants pixel art (with parkour inside)
                            Simple adventure item usage

                            Newest render:
                            Attached Files
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                            • World: CAVEOFSPOOK
                              GrowID: skullition
                              In this world, you are tasked to navigate through the tricky maze in order to curry Growganoth's favor. Many people have fallen victim to the harsh obstacles. But you, you are chosen. Growganoth saw you in a different light. Can you reach Growganoth's expectations, or will you fall victim to the traps?

                              It is recommended to use a flashlight. Parasols aren't necessary to complete this world.
                              Click image for larger version

Name:	caveofspook.png
Views:	1
Size:	653.2 KB
ID:	6593408


                              • WOTD Nomination

                                World name: Puzzlevel
                                GrowID: Thomas207

                                You like riddles, puzzles and you like to think? Puzzlevel is made for you! In this world, there are 5 levels. Each level has a specific mechanics. You have to finish the 5 levels to win. Come and have fun in this wonderful world, and above all, don't forget to bring your brain!

                                This world may look easy and simple at the first sight, but it’s really not. Come look by

                                Difficulty: Hard

                                ~Punch and Zombie Jammer
                                ~Ghost Charm
                                ~Weather machine-Stuff
                                ~5 hard levels
                                ~Vip area
                                ~Mystery block pixel art
                                Click image for larger version

Name:	6BEF226D-EEBB-475A-AF18-E591BF61EB49.png
Views:	2
Size:	373.4 KB
ID:	6593409