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    GrowID : VerdantGate

    World Story :
    One day, there was a young man who wanted to have a treasure. He traveled around the earth in his ship. Until in the end, he got the treasure but, the treasure guard was angry and chased the young man. Can the young man return to the ship and come home safely?

    World Features :
    - Punch Jammer
    - Zombie Jammer
    - Ghost Charm
    - Xenonite Crystal with speedy effect, double jump effect, block use of powerups
    - Firehouse
    - Weather machine - Arid
    - Challenge timer 21 Minutes with prizes
    - Gateway To Adventure
    - Adventure Barrier
    - Adventure Brazier
    - Adventure Idol Gate
    - Adventure Item - Banana, - Golden Idol, - Key, -Torch
    - Adventure Pedestal
    - Angry Adventure Gorrila
    - Locked Adventure Door
    - Bountiful Items
    - Cracked Stone Slab
    - Deathtrap Wall
    - Dimension blocks
    - Gravity Well
    - Mud Puddle
    - Slippery Flag Pole
    - Credits board in the near of white door

    World Renders
    Attached Files
    Daily Challenge Possibilities : ​


    • World name : THEBIGFOSSIL
      Nickname : VerdantGate

      World description :
      One day there was a shepherd who was thirsty, then he found a well. But who would have thought, that the well had a mysterious tunnel and he began his journey here.

      World Include :
      - Punch Jammer
      - Zombie Jammer
      - Ghost Charm
      - Weather machine Jungle
      - Some dimension block in the last stage
      - Adventure Items
      Attached Files
      Daily Challenge Possibilities : ​


        GrowID : VerdantGate

        World Story :
        Nyi Roro Kidul, is a legendary Indonesian spirit or goddess who is very popular among the people of Java and Bali.
        Nyi Roro Kidul was originally a daughter of the Sunda Kingdom who was expelled by her father because of her stepmother. Nyi Roro Kidul's position as Ratu-Lelembut of the land of Java is a popular motif in folklore and mythology, as well as being associated with the beauty of Sundanese princesses.

        World Features :
        - Punch Jammer
        - Zombie Jammer
        - Ghost Charm
        - Xenonite Crystal with Long Punch Blocked & Long Build Blocked to make it harder to take the adventure items
        - Undersea Blast
        - Adventure Items
        - Gateway To Adventure
        - Fossilized Spirit Block
        - Credits board in the near of password door
        - People can access the story only by using the password door
        Attached Files
        Daily Challenge Possibilities : ​


          GrowID : VerdantGate
          World description : Once upon a time there was a wanderer named Giorno. He was visiting a village but, there was something strange about the village. Many residents there felt dizzy all of a sudden, the village head in that village decided to do an expedition in the forest because there was something strange in the forest. Giorno who was interested in the expedition joined in and began exploring the forest with the village head. Can they fins the cause and the villagers?
          - PZ Jammer
          - Weather Machine - Jungle
          - Ghost Charm
          Attached Files
          Daily Challenge Possibilities : ​


          • MadMewMew presents
            Click image for larger version  Name:	satansarena.png Views:	235 Size:	630.8 KB ID:	6944370

            SATANSARENA (Planner Version)
            Click image for larger version  Name:	unknown.png?width=936&height=563.png Views:	8 Size:	529.7 KB ID:	6936024

            -SATANSARENA is Free-For-All Hell/Halloween themed game world using the Game Generator, two or more players must be in the world to start playing, but more is better! Fight in the actual area where you are supposed to fight (in the big red circle) or fight where the audience is watching, There are more area to move around but there is a chance to be killed not from a player but from the environment, so pick your strategy and Good Luck winning!

            World Includes:
            -Basic Jammers
            -Last Man Standing Game Set-up
            -Weather Machine - Heatwave
            -Antigravity Generator, mobility when playing.

            Fun Facts:
            -The world has over 2000 Block Glue Placed and Over 2000 Paint - Bucket Red Painted insuring the best possible designs
            -The world design overall is a perspective based when looked at the render, pretty neat!
            -All of the mannequins are detailed in terms of the clothing they wear with the most expensive clothing used by the mannequin is the Devil Wings!
            -The monsters used for the world are all unique, having any correlation with any other designs are unintentional.
            -World also used a Unobtainable Gross-out Block!
            IGN: MadMewMew

            Discord: Gey phemus#6243
            IG: madmewmew_gt


            • GrowID: AlfadhHilmy World: CROWNEXPLORER

              Click image for larger version

Name:	crownexplorer.png
Views:	140
Size:	533.3 KB
ID:	6947384

              1100 Years ago, there was an old kingdom in the middle of the wilderness. Many say that there is a legendary crown belonging to a king who ruled the kingdom for many years. Many archaeologists say that in 1109 there was a group of bone tribes who wanted to steal the crown, but all the members of the tribe died, they died not without a reason, because the kingdom was full of traps. And some of them disappeared for no reason.

