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Nominate Your World for WOTD Here! [June - August Cycle]

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  • World name: Akumunights

    Growid: Hanashenzuki(owner)

    Hello my dear growtopian players!,
    We are here to nominate are world for wotd this month of august

    Background story:

    Before we start in the story we have a trivia for you guys:
    The word 'akumu' means nightmare in japanese.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	render growtopia.png
Views:	119
Size:	1.34 MB
ID:	6873085
    Latest render world, Feedback's and suggestions to make our world better is highly appreciated

    What will you do if somebody abducted someone you really love? Let's see... Imagine waking up in your cold dark room with a note right beside your bed. "I've stolen someone very precious to you". You can't think of something everything is blurry for you. A kidnapper...?There's a riddle you found along with the note. It says that it might help you understand things. It took you some time to answer but you're more confuse when you've been teleport into some kind of maze. Very determined, you tried to finish the maze hoping to find some answers in your bewildered mind. A necklace... you successfully found the right way and door but you were very baffled when you saw a ruby necklace and blood.... "A ruby necklace?". Staggered, you remembered that it was your sister's. You ran fast as soon as you realized that your sister is in grave danger, she was the one who was taken from you! You went throughout the jungle and even in an underground place to search for your sibling. You were nearly losing hope. Ending up in an abandoned house with full of traps? A lost monkey? A flooding floor? Notes with blood? "Notes with blood under the name of LC...? Who was it from? Was it from the kidnapper?", you thought. Flabbergasted you hurried your way through the top floor as soon as you read it. "Aww poor little boy you're too late. I'm getting bored i stabbed her chest, her lungs might've been so damage. Do you know what happens when lungs get damaged? Her suffering will spread from the brain to the liver. Her bones are weakening. Do you think she can make it out alive?.""Your sister gave me a really hard time. i set fire around her, it is spreading I think she can't breathe properly anymore. i love seeing people gasping for air, dying slowly." Something flashed your mind when you reached the top floor. It was your sister, bed-ridden with a lot of medical apparatus around her, gasping for air? Fighting an illness? Waiting for death...? You remembered everything.It's like you've just woke up from a very bad dream. You realized that you've been living in an illusion. It was all a nightmare. Everyday after your sister died you always act as if she's there. You never accepted the fact that she was already gone. Devastated, you stand up. You're already awake from your long bad dream,a nightmare. You finally accepted the truth... accepted the truth that your sister won't ever come back after losing a fight to her sickness. She was a brave woman, she's the only one who accepted her fate. You thanked your dream, you are finally awake from your years-long nightmare. "LC the kidnapper huh? It has been a long time since I curse you to death... Lung Cancer."

    • Interesting story with a twist in the end
    • There is a maze with 3 doors which you will need find the right door
    • After that you need to be extra careful of the dangerous jungle outside the maze
    • Then, you need to shove all of you braveness in dark underground section of the world
    • Lastly you will be doing some hard parkour at abandoned house at the end of the story

    • Credits board
    • Doorway to the world we've been inspired of
    • The world has VIP section at the last of the parkour
    • The VIP section contains feedback board, trivia board, and information about the world
    • The world also has a pixel art
    • Basic jammers (punch and zombie jammers),
    • jungle weather machine,
    • cctv to know how much time it took growtopians to finish the parkour,
    • ghost charm to avoid having ghost that might affect the players.
    • Pineapple guardian to avoid consumables such as using balloon
    • Minimod to prevent players from dropping
    • Firehouse
    • Some Clash and Adventure items

    So again we are here to nominate our world for WOTD month of August.
    #growwotdaug20 #growtopia #growtopiagame #growtopiaart #growtopiawotd


    • [EARTH2100 for WOTD]

      Hello. My name is Nupinup and i want to nominate my world EARTH210 for WOTD.

      This world showcases of what will happen in the next 100 years if human exploits natural resources without caring for the earth. This world is the worst case scenario of what will happen in the next 100 years. The world has INTERESTING story plus a FACT about earth that will expand growtopians knowledge. (Fact is 100% true).

      P and z jammer, ghost charm, firehourse, weather machine, etc.
      An original song composed by me (im a musician)
      An interesting story with fact to expand players knowledge about earth.
      No wing needed, newbie friendly.
      Use of adventure items.

