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Nominate Your World for WOTD Here! [June - August Cycle]

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  • Nominating PUBLICWRITE for WOTD

    Click image for larger version

Name:	FE1EFAFB-D29C-48F0-8A9A-4E4DEB2D8688.jpeg
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Size:	789.5 KB
ID:	6605702Grow ID : Affectio
    World Name : PUBLICWRITE

    Decription : PUBLICWRITE is categorized as an Information world. We built this world because many people are struggling to sell or buy their items. Sometimes because of muted trade worlds, no public board to at least write they are selling or buying, right? Especially mass project items. So in this world, we provide over 400+ active bulletin boards, with each bulletin board has it’s own item’s topic (a sign below the bulletin to name what kind item of bulletin board is it). By then Growtopians can write what they are buying or selling there!

    However, we add tangram art(by MickeMay), chillin area, and a (medium difficulty)miniparkour with some funfacts along the way to fill the empty spot on the right side, yet still giving extra space for upcoming items.

    This world has :
    - Punch Jammer, Zombie Jammer, Ghost Charm, Fire House
    - Tangram Art by MickeMay, a Miniparkour (medium difficulty)with some funfacts along way
    ; Bulletin Boards =
    ~Daily Quest
    ~SSP & RSP
    ~Items Sort by LETTERS (15 items per Letter)
    ~Items Sort by TIERS :
    Sprays. Crystal. Dye & Lens & Eyedrop. Paint. Bountiful. Cloth (Head, Hair, Face, etc). Mooncake. Worlds. Ghost. Wolf world. Locks. Farmables. Steam. Night if the Comet. Chemical. MONTHLY EVENTS(pineapple, valentine, etc). Food & Ingredients. Surgery. Fish & Bait. Startopia. Essence. Crystal Blocks(emerald, ruby, etc). Crime & Cards. Color Wallpapers. Color Blocks. Fossil. Blast & Weather. Music Notes. Roles Items(bio-waste, aquamarine, etc). Vile Vial(malady). Pet. Clash Items. Ancestral & Upgrades. IOTM. Jammers. Balloon Warz. Rollback Plaque.
    ~ and ofc sponsor/credit board for who those donated their items for display, and helped building the world.

    However, there are some items that does not have display items(seriously i can’t afford :’D), and some letters have few items to be displayed

    I really need feedbacks guys! Ty!
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    • 2 Months ago still hoping


      The Land of the Forgotten is home to the forgotten, the souls of those who are no longer remembered by their living relatives. It lies underneath the Land of the Remembered, which is underneath San Angel. If he completes a challenge of Zues choosing, but if he fails, he will be forgotten and Zues will keep both realms.

      Click image for larger version

Name:	aforgotten.png
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Size:	345.8 KB
ID:	6605703



      • GROWID: Techy
        Click image for larger version

Name:	wartopia.png
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Size:	304.2 KB
ID:	6605705
        (Affected by outdated rendering...)

        WARTOPIA is a game world designed by both Kyeosi and Techy. Pineapple themed, this game world tasks the players to find pineapples scattered around the tropical village to spend in the caves situated below. Players can enter the caves - once they have at least one pineapple - via the Gateways painted purple. Inside the caves, players head towards either gateway painted red and click score. Depending on how many pineapples they have at the time, the player will score varying amounts of points. The goal is to rinse and repeat, with efficiency increasing as players bring more pineapples at once into the caves to increase their scorestreak. Players may also defeat other players to slow down their progress - this also nets points and the dying player loses a couple of points too.

        A Guestbook is placed at the main door on how to play (though they cannot wrench it during the game sadly). Tips are also present around the world.

        Xenonite Crystal is added to force/block certain mods for a fair playing field. Usual jammers are present too.
        36 World of the Days won.
        3 World Building Competitions placed in.


        • Hello there!

