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Nominate Your World for WOTD Here! [June - August Cycle]

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Name:	pixiedusttree WOTD.png
Views:	7
Size:	427.1 KB
ID:	6605470

    GrowID: Solariax
    World name: PIXIEDUSTTREE

    Welcome to PIXIEDUSTTREE by Solariax - this is a world based off of the Tinkerbell movies!

    The story goes as follows:
    You are located in Summer Hollow Island. This hollow is the most important, as it holds the lively Pixie Dust Tree! However, the tree is also facing a rapid decline in life - it's going to die out. Every one-thousand years, the fairies gather the magical seasonal charms from the Spring, Autumn, and Winter Hollow Islands. This formation revitalizes the tree! ...But this year, the charms were lost by Tinkerbell! They spread toward their respective hollow island, and are lost in them.
    Can you find the lost seasonal charms, and save Pixie Hollow??

    This world includes: both P and Z Jammers, a Ghost Charm, a Firehouse, and a Xenonite (so everyone has a fair chance of completing the world).

    Bonus: this world uses the Adventure Items stated - Key, Banana, Rope, and Torch.



      Grow ID :BlackAqua
      World name : PINEFALLS

      Render :
      Click image for larger version

Name:	pinefalls (7).png
Views:	6
Size:	1,016.1 KB
ID:	6605471

      •the Derby got extended
      •added muddy puddle
      •mini maze
      •the patern of the finish line is changed (ends up in the last bridge but it is the same place where it will end)
      •3-5 Minute gameplay
      •changed weather machine to jungle (for visible designs)

      World contains :
      Noob friendly Derby
      Dimension block along the sides of the falls. (Guided path)
      Mini maze
      Waterfall race
      Fun and competitive racing

      last but not the least :
      •a Credit board giving credits to the replica of the pineapple pixel
      •a door linked to my inspired world

      I made the world by myself and I accessed my friends since they provide me with blocks and giving me strength in building this wonderful world!


      • ESCAPETHETRAIN by Kurense
        Click image for larger version

Name:	FA6339CA-2162-4390-B480-967EDC5F2491.png
Views:	5
Size:	483.7 KB
ID:	6605472
        You are on your way to the city. Suddenly, technical errors occur on your train so that your train stops in the middle of the road. Not only that, dangerous spikes also appeared on the train. Now, run and find a safe place!

        This World Contains:
        -Noob friendly parkour
        -Adventure Items
        -Punch and Zombie Jammer
        -Weather Machine - Night
        -Ghost Charm
        -Credit Board

        Click image for larger version

Name:	D162C84A-4279-4B59-A61B-38806585C5F4.png
Views:	4
Size:	787.0 KB
ID:	6605473
        When you are awake, suddenly you are in a strange place. You are very sure that you are in another planet because the color of the clouds and the sands in this place are pink. Then, you decide to explore this planet.

        This World Contains:
        -Noob friendly parkour
        -Adventure items
        -Password Door Game
        -Punch and Zombie Jammer
        -Weather Machine - Nothingness
        -Credit Board


        • Nominating CTFEXTREME for World Of The Day

          GrowID: OnionXela
          World: CTFEXTREME

          Latest Renderworld:
          Click image for larger version

Name:	image.png
Views:	5
Size:	1.03 MB
ID:	6605474

          About The World:

          Welcome to CTFEXTREME! You may ask what CTF means? CTF is the short version of the game called Capture The Flag!

          How do you play CTF? The rules are preaty eassy! The first team with 500points wins!How do u get points u may ask? You can get 5 points by killing an enemy or 100points by capturing AND returning the enemy teams flag!

          You may also descover secret passages & random teleporter all over the map, so keep your eyes oppen! Some of them are oppen, while others are closed and need to get oppened by using 25points!

