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Nominate Your World for WOTD Here! [June - August Cycle]

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    GROW ID : TwinBear

    Storyline :
    In 2020 Summer . . .
    The sky suddenly turn red
    A Strong earthquake occur
    The sea tide is rising
    Storm is coming
    its APOCALYPSE !
    You must SURVIVE !

    Items :
    P and Z jammer
    Ghost Charm
    Fire House
    Heatwave -Weather Machine
    Adventure Items
    Credits and Story Board
    Sign in every stage to let the story flows

    World doesn't require wing to finish it
    Attached Files


    • Nominating my world for World of The Day!

      GrowID: peerCy

      You are a local scientist studying the science of crystals and crystal fusions. You were bored one day and decided to splice 5 crystals. The result was extravagant. The fusion sang in harmony. It sang their story and their mission. Who knew these crystals had a job?
      Although it sang in harmony, it's still not enough to figure out the message coming from the crystals. You researched that to make a perfect harmonized crystal you need to surround it with all 4 chis of this world.
      Go! Find those chis and bring them back in order to make a perfect harmonized crystal!

      Some descriptions:
      -Punch and Zombie Jammers, Guardian Pineapple, Ghost Charm, and Weather Machine - Night.
      -The usage of new Space Dirt and Space Dirt Cave Backgrounds.(they don't show on render)
      -The usage of adventure items.
      -Water parkour
      -Boards for the story & credits.

      Latest Render of The World:

      Click image for larger version

Name:	harmonization (2nd attempt).png
Views:	2
Size:	415.7 KB
ID:	6605844


      • Nominating Summereverydays By MercyChan for WOTD

        Click image for larger version

Name:	1593144137090.png
Views:	2
Size:	276.8 KB
ID:	6605846

        GrowID: MercyChan
        World: Summereverydays

        World Render(Recent):

        A quick introduction,
        summer is coming soon, let's go into my world, to enjoy summer happily. It's very comfortable to celebrate this summer, let's hurry to enter my world

        World contains:
        -Punch and zombie jammers
        -Beach blast
        -Game generator
        -Game goals
        -Game flag
        -Ghost Charm
        -Antigravity machine
        -Ceridits (by me)

        - - - Updated - - -

        Click image for larger version

Name:	1592801006460.png
Views:	1
Size:	1.42 MB
ID:	6605847

        GrowID: MercyChan
        World: Jungleladders

        World Render(Recent):

        A quick introduction, What is Jungleladders? Let me tell, Jungleladders are hidden places in forest areas in the world growtopia. In jungleladders there is a legendary tree, in which there is a difficult challenge, only legendary parkour can match it. So what are you waiting for, let's try it quickly!!! (NOTE: THERE HAVE 2 LANE TO PICK)

        World contains:
        -Punch and zombie jammers
        -Weather, jungle
        -Medium to Hard parkour -Story
        -Jack the guide (This jack can help you finish the parkour)
        -Prize place
        -Ghost Charm
        -Mini Mods
        -Ceridits (by me)


        • Nominating CTFEXTREME for World Of The Day

          GrowID: OnionXela
          World: CTFEXTREME

          Latest Renderworld :
          Click image for larger version

Name:	image-1.png
Views:	3
Size:	549.4 KB
ID:	6605848

          About The World:

          Welcome to CTFEXTREME! You may ask what CTF means? CTF is the short version of the game called Capture The Flag!

          How do you play CTF? The rules are preaty eassy! The first team with 500points wins!How do u get points u may ask? You can get 5 points by killing an enemy or 100points by capturing AND returning the enemy teams flag!

          You may also descover secret passages & random teleporter all over the map, so keep your eyes oppen! Some of them are oppen, while others are closed and need to get oppened by using 25points!

