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World building challenge: give me blocks! (No donating; just tell me what to use)

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    White brick Block
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      Dragon speaking...

      A Dragon Block with Lava Cube, no.
      I swear, a Cave Dirt with Deep Sand is neat.

      Bluragon's can go anywhere, if i will on there, don't get surprised.

      Check out of this video ^^


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        Dark cave background and icy throne of winter
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        Originally posted by UBIDEV
        I wish i could go back in time with a time machine ......


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          Hi Hi, use some Blackrock walls and Fire escapes?
          Gone with the wind, faded from records


          I've finally caught up with you



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            Green Blocks and Climbing vine
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              Originally posted by zLordFlameZ View Post
              So I'm thinking of doing a building challenge.
              How it works: You give me blocks to use. Just post a block/decor/etc. you'd like me to use in the world. 1-2 blocks per person, I'll pick the first few blocks and decor. I'll buy them myself, you don't have to spend anything. I'll most likely ignore any blocks that are too expensive for my budget, so if you'd like, you can put a backup block in case I'm too poor for your primary nomination.
              I'll likely choose the weather based on the blocks I get. I'll also allow myself to use paint and glue to make it a little bit easier on myself.

              Feel free to give me as good or bad match-ups as you'd like, I'll try to make them work.

              If I don't get enough replies I might ask some people in Discord aswell, don't be surprised if I use blocks not mentioned in this thread.

              Not sure where to post this but world showcase seems the most fitting.
              Pencil blocks
              picket fences
              outie blocks
              terracotta pots
              happy joy plaque
              Painting: Yerf Dog and Dink Duck
              Checkered wallpapers

              All found in SSP, IIRC.
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