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Nominate Your World for WOTD Here! [June - August Cycle]

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  • CARBO for WOTD! (Updated)

    *I Pronfundly updated my world CARBO for WOTD! However some items on the render dont appear since they are new, check the world in the game to have a better look of it!


    Click image for larger version

Name:	C3336858-EABB-4469-B563-23F9462DEA57.jpeg
Views:	4
Size:	830.4 KB
ID:	6606282

    Hello, I’m Carbonide and I would like to nominate my main world CARBO for the World of the Day. You will love it!

    Welcome to CARBO! This is my main world. Here you will be able to find different kind of activities, information and you will be able to spawn through different places! Here’s a list of what are you able to do here!

    You will find here a parkour, a password door game and a PVP! (You can also punch the Obelisks to enter to a VIP area)

    You will be able to find a WOTD Room. Their you can learn “How do you post a WOTD” and some building tips. You can also find my main goals in Growtopia and learn if they have been COMPLETED or UNCOMPLETED. Their is also a room with my most important achievements.

    3.Spawn Area
    You can go to A VIP Room and find an Easter Egg!

    IGN: Carbonide


    Click image for larger version

Name:	carbo.png
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Size:	238.7 KB
ID:	6606283


    • Nominate My World for WOTD

      World : Centraloftheworld
      Grow id : Voost
      Description : The world is a parkour based on story-line according to Dr.Exploro from the adventure update. This world have an adventure tools mechanic from the adventure pack strike back update.
      Adventure mechanic :
      -Climb rope piton with rope.
      -Light up brazier to open the adventure gate.
      -Feed banana to make gorrila happy.
      -Open adventure idol gate with pesdestal.
      -Open locked adventure door with key.
      Extra Mechanic : Lunar Crater To make some part easier.
      The parkour have several paths to choose where to go.
      -World have p,z jammer,Xenonite Crystal
      -Medium-Hard Level of parkour
      -Hidden shortcut in parkour for player who love exploring.
      -Credit Board next to the door.

      . Thanks for reading
      Click image for larger version

Name:	centraloftheworld.png
Views:	3
Size:	693.8 KB
ID:	6606284


      • Click image for larger version

Name:	pixiedusttree WOTD.png
Views:	7
Size:	427.1 KB
ID:	6606285

        GrowID: Solariax
        World name: PIXIEDUSTTREE

        Welcome to PIXIEDUSTTREE by Solariax - this is a world based off of the Tinkerbell movies!

        The story goes as follows:
        You are located in Summer Hollow Island. This hollow is the most important, as it holds the lively Pixie Dust Tree! However, the tree is also facing a rapid decline in life - it's going to die out. Every one-thousand years, the fairies gather the magical seasonal charms from the Spring, Autumn, and Winter Hollow Islands. This formation revitalizes the tree! ...But this year, the charms were lost by Tinkerbell! They spread toward their respective hollow island, and are lost in them.
        Can you find the lost seasonal charms, and save Pixie Hollow??

        This world includes: both P and Z Jammers, a Ghost Charm, a Firehouse, and a Xenonite (so everyone has a fair chance of completing the world).

        Bonus: this world uses the Adventure Items stated - Key, Banana, Rope, and Torch.


        • My first attempt at WOTD. (TheCastleInTheSky)

          Growid : Pinata777
          Nominating : TheCastleInTheSky

          Click image for larger version

Name:	thecastleinthesky.png
Views:	7
Size:	439.1 KB
ID:	6606287

          Storyline :
          Your father went missing in the Alaskan mountains,
          in search of a mysterious floating castle in the sky.

          You have made it your life's goal to find this castle that your father sought after for so many years.

          *Note : The world looks much more charming in person *

          World Features :
          - All necessary jammers, including a ghost charm.
          - Engaging beautiful storyline
          - Use of Adventure items
          - No accesories required to complete the world (Wings, Speed mod, parasol, etc)
          - Credits
          - A gorgeous castle to hangout in after completion.

          Side Notes :
          I have recently re-joined the forums but i am a longtime player.
          While i consider myself a great builder and story teller, i have never submitted a world of mine before, for WOTD.

