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Give me feedback on my WOTD attempt

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  • Give me feedback on my WOTD attempt

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    This was my first ever WOTD attempt, and i’m glad with how it turned out. However, I know there’s stuff I can improve on, I just don’t know what. Also, is it WOTD worthy? I’m welcome to constructive criticism so don’t go easy on me.

    Included things here:
    -Winners Room
    -Adventure Items
    -Obelisks + Sungate
    -Timed boss fight

    I’d appreciate it if you play through the map if you want to give me feedback on gameplay first.
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    It's cool, but a bit empty on the top. Maybe add a parkour/adventure parkour on the top.
    Good luck with your attempt!


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      Add something in up
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        I am not sure what to add in the sky besides more “underground” parkour. Not doing clouds, that doesn’t fit the theme.
        IGN: Rovie
        Discord: rovvvie#4588

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          As people said, add more in the sky. The whole world looks a bit too boring because of the lack of colours. Doesn’t mean you need these bright colours, but it’s a bit too generic i’d say. Adding something else ontop of the ground could also be nice. Perhaps try rework the ground a bit aswell. Your world has a lot of potential though.
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