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    Latest World Render:
    Click image for larger version

Name:	thesnakefossil.png
Views:	9
Size:	1.06 MB
ID:	6605372

    GrowID: Fournows

    You and your friend were bored in your house and was thinking if you guys can walk on the jungle. To find some mysterious fossil scattered on the jungle, so both of you were trying to find some goodies, but you guys didn’t know that you’ve found a huge fossil snake on the ground. And turns out that it was a huge extinct snake million years ago.

    So, your journey is to find a Fossil Researcher to preserve this fossil so that this creature will be held in a museum to handle it properly.

    There’s a station based underground, you can go there and find the Fossil Researcher.

    World Contains:
    ~Basic Jammers Punch Jammer and Zombie Jammer
    ~Weather (JUNGLE)
    ~Noob Friendly World
    ~Easy to Medium Parkour
    ~Signs around the world contains adventure
    ~Use of adventure items
    ~Riddles to allow player think
    ~Story to allow player to read
    ~Credits to the people who help the world and idea

    Goodluck! Have Fun!
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    • Nomination my world ARTIFACTCOLLECTOR for WOTD!

      Category: Parkour/Adventure World
      My GrowID is GReY59 and my world name is ARTIFACTCOLLECTOR. ARTIFACTCOLLECTOR is a thrilling adventure that has a 100% original and fun design. In the world, the player goes through a series of parkours, each having an "artifact" to collect. After the parkour is completed the player turns in the artifacts and gets to celebrate their finish in a V.I.P./Hangout area! Can you complete ARTIFACTCOLLECTOR?
      Here is the current render and story of the world:

      Click image for larger version

Name:	artifactcollector-2.jpg
Views:	7
Size:	321.5 KB
ID:	6605373
      Here is a list of the positive attributes of ARTIFACTCOLLECTOR.
      *Has Punch Jammer
      *Has Zombie Jammer
      *Has a Jungle Weather Machine
      *Has Ghost Charm
      *Has a list of inspirations and credit to people who helped me complete the world
      *Has a Gateway to Adventure to worlds that inspired me
      *Does NOT require wings, but they are recommended
      *Does NOT require Air Robinsons, but they are recommended
      *Does NOT require a Parasol, but one is recommended
      *Orignal and Creative Design
      *Use of new Bountiful and Cave Mine blocks
      *V.I.P./Hangout Area for people who complete the parkour
      I hope you all enjoy my world as much as I enjoyed yours! Have a great day and good luck!
      Originally posted by Clarken (ciarken)
      if you want to flex go to SHOW or something



        It has been noticed that the number of dolphins have decreases at a rapid rate.
        The main cause of the decrease is due to poachers capturing these species and selling them off.
        You are SUMMONED to go on a mission to save the dolphins from them.
        What are u waiting for? Save the dolphins and help them escape!

        ->Cool wave parkour
        ->Adventure about saving dolphins
        ->P/Z Jammer, Ghost charm and pine guard
        ->A Nice sunset view
        ->Nice music from the note blocks
        Click image for larger version

Name:	dolphinl1fe.png
Views:	15
Size:	831.2 KB
ID:	6605374


        • [Worlds I Nominate For WOTD]

          Story: One day, your mom asked you to fetch her a pale of water at the nearby village well,
          when you got there, you accidentally tripped and fell down the well, and you realised that there was
          a totally different world beneath your feet.
          You decided to explore what was in stored in your nature trail.

          World: The world has parkour
          -cool story
          -nice world design
          -cool scenery
          -Nice song
          -lots of adventure

          Click image for larger version

Name:	naturestrail (3).jpg
Views:	13
Size:	341.9 KB
ID:	6605375

          This is an 'Art Gallery' themed racing track made up of 5 different famous art pieces throughout history that I really like and wanted to make in Growtopia. I've always wanted to make famous pieces of art inside Growtopia and have people see them so it was a great racing track idea.

