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    Click image for larger version

Name:	enchantedprison.png
Views:	2
Size:	650.9 KB
ID:	6605582
    Grow ID: HOKAGE
    World Features:
    ▪︎Tomb Robber
    ▪︎Sun Gate
    ▪︎Summer Clash Blocks
    ▪︎Basic Jammers

    You're a renowned hero of Growtopia who has done great deeds over the past 40 years, such as releasing the people of Growtopia from the enveloping darkness of Growganoth's Wrath! Your greatness were told through songs, sung in various places by famous bards. Little do they know about your past. You see, some stories doesn't have a happy ending, nor perhaps, an ending itself --like yours.

    You were once an archaeologist in your previous life, quite having such the adventurous character, has driven you to explore the world, searching for fragments of history. March 26, 600BC, you travelled to Egypt's Famous Pyramids, searching for the Script of Murthala. As you seek for such treasure, you heard someone chanting in ancient language --and suddenly you passed out. You then woke up to an unknown place, surrounded by floating islands and great mountains.
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    • Hi Growtopians, nominating my new improved world! ENJOY!! Have a amazing day! 😄

      Hi Growtopians,

      Nominating my improved and refined world!

      I would like to thank all my friends for helping me, as well as many people in the growtopia community for making me inspired to make worlds like this. I have also listened to the feedback that growtopians have told me, and I would like to thank them also for their feedback. Thank you to all the mods for their hard work, as well in choosing worlds!

      Here is some information about the world:

      Name of World: PLANETNULL
      GROWID: Truthie

      Update render:

      Click image for larger version

Name:	planetnull.png
Views:	4
Size:	985.1 KB
ID:	6605670


      -Doors showcasing worlds that inspired me!
      -Credits to friends and people who help! Thanks so much!!

      -Rope Piton Parkour, were players can use Adventure Item-Rope to travel through many stages of the world!
      -Storm Cloud + Waterfall Parkour, were players must be fast to avoid the storm clouds disappearing!
      -Cybot Parkour, were players must avoid the various cybots
      -Medium Difficultly Parkour which is challenging but enjoyable!

      -An amazing and engaging storyline!

      -Adventure Items such as Adventure Item-Banana, Adventure Item-Key and more!

      -Punch Jammer
      -Zombie Jammer
      -Weather Machine-Comet
      -Ghost Charm

      -Again, credits to people who helped!

      Background Story:

      A mysterious planet...

      A loud sound of the starship’s robust engine, you know that it will break... The fearful voice of the countdown starts, and the panic begins... The star ship is about to self-destruct, with you in it... The plan to get out of the star ship is your first mission... Hastily, you scurry out of the star ship and avoid the explosion, landing into an undefined planet, a planet that is null...

      You are glad that you were rapid enough to escape the star ship, but are unsure where you are... When the star ship explodes, you happen to land in the unknown, ancient building of “Vicinity Laboratories”.
      Within Vicinity Labs, the abandoned building, lies previous experiments surrounding the planet, how it once was.. You are able to realize from these stories how this planet came to be now..

      Your mission now is to find a way to escape..

      The planet reeks of toxic waste, and your vision is blurred....You are confused by the humid, hot environment of the planet...You realize that you are stuck onto this planet, willing to determine a way of escape out.... You discover that the previous documents that had been abandoned in the science laboratory allowed you to better understand this planet and it’s life forms: mysterious, creepy, vicious and unknown. Overall, you can collect your thoughts and conclude that these creatures are beginning to become more and more vicious and deadly... You realize that you need to do something right now.. Or else you may be stranded and die.... However, when reading one of the logs made by a previous scientists that inhabited the labs long ago.. you feel hope of escape, as you discover that there is an abandoned rocket ship, once used by the scientists, which is sunken onto the surface of the planet.. Unfortunately the location of the rocket is unknown.. You also realize that these creatures had become mutated due to the scientists themselves, and the creatures are able to obtain and become more and more mutated and powerful due to some sort of source... Power sources that mutated the creatures in the first place..

      These power sources were and still are held in ancient structures that were formed by the scientist, but since their disappearance, the structures have been abandoned with the power sources inside... which caused the ancient state of the planet.. However it is shown that these power sources may be able to save you from being stranded.. You aim to travel to these ancient structures to go to these power sources, but, many creatures and plants roam the planet now, making it difficult to access these power sources.

      Whilst reading some laboratory notes, you find out that there are two main power sources, a power source which is emitting a green radiation, whilst a power source which is emitting a red radiation. It can be observed that the green power source has less energy, but it is needed in order to access the red power source. From your theories, the red power source may be able to supply the abandoned rocket ship with the energy needed for it to lift off.

      Overall, you must access the green power source in order to determine the location of the red power source, then you must go to the abandoned rocket ship.

