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  • I would like to nominate my world AscendedLanding for WOTD. I have been working hard planning and building it ever since the startopia 2.0 update came out, and I think it is finally good enough to submit! Render:

    Click image for larger version

Name:	ascendedlanding.png
Views:	1
Size:	782.1 KB
ID:	6606922
    (Please be aware the render is missing all the new blocks + the cybots)

    The world includes:
    > New startopia background (not shown in render)
    > Many of the new startopia blocks (they do not show on the render)
    > Mannequins with new startopia clothing (also does not show on render)
    > A unique antigravity field / gravity well parkour
    > An interesting storyline
    > Blocks with music to add to the theme of the world
    > Punch/Zombie Jammers
    > Ghost Charm/ Pineapple Guardian
    > Firehouse
    > Cybots (they don't show on the render)
    > A VIP room after you beat the world
    > Adventure items

    NEW: Balanced the parkour to make it more even.

    Please check out the world in game, the render does not do it justice.
    IGN: Jisam
    Discord: Jisam#9391


    • Try to win

      1. World: PVPTOPIA
      Growid: OzZED

      Click image for larger version

Name:	pvptopia (2).png
Views:	2
Size:	469.9 KB
ID:	6607438

      World details:

      How to play:
      This game consists of 2 teams, Rabbits and Bombers. Each team can use strategy, attack and protect.

      Attacking, attacking players will come forward to attack the opposing team's base. Someone will take the opponent's flag. But before taking the opponent's flag, the team is required to destroy the game blocks in order to penetrate the opponent's cave. Then the team takes the opponent's bike and takes it to our team base.

      Protect, the protective player will protect the lower area / cave to hold the attacker can enter the cave.

      -Killing opponents +10 points
      -Bring an opponent's flag +100 points
      - death will not be reduced

      World has:
      -Game Item
      -Jammer (P and Z)
      -Cute design
      -Credits room
      +Door link inspired design

      This event game has existed since the days of the ancestors of the previous growtopians.This event was held to bring together kinship between the Growtopian race.The rarest event might occur in this game show when Growtopian named @ joined this game.It was said that they were Growtopians sent by the god Ubisoft.

      Invite all moderators and guardians to play here, because you are part of this story

      Growid: OzZED

      Click image for larger version

Name:	nightmarecamping.jpg
Views:	8
Size:	297.0 KB
ID:	6607257

      Additional Features:
      An additional countdown timer that makes players feel present in the story

      World has:
      -Xenonite Crystal
      -Punch and Zombie Jammer
      -Guardian Pineapple
      -Adventure Item

      Because of the corona virus, all public facilities are temporarily closed. All activities are diverted at home. This made Barjo bored and planned to invite 3 of his friends to camp in the forest, When they amived in the forest, one of his friends found something surprising. This causes them to find out what really happened. But that made them stricken by problems.

      Growid: OzZED

      Click image for larger version

Name:	confusingpineapple (6).png
Views:	12
Size:	913.8 KB
ID:	6607256

      Features: Pineapple Stone; Make people who are in this location will not die once, they will come back to life (I know this is already in the game, but I added this to make the story more interesting)

      New additional: Xenonite Crystal for players who do not have supporting items

      World has:
      -Basic Jammer; P Z Jammer
      -Xenonite Crystal
      -Interesting Storyline
      -Using scientific names
      -Guardian Pineapple
      -Parkour (Easy, Medium, Hard)
      -End Area/ VIP Area
      -Adventure items

      Story: a famous archeologist, M. Fathu Al Razi has managed to find the location of the ancient civilization of the pineapple kingdom. he managed to find a giant pineapple that allegedly has a clue about the kingdom of pineapple. the pineapple kingdom itself was founded in the 2nd century. in his book entitled "Confusing Pineapple", Razi explained that this kingdom was an advanced kingdom in his day, because in his research, Razi found objects that were estimated to be very recent. this time he will go researching into the giant pineapple. but the road to the entrance to the pineapple kingdom there are many obstacles that must be passed.