          I would like to nominate my world, BALLOONESCAPE for WOTD. This is a spring-time WOTD and so would be perfect for around this time!
          World: BALLOONESCAPE
          GrowID: HamaGT

          It was supposed to be a normal hot air balloon ride, but one of the captains forgot to pull up his anchor when they started to fly. That caused a crash and now a fast-spreading fire! The blue hot air balloon has already crashed and the purple one is currently on fire!
          You are currently flying over an abandoned beach and you need to get to the ground and into the old, reinforced bunker to call for help before all of the hot air balloons fall and crash!
          7 people have tried to do this before you, but they sadly failed. So, it's up to you to go and to save everyone! You must hurry! EVERY SECOND COUNTS

          World features:
          - Punch and Zombie jammers
          - Ghost charm
          - Spring weather machine
          - Spring clash items
          - VIP for winners
          - Attention to detail (e.g. block glue and real life size comparisons)
          - A thrilling adventure, medium difficulty parkour along the way
          - A fun and original story

          Thanks to iiGoNub for helping with the designs. Pixel art for the hot air balloon found online but edited by me (HamaGT) to make it original. All other designs were made up by HamaGT.

          World render:
          Click image for larger version

Name:	balloonescapereal.png
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Size:	475.2 KB
ID:	6605706


          • Click image for larger version

Name:	pixiedusttree WOTD.png
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Size:	427.1 KB
ID:	6605707

            GrowID: Solariax
            World name: PIXIEDUSTTREE

            Welcome to PIXIEDUSTTREE by Solariax - this is a world based off of the Tinkerbell movies!

            The story goes as follows:
            You are located in Summer Hollow Island. This hollow is the most important, as it holds the lively Pixie Dust Tree! However, the tree is also facing a rapid decline in life - it's going to die out. Every one-thousand years, the fairies gather the magical seasonal charms from the Spring, Autumn, and Winter Hollow Islands. This formation revitalizes the tree! ...But this year, the charms were lost by Tinkerbell! They spread toward their respective hollow island, and are lost in them.
            Can you find the lost seasonal charms, and save Pixie Hollow??

            This world includes: both P and Z Jammers, a Ghost Charm, a Firehouse, and a Xenonite (so everyone has a fair chance of completing the world).

            Bonus: this world uses the Adventure Items stated - Key, Banana, Rope, and Torch.


            • Nominating my world for World Of the Day

              Click image for larger version

Name:	IMG_2869.PNG
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Size:	655.7 KB
ID:	6605711Hi everybody, I would like to nominate my world ISLANDSDOOM for World of the Day!

              IGN: Aiexinho
              World: ISLANDSDOOM

              Story/Description: You are a part of the deadly pirate group, Island's Doom. As you were sailing across the seas, you encounter a strange island. You sense treasure and danger in this island. You come closer to the island, only to be attacked by its natives. Now you must defend your ship and crew and retrieve the treasure that you have sensed.

              This world contains:
              Punch And Zombie Jammer
              Pineapple Guardian
              Xenonite Crystal (Forced double jump)
              Weather Machine- Heatwave
              Pirate themed song
              Clash Blocks
              Quest mechanics
              Math and riddles!
              Medium difficulty parkour!

              Please read the 1st board in the Navigation room!

              If the render does not work, please check this link out: ‪‬


              • DungeonDepths for WOTD

                World Name: DungeonDepths
                GrowID: xTekken

                Short World Description:
                An intriguing story parkour world with the aim of escaping the dungeon.

                Latest Render:
                Click image for larger version

Name:	dungeondepths.png
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Size:	686.6 KB
ID:	6605713

                World Includes:
                - Engaging Story
                - Different types of parkour (Acid/Lava/Ice/Water)
                - Song (Credited)
                - PZ Jammer
                - Ghost Charm
                - Firehouse
                - Painted Blocks
                - Password Code Door
                - Adventure Items
                - VIP/End Area

                Story and Credits board are located in the starting area by the white door.

                This is my first ever WOTD attempt, this world has been in development for almost 5 years and now I have finally been able to complete and submit it. I hope it's up to the level standard and on par with most of the current WOTD builds. Thank you.


                • My worlds

                  Feastopia is about a love story that once, was never fulfilled,
                  and a promise that was made to meet again in the future.

