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Nominate Your World for WOTD Here! [June - August Cycle]

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  • Nominate Your World for WOTD Here! [June - August Cycle]

    Hello, Growtopians!

    It’s time to commence the new cycle! So, we're opening a new thread and a new option to submit your WOTD entries!

    What do you get when you win WOTD?
    - An awesome trophy magically appears in your inventory
    - "WOTD Winner" is shown every time someone enters your world
    - Your world is added to the WOTD winner's list in-game: /top
    - 10 Growtokens
    - And above all! RESPECT!

    Cool right?

    But there are regulations to follow to be eligible to win the much coveted WOTD Award!

    • World name
    • Your GrowID (because we can't see them sometimes and just in-case you changed your name. )
    • A quick description of your world
    • Latest Render of the world

    **NEW!** We are now allowing players to submit their entries on INSTAGRAM. Just post your entry with the "Entry Requirements" and include this hashtag:
    • For June entries: #growwotdjun20
    • For July entries: #growwotdjul20
    • For August entries: #growwotdaug20

    RULES (June 2020 - August 2020 Cycle)
    • Owners should be the ones nominating their worlds. Nobody else is allowed to submit your entry for you.
    • A Bulletin board next to the white door giving credit to other players who helped with building/funding the world, music creator, worlds they have inspired/copied design from (If it's from the Web please mention that) and any other information should be mentioned. You can also use alternative boards, such as Guestbook.(You can choose to represent this info in a different creative way if you like but it must be near the start area of the world so we can easily see and check them)
    • You must credit pixel art sources and/or music inspiration.
    • At least basic Jammers (Punch and Zombie) must be placed within the world, unless the world does not require having one of them. Note: Promising that the jammers will be placed inside the world if it wins will not be considered.
    • Vend worlds, Storage and Pixel Art only worlds will not be considered.
    • Guild Headquarters (Worlds) are welcome! However, as the world is owned by one person, the prize will only be given to the owner. It's up to the Guild how they will make use of the WOTD prize in case the world wins.

    So you want to win eh?

    - Plus points are given to in-game event theme worlds which explain old and/or new mechanics of the in-game event to help guide new players
    - Plus points are given to worlds with new/creative ideas or unique/original mechanics
    - Plus points are given to worlds using recent items/blocks from recent or current events
    - Plus points are given to worlds placing doors/portals to worlds they have inspired/copied design, music and anything else from.
    - Negative points are given to worlds with doors linking to Vend/Shop worlds or any other worlds that are not related.
    - Owners who have been banned for more than 3 days in the last 6 months WILL NOT be considered.
    **If the punishment has been cancelled before it expires automatically, the ban is not counted and the player/world will still be eligible for the WOTD.

    What are the changes made in this cycle?
    - We added INSTAGRAM as an additional venue to submit WOTD entries, provided the post includes the "Entry Requirements" and the #GROWWOTD hashtag. To make it easier for players to submit entries and to give other players who has no access to the forum to submit theirs too.
    - We will only look at the world owner's punishment/s. We will no longer consider the admins' ban record.
    - We will not consider owners who were banned for more than 3 days in the last 6 months.
    - We are now allowing a world entry to be submitted more than once but with a 3 day gap. (PLEASE DO NOT SPAM)

    Would I be able to nominate my world in the next cycle and have a chance to be chosen as WOTD?
    - Yes, you can nominate your world every cycle but we highly encourage you to try and make improvements in the world rather than just nominating the same world as it is in the next cycle. We also encourage you to create a thread to collect feedback on how to improve your world and we might leave some comments there in some rare cases.

    My world was chosen as a WOTD before the 2018 trophy was launched, am I eligible to get the new trophy?
    - Yes, you are! Simply make sure you have the Ultra Trophy 3000 in your inventory and contact support, we will replace the Ultra Trophy 3000 with the new 2020 version.

    Can I nominate more than one world in the same cycle?
    - Yes, you can! You can nominate as many worlds in the same cycle as you like.