      I only have 1 xenonite, so if one of my world wins WOTD I put xenonite in the world that wins.
      Attached Files
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        Click image for larger version

Name:	nocturnalblossom.png
Views:	32
Size:	784.1 KB
ID:	6607259

        As the sun sets, a nocturnal flower appears in the middle of the ravishing forest - The Nocturnal Blossom. As scheduled, it is the turn for the butterflies to gather on the nocturnal blossom as one - whilst given the emotional butterflies a moment

        Try out this adventure world, with rarely used gameplays that you sure would love

        World contains:
        *Amazing pixel arts of 4 different colored butterflies, 2 vinescapade, and a personallized cherry blossom
        *Fantasy Story Outline
        *Clothed Character *25+ (Fairy Blossom)
        *Rarely used gameplays
        -Trickster (Functioning now)
        -Empire Maze
        -Ravishing Jungle
        -Step on a crack
        -Missing idol
        -Hypertech Field
        *Neatly done of creation
        -Extensive use of black paints to appear a clearer version of the artworks
        *VIP/Winners Room
        -Usage of new easter blocks
        *Hidden quotations
        *Xenonite Crystal (Blocking Double Jump)
        *Pineapple Guardian
        *Punch Jammer
        *Zombie Jammer
        *Ghost Charm
        *Fire House
        *Public Viewing area are enhanced despite raised concerns



        Click image for larger version

Name:	underwaterpvp.png
Views:	4
Size:	769.8 KB
ID:	6607260

        Tired of just being under the heat of the sun? Well then, let's dive in into the deep shallow water! Swim and explore the depths with your submarine, along with some fishes and jellyfishs. Of course, the world not be fun without a little fight - wage war between two teams (The Blue Dolphin Territory and The Red Serpent Territory)

        Players will be assigned/freely pick a team of which sides (The Blue Dolphin or The Red Serpent).
        As the game starts, players are to gain points of goal score (20 points) within the game duration of 5 minutes in order to win the game of teamfight.
        Each player has 30 lives, as per round.

        Pointing System:
        *Flag = +3
        *Death = 0
        *Kill = +1
        *Smash +2

        World contains:
        *Creditory Board
        *Punch Jammer, Zombie Jammer, Ghost Charm, and Fire House
        *Cute blended pixel arts
        *Underwater PVP Theme
        *Usage of Adventure Items (Adventure Item Rope & Rope Piston)
        *Fun Facts about the ocean
        *Usage of Naval Mines (stan proof to stop illegal fishing)
        *Usage of new summerfest block (Lifering)
        *Secret hideouts (links around the world)
        *Spectators Area
        *Private Link towards the PVP (available for owner and admin alone)
        A demon never hides - therefore lurking in the beneath of the abyss, now bow down you puny little mortals!

        IGN: Zytran
        World: ZYTRAN
        Instagram: @zytran_gt


        • Nominating my world Riverrise

          Welcome to Riverrise,a place where you can just get away from everything to enjoy nature and the breathtaking scenery. But warning! There may be some deadly animals in the mountain so are you adventurous enough to take them on?

          Has Punch jammer and frozen cliffs weather

          Click image for larger version

Name:	F2C44065-1056-4B87-AA33-4C162B9ADEA1.png
Views:	1
Size:	764.5 KB
ID:	6607261
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          • Application for a WOTD: BEACHCAVERNRUINS #growwotdjuly20


            Hello and good day to you all. I am here to showcase my world to be nominated as the world of the day cycle of June-August 2020. Special thanks to all players who have given me their suggestion to improve my world and make the world better and more WOTD worthy, once again thank you!
            I wouldn't be here if isn't for you guys who gave me the courage to post my creation in the forum. Much love for you guys

            Without further ado, Here are the information needed for the World Of The Day contest

            GROWID: WaterNice
            StoryLine: One day, You (Eden) and your friend, Garry, were relaxing on the beach While Garry was checking around the beach a bit, you swam first going forward. While you were swimming, you found a pathway that leads to a tiny cave. Suspicious, you called on Garry to check the tiny cave out, while Garry is checking the tiny cave he told you not to do anything rash. You ignored Garry's warning and you found a cave entrance, you were curious on whats inside so, you entered the entrance and fell in a cave somewhere under the beach. You were confused and scared because you don't know where you currently are. Now, your objective is to find a way back to the shore while facing off some dangerous traps and exotic plant life.
            LATEST RENDERATION OF THE WORLD:Click image for larger version

