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Name:	celestemountain.png
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    This world took longer than I anticipated, primarily because I was rather sluggish with it. Gathering like 10 resources every blue moon or so. I have to show huge gratitude to IamIm (especially) and TheJackerino with the funding of the world - this world was firstly meant to be a design for IamIm, but since his departure, he funded the world and blocks to build it.

    The world is pretty difficult, it uses Rope Pitons and Antigravity Fields primarily alongside blocked Double Jump to manipulate jumping and keep it feeling as similar as it is to the actual game, Celeste. I tried to make it challenging for players who want to test their skills.

    Every level in the world is possible, I made sure of that. I had multiple players playtest the world - some jumps require precision & patience, some are just muscle memory. Bigs props to those who can complete any level.

    Lastly, music in the world was transcribed by DynPlaysGT; "Resurrections OST" from the game itself, Celeste.

    p.s. if you use ice skates, you suck
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    Give this world a shot, y'all. :^)
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      Hmm.. Looks "Celestial". Approved
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        you're awesome, techy!


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          celeste is a good game
          celestemountain is a good world
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            Not surprised, looks hella awesome
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              Lmao its techy! Of course its great!
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                Whaey iem noet suprised
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                Try out mynvm

                good song



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                  Bump, this deserves more attention :^)
                  IGN: TheJackerino (Used to be known as MagicalJack)
                  Previous name on the forums: Jackjeff01


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                    This world looks awesome and the concept of the parkour is amazing.

                    I've played Celeste and I love the types of parkour that really test your skills.

                    Love the music too.

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