    Why do copied worlds get plus points? Does this mean I can just copy a world and win?
    - Most probably will have nearly ZERO chance of winning a WOTD if you choose to simply copy an old WOTD. The whole point of this rule is simply we don't mind if you end up copying a small part from a previous world (a cool looking tower, house decoration ...etc) as long as you are honest enough to clearly show that in your world (which we also hope that would give credit to the original owner and traffic to his/her world) but that will also mean your world must be different enough!

    Alrighty then! That should explain everything. Now go create your world and start submitting!


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    What was the delay for? Did yall just forget?

    ▷▷Retired poster◁◁


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      IotmAdventure for WOTD

      I'd like to start off by saying that this world was made & funded entirely by me and took me a pretty long time, however my friends all gave me the motivation to carry on making the world, Anton0202 especially. He currently has 16 WOTDs and he is a truly inspirational player.

      World Name: IotmAdventure
      GrowID: TheNote

      I'd also like to add that there is HUGE potential for me to make many sequels to this world if the world is received well. In fact, I already have planned a story for the potential next world.

      You come back after a day of hard work, and immediately go to your bed and collapse. You're so tired that you can't possibly stay awake, so you close your eyes and doze off into a deep, deep sleep.
      Yet little did you know that this was not going to be an ordinary dream. No, something wasn't right. You feel as if you are constantly falling into the abyss, as you hear a distinct voice "Growtopian, wake up!".
      Is that really who you think it is? No, surely it isn't...Sethmumu!?
      "Snap out of it!" he yells.
      You gradually come to your senses and notice you are not at home in your bed. You are surrounded by yellow, everywhere you look is yellow, yellow, yellow! Something doesn't feel right, you feel as if you are moving like a 2D character does in all those video games you play.

      Your mission is to figure out what is going on, and how to get out of this dream.

      (A bit of extra information about the story)
      You must get back the IOTMs that were stolen by an evil villain as he runs away to his U.F.O and through a GIANT space time rupture. Traverse through the IOTMs and defeat the villain, easy right? I guess you'll have to see

      - Jammers - Punch, Zombie, Ghost Charm, Fire House
      - Background weather (with darkness inside) really sets the atmosphere and brings out the colours
      - Hundreds of paint buckets used
      - Story board(s) to add extra story to the world
      - Immersive parkour as you traverse through all of the IOTMs featured in the world
      - Exciting story with huge potential for multiple sequels
      - V.I.P area for winners
      - Board thanking all the players who helped/inspired me
      - Donation area to go towards my next WOTD attempt(s)
      - Interlinking IOTM pixel arts e.g Razor wings look like they are attached to dragon scarf, Horn piercing the royal lock etc.
      - Board + Door linked to Anton0202's main world (which also has WOTD) and which has links to all of his other WOTDs
      - Some signs have Fun Facts (FF) about the IOTMs which provide players with useful information
      - Easy into Medium parkour
      - Signs throughout world with part of story on them
      - Death Spikes with Dark Cave Backgrounds on them in areas so that players cannot leave the area too far
      - Entirely new idea (I've not seen it done yet) with the parkour through the IOTMs
      - Features the following characters: Sethmumu, Zraei, Kudo and the super secret villain!!

      Click image for larger version

Name:	iotmadventure 1.png
Views:	10
Size:	223.7 KB
ID:	6604438
      Some extra info about the render
      - Please note that this render was made before I added the spikes with dark cave backgrounds behind them. This was because the
      darkness that the dark cave backgrounds provide is not visible on renders, so you could see all the spikes.
      - Another added thing is that I painted the ice next to the Speed Medallion black to add effect, I did not put dark cave background
      behind it as I felt it was important for players to be able to see that it was there.
      - As well as this, the zombie jammer has been added since the render.
      - Finally the portal parkour inside the Speed Medallion was added after the render, due to the same issue with the "dark cave background".
      P.S I don't know why, but the render doesn't show our actual outfits

      Thank you so much for taking your time to read all the above, it truly means a lot.
      Feel free to let me know what you think of the world by posting on the board in the world