          The art peices I chose to make are:
          -The Starry Night by Vincent Van Gogh
          -The Son Of Man by René Magritte
          -The Mona Lisa by Leonardo Da Vinci
          -Marilyn Diptych by Andy Warhol
          -The Great Wave Off Kanagawa by Hokusai

          The world has:
          ->Punch / Zombie Jammer
          ->Pine Guardian

          Click image for larger version

Name:	artgalleria (1).png
Views:	20
Size:	157.4 KB
ID:	6605376


          • PIXIEDUSTTREE by Solariax

            Click image for larger version

Name:	pixiedusttree WOTD.png
Views:	7
Size:	427.1 KB
ID:	6605378

            Welcome to PIXIEDUSTTREE by Solariax - this is a world based off of the Tinkerbell movies!

            The story goes as follows:
            You are located in Summer Hollow Island. This hollow is the most important, as it holds the lively Pixie Dust Tree! However, the tree is also facing a rapid decline in life - it's going to die out. Every one-thousand years, the fairies gather the magical seasonal charms from the Spring, Autumn, and Winter Hollow Islands. This formation revitalizes the tree! ...But this year, the charms were lost by Tinkerbell! They spread toward their respective hollow island, and are lost in them.
            Can you find the lost seasonal charms, and save Pixie Hollow??

            This world includes: both P and Z Jammers, a Ghost Charm, a Firehouse, and a Xenonite (so everyone has a fair chance of completing the world).

            Bonus: this world uses the Adventure Items stated - Key, Banana, Rope, and Torch.




              This world is packed with lots of different puzzles and riddles to solve, as well as parkour!
              There is no story, but there are some fun characters thrown here and there to spice up the gameplay
              You only have one objective - to escape!
              The world consists of:

              -A LOT of High Tech Blocks!

              I highly recommend trying it out, even if the map is a bit challenging, it feels VERY rewarding to complete a level.

              Here's the render!
              Click image for larger version

Name:	factoryescapists.png
Views:	6
Size:	318.6 KB
ID:	6605380
              Contact Me:

              Thanks to Intensifies for the avatar!


              • THESUNSETGROVE
                Grow ID: kroakie
                Recent render of the world:

                Click image for larger version

Name:	thesunsetgrove.png
Views:	3
Size:	755.7 KB
ID:	6605383

                Xenonite (double jump, high jump, and speedy granted so everyone can enjoy)
                Punch & Zombie Jammers
                Ghost Charm, Firehouse, and Guardian Pineapple so there will be no disturbances from other players.
                Cybot Parkour
                Puzzles in the parkour (also unique elements to it)
                Trickster Parkour
                Usage of Adventure Items
                Area for Completers

                Quick Description of the World & Story: You, the player, are transported inside a cave. You try to recollect your thoughts and suddenly a voice faintly attracts your attention. The voice tells you that you are the chosen person to inherit the throne of the Grove's 'Gardener.' What the Gardener does is replenish the nutrition of the Great Grandfather Grove tree (the biggest and most important tree in the grove - gives life and color to the grove.) To do that, there are four bountiful idols scattered around the vicinity. Once you collect them, you can make the colors of the Grove last longer and make the tree stronger until the next Gardener arrives in your stead. Be warned, the Sunset Grove offers various difficult tasks before you get your hands on the idols themselves. Good luck!
                IGN: kroakie


                • Story life of Angga

                  Angga is the first child, he is very devoted to his family.
                  His life is fine because he is very creative, all the support from his mother.
                  But after his mother fought by his father, Angga's life was very bad for him.
                  Because his family must divorce
                  Angga's life seems meaningless without his mother. But he never gave up
                  His life is quite difficult, like meditating in a high cave around 7 years
                  He is very young, 16 years old. But he can be called a little hero in his village
                  Because for 7 years he meditated, he became a strong person,
                  He is very easy to put out the fire when his village is on fire,
                  And other miracles that can be done easily by Angga.
                  -world name: ANGGA
                  -id name/owner: Angqa
                  World info:
                  - Punch & Zombie jammer
                  - Ghost charm
                  - Mini-mod
                  - Firehouse
                  - Robotic lock
                  - Adventure items
                  - Song
                  - Lunar blocks for high jump
                  - Mars blast
                  - Credit & FAQ boards
                  - Story boards
                  - has a variety of difficult and easy parkour, and a small guide on a sign to continue obstacles.
                  Click image for larger version