      Why this world should win WOTD:
      The purpose of this world is to RAISE AWARENESS TO COMBAT GLOBAL WARMING. I believe its the duty of all of us to protect earth and this world provides a fact and motivation to help players realize this.

      World renders:
      Click image for larger version  Name:	earth2100.png Views:	0 Size:	503.5 KB ID:	6873126

      Royal Lock [0/1]
      Magplant 5000 [1/3]
      Rayman Fist [1/1]

      I like wiggly worm ;.;



        Growid : Rieel
        World : SUNOFBLAZE

        Story :
        This is a story of human life with their different egos. Rotation of human life will always rotate, sometimes we are above and sometimes we are below. Situation conditions that have occurred to us will affect our lives later. How do we live our lives well? Come to this world and read the story of the story of human justice.

        World Includes :
        - Punch jammer
        - Zombie jammer
        - Fire house
        - Ghost charm
        - A story line about the rotation of human’s life
        - Sun pixel, Fire and water pixel
        - Hard parkour
        - Use 2 adventure items
        - The song of "Different World - Alan Walker"
        - VIP Room
        - Use summer's block and any colour block.
        - Has dark trap
        - The small maze on pixel
        World Description
        - The pixel of the sun symbolizes human expression in life, when it rises it will be cheerful, and when it sinks it will calm down sad.
        - The pixel of fire symbolizes human cheerfulness, which indicates that human hasn’t problem or human has been entertained by something
        - The pixel of water symbolizes the calmness of a person. The calm in the story is the sadness of human’s life with full of misery.
        - The parkour in the world there are 2 modes, dark and light. Dark as a form of problems that occur and light as a form of freedom from a problem.
        - The song, entitled "different world - will walker", likens a person's life that changes because of the character of a person who changes
        Click image for larger version

Name:	sunofblaze.png
Views:	112
Size:	652.5 KB
ID:	6873176


        • World name: ANCIENTGODAWAKEN
          GrowId: AllNewType
          This world contains:
          -Main story
          -Short parkour
          -A special area for people who clear the short parkour
          -Growtopia fire fighter theme song
          -A door that warps you to L377SONG47, where I copied the song
          -Hall of fame
          World description:'
          Basic jammers
          Ghost charm
          Surgery world blast weather
          Hi, this world is a world that I created based on the ideas I usually thought of.
          Of course, I used to refer to other people's wotd world little by little. But my thoughts
          went in a lot more.
          This world is mainly composed of the temple(altar) in which he was summoned, the strange jewels that rose to the sky, and the small parkour, centering a character who has focused eye.(called ancient god in main story).
          I don't have much, but I put a few short stories in many places. And I hope you read these. And I put a song in this world, which is a firefighter theme song from growtopia. I think this song will fit well and it's easy to make, so I added it. And then weather from surgery world blast to express the twisted image of the earth. And theres a hall of fame in this world, and there's a player on display who helped make this world. Also I added some adventure items to immerse oneself in the world.
          Unfortunately, I didn't have many wls so I couldn't put expensive jammers like xenonite crystal and pineapple guardian. But if my world is selected as the wotd this time, I will be able to sell the trophy and proudly put the xenonite crystal and pineapple guardian in my next wotd try world!
          Anyway, thank you for reading up to here, and I hope you continue to develop Growtopia. Bye!

          Click image for larger version

Name:	ancientgodawaken.png
Views:	114
Size:	748.2 KB
ID:	6873232


          • Renomminating “TEARSOFICE” for WOTD by Annoiato

            Description: In the cold breeze of christmas, a city covered in deep snow facing a soon to be dangerous falling icicles form by the changing of the snowflake into a dark one. The white fox remains asleep as its power remains alive, you are tasked to climb the wall blocking the magic of the white fox. Save the city, by going in on it with the white fox!

            *Blue wall [left side of the white fox] = a wall blocking the powers of the white fox, visible and can be entered.
            *Blue flickers [right side of the white fox] = the magic of the white fox waiting to be on hold by the right person to save the city
            *Icy towers = towers immensed with pure ice magic maintaining balance of the snow
            *Dark Snowflake = the causage for the soon destruction of the city
            World includes:
            - punch, zombie jammer
            - weather machine Snowy night
            - Credits Board
            - Poem Board
            - Vip/Hangout area at end
            Attached Files



              Good day to you all! today, I proudly present a new creation of mine to be nominated as WOTD August 2020. I thank you all for having a time to read my WOTD nomination, I am very happy to post my creation for people to see. Let us encourage other growtopians who also dedicated their time and effort to their worlds, I'm sure it would mean a lot to them. I hope you could try out my world and give feedbacks about the world, Thanks!