Name:	bchf.jpg
Views:	5
Size:	489.4 KB
ID:	6607262
            ~Punch Jammer
            ~Zombie Jammer
            ~Security Camera
            ~Bountiful Plants
            ~Bone Chilling Parkour
            ~Beach Scenery Background
            ~Adventure items
            ~Creditory Board (near the white door)

            Thanks for giving us a chance to showcase our creation, good luck to all WOTD contestant, and more power to Growtopia!
            Note: I have made some tiny changes in my world but, it wont affect the overall storyline. I have done my very best and I had fun making this with my brother. Regarding to the changes added, I added a background character after you are done with the parkour. Once again, Goodluck to all other WOTD contestant! lets support each other!
            My Face When I Won A Giveaway


            About Me

            My Goals

            If You Need Help Or Question Don't Bother Ask Meh I Will Answer ASAP


            • Nominating wildestvoyage for july’s wotd

              World Name: WILDESTVOYAGE

              The world includes...
              -Ghost Charm, Firehouse, Mini-mod, Punch and Zombie Jammers.
              -Underwater parkour!
              -Usage of most Adventure items! Such as Banana, Key, Rope and Torch!
              -Vip Ending Area with a board!
              -First person story mode with emotions!
              -Wildly insane story!

              The Storyline!
              You wake up in a shipwreck, not being able to remember anything that happened before that, you look around and find pages of a diary on the sea-floor. Eventually you regain your memory, you were sent on a voyage to find a hidden island far away from modern civilization! Completing the voyage was your Grandfathers passing wish. Unfortunately, you fail to do so and your only hope left is to find your way home. In-order to do so, you will need to pass the craziest and wildest of situations to find your way home!

              Huge thanks to all my friends and guild members for giving the world a test! It helped me really make the world it is right now. Big thanks to Zytran and Kreeky for the awesome advice!

              World render!
              Click image for larger version

Name:	FB5478BE-E015-47BE-B710-0C018E41B9F7.png
Views:	1
Size:	1.04 MB
ID:	6607269
              Instagram: @Neeal_gt
              Discord: Neeal#8181


              • THECHICKENFACTORY by Johnxx

                Story: Two of the trolls are captured and abducted by an evil notorious chicken named Teryjaki. Your mission is to find your way into the Chicken Factory and finish all of the obstacles in every stage and save the trolls! You are our only hope!

                Description: This world is an Adventure/Parkour/Story/Pixel Art world which uses almost all of the adventure items such as the rope, torch, golden idol, banana, and pineapple. Uses also new blocks.

                World Contains:
                ~ Zombie Jammer
                ~ Punch Jammer
                ~ Pineapple Guardian
                ~ Adventure/Jungle Items
                ~ Cybot Items
                ~ Summer/Spring Clash Items
                ~ Harvest Festival Item
                ~ BOO Item

                Good luck to everyone!
                GrowID: JOHNXX

                Click image for larger version

Name:	thechickenfactory.png
Views:	15
Size:	816.3 KB
ID:	6607278

                Subscribe to Johnxx!
                Hello there! Johnxx here, the TROLL KING!
                Youtube: Johnxx
                Facebook: Johnxx GT
                Twitter: @johnxxgt
                Instagram: @johnxxgt


                • GrowID: EnailuJ
                  World name: ATLANTICHISTORY

                  An Ocean Liner collided from an Iceberg
                  Is now sinking and you're goal is to survive it before it completely sinks into the deepest part of the ocean.
                  Will you survive? And tell everyone your experience?

                  Click image for larger version

Name:	atlantichistory.png
Views:	6
Size:	994.8 KB
ID:	6607280
                  World Features:
                  -Noob Friendly
                  (Can be finished with or without Wings and Shoes.)
                  -World is Historical
                  (True to life story)

                  That's it GoodLuck everyone!

                  GrowID: EnailuJ
                  World name: HOWBLOCKSAREINVENTED

                  Many people have been wondering
                  How blocks are invented? Access it into my world.
                  You've been given access to walk around and learn more about blocks and their uses because new blocks files are now invented
                  by he FORUM.BLOCK.INSTITUTE (F.B.I.) your job is to send and verify the files sent also by you.