Name:	angga-1.png
Views:	1
Size:	479.5 KB
ID:	6605386


                  • DespicableMe2


                    Click image for larger version

Name:	despicableme2.png
Views:	3
Size:	238.6 KB
ID:	6605156

                    This world is base on the movie "Despicable Me 2"


                    One day, the evil supervillain "El Macho" stole the potent mutagen known as "PX-41"
                    He used it to Gru's Minions and the minions turned into Evil Minion
                    In order to cure the evil minions and turn it back become
                    normal minions, you should help Gru to find the antidote that Dr Nefario made.
                    You can get the antidote from the Dr Nefario's Lab
                    But, inside of the lab there are lots of obstacles such spike.
                    Can you get the antidote and cure all the minions near the Giant Minion Statue beside the lab?

                    1. P and Z Jammer so no zombies and punchers will disturb you
                    2. Stuff Machine With falling bananas
                    3. Giant Minion Statue
                    4. A big lab with parkour inside
                    5. Banana song from "Minions Movie"
                    And lots lots more
                    Subscribe my youtube Channel: ElectroGuy Gt


                    • Worlds I Nominate for WOTD

                      IGN: Stuy
                      World Name: FallingPineapple

                      Hi, I am submitting my world 'FallingPineapple' for consideration!

                      In the lands of Growtopia, a favorite sport among the residents includes capturing the flag! During Pineapple Season, the residents renovated their stadium to reflect the fruity season and some falling action!

                      In this pineapple-themed PVP world, you are placed into two teams. You can get points by attacking the other side... OR, you can get even more points by obtaining three pineapple adventure items that are located around the world to enter into the adventure door and grab the opposing team's flag (located in the middle of the buildings)! Also, you can explore the clouds and the falling pineapples or the forest surrounding the buildings!

                      This world contains:

                      Cool jungle trees with traps laid around the world
                      Has storm clouds that can be used to grab more pineapple adventure items on top and deathtrap wall mechanic
                      Nice pixel art of pineapples :P
                      Has all the necessary jammers, including Xenonite!
                      Gave credit near the door
                      Used the new blocks from the Pineapple Event such as the 'Pineapple Lamp,' 'Pineapple Door,' 'Pineapple Pennant,' and the 'Stone Pineapple' (although it does not show in the render)

                      Game Rules:

                      Teams: 2
                      Time: 420 Seconds (7 Minutes)
                      Goal Score: 30
                      Kill: 1 Point
                      Flag: 3 Points
                      Die: -1 Points

                      Click image for larger version

Name:	fallingpineapple.png
Views:	6
Size:	951.2 KB
ID:	6605391

                      Hi! I am submitting my world 'LOCHNESSMONSTER' for my WOTD attempt. My Grow ID is Stuy.

                      Description: it is sixth century AD, the first mention of the existence of the Loch Ness Monster. As an avid explorer with a passion for discovery, you find yourself extremely interested in tracking down this legendary beast. After months and months of research, you still do not know where its location might be. However, on a random morning, you find a map on your doorsteps. Your gut tells you this is the map to find the Loch Ness Monster. Now sailing, you finally reached your first destination!

                      - Five unique parkour stages (ship, underwater, cave, forest, clouds)
                      - Adventure mechanic, plus fun timer for the underwater stage.
                      - Has all the necessary jammers: Punch, Zombie, Ghost Guardian, and Firehouse.
                      - Pixel art of the Loch Ness Monster
                      - Has a unique storyline
                      - Colored blocks
                      - Gave credit

                      NEW: Added more storyline, improved designs of the boat and the forest section (overall added more details), added gravity well mechanism, and added facts about the Loch Ness Monster!