      This will be a hard task, as these creatures are vicious and spooky, able to devour anyone who steps in their path...You ponder if the scientists may have been attacked by these creatures, and if they were, what happened to them??!!? This is how the planet was abandoned in the first place.. the flood of creatures.. And how no one has ever escaped it....

      The mission you have set for yourself, is a tough and cruel one, in which you must avoid the many crazy creatures of the planet, locate the power sources, and determine a way out of this planet.

      Are you brave enough to do this?

      Again, thank you for reading, have a wonderful day!
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      Have a great day!


      • The Great Pineapple War

        It was 1980, there were tensions between the Pineapple and Apple race. It was the great apple war of 1980. It lasted just 3 minutes! Lucky for them, they had some awesome fighters to make sure their race lives and does not go extinct. Fight and breakthrough this tough battlefield full of fruity awesomeness.

        Fight: Defeat enemies! Every kill is worth 2 points, a total of 20 kills (40 points) are needed to win!

        Break: Aggressive? Break their temple's game block for 40 points, an instant win.

        Each team has 1 temple, and inside that temple will be the game block. In the battlefield there will be a Tomb Robber, this tomb robber requires two adventure items for the key to the shortcut. These two adventure items are located at each team's temple and once the items are given to the tomb robber the gate in the middle will open. This is a huge advantage to players who want to break their enemies' game block. Each temple also has a line of public building spots for more defenses.

        Game Areas

        Battlefield : This area is where players spawn in, their enemies will be the opposite of them. To enter their temple to break their game block, a player has to go across the battlefield and find their enemies spawn which has a door that leads to the temple.

        Temples: This area is where both team's temples are located at, a huge wall divides both teams, but if you give the tomb robber the adventure items the area is unlocked for direct entry to the enemy.

        Game rules
        Double Jump, Long Punch and High Jump is enabled for everyone! Speedy is blocked.

        Player kills take 2 hits
        Game Block requires 30 punches, game block resets after a period of time

        Click image for larger version

Name:	thegreatpineapplewar.png
Views:	10
Size:	371.2 KB
ID:	6605583
        Graphic Designer

        Discord: GENSEAF#1544
        Portfolio (Instagram): @seafxiv
        I can give tips for designing if you like, just contact me. (And when I have time)
        Software used: Adobe Photoshop CC, Adobe Illustrator CC



          Oh look a floating island with juicy pineapples hanging from the trees, but wait the other side also want those juicy pineapples. Your goal is to collect as much pineapple than the other team to win. You must work together, you can not do it alone..

          Whats in the world?
          - Summer theme game world
          - Pineapple theme game world
          - P and Z jammers, Firehouse, Ghost Charm (I hope I had xenonite crystal to make it fair )
          - Instructions on how to play the game...
          - Credits
          - Weather Machine - Night
          - Some secret ways to win
          - Game Generator with flags, goal, and spawn
          - Clash Blocks

          Game Generator Settings
          Flag scores 5 pts
          Goal scores 1 pt
          Kill scores 1 pt

          Click image for larger version

Name:	andnowpineapples.png
Views:	1
Size:	289.6 KB
ID:	6605584
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          Originally posted by Yasuo
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          • FILMCAM

            GrowID: Hwiparam
            WORLD: FILMCAM
            LATEST RENDER: Click image for larger version

Name:	filmcam.png
Views:	1
Size:	130.7 KB
ID:	6605761

            Hello! This is my first WOTD entree. This world took quite a long time to create since i cant just freestyle because of the specific details of the theme i chose. I chose to create a Vintage-looking world, the art consists of A Film Camera, Film Rolls, Polaroids and amazing aesthetically pleasing music. "I wish we could capture our moments together" "Don't worry, with this film camera we'll be able to look back on these moments."

            WORLD DETAILS:
            1. It has a parkour inside the Film Camera art.
            2. It has a trivia about how Film Cameras were created and how they function.
            3. It has music! The UP theme song to be specific.
            4. It has a zombie and punch jammer
            5. It has a ghost charmer (To keep those annoying ghosts!)
            6. It has a BG weather, making the world completely white! I did it on purpose to make it look much more vintage (The white also represents the bright light when someone takes a picture of you with flash!

            "If only would could stay like this forever" "We will, in my memory"
            Make sure to read the board for more details!
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            • Nominating "MIDNIGHTNEONCITY" by Scarletking5 and ScarletWife

              World name: midnightneoncity
              World creators ID: ScarletKing5 (owner)
              ScarletWife (idea designer)

              Far far in the night there is a city in witch a legend have been formed, each year a guardian of peace is named, for their right contributions and kind soul is named to be the protector of those who seek mercy and become the merciful guardian of the city. But first, to be a guardian, they have to past some test, challenges design to be as challenging as possible and for him or her to prove that they can be the merciful guardian of the city. On that rainy night, *YOU* revived a letter, an act of the challenge that is approaching as for you have been nominated to be the next protector of the city and be the angel of mercy you, your people and city needs and deserve. But as the light from the city glows brighter, your heart just ask this question. "will i be ready for it?"