          >Use of Game Pack

          >Basics Jammers:[I] Punch & Zombie

          >Pixelart of Flags (with main loby/waiting room inside)

          > Secret Passages

          >Spectate Zones

          > A Tutorial world which explains how Capture The Flag Works(Link next to the door)


          • World Name : MonkeyVortex
            GrowID: IamIM

            This world is the official sequel to DevilVortex by Heramix

            Some Monkeys don't really belong here and you're one of them.
            Can you escape this dreadful realm full of agressive monkeys that only want your bananas?
            Turn off the monkey energy beacon to turn back human and escape this realm

            Click image for larger version

Name:	monkeyvortex.png
Views:	4
Size:	473.6 KB
ID:	6605850
            (render from planner with the new blocks, slightly different due to edits made in game)

            This world features:
            Alot of monkeys
            Punch and Zombie Jammers
            Mars Blast , Weather
            Comet Rain Gameplay
            Adventure item usage
            New startopia blocks (not shown on render)
            Rope piton gameplay
            Ghost charm
            A Xenonite crystal (Noob friendly , no advantage items)
            A story
            Alot of paint
            Credit board - The world was built by cofwl
            An easter with a prize of 5 World locks for the first person to find it
            IGN: IamIM
            level: 116/125
            Making and playing difficult parkours is what i do, also trying daily challenges - war of wolves and carnie.
            Discord - I_am_Im#2066


            • Might be the final update...i guess...

              Well, i guess this maybe the final version? Who knows...

              GrowID : jueVgrace
              World name : HIDDENWELL (even more updates!!)

              World features :
              • Basic jammer ( P&Z )
              • Ghost charm
              • Fire house
              • Weather machine - Jungle
              • Adventure items
              • Story
              • Creditorial board
              • Noob friendly parkour ( no need wings, etc )
              • Trickster parkour
              • 4 Different stages
              • Vip room in the middle area

              - Now using some block glue, paints, and bbm blocks
              - decrease dificulty
              - noob friendly parkour
              - modification on realm 2, adding house like cloud ( Now its a real CLOUD CITY!! )
              - modification on last realm / the underworld. (Now it has more blocks and portal traps are everywere!!! )
              - improved vip room
              - adding MORE clash items and BBM blocks.

              Quick description :

              The Last Doctor from the sky island tribe pour all his life energy and healing magic into a well. That well known as the legendary well of healing. You as the MC ( Main Character ) must find that well, passing 4 different realm ( floating island, cloud city, forest of truth, the underworld), get that healing water, and save ZA WARUDO ( the world ) from unknown disease outbreak.

              ( Sorry for my bad english. I tried my best )

              Click image for larger version

Name:	hiddenwell-3.jpg
Views:	1
Size:	321.5 KB
ID:	6605851
              Click image for larger version

Name:	Screenshot_2020-06-29-01-27-37-30.png
Views:	1
Size:	477.7 KB
ID:	6605852
              Last edited by VinPH; 06-28-2020, 08:57 PM. Reason: Adding detailed screen shot


              • DESCRIPTION:
                This world is not only parkour, the main point was to make a world where people could use their logid to pass the world
                Needs thinking+logid to pass
                World has All kinds of jammers
                Weather with fog
                Parkour with bit a storyline
                Pixel art
                Credits next to the white door.
                -Enjoy Playing-Parkouring!-
                Click image for larger version

Name:	robinsonstreasure.jpg
Views:	2
Size:	322.3 KB
ID:	6605855
                Ign: iigonub


                • Repost TheCoupleWar For WOTD nominating

                  Grow Id : Cyplock
                  Worls Name : TheCoupleWar

                  [Rules Game]

                  -[5 Point] For Kill People Different Team
                  -[5 Point] For Save Flag In Your Base
                  -[10 Point] For Smashed Block

                  You Have 30 Minute to play this war

                  Goal : 1000 Point Or Much Poin then enemy team

                  World Build By Cyplock

                  [Contains In TheCoupleWar]

                  -Punch/zombie/Ghost Charm/Camera
                  -Game Generator With More items
                  -Clash Block
                  -Glue and Paint Bucket
                  -Roles Block
                  -Nature Design + Adventure World

                  Add Some Block And edited

                  Click image for larger version

Name:	thecouplewar.png
Views:	2
Size:	418.2 KB
ID:	6605857


                  • THETABLEMOUNTAIN for WOTD Nomination

                    Click image for larger version

Name:	E9AD56A9-EA55-44C6-89CA-358D05FEB3A5.png
Views:	4
Size:	808.8 KB
ID:	6605858

                    World has been renovated with many new cool features!