                      Thank YOUClick image for larger version

Name:	lochnessmonster.png
Views:	1
Size:	1.26 MB
ID:	6605576
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                      • THEMAPHUNT For WOTD

                        World: THEMAPHUNT
                        GrowID: NOTSHOTS

                        You Went To The Frozen Hills To Find The Treasure Your Father Buried Decades Ago. Your 2 Brothers Died Here Before You While Searching For The Same Thing. When You Arrived You Met A Old Man Called Danny Roosevelt, And He Has A Map Of The Mountains, He's Gonna Help You Find The Treasure...

                        World Is Treasure Blasted Originally
                        Punch And Zombie Jammer
                        Adventure Items
                        Credit Board On Top Of White Door
                        5 Hidden Letters To Enter Vip

                        Last Render:
                        Click image for larger version

Name:	themaphunt.png
Views:	1
Size:	795.3 KB
ID:	6605392

                        Last edited by NOTSHOTS; 06-26-2020, 12:27 PM.
                        -IGN: NOTSHOTS
                        -Main World: NOTSHOTS

                        2013-2014 Player
                        Got Mini-you 3 times on the same account

                        1-Level. (51/125)\
                        2-Awsomeness 100%
                        3-Win WOTD 🏆. (0/1)
                        4-Get Doctor Title. (12/5000)
                        5-Get LegendBot-009. (0/1)


                        • NOMINATING MY WORLD FOR WOTD

                          Click image for larger version

Name:	woodmechanism.png
Views:	3
Size:	546.5 KB
ID:	6605393

                          Name world: WOODMECHANISM
                          Grow id: ProfAzmi

                          About the world:
                          This world tells about the wood mechanism that stopped a few days ago which caused the cessation of export goods sent abroad, this is very detrimental to their company. They don't know why their wood mechanism stopped working. So they need people to help them with this problem.
                          This world contains normal parkour where parkour contains 2 trickster that are fun parkour, which is located at the bottom and top. While enjoying parkour you will find some sign that will help you in completing parkour.
                          This world also contains credits and public boards. This world also contains amazing mechanisms such as big gear, claw machine, handheld machine, cutting machine, and big dynamos. For the point, I added a door that contained an inspired world.

                          This world contains:
                          Punch and zombie jammer; firehouse; world lock; apple tree; wood mechanism; normal parkour; credits; story; Turkish March Song; and a door that contains an inspired world.

                          A few days ago all our wood mechanisms stopped, it really hurt our company. All export goods stopped being sent because of this. We really need help with this.
                          There are several types of wood mechanisms that we use such as claw machine, hand-held machines, mega dynamos, and mega gear all stop. We don't know what stopped them.
                          So we need someone to help us with this problem. Will you want to help us?

                          Read every sign for help you when you playing parkour. And for players who don't have wings can easily complete this normal parkour.

                          Enjoy the world, thank you Growtopia.


                          • Dragon Speaking...

                            DRAGONVALENTINE By Draluxes
                            Click image for larger version

Name:	dragonvalentine.png
Views:	57
Size:	772.1 KB
ID:	6605394

                            Prologue :
                            Looks like someone can't find what is true love. And you, maybe you could help a queen with Drago-heart. Start your journey to find true love and bring it to our Drago-heart!

                            What's New?
                            * I've adjusted some Balancing Improvement!
                            * Summer Clash Mechanic was added into this world! ( 7 Death Trap Wall and 4 Gravity Well)
                            * Winter Clash Mechanic, include ( Cave Slab. )
                            * Block Party v2 was added into this world!
                            * Bountiful blocks were added into this world!
                            * Hey, 2 Searbot level-1 is running into this world!
                            * New nor decent valentine blocks were added into this world!
                            * Absolutely Dragon stuff such as Dragon Blocks.
                            * Adventure items were added into the world!