              *Spoiler important*

              *This map needs you to make choices, 1 mistake and you'll have to start again from the start!
              *The inspiration came from cities that have neon style/are bright and *feel* alive at night!
              *Parkour is hard but not impossible, any bug and/or glitch that BREAKS the map can be kindly fixed but not difficulty of it.
              *Soon a continuation of the map

              *Recommended mods/items:
              * High jump
              * Slow fall
              * Double jump
              * Speedy

              *Map features:

              *P and Z Jammers
              *Ghost Charm
              *Fire House
              *Bunny lock
              *Adventure Doors/Items
              *Fun puzzles (portal maze)
              *Challenging Parkour
              *Fun Environment

              *MAP Render
              Click image for larger version

Name:	midnightneoncity.png
Views:	1
Size:	348.3 KB
ID:	6605586


              • Nominating EndOfBoga for WOTD!

                Click image for larger version

Name:	endofboga.png
Views:	1
Size:	894.5 KB
ID:	6605587

                Hi Growtopians!
                Im nominating my world for WOTD.
                GrowID : Vortaxez
                World : EndOfBoga

                Storyline :
                Boga desperately searches for fairies to get their soul and create a cure for his son that was toxicated by the cave is he making the right decision taking a life to save another?
                This world is a mix of cartoon stories, where it joins the Cavemen with the Fairy with an amazing story around the world.
                So, will you help the fairy to end Boga, forever?

                This world contains :
                -VIP Room.
                -Excited storyline.
                -P/Z Jammers.
                -Antigravity (Parkour can be done without double jump or wings).
                -Weather Machine (St.Paddy's)
                -Ghost Charm.
                -Easy/Medium Parkour.
                -Small race in the end (For fun).
                -World Discovery.
                -2 Amazing arts ( Edited)
                (Credits of arts : PngFind Website)
                Goodluck everybody!


                • Growtopia Wotd june - july


                  LINKS: NONE
                  OWNER: monoqqr

                  The Raiders of Chaos Discovered The Fortress of Hebeth, The Raiders wanted loot and territory, The Villagers of Hebeth Saw a Crowd of Raiders in the distance, they alerted the king and its guards, they werent happy. They set up the walls and prepared for impending doom.
                  Join The Raiders or Help The Guards!

                  Picture of World

                  Click image for larger version

Name:	defendthefort (1).png
Views:	1
Size:	472.9 KB
ID:	6605588

                  Simple Jammers
                  Ghost Charm
                  Pineapple Guardian
                  Game Generator
                  PvP Game Mechanics
                  Game Flags
                  Fortress (Included in the game)


                  • YouAreStarving for WOTD!

                    in game name: helol3
                    world name: YouAreStarving
                    The world consists of 7 biomes cave(4)>jungle>tree>heaven and you need a specific item to enter each of them.
                    The story is about you getting lost and trying to find shelter.
                    Can be cleared without wings, speedy mod or parosol.

                    the render is a little outdated but I fixed the heaven biome and the start with credits, story etc.

                    Click image for larger version

Name:	WOTD1.png
Views:	2
Size:	1.32 MB
ID:	6605590Click image for larger version

Name:	WOTD2.png
Views:	2
Size:	1.08 MB
ID:	6605591Click image for larger version

Name:	WOTD3.png
Views:	2
Size:	892.9 KB
ID:	6605592


                    • Clashofpine

                      Grow ID :BlackAqua
                      World name : CLASHOFPINE

                      Click image for larger version

Name:	clashofpine (4).png
Views:	3
Size:	1.25 MB
ID:	6605596

                      World contains :
                      Cool team game
                      Tricky map
                      Jungle theme pvp
                      Tricky traps
                      Game generator

                      Game mechanic is explained in the world and tips are scattered in the map.

                      Thank you for reading :>
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                      • TerrorKingdom By DaunKunyit,Digiec and Tacetus

                        Click image for larger version

Name:	terrorkingdom.png
Views:	3
Size:	996.2 KB
ID:	6605601
                        Click image for larger version

Name:	TerrorKindom.jpg
Views:	3
Size:	1.49 MB
ID:	6605602
                        This Adventure Parkour World Is About A Growtopian Mad Scientist Who Went Missing.
                        Dr.Pablo Nub De Masta or Dr.Nub De Masta (64 years old) has been reported missing after undergoing an experiment on aliens known as ZORBNIK.
                        Is it related to the mysterious Terrorkingdom Forest or the Radiation from the Nuclear Powerplant that flows to Dr.Pablo Nub De Masta Laboratory?