                  The story started with the main character (you) being visited with dreams that seem to real.
                  A strange girl always appear in these dreams but she won't reveal her face.
                  You decided to find the meaning of these dreams and their connection with your life.
                  Find out who these characters are, how they met, and what they will discover together.

                  Original story and script
                  Music by SilicaChan
                  Night weather machine
                  PZ Jammers, pineapple guardian, and firehouse
                  Easy to medium parkour but possible only with wings (but xeno is provided that allows everyone to double jump)
                  VIP room

                  Back story and post-story are also provided.

                  I am proud of this world. I hope you visit and read it completely. Thank you.

                  Click image for larger version

Name:	feastopia.png
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Size:	486.4 KB
ID:	6605714

                  (Thank you to that random visitor who motivated me to resubmit my entry today

                  IGN: FLYXX
                  WORLD: FEASTOPIA

                  The race is on!

                  My world is Motocross (Moto + X) theme and includes the following:

                  - background music from the movie Kingsman entitled "Baby give it up" made by SilicaChan
                  - pz jammers, background machine and firehouse
                  - xenonite crystal to block speed and grant double/high jump
                  - pineapple guardian
                  - race start/race end flags to indicate individual time
                  - a two-part vip area
                  - consistency in the over-all design

                  Here's the latest render of the world. Thank you!

                  Click image for larger version

Name:	motoxrace.png
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Size:	340.6 KB
ID:	6605715

                  IGN: FLYXX
                  WORLD: MOTOXRACE


                  • SAMEROOTS For WOTD?

                    I would like to nominate my world "SameRoots" for WOTD.

                    GrowID: BESTMBM
                    World name: SAMEROOTS

                    The general idea of the world is about anti-racist.


                    •Zombie Jammer
                    •Punch Jammer
                    •Fire House
                    •Ghost Charm
                    •Weather Machine-Background
                    •Parkour (Not easy/Not hard. Everyone can pass it without any equipment)

                    Many signs throught the parkour (taken from google wikipedia and "farmacyforlife" page on Instagram).
                    Throught the parkour, players should find the 10 letters to form the final password.

                    The world also has:
                    ▪3 Pixel arts:
                    •Shaking hands (1 brown and the other one is white)
                    •George Floyd face (I tried my best to pixelate his face in gt)
                    The pic I tried to pixelate :
                    And one tangram art: HUMANS

                    **Additional info on the bulletin board above the white door.

                    The world render before adding parkour:

                    Click image for larger version

Name:	sameroot.jpeg
Views:	2
Size:	113.9 KB
ID:	6605338

                    The last render:

                    Click image for larger version

Name:	sameroots.png
Views:	2
Size:	233.4 KB
ID:	6605337

                    Hope you like it!
                    Thanks, best regards.


                    • Nominating GROWSHIPWARS for WOTD

                      GrowID: Itachi
                      World name: GROWSHIPWARS

                      Click image for larger version

Name:	growshipwars (6).png
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Size:	336.5 KB
ID:	6605732


                      This is a PVP Game World. Players are split into two teams and the first team to destroy the opposing team's GrowShip wins.

                      Each GrowShip has 25 Game Blocks which the opposing team must try to destroy to take down the ship and win the game. Players can defend their GrowShip by punching enemy attackers or by turning on the Steam Vents.

                      Getting onto the opposing team's GrowShip is a bit tricky. Players will need a rope to climb into the opposing team's GrowShip.If the enemy team has left their Exit Hatch open, players can invade the GrowShip through it! The Exit Hatch can only be open from the inside and it is the team's responsibility to ensure that the hatch is always closed to prevent attackers from invading!

