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  • Introducing ZOMBIESCHOOL

    Background information:

    This school is one of the oldest schools since its establishment. It was established in the 17th Century when the government decided to make one big project on education. The school contains three massive and wide floors. Each room has provisions of student's interest. For instance would be the Art Room and Sports Hall. With such amenities, the school had became well-known in Growtopia history.

    It was a very big success for the government on enhancing. However one day, there were hoards of zombies came out of nowhere, attacking the school eventually conquering the school. Students were terrified against the zombies and resulting the school to be abandoned. That was a dreadful day that zombies had ruin and shattered everyone's hopes on the school.

    Till today, there were no plans on rescuing it but there were some students and teachers who are trapped...

    World Design (Would prefer to describe in game as it is very differemt from render. World seems scary)

    - P & Z jammers
    - Ghost charm
    - Apocalypse weather (To turn some of the growtopians into zombies)
    - Beautiful color paints (Looks realistic or as if there is a night vision)
    - Clothes that are related (School uniforms, Zombie clothing and more)
    - Music blocks (Music boxes and Military Radios in some areas of the world)

    This is a Roleplay world between humans and zombies. Zombies can be easily spawn every hour because of the apocalypse weather.
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    Wow that binary code was a disappointment



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      Originally posted by Jedaki View Post
      Wow that binary code was a disappointment
      Sorry dude. The reason I put binary codes is because it could attract people's attention.


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        Would love to give some feedback and enter the world as it is very different from render itself.


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            Nice World

            Nice world


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              Originally posted by GranZex View Post
              Nice world
              Thank you for your feedback! Would like to see more of them!