      (Things changed since last time)
      - Made end area / spaceship fit the theme better
      - Added ruptures / tears in the world
      - Added the ruptures / tears into the story

      Good luck everyone,


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        Nominating my world for WOTD June cycle

        My world legit looks like a junkyard XD anyways the render for new blocks are feel free to check it out for yourselves

        Hi, I’m Mammary from Growtopia and I’m nominating my world JUNKYARDNIGHTMARE as my WOTD entry

        You were tired of the city life and put up quite an amount of extra weight, so you asked your buddy John who works in the construction business for a referral to his boss. He is able to help You land a role as a Crane operator, something you didn’t really wish to do, but you take it anyways. Maybe the climbing up and down from the machine will help you lose some pounds...

        All this happened in a matter of hours, that you began to realize how you landed the role so easily even without the slightest background in the manual labor area. And talk about the pay, it is almost twice as much as what they gave you while you worked in fast food as a cook. It is your task to find out what goes on behind this business that makes it seem to good to be true....

        World has:
        -Basic jammers
        -Ghost charm
        -New Startopia 2.0 blocks with an appropriate weather machine
        -Chilling short storyline
        -Parkour with the use of Adventure items (Wings are not required)
        -Time limit
        -Credits board

        Click image for larger version

Name:	C3C8673A-3F6F-4EBC-8428-22E7557B05CD.jpeg
Views:	2
Size:	176.1 KB
ID:	6604440

        Here are some screenshots of parts around my world

        Click image for larger version

Name:	34ADF541-296D-4FDE-AC6E-AA674FF67D81.png
Views:	4
Size:	1.43 MB
ID:	6604441

        Click image for larger version

Name:	EB0B933A-D9D1-4E86-83CC-993476A7DBE5.jpg
Views:	5
Size:	199.4 KB
ID:	6604442

        Click image for larger version

Name:	60B2358A-A7BB-43AF-8AA4-AD93A02ABD5B.png
Views:	3
Size:	1.38 MB
ID:	6604443

        Click image for larger version

Name:	896525F5-0F1E-4B79-8812-BBB706135725.png
Views:	2
Size:	1.34 MB
ID:	6604444

        Click image for larger version

Name:	78D4798E-4E27-43DF-982C-7C24DB102CFD.png
Views:	3
Size:	1.26 MB
ID:	6604445

        Thanks for reading till here goodluck all and stay safe!!


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          ign : Liquify

          nominating PARBLAAX
          Click image for larger version

Name:	parblaax.png
Views:	5
Size:	980.4 KB
ID:	6604446
          new block and background are not showing in the render
          this is how it should look like without the epoch blocking everything :

          Click image for larger version

Name:	parblaax (1).png
Views:	3
Size:	924.1 KB
ID:	6604447

          world's name is based off the Looming Triffid blocks
          Click image for larger version

Name:	Screenshot_20200609-153450_Chrome-01.jpeg
Views:	4
Size:	102.2 KB
ID:	6604451


          things which are not shown in the render due to the render problem:

          includes :
          • Xenonite crystal for fairness

          • world has two different ending leading to two different worlds

          • includes the use adventure items
          -rope climbing, keys and adventure doors

          • used cybot and clash block - storm clouds

          • very easy puzzles
          Last edited by Liquify; 06-13-2020, 07:30 PM.
          IGN : Liquify

          support my wholesome Axolotl thread!


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            Submiting PSYDERBY for Wotd

            Click image for larger version

Name:	FE232483-83E0-40EA-885B-4EB7BA0840FD.jpeg
Views:	18
Size:	274.7 KB
ID:	6604452 Submiting PSYDERBY For Wotd Wich was built by me and Retri ! Its a full world Easter themed Racetrack using a Beautifull Nature theme with a heatwave Weather machiene to top it off ! It also has a Race around a Psy Bunny Pixelart wich is Completely original and a Song made out of Music Gears ! Race to the end to Get to the VIP !
            World includes :
            -PZ Jammers
            -Pinapple guardian
            -Anti Gravity Machiene
            -A Full Racetrack going Through the whole World
            -A Original Pixelart
            -Heatwave Weather machiene
            -New Bunny Blocks
            -A Original Theme
            -A Song completely out of audio Racks
            -Slippery ice Race
            -gravity Wells
            -a VIP Place for Winners !

