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  • EXTRAORDINARY for World of the Day!


    Play as Xial and experience as he journs his way to his last moment with his friends.

    You've been caught using your dark arts. And this was informed to the secret organization called "Chasers". And they are down for your head now. Because of that, you need to leave this city as soon as possible. And that soon is today. Meet your friends by the Division 024, it's good to have remarks before you leave. But you have to steal your way there. And I mean, literally. Go inside other people's house and extract the goods from their vaults. Answer riddles, do parkour, and other extraordinary stuff. Because you, a powerful wizard, can never live a normal life. You are beyond that.

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    Featuring very hard puzzles! Connect all the clues, Sherlock

    Note: These puzzles were opened to the public for a test-run and, yep, some people got the answers and the way to get the answer.

    These are the riddle answers with their corresponding solution. If you want to try the world out first, I do not recommend check this out.

    Answers and Solutions:

    IGN : elyxial
    Level : 91

    Goals :
    It's time to express myself in the real world!

    Latest Tutoria-ely Episode: