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Nominate Your World for WOTD Here! [September - November Cycle]

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    Ladakh Festival!

    GrowID: Smirky

    Take a stroll through this harvest fest themed world and learn about the history of not only the Ladakh region but the festival that takes place there, smooth and relaxing parkour while learning about what goes on in september in other countries, enjoy!

    Click image for larger version

Name:	ladakhfestival.png
Views:	2
Size:	1.02 MB
ID:	6590491

    World Includes:
    -Zombie and Punch Jammer
    -Fire House
    -Ladakh Art
    -Ladakh Region/Festival History and Information
    -Roots! Update Blocks
    -A lot of Weeping Willow blocks
    -Credits for information and Art at spawn!


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      Nominating BESTBEACHINGT

      GROWID: RedyMeosjin

      You went to someone's dream without noticing. Can you escape his parkour in the beach that was made in his dream and achieve victory? Or wait him to wake up and you'll be stucked in his dream forever. He even proclaimed his hand made parkour as the "Best Beach" even its not. (do you think it is the best beach?)

      ~ Punch & Zombie Jammer
      ~ Beach Blast Weather
      ~ Credit Board near the White door
      ~ 4 Main Levels to finish (there is a level after you finish all 4 levels)
      ~ Comfortable Lobby/Hangout if you finished the parkour
      ~ "Find the letter and word" mechanism
      ~ "Get the item and go back" mechanism
      ~ Adventure items (Banana, Key, Rope, Golden Idol)
      ~ Difficulty: HARD

      Click image for larger version

Name:	bestbeachingt.png
Views:	2
Size:	1.32 MB
ID:	6590492

      VOTW: 1 (Out of Growtopia Icon)


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        World name: THEDEADKINGDOM
        Owner: cFlame and G0Z0 (This was a collab)

        You need to defeat the Eye of Growganoth. The world features PZ jammers, a spooky weather, parkour and a few small riddles. Most of the parkour is medium difficulty.
        Click image for larger version

Name:	thedeadkingdom.png
Views:	1
Size:	1.05 MB
ID:	6590493
        I hope we win, this took a lot of wls and effort to make. Though it was also quite fun. The castle design is admittedly not great, but I'll probably make it a little better if I have time.

        I know, it's not Halloween yet, but Halloween is such a fun time... Why not celebrate it a little bit early?
        I might be back.


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          Originally posted by Bruzty View Post
          1# World name : STRIKESLAB
          GrowId : Bear9
          The world had super old design, so i rebuilt it to amazing parkour, made handmade pixelarts and added a lot of colorful blocks.
          World has :
          P/Z jammers
          Handmade Story, about Prof.Strike's experiments
          Vip area
          Credits board
          Public board
          Adventure items
          Password quizzes
          Password verification to the vip area
          Weather machine
          Handmande pixel arts.

          2# World name : STEVEN
          The world has a lot of different levels, you also can complete them to get into the vip has green,steam,high tech,math,scary adventures levels. You also doesn't need wings because world has antigravity which helps you with the parkour.
          World has :
          P/Z jammers
          Vip area
          Handmande story about Steven
          Adventure puzzles
          Thank you very much! 😀
          I Really Like this one it looks GREAT!
          Thank's for Reading and Best Regards,
          ~ Quiris


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            GrowID: INSZ
            World: DISNEYSCASTLE

            This world is an adventure world with Disney theme. This world will let you know about History of Disney. It also makes you know about Disneyland all over the world.

            - Weather machine ~ Night
            - Punch and zombie jammer
            - Castle pixel art
            - Parkour
            - History of Disney and Credits board
            - Information about Disneyland
            - Password door game
            - Cybot parkour

            Last Render:
            Click image for larger version

Name:	disneyscastle.png
Views:	2
Size:	1,004.9 KB
ID:	6590494

            Thank you for reading!


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              PARKOURA for WOTD

              World name : PARKOURA
              GrowId : Dyroz
              The world had a legend story from indonesia , amazing parkour and added a lot of colorful blocks.
              World has :
              - P jammer
              - Z jammer
              - Firehouse
              - Snowy weather
              - Credit board near white door
              - Stort, about Malin Kundang
              - Vip are
              - Song
              - Colour full Parkour
              - Public boards
              - Password verification to the vip area
              Click image for larger version

Name:	parkoura.png
Views:	1
Size:	1.00 MB
ID:	6590495


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                Hypervia & SpacialRend For WOTD!