                    GrowID: Dulger
                    World Name: THETABLEMOUNTAIN


                    -Unique Story
                    -5 Different Adventure Item
                    -Mini Maze
                    -Interesting facts about the Table Mountain in Cape Town, South Africa.
                    -Some of the real structures near the Table Mountain.
                    -VIP for the ones who completed the story.
                    -Hidden Letters around the town to find the password!

                    World Includes:

                    -Zombie and Punch Jammers
                    -Ghost Charm
                    -Fire House
                    -Weather Machine - Arid


                    You and your friend Daniel are both archaeologists and had the dream of visiting the Table Mountain in South Africa because of its mystery. So, both of you took a vacation from your job and headed to the famous mountain. In 1812, a company called Growmining have started mining somewhere on the Table Mountain aiming to find diamonds. However the company stopped its operations in 1813. Growmining have announced that the reason of shut down was that they couldn’t find any diamonds. Speculations circulated among many mining experts and other companies, which believed that the reason behind the shut down wasn’t about “not finding any diamonds”. Many researches were made by the world's top mining experts, all the results proved that the speculations were absolutely true. “Table Mountain's soil was very rich in fossils, coal, carbon and most importantly diamonds". Which means the odds of not finding diamonds are very low. These results made people create conspiracies. They thought that Growmining's discoveries were not only limited to diamonds, but also to a mysterious element which transforms coal to any gemstone. Growmining decided to hide their findings from the government and the world because it was the only discovered element that turns coal into any gemstone in the world. There were also rumors that the needed resources to survive living under the mountain were available to them so they could live there while producing gemstones. Furthermore, there are some rumors saying that Growmining have sent a crew of 16 people to the mine, but only 8 people were left there, which made people believe that half of the crew stayed in the mine and made it as their natural habitat. For this reason, experts and many other people requested from the government, clarifications and investigations on the company's work. A crew of 20 governmental investigators were appointed to the area. When the crew first went to the area they noticed that the ceiling of the tunnel that paved the way to the mine was almost entirely collapsed, hard to remove, thus, impossible to go through it. After a month of investigations, the crew couldn’t find a way to get in. Therefore, the government have decided that the theories were just rumors and it was a big waste of time and money. So they have suspended the investigations. However, some people still believed the fact that there is still a way to get into the mine. You and Daniel belonged to this group of people.

                    Author: Dulger aka (CraneGT)
                    Credits to FFadee for all his support!

                    Note: I would appreciate any feedback about the world : )
                    Attached Files
                    -WOTD Winner (3/10)
                    -VOTW Winner (0/1)
                    -Level (46/50)

                    IGN: Dulger
                    Instagram: dulger_gt


                    • Nominating my world for WOTD (3 days gap)

                      GrowID : Hippocampus
                      World name : ROYALAGE

                      I'm submitting my world for the WOTD, here's the story

                      Story :
                      The story dates to the medieval age, where a king and his queen used to live in a castle.
                      While living peacefully in their kingdom, a monster apocalypse takes place and the beasts kidnap the princess. Your role in this story is to help the monarchs find their adorable daughter who has been captured in a disgusting cellar. While parkouring to rescue her, you'll eventually encounter all the monster crew, but never give up, the life of a princess is in danger. Let's be someone's light when they are hopeless!

