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Please give me WOTD... its my last epic quest!

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  • Please give me WOTD... its my last epic quest!

    I worked really hard on this world, and I know its not perfect but atleast the pixel art is cute... maybe sauce me WOTD tomorrow?

    The world has jammers and weathers, a really cute otter pixel art, an underwater parkour, a valentines themed maze, and a cloud quiz to finish it off.

    Do you guys think I could win?

    I really just want to be able to sponsor.
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    Not to be harsh, but it is kinda empty and blank. Fill it up a bit. Add more varieties of blocks, and also use more backgrounds. Also add more details to the otter. Otherwise, it seems fine to me.
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      no offense but I'ma be honest and say this world looks like it was put together in less than 3 hours.. with little effort :/ it's just so empty and just because there's pixel art it doesn't mean it'll win. you could've atleast spent some more wls decorating it and putting more effort in
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        i mean... if i was giving you feedback i would tell you to think of another world idea because a big pixel art and useless hearts added for valentines looks petty. oh and begging for wotd looks needy
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          Bruh OP. I've seen lots of your render with the same pixel art on the middle and the only thing you add was an ugly background. Can you stop lying yourself that you really worked hard on it? This world does not deserve a WOTD. Im okay if you asking for ideas to improve it but begging a WOTD for that world claimed that you really worked hard on it?


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            I think too hard to get WOTD with that world, uhm its too "empty" for WOTD, but i like that pixel art, looks so cute <3
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              Like others have said you should focus on making a meaningful and fabulous world for the purpose of having fun and improving your creativity skills. By doing so you would not only be making exceptional worlds but also meeting the goal of WOTD.
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                Why do I feel like I've seen this exact world before, years ago?
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