                      Main Features
                      • Use of steam mechanics, game blocks and graves
                      • Vast use of paint
                      • Game Generator
                      • Xenonite Crystal (To prevent players from entering the opposing team's ship without the rope)
                      • Zombie Jammer (Note that the Punch Jammer has been excluded because it's a PVP world where players must defend their own GrowShips
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                      IGN: Itachi



                      • wotd entering growid:steamkidyt world:stateoflogic

                        hello growtopians : D This is growid:steamkidyt and my world stateoflogic
                        world features

                        adventure items
                        zombie jammer
                        pixel arts.
                        and many more!
                        there also an story too. : D
                        story You are an Adventure who were summoned here by Dr steam the scientist to complete One challenge discover logic world. You feel your body shacking thinking to my self would I come here at this ultimate challenge,u have take the risk the closer to come to Logic world the more lost u might be. Your first objective is to get the most valuable goblet suck in the lava room it's obtainable. Warning this obby is extremely normal.Quest -Discorver Logic world. ,how this world thrive. -this world also include logical puzzles and other stuff. lava area use adventure items and many more. And the cave and sand area have adventure items and many stuff.Oh I forgot Dr Steam has an ship at the end.
                        __________________________________________________ ____________________________ Click image for larger version

Name:	Screenshot 2020-06-05 at 8.30.59 PM.png
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Size:	893.7 KB
ID:	6604684speak on world-jungle world misson is to discorver the world and its features|
                        Click image for larger version

Name:	Screenshot 2020-06-05 at 8.48.12 PM.png
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Size:	188.1 KB
ID:	6604491 welcome to the nether lands your misson is to get the diamond goblet. (make sure u dont die)______________________________________________ ________________________________________________we lcome to the deserts very interested into this land. it sandy waves .. your misson is to found the key of logic,found in the moutain of growtopian........................................ ...............Click image for larger version

Name:	Screenshot 2020-06-05 at 8.47.42 PM.png
Views:	2
Size:	190.0 KB
ID:	6604496 and the final part is cave part (u might get loss in this area. your misson is to find the burro banana and sent it to the gorria. last message Click image for larger version

Name:	Screenshot 2020-06-26 at 10.02.41 PM.png
Views:	1
Size:	489.3 KB
ID:	6605717 this is photoshop (this is not real)
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                        • Hey It's me ZyWick,
                          IGN: ZyWick
                          *pardon the clouds
                          The world describes the insecurities of one's mind. You are a sanctuary for everyone you love and I hope this can somehow offer the satisfaction and comfort you deserve.

                          Engaging storyline
                          Fun puzzles, parkour, and more
                          Dark atmosphere

                          Click image for larger version

Name:	keeplookingup.png
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Size:	738.1 KB
ID:	6605716


                          • INFERNALCATHARSIS by krtprml

                            GrowID: krtprml
                            World: INFERNALCATHARSIS


                            Punch Jammer
                            Zommbie Jammer
                            Background Weather Machine
                            Ghost Charm
                            Very hard parkour
                            Adventure items
                            Rope climbing
                            Background of burning jungle
                            Usage of Adventure items

                            Yharim grew up with no one besides his monstrous cohorts to keep him company after the passing of (nearly) his entire family...with the exception of his loyal dragon guardian, Yharon. Long ago, a powerful ranger found an egg within the depths of the Jungle Temple. She gifted the egg to her son, Yharim, to raise as a companion while she was away on her missions. Before the egg hatched it was tossed into the underworld lava, along with Yharim's entire family due to the arrogance and despicable nature of the elder brother. However, the heat of the lava only caused the young dragon to mature more quickly. Soon, it hatched into a furious beast, and was able to save Yharim from his demise, though the same could not be said for the rest of his family. Badly burned and filled with hatred and contempt, Yharim slowly crawled onto the back of his faithful companion. The dragon comforted him as best it could before Yharim commanded that they return to the temple, a new power and order was about to rise. From there the dragon aided Yharim in annihilating the corrupt leaders of the jungle and putting the power in the hands of someone with a broken heart and many scars. The dragon was more than just a mere friend to the tyrant, the warmth and light from the dragon's soul often comforted the tyrant king in times of great depression. Without his pet, the tyrant would've been dead long ago.

                            World Description
                            The Jungle Dragon is burning the jungle, stop it by burning its heart before it's too late.