          >Use of Game Pack
          >Basics Jammers: Punch & Zombie
          >Added Jammers: Ghost Charm, Mini-Mod & Pineapple Guardian
          >One Rare Xenonite Crystal (to alow evry player to be able to play & so the teams have equal chances)
          >One Weather Machin: Party
          >Pixelart of Flags (with main loby/waiting room inside)
          > 2 Castle , one for each team
          > Secret Passages (You need to pay 25points from your team to oppen one / u find one free but its less usefuller)
          >Spectate Zones( People who joined to late can watch the match from difrent positions)
          >Use of Paint to Customize the world
          >Use of Clash Items
          > Use of Boomboxes & Campfires for music
          > A Tutorial world which explains how Capture The Flag Works(Link next to the door)

          Special thanks to:
          RewdWG the cutest person ever!
          TechField: for sponsoring one weather machin:Stuff
          And all my amazing friends!
          Good Luck evryone and stay safe!

          I am also trying to get VOTW check if ur intrested:
          OnionXela YT( IOTM's build with lego)


          • Wotd nomination 3rd attempt

            GROWID:MULITE // WORLD NAME:thedeepdungeon

            the story is about you . You visited your grandparents for a holiday and your grandpa told you there a prize in a dungeon in this town that no one survived after trying to enter it.So you decided to go for this trip and get your prize.

            the world contains:
            -The 2 jammers
            -the weather machine
            -a storyline
            -a long dungeon
            -a parkour

            world render:

            Click image for larger version

Name:	E8A32C18-2D44-40B4-A2A0-ED32FA30EFDE.png
Views:	7
Size:	1.12 MB
ID:	6605475Click image for larger version

Name:	E8A32C18-2D44-40B4-A2A0-ED32FA30EFDE.png
Views:	7
Size:	1.12 MB
ID:	6605475
            EYOOO CHECK MY WORLD :


            • Nominating TheCastleInTheSky

              Growid : Pinata777
              Nominating : TheCastleInTheSky

              Click image for larger version

Name:	thecastleinthesky.png
Views:	7
Size:	439.1 KB
ID:	6605476

              Storyline :
              Your father went missing in the Alaskan mountains,
              in search of a mysterious floating castle in the sky.

              You have made it your life's goal to find this castle that your father sought after for so many years.

              *Note : The world looks much more charming in person *

              World Features :
              - All necessary jammers, including a ghost charm.
              - Engaging beautiful storyline
              - Use of Adventure items
              - No accesories required to complete the world (Wings, Speed mod, parasol, etc)
              - Credits
              - A gorgeous castle to hangout in after completion.

              Side Notes :
              I have recently re-joined the forums but i am a longtime player.
              While i consider myself a great builder and story teller, i have never submitted a world of mine before, for WOTD.

              I have decided to share my work on this platform in hopes it can be worthy of the ultimate recognition.

              Thank you everyone for this opportunity


              • SAMEROOTS For WOTD?

                I would like to nominate my world "SameRoots" for WOTD.

                GrowID: BESTMBM
                World name: SAMEROOTS

                The general idea of the world is about anti-racist.


                •Zombie Jammer
                •Punch Jammer
                •Fire House
                •Ghost Charm
                •Weather Machine-Background
                •Parkour (Not easy/Not hard. Everyone can pass it without any equipment)

                Many signs throught the parkour (taken from google wikipedia and "farmacyforlife" page on Instagram).
                Throught the parkour, players should find the 10 letters to form the final password.

                The world also has:
                ▪3 Pixel arts:
                •Shaking hands (1 brown and the other one is white)
                •George Floyd face (I tried my best to pixelate his face in gt)
                The pic I tried to pixelate :
                And one tangram art: HUMANS

                **Additional info on the bulletin board above the white door.

                The world render before adding parkour:

                Click image for larger version

Name:	sameroot.jpeg
Views:	2
Size:	113.9 KB
ID:	6605338

                The last render:

                Click image for larger version

Name:	sameroots.png
Views:	2
Size:	233.4 KB
ID:	6605337

                Hope you like it!
                Thanks, best regards.


                • Nominating VILLAGEANANAS for WOTD!

                  IGN: JuD
                  World: VILLAGEANANAS

                  VILLAGEANANAS is a Pineapple-themed PVP Capture-The-Flag game between 2 teams. These two teams are set to capture and defend game flags located at the bottom of wells all throughout a 7-minute period. Players lose points when killed. They are able to teleport back to spawn by punching the stars, only they lose a few points (less penalty than being killed).