              With that being said,

              here are the information needed for the World Of The Day contest:

              World name: NOSTALGIAVILLAGE
              Grow ID: WaterNice

              Story: You recently got a news from your mother saying that your father had passed away. He passed away a long time ago but you weren't informed by your mother since she knew how much you love your father and It would break her heart to see you weep and wail nonstop. You felt heartbroken and devastated but, you accepted the truth that your father is gone. You went to your hometown to reminisce on the good times you and your father had when you were a kid. You felt hesitant because you might feel sad but, you gathered up some courage and went to your beloved hometown where you grew up.
              Note: The world was named NOSTALGIAVILLAGE because he felt nostalgic when he went back to his hometown. It felt very good and sad at the same time because he took a look back at his good past, it was sad aswell because of his father's death.

              Latest render of the world:

              Click image for larger version  Name:	nostalgiavillage.png Views:	77 Size:	555.5 KB ID:	6871026​​
              World features:
              ~Weather Machine - Night
              ~Punch jammer
              ~Zombie jammer
              ~Ghost charm
              ~VIP room for the winners
              ~Adventure items (such as key, rope etc.)
              ~Bountiful blocks
              ~Signs to indicate the player's location
              ~Creditory board (near the white door)
              ~Some clash blocks (Dimension block and Garden Trellis tunnel)



              Here are the information needed for my second WOTD attempt creation:

              World name: HIGHLANDRUN
              Grow ID: WaterNice

              Short description of the world: The world is a nature themed derby and its purpose is to give the player some chilling vibes like. I placed tiny lands near the mountain to indicate some sort of cliff and I topped them off with a willow foliage to make the dirt a bit natural. For the clouds, it may look like it is overused but, it is part of the derby. I added some animals as well to make it look more natural.

              Latest render of the world:
              Click image for larger version  Name:	highlandrun.png Views:	2 Size:	429.3 KB ID:	6607634​​​​​
              World features:
              ~Punch jammer
              ~Zombie jammer
              ~Ghost charm
              ~Adventure items (rope and pitons)
              ~Mountain Pixel art
              ~Bountiful scenery Background
              ~Creditory board (near the white door)

              Note: I added a start and end flag at the beginning and ending of the derby.

              Thanks for giving us a chance to showcase our creation and also, thanks for the people who have been supporting me and also goodluck to all WOTD contestant out there! let us respect each other people who are in the growtopia community!

              My Face When I Won A Giveaway


              About Me

              My Goals

              If You Need Help Or Question Don't Bother Ask Meh I Will Answer ASAP


              • CERULEANLAND

                -You traveled across distant lands searching far and
                wide for one single treasure to add for your collection, so far
                you haven't got any treasure at all, but alas when you visited a
                village you came across while going back to your home, you
                learned about an existance of a magical territory made out of
                blocks that have the color blue in them (mostly) and then from one of the
                statement from a villager, he said that there is a treasure that
                can be found there,
                he recalled that the treasure can be found in a place called
                "The Bridge Of Izguard" located in the forest called
                "The Forest Of Izguard" the info you gathered from the villager
                made you want to go visit and see if they are telling the truth that
                there is actually
                a treasure located there, but also the territory made out of mostly blue
                pigments seem intriguing, after a short while you reached the place
                but the obstacle that is keeping you from stepping a fool on the
                bridge and acquiring the treasure is an unbreakable harmful
                vine, there is no other choice for you but other than to go on
                an even longer
                adventure to go to the other side of the forest to access the bridge.
                Can you complete all the obstacles to get the treasure or give up midway?

                World Includes:
                PZ Jammer, CCTV, Mini-Mod, Guardian Pineapple, Ghost Charm, Firehouse
                Mud Puddle Parkour
                Storm Cloud Parkour
                Trickster Parkour
                Antigravity Parkour
                Usage Of Several Adventure Items
                Find All The Letters Level
                Cybot Parkour
                Looming Shadows/Laser Grid Parkour
                Spike Parkour
                Deathtrap Parkour
                Usage Of New Blocks as recent as Rollback VI
                Gravity Well Parkour
                Starship Airlock Parkour
                Starship Turbo Fan Parkour

                some picts of the world ingame

                IGN: MadMewMew

                Nominating the same world since July.