            GrowID : Menal
            World : Psyderby


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              My first WOTD attempt MYSTERIOUSREALM

              DISCLAIMER: The world uses the new startopia 2.0 blocks so the render is broken.

              Click image for larger version

Name:	mysteriousrealm.png
Views:	5
Size:	1.36 MB
ID:	6604453
              Owner: AncientSaint

              Storyline Preview:
              *you fade back into counciousness...* beneath your feet is a sticky slimy substance, you look around as your eyes meet endless purple. Extreme fear and confusion overwhelms you. "stay strong my friend, we have a long way to go yet."

              World includes:
              - All necessary jammers
              - Ghost Charm
              - New startopia 2.0 blocks
              - Noob friendly parkour (no wings needed)
              - VIP/Hangout area at the end
              - Credits
              Last edited by AncientSaint; 06-10-2020, 05:35 PM.


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                SUMMERBRAWLS FOR WOTD!

                Ah yes, its summer. Its getting hotter, were readying up ourselves for the beach,

                But what is summer without a little fun?


                This world includes:
                • Spectator Areas
                • Neccesary Jammers
                - Zombie jammers arent needed cause zombies can rise up tensions and add more fun!
                • Beach blasted world
                • Fun gameplay
                • Summer trivia placed throughout the world
                • Credits board [Linked in another world]
                •Tutirial/How to Play [Linked in another world]
                • Game generator Mechanics
                • Pays omage to the Summerfest Event

                And oh yeah, heres the render:
                Click image for larger version

Name:	summerbrawls.png
Views:	3
Size:	929.7 KB
ID:	6604455

                Good luck to all the players!
                This is RealGlykos signing off.


                • #9

                  Explore this island's rich culture through its history when you travel to Pichill Island!
                  Pichillisland is a paradise for travellers that seek adventure and an experience, but tourist have quit visiting the island after two scientists mysteriously dissapeared from the island.
                  Explore your way through its unique nature and wildlife while you attempt to unravel the shocking secrets on this island.

                  Have a save journey!

                  Click image for larger version

Name:	pichillisland.jpg
Views:	1
Size:	427.8 KB
ID:	6604457

                  World contains: P jammer, Z jammer, Signal jammer, Ghost charm, Fire house

                  Grow ID: BURNV3

                  [Changed the plotline a bit and added some stuff]


                  • #10
                    WOTD - ESCAPETHEMISFORTUNE by NightFuze

                    I would like to nominate ESCAPETHEMISFORTUNE for WOTD. This world is based on all the misfortunate (unlucky) things usually happen to people. You will try to escape through this issues and tasks. Are you prepared?

                    World has:
                    -Xenonite Crystal to suit world (No double-jump, No high-jump, Speed Granted)
                    -Punch/Zombie Jammer, Fire House, Pineapple guardian, Ghost charm, Nothingness Weather Machine, Mini-Mod
                    -Cybot parkour, Underwater parkour, sungate/obelisk parkour and other new and fun features with cool less used blocks.
                    -Really fun story line (important)
                    -VIP room when finished.
                    -Simple-Medium Parkour.

                    If you like this world please check it out as it is my first attempt at WOTD. I have also created a thread for your reviews and what you think. I have resubmitted it from last time as I made some more changes. And remember have a good day and good luck to everyone else.
                    World made By: D4ddyPig(changed from NightFuze)
                    Click image for larger version

Name:	0094BD7A-9650-4CB4-949F-44185BD5A55D.png
Views:	1
Size:	1.13 MB
ID:	6604458
                    Last edited by NightFuse; 06-12-2020, 11:09 AM.


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                      Temple of gems for WOTD!