                            In Additional.
                            *Punch and Zombie Jammer,
                            *Weather Machine - Valentine
                            *Thrilling story about valentine that you should know it,
                            *and last Dragon art belongs to ItzEagleT, was made by myself.

                            NOSTORS By Draluxes
                            Click image for larger version

Name:	nostors.png
Views:	5
Size:	690.7 KB
ID:	6605395

                            Consequences :
                            Look in the sky, the smoke was appeared from somewhere. The possible problems have done by fierce creatures. The dragon's master immediately asks for our help. She says this problem has caused by the dragon over there. It's located in my main tower, especially far from that place. I couldn't solve this problem by myself, even my dragons won't be able to help me. We need to get there together and you must take the risk once you accepting our help.

                            The dragons now screaming often, it might be something wrong. We should find out what's going on.

                            We're running out the time, we must hurry! Follow me!

                            How's the game works?
                            You need to take training from the dragon's master and gain some skills! After that, you have 20 minutes to reach the upwards tower. It has 6 floors in total until the dragons concerned with you.

                            [Balancing world and updates a New Path!]

                            What's New?!?
                            * New! A startopia 2.0 Blocks were added into this world!
                            * Adventure mechanics were applied to this world.
                            * Summer clash blocks were added into this world.
                            * Summer mechanic blocks were added into this world ( 3 Gravity Well and 9 Death Trap Wall ).
                            * Winter clash blocks were added into this world.
                            * Winter mechanic blocks were added into this world. ( 2 Storm Cloud and 2 Cracked Stone Clab ).
                            * Spring clash blocks were added into this world.
                            * Spring mechanic blocks were added into this world ( 2 Trickster ).
                            * Block Party v2 was added into this world.
                            * Wolf World blocks were added into this world.
                            * Bountiful blocks were added into this world ( includes Bountiful Bamboo Spikes, Jungle Temple Pillar, Monkshood ).
                            * Splenkuroma Strikes Back blocks were added into this world.
                            * Chinese New Year Blocks were added into this world.
                            * Mutant kitchen block was added into this world.
                            * Farming Blocks Roles were added into this world.
                            * Surgeon Blocks Roles were added into this world.
                            * 2 Sear Bot - Level 2 are running through the world.
                            * 2 Spike Bot - Level 1 are running through the world.
                            * 4 ShockBot - Level 1 are running through the world.
                            * 1 ShooterBot - Level 1 is running through the world.
                            * 1 FlameBot - Level 2 is running through the world.
                            * Absolutely the dragon stuff eg. Dragon Blocks and Scales.
                            * Winter stuff eg. Winter wind, Giant Chandle, Festivus pole, and more.

                            * Punch and Zombie Jammer
                            * Weather Machine - Rainy

                            THEMAZEISLAND By Draluxes
                            Click image for larger version

Name:	themazeisland.png
Views:	4
Size:	534.2 KB
ID:	6605396

                            Hey traveller, have you heard THEMAZEISLAND occured through to the game? Isn't it sounds familiar for you? Fear no more!

                            Welcome to the maze island world! This world reference from the game called " Dragon City " game events!

                            Firstly, before you start the game. You must follow the whole path by doing a short actions! Includes collect a golds, feed a dragons, breed, hatch and absolutely fight against encountered dragons among the progress!

                            After that you earned the maze coins, claim each path by using a coins, and go further until its getting into the last path. The rewards will be given once you finished the actions, and of course.

                            The amazing dragon can be yours! It seems interesting for you? Shall not you get move before its late.

                            You need to complete five maze coin quests! Including..
                            Maze 1 : Collect a gold to get " Shining Topaz "!
                            Maze 2 : Harvest and crop those dragon fruits as bonuses!
                            Maze 3 : " Leaves " can be found while you breed two dragons!
                            Maze 4 : " Blossom Flowers " can be found while you hatch a breeding dragons!
                            Maze 5 : The last standing, you're about facing with ferocious dragons! The chance is in your faith and you have limitation time!