          I have decided to share my work on this platform in hopes it can be worthy of the ultimate recognition.

          Thank you everyone for this opportunity


          • Hello everyone, here is PRODIGYDAWN by prodigydawn.

            Can't upload render, remote file is too large.

            Note : New Blocks aren't showing in render. I recommend visiting it in-game to see how the world looks. Thanks.


            - Punch and Zombie Jammers
            - Firehouse
            - Ghost Charm
            - Weather Machine - Heatwave
            - Xenonite Crystal
            - New blocks!
            - Adventure Items
            - An average to difficult parkour
            - Creditory Board!
            GrowID: ProdigyDawn
            IG: @prodigydawn




              I really put alot of effort into this world, I really hope I can win. I hope you visit the world it might not look that good for you in render but it's the best when you are in the world you won't regret it!

              - Added a new weather machine that matches the theme of the world.
              - Added an underground temple. (Temple of the pirates)
              - Added a sea called GrowPirate sea
              - Added a prison called GrowPrirate prison where you can find a adventure item to enter
              - Added a cemetery where you can find a adventure item to enter.
              - Revised the story.


              It's sad that there are some empty wallpaper because of the music notes but I did my best to make it good and unnoticeable.

              World: JACKSISLAND
              GrowID: Jed

              - This world was made to captivate the hearts of our fellow players who has love for the sea and ship, it's made for bringing their game into something further than they can explore. As we are on a quarantine, no one can travel nor go out. That's why we made a world that would set us an adventure in game.

              With a valuable lesson to be taught by Captain Jack (To be known after finishing the mysteries and adventure on world.)

              STORY BACKGROUND
              In 1498, a famous pirate named Captain Jack le Croissant ruled the sea but then he vanished, no one was able to see him again.
              Legend says his power will be pass upon the first pirate to reach his land and will be worthy to wear his set that will make you powerful, brave and skilled than any pirate in this world.

              It is known that no mortal can enter the island, but centuries ago old rulers built a temple which would allow mortals to enter the temple. It is hidden and no one has ever found it.
              Begin your quest, Pirate! Look for that temple and become the new ruler!

              Credits and Song Link are near the white door.

              FEATURES :
              - Original story and script
              - Composed song by acos, Song title
              ( He's a pirate )
              - Punch jammer
              - Zombie jammer
              - Ghost charm
              - Xenonite crystal (Double jump and speedy added)
              - Firehouse
              - Heatwave weather.
              - Some new blocks like Decayed statue and bountiful temple items
              - Dark walnut blocks & Wallpaper
              - Bountiful blocks
              - Dimension blocks
              - Underused blocks
              - Unique adventure and Code findings
              - Unique Growpirate Sea (underwater) parkour
              - Adventure items
              - Jack's Hat pixel art (Jack's Hidden home VIP for those who finished)
              - Jack's Set on Display
              - Portrait of Captain Jack Le Croissant
              - Public board for those who finish ( Suggestions and Winners board )
              - Unique Cemetery and prison parkour (Medium to hard difficulty)
              - Unique Temple of the pirates parkour ( Medium to Hard difficulty)
              - Tons of paints used
              - A unique pirate ship
              - Pirate logo art
              - Jack Art
              - Tons of signs and mannequins to guide you
              - Treasure chests, Davy Jones chest and golden treasure hoard

              Attached Files


              • THESUNSETGROVE for World of the Day?

                Grow ID: kroakie
                Recent render of the world:

                Click image for larger version

Name:	thesunsetgrove.png
Views:	2
Size:	1.20 MB
ID:	6606302

                Xenonite (double jump, high jump, and speedy granted so everyone can enjoy)
                Punch & Zombie Jammers
                Ghost Charm, Firehouse, and Guardian Pineapple so there will be no disturbances from other players.
                Cybot Parkour
                Puzzles in the parkour (also unique elements to it)
                Trickster Parkour
                Usage of Adventure Items
                Area for Completers