                        To find out what happen next, complete this thrilling Adventure Parkour by your own or with friend.
                        In order to complete this fun journey you will need to find 5 adventure items in order to unlock the password door.
                        Becareful with snake,lava,piranha and even gorilla that look cute but can kill you!

                        Not To Forget The Mutated Zorbnik Monster Spit out LAVA!!! So use your parkour skill to dodge the attack.

                        Goals :
                        • Focused Eyes (25/100)
                        • Win 2 World Of The Day (1/2)
                        • Zeus ( Still So Far Away)
                        • Own All Ring ( 5/10 )


                        • DRAGOATTACK (NOMINATING MY WORLD)

                          World name : DRAGOATTACK
                          GrowId : Hinamatsuri
                          this world has :
                          -jungle theme
                          -a temple. maybe...
                          -credits board
                          -basic jammer
                          -ghost jammer

                          dedicated for Ubisoft The developer and all Mods that working with together.
                          Click image for larger version

Name:	dragoattack.png
Views:	1
Size:	1.05 MB
ID:	6605604
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                          • Hi! I'm nominating my world: PINEVILLE
                            GrowID: diichaan

                            Short description: It's PINEAPPLE PARTY! But the villagers ain't happy... THE VILLAGE IS UNDER ATTACK! Help the villagers defeat those who wish to ruin the PARTY! We, need, you...

                            This world has:
                            - Maze
                            - Parkour (used unique parkour features like gravity wells, mud and trickster)
                            - Punch/Zombie/Pineguard/Ghostcharm
                            - A cool storyline with a plot twist!
                            - Personalized Pine Pixels (not copied!)

                            Click image for larger version

Name:	pineville.png
Views:	5
Size:	719.2 KB
ID:	6605605
                            Official Social Media Accounts:
                            Discord | Instagram | Twitter | Facebook | Youtube


                            • NOMINATION FOR WOTD FOR JUNE-AUGUST 2020.

                              World Name: FABLEDMOUNTAIN
                              GrowID: Crabbitz
                              World Description: FABLEDMOUNTAIN is a parkour-world that features blocks from the Bountiful Items - Series, as well as foliage, hedges, and some deadly blocks both old and new ones. The parkour is relatively difficult but features adventure items that would give access to shortcuts allowing the completion of the parkour much easier.

                              The world also contains a story about a goddess that protects the mountain and the lake beside it and helps the people living around it, teaching them about stewardship, kindness, conservation, and the importance of following the rules.

                              FABLEDMOUNTAIN is equipped with PnZ Jammers, a Ghost Charm, a Mini-mod, Pineapple Guardian, a Firehouse and a Weather Machine - St. Paddy’s Day.

                              FABLEDMOUNTAIN’s render:
                              Click image for larger version

Name:	FFE81116-7CF0-4DD9-85E6-F6E954C27B04.jpeg
Views:	1
Size:	280.6 KB
ID:	6605603


                              • Nominating my world for June WOTD Cycle

                                Worldname : TOPIAPATH
                                GrowID : MyoID

                                Description :
                                You (as the mc) are an homeless person in the city, you had no jobs or money to buy a house or even a food. Then you hear a rumor about the Topia Temple from random people chat, they said that if you can find and bring the Idol Statue of Topia from the temple to the surface you can use it to open the old topia museum which has a diamond and ruby inside it, the diamond and ruby itself worth a million dollars that you can use for whatever you want. Because you desperate with your life you take the risk to go to the Topia Temple in order to take the statue of topia.

                                There a Mansion near the Topia Temple that let people who wanted to take the idol statue stay in their mansion for free, you use that opportunity before getting inside the temple.

                                There are 2 Hall inside the Topia Temple you need to finish in order to take the idol statue of topia, The first hall is "Hall of Wish", in this stage you will asked to find every item to open every rooms. and the last hall is "Hall of Memory" on this stage your memory about the world will be tested to open every doors to the treasure room where the idol statue of topia placed. After you find and take the idol statue go to surface, then bring it to the old topia museum and take your prize.

                                TIPS :
                                *Before get inside the temple, make sure to walk around the surface and remember the world decoration.
                                *We recommended you to play this world with your friend to make the "Memory test" more easier.

                                Feature :
                                -Punch & Zombie Jammer
                                -Rainy City Weather
                                -Memory testing question that can improve your memory skill (also can increase your cooperative with your friends)
                                -A suprising problem wait inside the temple
                                -Adventure items and gateaway
                                -Password Door

                                *NOTE :
                                -This is my first time making an adventure themed world, and really sorry for my bad english grammar 😢 im not really good at speaking english.
                                -Thanks for all my friend and my guild member that support me to build this world.

                                world render :

                                Click image for larger version

Name:	topiapath.png
Views:	2
Size:	563.0 KB
ID:	6605606