                  World includes:
                  ~ Zombie Jammer
                  ~ Xenonite Crystal
                  ~ Mini-Mod
                  ~ Unique Game Mechanics

                  Click image for larger version

Name:	villageananas.png
Views:	3
Size:	492.7 KB
ID:	6605477
                  IGN - Jud
                  Main world - HELLO
                  Instagram - JuD.Growtopia

                  Goal -
                  Title - 100%/100%
                  New goals.
                  1) complete all classics.
                  2) complete all epics.


                  • THETABLEMOUNTAIN for WOTD Nomination

                    Click image for larger version

Name:	CB10F524-7BA5-447E-965C-CDA2739EBBBB.png
Views:	4
Size:	808.8 KB
ID:	6605478

                    World has been renovated with many new cool features!

                    GrowID: Dulger
                    World Name: THETABLEMOUNTAIN


                    -Unique Story
                    -5 Different Adventure Item
                    -Mini Maze
                    -Interesting facts about the Table Mountain in Cape Town, South Africa.
                    -Some of the real structures near the Table Mountain.
                    -VIP for the ones who completed the story.
                    -Hidden Letters around the town to find the password!

                    World Includes:

                    -Zombie and Punch Jammers
                    -Ghost Charm
                    -Fire House
                    -Weather Machine - Arid


                    You and your friend Daniel are both archaeologists and had the dream of visiting the Table Mountain in South Africa because of its mystery. So, both of you took a vacation from your job and headed to the famous mountain. In 1812, a company called Growmining have started mining somewhere on the Table Mountain aiming to find diamonds. However the company stopped its operations in 1813. Growmining have announced that the reason of shut down was that they couldn’t find any diamonds. Speculations circulated among many mining experts and other companies, which believed that the reason behind the shut down wasn’t about “not finding any diamonds”. Many researches were made by the world's top mining experts, all the results proved that the speculations were absolutely true. “Table Mountain's soil was very rich in fossils, coal, carbon and most importantly diamonds". Which means the odds of not finding diamonds are very low. These results made people create conspiracies. They thought that Growmining's discoveries were not only limited to diamonds, but also to a mysterious element which transforms coal to any gemstone. Growmining decided to hide their findings from the government and the world because it was the only discovered element that turns coal into any gemstone in the world. There were also rumors that the needed resources to survive living under the mountain were available to them so they could live there while producing gemstones. Furthermore, there are some rumors saying that Growmining have sent a crew of 16 people to the mine, but only 8 people were left there, which made people believe that half of the crew stayed in the mine and made it as their natural habitat. For this reason, experts and many other people requested from the government, clarifications and investigations on the company's work. A crew of 20 governmental investigators were appointed to the area. When the crew first went to the area they noticed that the ceiling of the tunnel that paved the way to the mine was almost entirely collapsed, hard to remove, thus, impossible to go through it. After a month of investigations, the crew couldn’t find a way to get in. Therefore, the government have decided that the theories were just rumors and it was a big waste of time and money. So they have suspended the investigations. However, some people still believed the fact that there is still a way to get into the mine. You and Daniel belonged to this group of people.

                    Author: Dulger aka (CraneGT)
                    Credits to FFadee for all his support!

                    Note: I would appreciate any feedback about the world : )
                    -WOTD Winner (3/10)
                    -VOTW Winner (0/1)
                    -Level (46/50)

                    IGN: Dulger
                    Instagram: dulger_gt


                    • NATURALISLAND for WOTD

                      GrowID: ThomasUxD
                      World: NATURALISLAND
                      NATURALISLAND is a story rich adventure world, which includes a fabulous volcano 🌋, beautiful trees and a hidden temple. The world includes basic jammers, a wonderful ghost charm, and firehouse. The world includes a simple, but enjoyable parkour with a mix of adventure items and adventure door mechanics. Hopefully this world is good enough to win my first WOTD! Thanks.
                      Click image for larger version

Name:	naturalisland.png
Views:	4
Size:	968.0 KB
ID:	6605479


                      • My first WOTD attempt MYSTERIOUSREALM

                        DISCLAIMER: The world uses the new startopia 2.0 blocks so the render is broken.