                Quick Description of the World & Story: You, the player, are transported inside a cave. You try to recollect your thoughts and suddenly a voice faintly attracts your attention. The voice tells you that you are the chosen person to inherit the throne of the Grove's 'Gardener.' What the Gardener does is replenish the nutrition of the Great Grandfather Grove tree (the biggest and most important tree in the grove - gives life and color to the grove.) To do that, there are four bountiful idols scattered around the vicinity. Once you collect them, you can make the colors of the Grove last longer and make the tree stronger until the next Gardener arrives in your stead. Be warned, the Sunset Grove offers various difficult tasks before you get your hands on the idols themselves. Good luck![/QUOTE]
                Last edited by Comment; 07-04-2020, 06:01 AM.
                IGN: kroakie



                  GrowID: EnailuJ
                  World name: ATLANTICHISTORY

                  An Ocean Liner collided from an Iceberg
                  Is now sinking and you're goal is to survive it before it completely sinks into the deepest part of the ocean.
                  Will you survive? And tell everyone your experience?

                  Click image for larger version

Name:	atlantichistory.png
Views:	6
Size:	994.8 KB
ID:	6606299

                  World Features:
                  -Noob Friendly
                  (Can be finished with or without Wings and Shoes.)
                  -World is Historical
                  (True to life story)

                  That's it GoodLuck everyone!


                  • The mystic caves are yours to adventure in! Hunt for idols, battle in a race, and jump to the skies!

                    Click image for larger version

Name:	easterlandforest.png
Views:	6
Size:	381.4 KB
ID:	6606304

                    - Cave and forest design
                    - Original story
                    - Jammers
                    - VIP Pond

                    This world is paired with a story inspired by Lewis Carroll's "Alice in Wonderland".
                    A collaboration between sSpark and Lorddirt

                    IGN: Lorddirt
                    World Name: EASTERLANDFOREST

                    CRIMEACADEMY is a world designed to teach Growtopians what the activity of crimefighting is, both against NPCs and the latest addition of PvP battling. It contains an in-depth description of what the different Cards are, their effects (showcased as well in different scenarios in a simulator/tutorial) and how they can be used effectively with tips and tricks included.

                    There is also information on the NPC villains that can spawn, what their decks are, and how to effectively defeat them. With the addition of PvP Card Battling, we have also included a segment on how it works, the rewards associated with doing it, and why it is such a great fun addition to Growtopia.

                    Click image for larger version

Name:	crimeacademy.png
Views:	2
Size:	679.9 KB
ID:	6606305

                    Interlink world with Crime Card usage examples: (CRIMEFIGHTTUTORIAL)

                    - Crimefighting information, both PvE and PvP
                    - Open area at the top of the world to card battle in
                    - Fun facts spread around displayed on mannequins
                    - All jammers (PZ/GC/GP/AG/MM)

                    CRIMEACADEMY is a collaboration between Lorddirt, sSpark, and bllade.



                      IGN : cyplock


                      ABOUT GAME RULES :
                      1]5 POINT FOR KILLING ENEMY
                      2]5 POINT FOR SAVE ENEMY FLAG IN BASE
                      3]10 POINT FOR SMASHING GAME BLOCK

                      TIME: 10 MINUTE
                      CONTAIN WORLD :
                      2]JAMMER LIKE PZ,GCHARM,CAMERA
                      3]CLASH BLOCK
                      4]ROLES BLOCK
                      6]STARTOPIAN DIRT V 2.0
                      7]GLUE AND ETC

                      Click image for larger version

Name:	thecouplewar.png
Views:	1
Size:	834.7 KB
ID:	6606307


                      • Nominating OGTOCBEACH for WOTD

                        World: OGTOCBEACH
                        IGN: CleoAI

                        The world is a beach blasted resort world which offers a next-level Summerfest experience with these four main attractions: Crab Cave, Floating Cottages, Slide Castle and Party area! This also has information about the Summerfest event and basic information about Fishing and Using Lobster Traps. All structures are originaly designed by me, except for the house design which is an original design by JakeFarming (there is a door linked to his world there upstairs)

                        I hope you guys like the world! Good luck to everyone else!
                        Here's the latest render of the world (I finally got it) :
                        Attached Files
                        I build castles

                        For Building Services go to CLEOAI.