                  Click image for larger version

Name:	howblocksareinvented (2).png
Views:	3
Size:	596.5 KB
ID:	6607281

                  World Features:
                  -Noob Friendly
                  (Can be done without wings)
                  -Block informations

                  That's it GOODLUCK!


                  • JOURNEYTOHELL

                    By CrushieCakes

                    Have you experienced your own Journey to Hell? where everything is hard and having thoughts of giving up? Well, if you haven't here's what your finding for…

                    A parkour world that'll test you mind and strength, because this isn't some simple journey you'll be facing with. Here's the summary of the story, Hades has once again stole the Ancestral Soul of Fire that gives heat and light to the Elves , it needs to be retrieved as soon as possible for some reason.


                    -A Guestbook containing the whole story, and some credits.
                    -PZ Jammers
                    -Adventure Items
                    -Weather Machine - Night
                    -Hard Parkour

                    sorry for my grammar
                    Attached Files
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                    • Nominating SnowAlert for WOTD

                      Render world :
                      Click image for larger version

Name:	snowalert-2.png
Views:	4
Size:	866.1 KB
ID:	6607279

                      WorldName : SnowAlert
                      GrowId : Kranon

                      Get tired of all the usual parkour and derby worlds ? Try this world out !! It's an all new problem solving world (inspired from EscapeRoom) which will wreck your smartness out !!

                      World description :
                      Have you ever face a problem ? Lost in the mountains ? Wander in a dark cave by yourself ? Or meet something that dangers you ? How will you solve it ? Will you run away ? Or... Will you find the solution until the end ? In this case, you are going for a vacation with a bus, and the bus got a flat tire... You will need 4 items to fix the bus : A wrench, Screwdriver , Crank and a Jack. Can you attempt to fix the bus at the end ?

                      World features :
                      1. All basic jammers (pz, gc and fh)
                      2. Password doors and Adventure Items
                      3. Story
                      4. Music : Chrysanthemum Flower Bed (Arranged by Kranon)
                      5. New original Riddle ideas
                      6. Mini parkours
                      7. Mini Yeti Pixel Art
                      8. A credit board

                      Walkthrough :
                      1. Solve the board outside the mayor house (Find who the Ice sculpting event winner is, you will get 3 letters as password)
                      2. Find all 3 mountain hikers (You will have access to Hiker's Basecamp and you will find a Wrench)
                      3. You can find a screwdriver in IceWave town market
                      4. The hint inside the mayor's house will lead you to Juan's house (Match the house numbers to get 9 digit password)
                      5. Password in Juan's house contain hints to the cave (You must figure out when the 4 guardians will show up simultaneously)
                      6. Inside the cave you will need to find : A key and 1 golden idol.
                      7. With the key, you can go inside Penny's house for Jack
                      8. Find the remaining 3 idols to be able to go inside Harry's tool shop
                      9. In Harry's tool shop, roam the tools for sale list to find a a Crank
                      10. Gather all the tools need and fix the bus


                      • WOTD attempt: ZODIACSPIRITS

                        Click image for larger version

Name:	B22B5825-1B84-4B7F-BCD6-3D715C9171A7.png
Views:	2
Size:	657.1 KB
ID:	6607284Click image for larger version

Name:	C06D87F6-4E71-410C-8B5F-F5FEFA1D1630.jpg
Views:	2
Size:	471.0 KB
ID:	6607285Click image for larger version

Name:	B58A13B5-B56C-4048-8400-85C606D630B9.jpeg
Views:	2
Size:	421.9 KB
ID:	6607286Click image for larger version

Name:	B9783F30-9B0C-4844-B704-96183B0491A6.jpeg
Views:	2
Size:	506.6 KB
ID:	6607287

                        GrowID: CoreEye
                        World: ZODIACSPIRITS
                        Instagram: CoreEye_Official