                        Click image for larger version

Name:	mysteriousrealm.png
Views:	5
Size:	1.36 MB
ID:	6605481
                        Owner: AncientSaint

                        Storyline Preview:
                        *you fade back into counciousness...* beneath your feet is a sticky slimy substance, you look around as your eyes meet endless purple. Extreme fear and confusion overwhelms you. "stay strong my friend, we have a long way to go yet."

                        World includes:
                        - All necessary jammers
                        - Ghost Charm
                        - New startopia 2.0 blocks
                        - Noob friendly parkour (no wings needed)
                        - VIP/Hangout area at the end
                        - Credits

                        Some screenshots of the world since the render is broken.

                        Click image for larger version

Name:	Desktop Screenshot 2020.06.14 -
Views:	3
Size:	1.15 MB
ID:	6605482

                        Click image for larger version

Name:	Desktop Screenshot 2020.06.14 -
Views:	3
Size:	1.06 MB
ID:	6605483

                        Click image for larger version

Name:	Desktop Screenshot 2020.06.14 -
Views:	3
Size:	1.41 MB
ID:	6605484


                        • I Nominate "ASUMMERQUEST" for WOTD

                          I would like to start off with how fun it was to build this world, 4 days were used up to make an idea and world creation! I mainly got an idea by the pineapple worlds since they fit will with the in game events which is why I wanted to base my world off of summer!


                          World Name:ASUMMERQUEST

                          One sunny day, you are relaxing inside your house watching T.V and suddenly you see the news channel turn on. A public alert announcement was stating that there was a cybot lair underground ready to attack and destroy the beach. You, the hero, are willing to take up the quest and enter the lair that is filled with dangerous traps and cybots ready to stop you from saving the beach. This wont be an easy task, but sure is possible to beach! P.S cybots mastered the ways of using adventure items and the in game mechanics! Will you, the hero, willing to save the beach from the evil cybot attack!

                          Fun Fact: Some of the stages resemble a animal!

                          World Includes:
                          -P and Z Jammer
                          -Ghost Charm
                          -Difficult parkour (No wings and glide needed)
                          -Adventure Items
                          -A well thought story line with dialog through out the quest
                          -Clash trap blocks

                          Click image for larger version

Name:	asummerquest.png
Views:	13
Size:	449.1 KB
ID:	6605485


                          • Nominating my world for World of the Day!

                            Hi everybody, I would like to nominate my world ISLANDSDOOM for World of the Day!

                            IGN: Aiexinho
                            World: ISLANDSDOOM

                            Story/Description: You are a part of the deadly pirate group, Island's Doom. As you were sailing across the seas, you encounter a strange island. You sense treasure and danger in this island. You come closer to the island, only to be attacked by its natives. Now you must defend your ship and crew and retrieve the treasure that you have sensed.

                            This world contains:
                            Punch And Zombie Jammer
                            Pineapple Guardian
                            Xenonite Crystal (Forced double jump)
                            Weather Machine- Heatwave
                            Pirate themed song
                            Clash Blocks
                            Quest mechanics
                            Math and riddles!
                            Medium difficulty parkour!

                            Please read the 1st board in the Navigation room!

                            Please check this link out if the render does not appear:

                            Latest render of my world:Click image for larger version

Name:	IMG_2869.PNG
Views:	9
Size:	655.7 KB
ID:	6605486


                            • TheIronWill

                              Click image for larger version

Name:	theironwill.png
Views:	2
Size:	557.7 KB
ID:	6605487

                              After a lot of going back-and-forth with creating, I finally worked on a world that is no longer a piece of impulses compiled into a massive adventure world... I present to you, TheIronWill! A somewhat complex memory-based adventure item riddle (with some parkour) that will certainly, overpower your recollection abilities! The story in particular, is a very commendable piece of work that should be coerced into the minds of every player out there, as it deals with a very delicate subject in this community, it is the antithesis of gambling. "Story" is more of a pretext although, as the truth is, it is a moral lesson to Growtopians.

                              The world is 1 jump only, but since I unfortunately have very very extreme budget limitations, I couldn't afford an Xenonite Crystal - I will buy one immediately after and if I end up winning WOTD. I will be watching WOTDs like a hawk, in order to make sure players get a fair and intended experience with the world.