                            Click image for larger version

Name:	infernalcatharsis.png
Views:	1
Size:	680.7 KB
ID:	6605718

                            World: KRTPRML

                            I'd like to introduce you my "Parkour-Quiz" Main world KRTPRML!
                            Instead of putting Punch Jammer, Zombie Jammer, Ghost charm, etc. on the corner of the world I made towers especially for jammers!

                            Celestial Trials
                            Complete 4 Trials Trial of Nebula, Trial of Vortex, Trial of Stardust and Trial of Solar and you will be "richly" rewarded.

                            2 Sides of Spectator Zone
                            Pixel arts; Rainbow Crystal, Tentacle and Giant Magma Worm
                            Usage of new block, Space Dirts and Space Junk Dirts.
                            Usage of Pet Battle Cage as Caged Owls

                            Due to new items from Startopia 2.0 such as Space Dirts and Space Junk Dirts are unable to be rendered.

                            Click image for larger version

Name:	krtprml.png
Views:	1
Size:	870.7 KB
ID:	6605725

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                            • [Worlds I Nominate For WOTD]

                              Story: One day, your mom asked you to fetch her a pale of water at the nearby village well,
                              when you got there, you accidentally tripped and fell down the well, and you realised that there was
                              a totally different world beneath your feet.
                              You decided to explore what was in stored in your nature trail.

                              World: The world has parkour
                              -cool story
                              -nice world design
                              -cool scenery
                              -Nice song
                              -lots of adventure

                              Click image for larger version

Name:	naturestrail (2).jpg
Views:	13
Size:	341.9 KB
ID:	6605719

                              The world was made to showcase Growtopia's past and its growth over the past years its been released.
                              Growtopia has many fun and interesting facts that very few players know and I have shared some of them in the world.
                              The main objective of this world is to let newer players of Growtopia learn more about the game they are playing and what it has been through,
                              and to also let older players reminisce in the past and remember all the good and bad things that have happened in growtopia.
                              The world showcases Growtopia's mascot, Growtopia's logo and so much more.

                              The world has:
                              -A Rollback hall as rollbacks are a important event for Growtopians
                              -Some brief history about Growtopia
                              -Fun facts
                              -PUNCH BUILD GROW Parkour
                              -and a growtopian quiz that will sure test their knowledge about the game.
                              The world also has Growtopia's theme song.

                              Information source for the world: Growtopia wiki
                              Most information sourced were taken for the Growtopia wiki website.

                              Explore the world for yourself.

                              Click image for larger version

Name:	groworigin (2).png
Views:	5
Size:	207.7 KB
ID:	6605720

                              This is an 'Art Gallery' themed racing track made up of 5 different famous art pieces throughout history that I really like and wanted to make in Growtopia. I've always wanted to make famous pieces of art inside Growtopia and have people see them so it was a great racing track idea.

                              The art peices I chose to make are:
                              -The Starry Night by Vincent Van Gogh
                              -The Son Of Man by René Magritte
                              -The Mona Lisa by Leonardo Da Vinci
                              -Marilyn Diptych by Andy Warhol
                              -The Great Wave Off Kanagawa by Hokusai

                              The world has:
                              ->Punch / Zombie Jammer
                              ->Pine Guardian

                              Click image for larger version

Name:	artgalleria (1).png
Views:	20
Size:	157.4 KB
ID:	6605721


                              • DISCOVERTHETREASURE for WOTD!

                                World: DISCOVERTHETREASURE
                                GrowID: Leebay

                                Summary of world:
                                You and your team crash land on an island. You see your only surviving crew member being carried away by some "red man". The red man knows you can not do anything to stop him and snarks at you saying "if you want your friend back you must discover the treasure and bring it to me". You fall unconscious, later on you jolt awake thinking it was a dream, all your members are dead or missing. You decide to explore the island and find your friend. Somewhere along the road you discover there are cannibals on the island. You gear up to embark on a dangerous journey!

                                P & Z jammers
                                Ghost charm
                                Jungle weather
                                Credited bulliten boards near white door
                                NEW! Pinedeliers background music (perfect for suspenseful music)

                                World description:

                                your friend was kidnapped, discover the treasure before it's too late!
                                Attached Files