                • TEMPLEOFTHEDOOM

                  Hello there! I am UltraMentos, and I'd like to submit my (and my friends) world in here.
                  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
                  First of all, let me tell you the worlds storyline.

                  So, it all begins when your plane has crashed right into an overgrown jungle. After you get out of the airplane, you enter a dangerous-looking place, where tons of trees block your progressing through the jungle. As soon as you get a little bit forward, you notice an unknown tribe's a little tree village.
                  They tell you that their Holy Idol has been stolen, so you decide to help the poor people. They guide you to visit the Pankot Palace, since it is likely to have a secret way into the caverns below, where the Idol is kept.

                  GrowID: UltraMentos
                  World name: TEMPLEOFTHEDOOM

                  Here's the latest render of the world:
                  Click image for larger version

Name:	templeofthedoom.png
Views:	224
Size:	2.35 MB
ID:	6873452~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~
                  In short, the world includes:
                  - Punch and Zombie Jammers
                  - Firehouse
                  - Ghost Charm
                  - Puzzles with the usage of Adventure Items
                  - Also many other puzzles
                  - Some (kind of) unique block mechanisms
                  - SFX Blocks all over the world for backround music
                  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~


                  • "ARTIFACTCOLLECTOR" for WOTD!

                    My GrowID is grey59 and my world name is ARTIFACTCOLLECTOR. ARTIFACTCOLLECTOR is a thrilling adventure that has a 100% original and fun design. In the world, the player goes through a series of parkours, each having an "artifact" to collect. After the parkour is completed the player turns in the artifacts and gets to celebrate their finish in a V.I.P./Hangout area! Can you complete ARTIFACTCOLLECTOR?


                    Latest render of ARTIFACTCOLLECTOR:
                    Click image for larger version  Name:	artifactcollector-3.png Views:	0 Size:	2.31 MB ID:	6869164​*Volcano (top right) has Space Junk Background inside of it.

                    World has:
                    *Necessary Jammers
                    *Has a Jungle Weather Machine
                    *Has a board with inspirations and credit to people who helped me complete the world
                    *Has a Gateway to Adventure to worlds that inspired me
                    *Optional Storyline
                    *Does NOT require wings, but they are recommended
                    *Does NOT require Air Robinsons, but they are recommended
                    *Does NOT require a Parasol, but one is recommended
                    *V.I.P./Hangout Area for people who complete the parkour

                    I hope you all enjoy my world as much as I enjoyed yours! Have a great day and good luck!
                    Originally posted by Clarken (ciarken)
                    if you want to flex go to SHOW or something


                    • GrowID: Solariax
                      World name: FIERYVENUS

                      Welcome to the chariot races! Grab your chariot (or horse), and #SaddleUp! This world discusses the mythology and culture of Ancient Rome, as well as its parallels to Ancient Greece. The rocky, fiery planet of Venus that we know today was in fact named after Venus of Ancient Rome. She was the deity love, beauty, motherhood, and even victory. She is also the counterpart to Aphrodite, a deity who originates from Ancient Greek mythology. Compete in the chariot races, visit the Parthenon of Athens, and learn more about Rome and Greece in FIERYVENUS!

                      This world has:
                      - Fun race mechanics (obsidian, diving boards, etc. These make the track more interesting to race in).
                      - Throughout the track, you'll notice there are fiery, red trees.
                      - An entrance that is a recreation of the Parthenon of Athens.
                      - An island that is a recreation of the Island of Naxtos.
                      - All necessary jammers.
                      Attached Files


                      • World: REMEJIN
                        GrowID: ​​​​​​RedyMeosjin

                        Click image for larger version

Name:	remejin.png
Views:	131
Size:	557.4 KB
ID:	6873535

                        Known for his empire's greatest and bravest samurais, Emperor Remejin is still waiting for you to finish your sixth mission. In this mission, you are about to face the danger and... ninjas. Prepare your katana and patience as you start.