                        • CaptainsTown for WOTD

                          World name : CaptainsTown
                          GrowID : Cheybess

                          My story: I have always been excited about building something for fun. And i wanted to join this WOTD activity to see how well i can build. Since i was enjoying GrowTopia i started to enjoy more while building a world for WOTD.

                          Description for my world: As summer fest is coming i wanted to make a world with an summer theme with a fun and easy parkour wich you dont need wings or air robinsons etc. And also there is a fancy ship and a beach with fishing area wich winner can enjoy.

                          World Story: The story is all about a pirate who have stolen golds from villagers. Basically its an adventure between you and the pirate. You had an hard time saving golds but you got what you want finally, to make villagers happy! It's worth to risk you'r life sometimes for something important. That was my story and description about my world!

                          World contains:
                          Punch Jammer
                          Zombie Jammer
                          Signal Jammer (not activated)
                          Ghost Charm (to edvoid ghosts)
                          Fire House
                          Security Camera
                          Some pixel arts about world
                          Click image for larger version

Name:	captainstown.png
Views:	7
Size:	594.2 KB
ID:	6606315


                          • World: UNCHARTEDSYSTEM
                            GrowID: Skullition
                            This world's an attempt of mine to use the new Space Junk Blocks/Backgrounds. It's linked to the interlinked world, UNCHARTEDSYSTEM2. The world's a puzzle (I tried my best to make it hard, but not impossible) and a parkour. There's stuff you'd want in a world (e.g VIP Rooms, signs explaining parkour mechanics, etc)
                            The following render is shown from a world planner, since ingame renders don't show the new blocks:
                            Click image for larger version

Name:	unknown.png
Views:	1
Size:	345.9 KB
ID:	6606321

                            While this one is the actual render.
                            Click image for larger version

Name:	unchartedsystem.png
Views:	5
Size:	364.8 KB
ID:	6606320


                            • RESORT for summer WOTD

                              World: RESORT
                              IGN: Zerefs

                              Description: Resort is one of the best place to go when summer so I did make this world for everyone to have fun in times of summer event such as summerfest. This resort will give you all the excitement that growtopian players need.

                              World consist:
                              P & Z jammer
                              Ghost charm
                              Fun slide
                              Song that is really fit for the world resort
                              Life Guard tower
                              Cloud Dating spot
                              Hotel room
                              Swimming spot
                              Cave experience
                              Easy - normal - hard adventure
                              Underground restaurant
                              Swimming pool
                              Social world
                              Hangout world
                              Complete Resort Set
                              New Summer item such as life ring and bottles
                              Click image for larger version

Name:	resort.png
Views:	2
Size:	1.19 MB
ID:	6606361
                              Attached Files
                              Last edited by Makarow; 07-05-2020, 08:21 AM.
                              IGN: Makarow & Zerefs ( Both are my account )
                              LVL: 117
                              HOURS PLAYED: 8000+Hours
                              PLAYED GROWTOPIA: APRIL 13,2013
                              GUILD : Otaku

                              GUILD WORLD : GuildParty

                              1. Sponsor an Anime Items
                              2. Get all Nami's Item
                              3. To sleep 8 hours a day


                              • Nominating JUNGLELADDERS by MercyChan for WOTD

                                Click image for larger version

Name:	1593881191195.jpg
Views:	2
Size:	366.2 KB
ID:	6606328

                                Nominating JUNGLELADDERS by MercyChan for WOTD

                                GrowID: MercyChan
                                World: Jungleladders

                                World Render(Recent):

                                A quick introduction, What is Jungleladders? Let me tell, Jungleladders are hidden places in forest areas in the world growtopia. In jungleladders there is a legendary tree, in which there is a difficult challenge, only legendary parkour can match it. So what are you waiting for, let's try it quickly!!! (NOTE: THERE HAVE 2 LANE TO PICK)

                                World contains:
                                -Punch and zombie jammers
                                -Weather, jungle
                                -Medium to Hard parkour -Story
                                -Jack the guide (This jack can help you finish the parkour)
                                -Prize place
                                -Ghost Charm
                                -Mini Mods
                                -Ceridits (Near white door)