                        This world has:
                        - PZ jammers
                        - Ghost Charm and Firehouse
                        - 1/3 world sized dark maze
                        - Unique use of snowballs and crystal spikes to make stars and zodiac allignments with the help of dshelves
                        - Original Pixel Art
                        - Some new invented parkour
                        - Fictional story of Leo the Lion becoming the highest Zodiac spirit
                        - Celestial Palace VIP
                        - Gateways and adventure items to different zodiac realm
                        - Rage quit parkours (1 wrong = death)
                        - Costumes for Zodiac Spirits
                        - Streghts and weakness
                        - Parkour designs depends on the Zodiac’s characteristics
                        - Zodiac Theme design
                        - STYX’s Burning Face

                        A higher position than any other constellations, the Zodiacs... will be having a challenge to any Zodiac Spirit aiming to be their leader and to be one, you must overcome all challenges given by each Zodiac Spirit. Travel through space and enter their gateways and you shall face the realm of each Zodiac’s challenge, never underestimate the Zodiac’s buildings because its harder than it looks

                        P.S: There are render problems so I took some screenshot of the world parts
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                        • WOTD attempt: AUTUMNHUNT

                          Click image for larger version

Name:	05CCBB09-211C-4824-8AAD-B97E1383DA8C.png
Views:	1
Size:	744.7 KB
ID:	6607288

                          GrowID: CoreEye
                          World: AUTUMNHUNT
                          Instagram: CoreEye_Official

                          This world has:
                          > PVP System
                          > Autumn design
                          > Maple tree and falling maple
                          effects that blends with the weather

                          > Original Art
                          > Credits and Link to worlds


                          Autumn is coming soon! But why not taste the autumn now? Hunt the enemy flags and hit them to earn points while walking on the fallen leaves of maple trees

                          P.S: I screenshoted some world parts because it’s better to see personally
                          Click image for larger version

Name:	009D80DE-E2CE-469A-82E4-DA45B77296D2.jpg
Views:	1
Size:	474.3 KB
ID:	6607291Click image for larger version

Name:	78D87A21-7A07-4DCD-B5FD-21F8862172E3.jpg
Views:	1
Size:	367.4 KB
ID:	6607290Click image for larger version

Name:	9FC00250-7F17-45C5-A729-157853BB4167.jpg
Views:	1
Size:	364.2 KB
ID:	6607292
                          Attached Files
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                          • TOWERSOFPAIN for WOTD?

                            TOWERSOFPAIN by cFlame - one of my favourite worlds of mine, mainly for the gameplay.

                            The world features nearly all jammers in the game (Punch, Zombie, Guardian Pineapple, Ghost Charm, Firehouse (and signal but that's always off)) as well as a xenonite blocking high jump, double jump and a little more. I have no plans on removing the xenonite so the world will remain challenging. The world uses several brand-new (at the time of building it) Halloween items. It's mostly parkour with a few "puzzles", if you can even call them that.

                            I know it's not quite Halloween yet but I hope that's not a problem.

                            Video of me beating the world:

                            Click image for larger version

Name:	towersofpain.png
Views:	2
Size:	724.6 KB
ID:	6607293

                            Let me know if it's too hard, I can allow double jump and it'll let people skip some stuff if they feel it's too hard.
                            I might be back.


                            • Fact about Lunar Eclipse WOTD

                              Hi Growtopians! Today I'm nominating my own world for WOTD

                              GrowID: C4Tunique
                              World: AMAZINGLUNARECLIPSE

                              Info world/Story: This world not a story world, but in this world u can see several fact about Lunar Eclipse!

                              World Contains:
                              –Punch and Zombie Jammer
                              –Weather - Stargazing
                              –Moon Art
                              –Earth Art
                              –Sun Art
                              –Mini Parkour/race
                              –Rocket Launge/Public Room
                              –And also Fact about Lunar Eclipse

                              Click image for larger version

Name:	amazinglunareclipse.png
Views:	4
Size:	108.6 KB
ID:	6607294


                              • THESUMMERDISASTER for WOTD

                                GrowID: Darami

                                Its a summer game world. There are 2 teams and need to win 150 points to win the game.

                                World Features:
                                - P, Z Jammers
                                - Ghost Charm
                                - Antigravity Generator
                                - Game Generator
                                - tricksters
                                - Game pack items
                                Attached Files