                      Templeofgems for wotd?
                      Storyline: You (the main character) are an english explorer sent to discover these magical cave systems, there is an ancient myth that tells about a god named Khal who buried his magical treasure in these caves. But the journey won't be easy... the way to the temple is filled with human-eating plants and difficult puzzles! the treasure itself is guarded by the holy gorilla of Kangur.. And the only way to pass him is by tricking him.
                      Ah yes, and you will also have a guide called Jack to help you find your way!

                      Here is new render of the world. All in this world was made by GhostCape, and nothing were copied.
                      Click image for larger version

Name:	templeofgems.png
Views:	1
Size:	1.26 MB
ID:	6604460

                      World also has:
                      - Zombie and Punch Jammers.
                      - Ghost Charm.
                      - Weather machine - Night
                      - Character information and dialogue.
                      - Fire house.
                      - Several adventure items and mysteries.
                      - Fun little detailed easter eggs for curious players.

                      Growid: GhostCape


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                        Wotd nomination


                        OK so i made some changes tested it with wings , no wings, pc player, mobile player, noobs and pro.Ti need liked 15mins.i added some dungeon themed items.


                        So the world is about you going in a adventure in a dungeon that your grandpa told you,that there a prize,specially for you, down there.So you went for it and you face the cruelty of those deadly naturally grown spikes.

                        This world contain:

                        -a night weather machine
                        -the jammers
                        -a cute town
                        -a story line
                        -a longgg parkour
                        -adventure items
                        -and the most important thing:a real dungeon.

                        Not important things to read

                        I tried 3 times to win the WOTD and by those 3 attempts and the world ive already saw that won i am ready to win.

                        Thanks for everyone who supported me. specially who gave me positive comments on the forum.

                        And the most important thing for me is the sign of (Thanks nekorei)LOL

                        World name:thedeepdungeon

                        World render:
                        Click image for larger version

Name:	1B78DF3F-E9F4-4EA6-BB49-B2FDA939DC39.png
Views:	7
Size:	1.12 MB
ID:	6604462
                        EYOOO CHECK MY WORLD :


                        • #13
                          Nominating PHOENIXADVENTURES for WOTD

                          Grow ID: xDziugas
                          I'm nominating my summer - themed world "PHOENIXADVENTURES" for WOTD.

                          About the world:
                          I've built PHOENIXADVENTURES completely by myself, it's not copied from anywhere. But still, there were a few of my friends who helped me with different parts of the world (there's a board with all the credits (music, overoll look etc.) above the white door).
                          For the main part of the world there's a huge Phoenix - related pixel art with a fun adventure - parkour in it.

                          World also contains:
                          • Punch and zombie jammers;
                          • Firehouse;
                          • Ghostcharm;
                          • Spring weather;
                          • A long, nice music to listen;
                          • A nice VIP area for the winners;

                          (Everything's to make the world as playable as possible of course).

                          Your role:
                          Got bored since there's nothing to do except keeping your punching - building - growing routine? Then it's time for you to step of your comfort zone and take this quest, my fellow traveler! You shal find a bunch of different levels to test your skills. But beware, sometimes greatest things are performed not by strength but by perserverence. This maze - like world is full of dead-ends and a bunch of adventure items to be discovered in order to beat the quest of the Phoenix.
                          *There's also a secret short cut which can be used by the best adventurors since it requires a word from the past, hidden somewhere all over the world.

                          World is beatable without a usage of any wings/jetpack so it's completely new-user-friendly.

                          Another note:
                          World is tested by a lot of people. Everything works as it should be.

                          World render:
                          Click image for larger version

Name:	phoenixadventures (1).png
Views:	3
Size:	794.3 KB
ID:	6604461
                          IGN - xDziugas
                          Growtopia Player For Over 2250 Days
                          Level 91


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                            WATERANCIENT for WOTD

                            World name: WATERANCIENT
                            Your GrowID: STYX
                            WATERANCIENT is an open-style parkour that centers around collecting bananas for the Monkey King. The parkour levels can be finished based on the player's preference with the story converging to a twist! The world includes:

                            -Sandbox-style Parkour
                            -Meticulously-created decorations and structures
                            -Megalodon VIP/Finisher's Room
                            -Zombie and Punch Jammer
                            -Custom music by DynPlaysGT

                            Enjoy the world! ☺️🍍

                            Click image for larger version

Name:	781BD825-EE6A-4D12-AFCE-90E06C7B03B7.png
Views:	8
Size:	783.0 KB
ID:	6604463

                            Instagram: styxMD


                            • #15
                              “THECURSEOFTHELICH” For WOTD!!!