                      Click image for larger version

Name:	royalage.png
Views:	5
Size:	557.9 KB
ID:	6605860

                      Description :
                      This is my first attempt to WOTD.
                      The storyline is genuinely made by me.
                      Special thanks to Federov, admin of this world, who helped me with the finishing of the parkour. He also gifted ghost charm to make the world complete.
                      Building this world was a nice experience, thanks to the friends who kept encouraging me and giving me their honest opinion on the world.
                      One thing i find special about this world is the fact that it is kindof double weathered ; upon the dirt level is the spooky weather to emphasize the idea of "monster apocalypse" and under the dirt level is fully covered with dark moisy background to put in evidence the undergrounded parkour.
                      Another cool thing about this world is the variety of levels : I built some parkour levels, I also built a labirynth in which you'll have to grab an adventure torch in order to access the gateway to adventure. And as a final level, i built a "sungate & obelisk" level. This level can be done alone since the obelisks are not that far from each other but it is a bit hard to make it alone. Of course, it is much more easier and funnier when there are 2 people or more doing that level.
                      In addition to this, the world has many mannequins with adequate costumes to illustrate the storyline.
                      Finally, as writen in the the beginning of the thread, "Plus points are given to worlds placing doors to worlds they have been inspired from (design, music and anything else)", so i put a door near the credits guestbook linked to the world with the song i've been inspired from

                      Features :

                      ~Weather machine-Spooky
                      ~Firehouse (to avoid wild fires while parkouring)
                      ~Medieval themed song
                      ~Ghost charm
                      ~Medium leveled parkour
                      ~Gateway to adventure level
                      ~Sungate and obelisk level
                      ~Mannequins and costumes
                      ~Credits guestbook and Story guestbook

                      UPDATES :
                      Yesterday, i did a super-broadcast in this world so people can rate it and give their opinion about it


                      • My first attempt at WOTD. (TheCastleInTheSky)

                        Growid : Pinata777
                        Nominating : TheCastleInTheSky

                        Click image for larger version

Name:	thecastleinthesky.png
Views:	7
Size:	439.1 KB
ID:	6605861

                        Storyline :
                        Your father went missing in the Alaskan mountains,
                        in search of a mysterious floating castle in the sky.

                        You have made it your life's goal to find this castle that your father sought after for so many years.

                        *Note : The world looks much more charming in person *

                        World Features :
                        - All necessary jammers, including a ghost charm.
                        - Engaging beautiful storyline
                        - Use of Adventure items
                        - No accesories required to complete the world (Wings, Speed mod, parasol, etc)
                        - Credits
                        - A gorgeous castle to hangout in after completion.

                        Side Notes :
                        I have recently re-joined the forums but i am a longtime player.
                        While i consider myself a great builder and story teller, i have never submitted a world of mine before, for WOTD.

                        I have decided to share my work on this platform in hopes it can be worthy of the ultimate recognition.

                        Thank you everyone for this opportunity


                        • A CRIME GUIDE/BATTLE WORLD!

                          Want to learn all about Card PVP and Crime-Fighting?

                          This world has it all: detailed guides on EVERY card, from fire to cosmic, information and how-to-defeat guides for EVERY villain, and to top it off, a walkthrough "simulation" with crime cards(to help people understand how they work against villains)!

                          Click image for larger version

Name:	crimeacademy.png
Views:	2
Size:	263.1 KB
ID:	6605884

                          World has:
                          -Guides on Crime and PVP Card Battles
                          -Information on all Cards and Villains
                          -Detailed Strategies and Tips

                          -PVP card area
                          -Crime "Simulation"/Card Tutorial

                          Attached World (Crime Tutorial)

                          IGN- bllade
                          World- CRIMEACADEMY

                          This world was a collab between Lorddirt, sSpark, and bllade!

                          DESOLATEGALAXY by bllade
                          A unique adventure item puzzle in the middle of an interstellar wasteland! Equip your flashlight and find the code, cycle through stages with adventure items, and try not to get lost!

                          Lost in space, where the heart of the galaxy meets the despair of the desolate waste. With no options left, you must escape the void. Is there a way out? Or are you stuck for eternity?