                              A story about younglings that were misled by their reckless youth:

                              Is one ought to indulge in pleasure just because one is given the chance to? Is life necessarily a process for the greater good? Or is it a short fun of everything, with no regard for the degree of importance? Gambling--just like many other pleasure derivations--is a drug with unwelcome consequences; having the latter overshadowed by the tiny fraud that wants you to deem it as "impunity is present" (even if the impunity part resides in the subconscious). To put it in simple terms - gambling is for naught, as its consequences are greater than any pleasure one might derive; while nonetheless appearing as a harmless act of no consequences. It is a terrible double-edged sword.

                              Three boys gathered in this extremely deprived facility, to live out their lives doing nothing but acute labour to pay off their gambling debts. Kaiji, Mario, and Ouran; those are the names of the three boys. Nothing but regret was in the hearts of them, upon being exposed to severe labour and the feeling of despair. You are Mario; and the only survivor out of the three boys. You are no longer the same person, as you took in your horrendous experience and evolved upon thoroughly understanding the difference between "good" and "bad" pleasure.

                              Ouran was charismatic, handsome, and uplifting; certainly, a light in a place as dreadful as this. However, even a spirit burning as bright as the sun, could not ensue its burning for long if provoked enough.

                              Mario was equally, if not more, charismatic than Ouran. Before entering this place, he was a boxer - having strong physique evidently played a massive role in the survival in a labour facility.

                              If it's a battle of wits, then hurry Mario and Ouran to run away and get Kaiji on the stage; he is capable of anything under those circumstances. His presence in a place like this is nothing but a predicament--how could someone of his talent be in such a debt and consequently, be forced to labour until the end of time?

                              So what happened? Why is Mario alive but not the other two?

                              No matter the facility, it's fundamental for it to have working employees that make the place continue to run. In this case, just one happened to be someone that really, should be the one forced to continuously labour; his name was "Kursaal"; a sadistic dastard that indulged in a form of pleasure that is even worse than gambling. Gambling is self-destruction, whereas sadism of some forms is the destruction of others merely for selfish self-gratification. Out of the story, Growtopia for your sake, protects you from self-destruction that is gambling. To disregard their consideration, is to close your eyes and abandon those that offer you important care. Kursaal was the one that drove majority of the facility labourers into death, as he was relentlessly harming others for the sake of self-gratification. The circumstances offered him a very convenient excuse to act the way he did (the excuse is self-explanatory). Two wrongs don't ever make a right.

                              EDIT: I forgot to mention the inspirations. "Mario" from Rainbow: Nisha Rokubou no Shichinin (a show about Japanese prisons in 50s). "Ouran" is the first word of the title "Ouran High School Host Club." "Kaiji" from Kaiji: Ultimate Survivor. Most inspiration came from Rainbow: Nisha Rokubou no Shichinin when it comes to the story.

                              Has the basic jammers, ghost charm, and a firehouse.

                              Updates (first submission 2020/06/21):
                              2020/06/24 - gave the castle some mode substance (more cobwebs). /renderworld is currently down so you cannot see it on the render.


                              • Monkeyvortex for wotd

                                World Name : MonkeyVortex
                                GrowID: IamIM

                                This world is the official sequel to DevilVortex by Heramix

                                Some Monkeys don't really belong here and you're one of them.
                                Can you escape this dreadful realm full of agressive monkeys that only want your bananas?
                                Turn off the monkey energy beacon to turn back human and escape this realm

                                Click image for larger version

Name:	monkeyvortex.png
Views:	4
Size:	473.6 KB
ID:	6605488
                                (render from planner with the new blocks, slightly different due to edits made in game)

                                This world features:
                                Alot of monkeys
                                Punch and Zombie Jammers
                                Mars Blast , Weather
                                Adventure item usage
                                New startopia blocks (not shown on render)
                                Rope piton gameplay
                                Ghost charm
                                A Xenonite crystal (Noob friendly , no advantage items)
                                A story
                                Alot of paint
                                Credit board
                                An easter egg with a prize of 5 World locks for the first person to find it
                                Last edited by IamIm; 06-24-2020, 05:21 AM.
                                IGN: IamIM
                                level: 116/125
                                Making and playing difficult parkours is what i do, also trying daily challenges - war of wolves and carnie.
                                Discord - I_am_Im#2066