                World Name:HYPERVIA

                Hypervia is both a puzzle and a parkour world. (has some riddles as well)
                The main attraction of the world is the “change dimensions” feature that will be explained detailed later.

                -Punch Jammer
                -Zombie Jammer
                -Guardian Pineapple
                -Weather Machine: Nothingness
                -Usage Of 2 Worlds (Mainly For Linking)
                -A Story
                -A Password system that can be used to get to the level you left at
                -Advanced Adventure Item Usage (Old And New)
                -Long Length, Medium-Hard difficulty.
                -Easter Eggs!

                -A New Mechanic: Change Dimensions!

                At the start of every level there is a option to change dimensions.
                When a player changes dimensions the whole world becomes a better/worse place. All the blocks change! But everything else the places you can see,walk, even signs and boards are the same!
                This change dimensions feature is necessity to completing the world since the adventure items and puzzles are diffirent for both dimensions

                -A Credit (also a story/world info) Board is next to the white door. (Or Both of the white doors i should say :P)

                Best regards
                Good Luck!

                Oh and also.. the gameplay is pretty good and detailed.

                Click image for larger version

Name:	hypervia.png
Views:	15
Size:	431.2 KB
ID:	6590498

                World Name:SPACIALREND
                Added a speedrun way, also changed some looks.

                Spacial Rend is all about exploring! The world features alot of points of interests that are only found by looking around.

                The World Is Noob Friendly Not Requiring Any Clothing At All!

                -The New weather Machine:Stargazing
                -Guardian Pineapple
                -Zombie Jammer
                -Punch Jammer
                -A Storyline
                -ALOT Of Adventure Items :P
                -Some Small Detailed Pixel Arts
                -A Winners Room
                -Easter Eggs! (Secret Places)
                -A World Info/story Board Next To Start
                -A Credits Board Next To Start

                Best Regards
                Good Luck!

                The Latest Render:

                Click image for larger version

Name:	spacialrend.png
Views:	1
Size:	1,006.0 KB
ID:	6590500
                Attached Files
                Hello, I’m Heramix!


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                  For harvest moon festival world of the day

                  Grow ID: LFU
                  World name: AUTUMNLEAFPARKOURS

                  Latest render:
                  Click image for larger version

Name:	autumnleafparkours.png
Views:	1
Size:	1.26 MB
ID:	6590501
                  Credits near white door
                  And a door to world that i have inspired to

                  World has:
                  Basic jammer
                  Fire house
                  5 level of parkour each parkour made by different people
                  Clash items
                  Adventure items
                  Steams block
                  And autumn leaf pixel art

                  I think that's all


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                    World: DINOSCAPE
                    IGN: DonutKat

                    Description: The year is 2050, scientists have discovered how to reanimate extinct life; dinosaurs now roam the earth. Your job is too investigate and research these once ancient creatures..

                    Punch and Zombie Jammers
                    Arid Weather
                    Password door puzzle
                    Noob friendly (Doesn't need wings, speed or high jump..)
                    Beautiful scenery

                    Click image for larger version

Name:	dinoscape.png
Views:	5
Size:	1.05 MB
ID:	6590502

                    World: PokemonAF
                    IGN: DonutKat

                    Description: Ever wanted to experience pokemon in growtopia? Well look no further this world takes place in a small town with pokemon roaming the streets and lurking in the grass.. Do you have what it takes to CATCH EM' ALL?

                    Punch and Zombie Jammers
                    Night Weather Machine
                    Fun story
                    Noob friendly (No wings, jetpacks, speed.. ect)
                    VIP to celebrate

                    Click image for larger version

Name:	pokemonaf.png
Views:	5
Size:	1.08 MB
ID:	6590503


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                      It! s a parkour worls and i think it s cool

            [QUOTE=NekoRei;4106268]Hello, Growtopians!

                      world name: hamumu066
                      id. ieiouch level 60
                      i made this parkour world withc i think is cool and wated to post it
                      Click image for larger version

Name:	hamumu066.png
Views:	1
Size:	1.27 MB
ID:	6590504


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                        NIGHTESCAPE FOR WOTD

                        WORLD : NIGHTESCAPE
                        OWNER : SYZU

                        world is about escape from the night because at night a lot of monsters don't hesitate to eat humans so we decided to run away from that night in order to survive

                        The world has:
                        - Zombie And Punch Jammer
                        - PixelArt
                        - Parkour
                        - Storyline
                        - Add all adventure items
                        Attached Files


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                          Nominating STALKED for WOTD