                              IGN ~ Phaethon
                              World Name ~ “THECURSEOFTHELICH”

                              ~ World Description ~
                              Long ago, an immortal demon ravaged these lands and enslaved the inhabitants. It named itself the “Lich King” and was a cruel ruler. One day, a hero and his team of sorcerers managed to defeat the Lich. Because the Lich was immortal, the hero had to seal it away. He took the heart of the Lich and placed it inside of an enchanted Totem, and it’s soul sealed within a torch. The main body was then imprisoned by a great spell. But before the Lich was sealed away, it casted a curse upon the inhabitants of the land, making them immortal but also unable to leave this miserable, ravaged land. They were also unable to attack the Lich as a part of this curse.

                              Centuries passed and the seal that once imprisoned The Lich was starting to deteriorate. Desperate to remove the curse and banish the Lich for good, the inhabitants tried to summon mortals to the land to take on the quest. You are one of these summoned mortals, the one who will become the new hero of the land and destroy the curse... or will you?

                              ~ GENERAL WORLD DETAILS ~
                              - Medium-Hard parkour (Players will requires double jump)
                              - Short Riddle
                              - Unique and original building style
                              - All basic jammers + Heatwave Machine
                              - Pixel art of the Lich! (Taken from a Reddit art contest but with a few minor adjustments)
                              - Music: “Rachmaninov’s Prelude in C# Minor,” arranged by myself.

                              Click image for larger version

Name:	thecurseofthelich.png
Views:	5
Size:	925.6 KB
ID:	6604464
                              ~ MORE SPECIFIC WORLD FEATURES! ~
                              - Semi-nonlinear world : The player has a degree of freedom as they progress through the world. They end up having to go down both paths, but they do have an option on with path they would like to progress on first!

                              - Symbolic choice of song : Rachmaninov’s Prelude in C# Minor is speculated to be about a dream of Rachmaninov’s. In this dream, he is at a funeral, but unbeknownst to him, it was actually himself in the coffin. This parallels with the plot of this world. I’ll try not to spoil the entire plot, but the player will come to a similar realization once they complete the world.

                              - The Adventure items (particularly the idle and the torch) have a very crucial plot element in this world. They serve as driving points of the plot and have a unique lore behind them.

                              - Unique plot : Not all stories end with a happy ending or with the playing being the victorious hero. This idea that not all stories have happy endings would be quite a refreshing change of pace for WOTD enthusiasts. There are hints scattered throughout the world that foreshadow this unfortunate ending, but are extremely subtle to make the ending much more of a surprise.

                              - Unique design element :
                              ~ In the upper center of the world is a mystical structure that is full of magical power. To convey this sense of magic, I’ve created a unique design that uses Rune Carved stone pillars, transmitter field, and electrical power cubes. All of these blocks give off a “pulsating” effect which is great for implicating a constant flow of “magical powers.”
                              ~ The use of different paints in the display shelf pixel art (particularly that of the hand) adds more interest to the pixel art, giving it a feeling of energy being emitted from that spot.

                              ~ EXTRA NOTES ~
                              - Almost every single block/background in this world is painted! More than 3k buckets of green and black paint have been used!
                              - This world become the #1 rated Adventure world between May 29-30, 2020!
                              - Consistent positive reviews : Many of the people who played the world reported it to be “good-looking,” “fun,” and having a “unique storyline.”
                              Last edited by PHAETHON; 06-10-2020, 10:55 PM.
                              IGN : PHAETHON

                              ~ I make music and stuff... go check out my music at PHAETHON🎼🎼🎼