                          Click image for larger version

Name:	desolategalaxy.png
Views:	8
Size:	280.3 KB
ID:	6605886

                          World Features
                          -Use of a new Landed Starship Blast
                          -New Startopia Blocks
                          -Challenging Adventure/Puzzle Gameplay
                          Last edited by BladeGamer; 06-29-2020, 04:28 AM.
                          IGN: bllade (used to be BladeGamer)

                          All epic quests completed, waiting for sponsor.
                          Achievements completed: 150/167


                          • WatchOfTime By Smirky

                            Watch of Time, go through 3 different themes of puzzles and parkour and make it to the end, each theme is 1 trial make it through all to end with a little lounge to celebrate your victory, enjoy

                            Click image for larger version

Name:	watchoftime.png
Views:	3
Size:	941.5 KB
ID:	6605863

                            World Includes:
                            -Punch Jammer
                            -Zombie Jammer
                            -Ghost Jammer


                            • I Nominate "ASUMMERQUEST" for WOTD

                              I would like to start off with how fun it was to build this world, 4 days were used up to make an idea and world creation! I mainly got an idea by the pineapple worlds since they fit will with the in game events which is why I wanted to base my world off of summer!


                              World Name:ASUMMERQUEST

                              One sunny day, you are relaxing inside your house watching T.V and suddenly you see the news channel turn on. A public alert announcement was stating that there was a cybot lair underground ready to attack and destroy the beach. You, the hero, are willing to take up the quest and enter the lair that is filled with dangerous traps and cybots ready to stop you from saving the beach. This wont be an easy task, but sure is possible to beach! P.S cybots mastered the ways of using adventure items and the in game mechanics! Will you, the hero, willing to save the beach from the evil cybot attack!

                              Fun Fact: Some of the stages resemble a animal!

                              World Includes:
                              -P and Z Jammer
                              -Ghost Charm
                              -Difficult parkour (No wings and glide needed)
                              -Adventure Items
                              -A well thought story line with dialog through out the quest
                              -Clash trap blocks

                              Click image for larger version

Name:	asummerquest.png
Views:	13
Size:	449.1 KB
ID:	6605864


                              • please wotd


                                You've made it this far, fought through countless enemies and claimed their debts owed to the gambling master King Dice! He challenges you to one last challenge, you must gather things scattered around while avoiding death despite it lurking around every corner. Will you accept the deal and save yourself, or will you fall as the final hurdle?

                                CYBOTS! for an interesting parkour experience
                                Password door puzzles
                                Stair puzzles
                                Punch and Zombie Jammers
                                Credit to all helpers and inspiration
                                Night Weather Machine
                                Adventure items

                                Click image for larger version

Name:	dealwiththedice.png
Views:	26
Size:	191.3 KB
ID:	6605865


                                Day 20... the corruption has risen to the surface and is beginning to eat buildings and people left and right with no desire to stop.. an endless hunger gnawing away at decades of buildings and modernisation.. Your Brother is now wounded and knows how to stop it, will you build up enough courage to obtain the cure and save the world?


                                Password door puzzles
                                Stair puzzles
                                Punch and Zombie Jammers
                                Credit to all helpers and inspiration
                                Apocalypse Weather Machine
                                Adventure items
                                Advanced puzzles using adventure item blocks
                                Engaging story
                                A Secret that few will solve..

                                Click image for larger version

Name:	corruptionrises.png
Views:	10
Size:	851.4 KB
ID:	6605866


                                You! A young explorer come across an uncharted island of the coast of India.. The island is riddled with death and reeks of suffering.. You approach the island and meet an old man who tells you a tale of immense suffering. Do you have what it takes to adventure deep into the cave and uncover the source of all this turmoil?

                                Password door puzzles
                                Punch and Zombie Jammers
                                Credit to all helpers and inspiration
                                Jungle Weather Machine
                                Adventure items
                                Advanced puzzles using adventure item blocks
                                Engaging story

                                Click image for larger version

Name:	deceasedisland.png
Views:	17
Size:	1.05 MB
ID:	6605867
                                Certified Balloon Wars pro (3x MVP in 2 wars)
                                ALSO IGN: CringeAF (PC/MOBILE)
                                IGN: MrMine8 (XBOX)

                                discord: WillyWongChoi#5501