                            The pixel art was made by myself, his name " Arsonist dragons! "

                            What's New!?!
                            * Related starship blocks.
                            * Summer mechanic was added into the world.
                            * Spring mechanic was added into the world.
                            * Winter clash blocks were added into this world.
                            * Spring clash blocks were added into this world.
                            * Surgeon blocks were added into this world.
                            * Absolutely Dragon Stuff.
                            * Cybots e.g. Sear Bot and Spike Bot.
                            * Mutant Kitchen Blocks were added into this world.
                            * Bountiful Blocks were added into this world.

                            * Punch and Zombie Jammer
                            * Ghost Charm
                            * Weather Machine - Arid

                            Bluragon's can go anywhere, if i will on there, don't get surprised.

                            Check out of this video ^^


                            • MYNIGHTSHADE by JacksHeart

                              Click image for larger version

Name:	11D6BBF8-067F-4442-8108-78AA8C0A3338.png
Views:	1
Size:	622.3 KB
ID:	6605402
                              Once upon a time you and your (husband/wife) lived happily together on the the rolling hillsides of Avalia. A kingdom ruled by a corrupt King and Queen who were notorious for kidnapping people and exiling them to endless labor... until they die of over-exhaustion.
                              One day on your way home after going to the market to get eggs (For your (husband's/wife's) birthday cake). But when you returned they were gone... the house was trashed. Deep down you knew what happened to them. You quickly hop on your horse, Buster, and ride into the kingdom in search of your (husband/wife) as well as a witch who lives deep in the forests of Avalia. They will guide you.
                              You seek nothing but revenge!

                              WORLD INCLUDES:
                              - Punch and Zombie Jammers
                              - Credit Board (Above Main Door)
                              - Love Story
                              - Tons of adventure items
                              - Tricky puzzles and mazes
                              - Flower Pixel Art (Made it myself)

                              ~ JacksHeart
                              I first started playing on December 23, 2013!

                              Previous Names: Vlare, Verst, LunaHaider, JacksHeart (Current)
                              Level: 56
                              Tokens: 12/200

                              - 2/15 WOTDS [INCOMPLETE]
                              - Legendary Dragon [INCOMPLETE]


                              • The Great Pineapple War
                                It was 1980, there were tensions between the Pineapple and Apple race. It was the great apple war of 1980. It lasted just 3 minutes! Lucky for them, they had some awesome fighters to make sure their race lives and does not go extinct. Fight and breakthrough this tough battlefield full of fruity awesomeness.

                                Fight: Defeat enemies! Every kill is worth 2 points, a total of 20 kills (40 points) are needed to win!

                                Break: Aggressive? Break their temple's game block for 40 points, an instant win.

                                Each team has 1 temple, and inside that temple will be the game block. In the battlefield there will be a Tomb Robber, this tomb robber requires two adventure items for the key to the shortcut. These two adventure items are located at each team's temple and once the items are given to the tomb robber the gate in the middle will open. This is a huge advantage to players who want to break their enemies' game block. Each temple also has a line of public building spots for more defenses.

                                Game Areas
                                Battlefield : This area is where players spawn in, their enemies will be the opposite of them. To enter their temple to break their game block, a player has to go across the battlefield and find their enemies spawn which has a door that leads to the temple.

                                Temples: This area is where both team's temples are located at, a huge wall divides both teams, but if you give the tomb robber the adventure items the area is unlocked for direct entry to the enemy.

                                Game rules
                                Double Jump, Long Punch and High Jump is enabled for everyone! Speedy is blocked.

                                Player kills take 2 hits
                                Game Block requires 30 punches, game block resets after a period of time

                                Click image for larger version

Name:	thegreatpineapplewar.png
Views:	10
Size:	371.2 KB
ID:	6605404
                                Graphic Designer

                                Discord: GENSEAF#1544
                                Portfolio (Instagram): @seafxiv
                                I can give tips for designing if you like, just contact me. (And when I have time)
                                Software used: Adobe Photoshop CC, Adobe Illustrator CC