                          Nominating STALKED for WOTD by Kaito and Krankie

                          Click image for larger version

Name:	Screenshot_2019-09-11-20-38-07-1.png
Views:	4
Size:	434.5 KB
ID:	6590507

                          A journalist, who is travelling to another country had a big mysterious turn of life. Travelling in a plane with a bunch of passengers encountered a sudden flash of bright light, little did they know they were already teleported to another dimension, gravity is different. While on journey on finding a way to escape the place, you heard something behind your back! Are you being stalked?! Who or what could that be?!😱 -Find out more exclusively in STALKED

                          Items require before starting the adventure
                          *Any Wings
                          *Any item that has a gliding effect (parasol is preferable)

                          World Contains
                          *An original creation
                          *Storylines *Various Adventures (likely added "reversal")
                          *Punch Jammer, Zombie Jammer, Fire House, Ghost Charm, and Pineapple Guardian
                          *Usage of Cybots (e.g Trickster and more)
                          *Usage of Newly Added Blocks (Roots and more)
                          *Usage of Adventure Items
                          *Moderate Difficulty Parkour
                          *Winners Area
                          *Private links to each sector
                          *CREDITORY is located near the white door

                          #Kaito #Growtopia #growtopiagame #growwotdsep19
                          A demon never hides - therefore lurking in the beneath of the abyss, now bow down you puny little mortals!

                          IGN: Zytran
                          World: ZYTRAN
                          Instagram: @zytran_gt


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                            Nomination my world for wotd

                            Nomination for wotd
                            Grow id : ijmo
                            World name :Thegtaquarium

                            Click image for larger version

Name:	thegtaquarium.png
Views:	1
Size:	1.08 MB
ID:	6590415

                            World include :
                            Adventure item
                            The whole world is cover by fishtank
                            100fish tank port (with more than 300 fish inside )but can't show when I use render world

                            Punch jammer
                            Zombie jammer
                            Fire house

                            Click image for larger version

Name:	thegtaquarium.png
Views:	1
Size:	1.08 MB
ID:	6590509

                            Nomination for wotd
                            Grow id :IJMO
                            World name: Hitro

                            Click image for larger version

Name:	hitro.png
Views:	1
Size:	909.3 KB
ID:	6590508

                            World include:
                            Adventure Parkour
                            Adventure item
                            Punch jammer
                            Zombie jammer
                            Weather machine
                            Credit bulletin
                            Public bulletin

                            The story is:
                            One day, a girlfriend gave her boyfriend a challenge.The challenge is to live a day without her. No communication at all and if he passed it ,she 'll love him forever.The boy agreed.He never texted nor called his girlfriend without knowing his girlfriend has only 24hour left because she was dying cause of heart attack.
                            After a day,he excitedly went to his girlfriend "I did it baby" but his tears fell as he saw his girlfriend lying in a coffin with a note "you did it please do it everyday"


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                              LA9E for WOTD

                              Hey guys, this is for a friend so I'll keep it brief.

                              LA9E is a world that my friend, IATO has been working on. It's just your average, run-of-the-mill adventure/parkour world.

                              Here's the render:

                              Click image for larger version

Name:	la9e.png
Views:	1
Size:	1.82 MB
ID:	6590510
                              IGN - Irkalla
                              My sole purpose of existence is to create controversy on the forums. I an trying to create a toxic forum full of toxic people.


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                                World: CAHZN
                                IGN: QueenPeafowl

                                Click image for larger version

Name:	D1362245-4940-4820-9F54-AE4888607ECD.png
Views:	6
Size:	1,007.3 KB
ID:	6590512
                                This world introduces and acknowledges the existence of store packs such as the Fantasy and Dungeon Pack.

                                This world uses items from those packs. It is rare that anyone would make a world about packs, and I’m proud to say that this is something new. Originally made by me. But, the idea is from my Best Friend, Ertimis. Thank you Friend!

                                This world contains:

                                Portal Parkour
                                Obelisk and Sungates
                                PZ Jammers
                                Word Puzzle
                                Credit board

                                Packs Used:
                                Race Pack
                                City Pack
                                Gangland Pack
                                Vegas Pack
                                Zombie Defence Pack
                                Farm Pack
                                Science Pack
                                Music Pack
                                Fantasy Pack
                                Dungeon Pack
                                School Pack

                                ( each are divided in different sections with its own surprises )

                                Plus points:
                                Uses blocks from recent updates ( roots and harvest )
                                Creative idea ( using item packs from store for my builds )
                                Explanation of obelisk, sungate, and the goals they have to finish ( I guided them )