                        World Main Features:
                        - Mars blasted world
                        - Different buildings inspired from East Asia (Palace, Torii, Shrine, and Temple)
                        - House under the Pillar parkour as you start.
                        - 3 Golden Idols hunt
                        - Parkour with adventure items
                        - Underground cave full of ninjas (You have to defeat them!)
                        - Sungate and 7 Obelisks
                        - VIP area + Owner's achievement room access for winners
                        - Punch & Zombie Jammers
                        - Firehouse & Ghost Charm
                        - Dimension blocks to prevent people from going outside.
                        WOTD: 3 (in BESTBEACHINGT, ANUBIANCITY & ZODIACSKY)

                        VOTW: 1 (Out of Growtopia Icon)


                        • CITYMETROPOLIS!

                          Get out of your apartment, and go explore! The concrete jungle might not be friendly, but you have the sheer willpower to complete this puzzle world.

                          Riddles and adventure items line these towering complexes. As you roam, you will encounter different buildings, rooms, and towers, connecting the puzzle pieces(adventure items) to progress further into the world.

                          Click image for larger version  Name:	citymetropolis.png Views:	0 Size:	299.8 KB ID:	6873555

                          World Features:
                          -A Complex Adventure Item Puzzle
                          -Rope Piton, Adventure Pedestals, Locked Doors
                          -Mini Riddles
                          -Unique Contemporary City design
                          -Decorated Rooms

                          IGN- sSpark
                          World- CITYMETROPOLIS
                          Last edited by Sparkie; 08-11-2020, 02:44 AM.


                          • Renominating EXOTICTRADITIONS for WOTD

                            GrowID :

                            Description : I made the world base on the story of the avatar which is one of my favorite series. You will act as the portagonist of the story and will claim the goal of the tradition. You may read the story at the guestbook near the white door of the world. There are side characters in the story which are represented by the mannequins. They have background stories in the bulletin which are just above them. The parkour is not easy but not too hard. The credit's board is above the white door beside the mannequin. I really appreciats all of my friends who helped me. Im sure that if you read every story in this world, you will know the origin of the world.

                            Features :
                            Basic Jammers
                            Ghost Charm
                            Signs which gives tip on how to pass the specified area.
                            Gravity Well
                            Area of winners
                            Memorization(every board has a story and information.)
                            Difficulty of parkour:Medium
                            door that features the world which inspires me at the area of winners.
                            Credit's Board.
                            Weather Machine.
                            Kaleidoscope wallpaper.

                            Thanks to the Builders Guild for the moral support especially to the Guild Leader elyxial for helping me with the layout and blocks.

                            1st WOTD Attempt!
                            Attached Files


                            • "FORESTOFCURSEDFLAMES" for WOTD!!

                              IGN - frontieer
                              WORLD NAME - FORESTOFCURSEDFLAMES

                              World Description;
                              You were wandering around, searching for adventure, something to do. Time to time passed by and now you're lost in a forest. While you were trying to figure it out the way back, you accidently went through a gate which you thought were normal, but the truth is... it isn't. The gate made you enter a whole new dimension and turns out it was a cursed forest. Now the story depends on you, do you have what it takes to find the gate again so you can get back the old world?

                              World Render;

                              Click image for larger version

Name:	forestofcursedflames.png
Views:	122
Size:	690.7 KB
ID:	6873586

                              World Details;
                              1. Complete set of jammers
                              2. Medium Parkour
                              3. Puzzles!
                              4. A Bonus Puzzle with a twist
                              5. Xenonite Crystal and mini mod
                              6. Adventure items
                              7. Rare parkour mechanics and combined, Shockbots
                              8. Speed and Double Jump are BLOCKED!

                              Good Luck to everyone too!, hope you like the world and enjoy the gameplay^^


                              • Nominating my world for WOTD

                                This world has
                                -Medium difficulty parkour
                                -Has an interesting story-line that is inspired from the Greek mythology
                                -Trivia about the Virgo constellation
                                -Confusing parkour that requires critical thinking
                                -A moral story at the end
                                -New mechanics of game play
                                -And many more to discover

                                Grow ID: Chaledean
                                World: VIRGOPROPHECY

                                Latest render:Click image for larger version

Name:	virgoprophecy.png
Views:	126
Size:	623.0 KB
ID:	6873615