              You are a member of the National Archaeologist. You are assigned with your partner to bring the Legendary Crown to the city museum to serve as historical evidence, and research.

              -Original story by me
              -Adventure items
              -Punch & Zombie Jammer
              -Guardian pineapple
              -Mini mod
              -Fire house
              -Some Cybot
              -Credit's board (Near white door)


              • WORLD ENTRY - "Corthar"
                World Name: Corthar
                GrowID: Corthar

                DESCRIPTION: "The player walks out of the castle, the player has to walk around or jump around the world with obstacles in the way making it harder, there multiple signs throughout the world which have a dark feeling to them, there are 4 signs to look for which give the players the 4 letter it needs to go in the VIP Area to finish the story with 6more signs to read and further explain to the player what they have just done. The whole concept of this is the fact that if you get lost, you lose your memories, your friends, but you still have your feelings. And they tingle to relatable or places that seem strangely familiar."

                More Info: "No wings required, the story is easier to understand once you finished and are in the VIP Area with the last 6 signs. Although it is a mature story, It's something people should watch out for, getting lost isn't something nice that happens, we should care more about the lost and keep having faith, instead of starting to not care and move on."

                World Specs:
                • Punch and Zombie Jammer
                • Ghost Charm
                • Alien themed items to make the environment more mysterious.
                • VIP Area
                • A beautiful castle-like SPAWNPOINT


                Click image for larger version

Name:	corthar.png
Views:	123
Size:	1,006.1 KB
ID:	6947412


                • TREEOFFALL for WOTD
                  World name: TREEOFFALL
                  GrowID: Clurry
                  TREEOFFALL is a challenging parkour with a story about how you woke up one day in the middle of fall and it didn't feel like fall at all. The trees were still green and the weather was still really hot so you decide to make a trip to the TREE OF FALL to get some answers. Your quest will not be easy at all, but you can do it Growtopian! Good luck.

                  World Contains:
                  - P Z Jammers.
                  - Xenonite Crystal so everyone can finish the world.
                  - Weather Machine - Autumn.
                  - Adventure Items.
                  - Password doors.
                  - Storyline.
                  - Difficult Parkour.
                  - World is a harvest blast to get into the fall spirit.
                  - A Bulletin board next to the white door giving credit to people and things that helped.

                  Click image for larger version

Name:	treeoffall.png
Views:	126
Size:	636.8 KB
ID:	6947431


                  • LATEPARTYNIGHT- A social world with various locations. A party theme based on a remote resort by the mountains with different building styles. World is reliant on full graphics for the best experiece as backgrounds and glowing blocks represents a loud and magical atmosphere.

                    BLARNEYREALM- A puzzle world with unique puzzles and different parkour levels. A blarmey theme based on a mysterious land full of mysteries and unique landscapings. Worlds difficulty is extremely difficult as it was intended to be challenging and good skills is a must to complete it and can be enjoyed if converting challenge from a frustration to a learning obstacle.

                    IGN: Cahtster


                    Click image for larger version

Name:	blarneyrealm.png
Views:	229
Size:	1.09 MB
ID:	6947576

                    Click image for larger version  Name:	latepartynight.png Views:	0 Size:	744.5 KB ID:	6947573
                    I love 美波 and ヨルシカ!

                    I wish I can sing and play like them
                    and I'm just your average friend!


                    • Nominating UNSOLVEDTRAGEDY for WOTD

                      ​​​​​​Heya ! Im Luxinia and I will showcase my world which gives you a new gameplay experience...

                      The story was about a 500 Years old unsolved case of tragedy​​​​​​... There is an island where explorer and investigators suddenly disappeared.. Now it's Rey's Team to investigate the sudden lost of communication to the previous team.. You will act as Rey the detective and team captain and solve the case which has been over 500 years..

                      This World Features:
                      *New gameplay experience which include mystery doors and story riddles..
                      *Creepy Vibe structures and mountains together with Creepy song...

                      *Gives you a vibe of being a detective if you read every boards and signs..

                      *Has Xenonite which blocks double-jump on the first world to give better experience..

                      *Has link world which simulates all the caves...

                      Click image for larger version

Name:	unsolvedtragedy(7).png
Views:	129
Size:	627.5 KB
ID:	6947604


                      • World name: MOURNFULSHADOWS
                        Grow iD: ASYREN

                        This world is about the twin house built in front of an abandoned house on the cliffs. The shadows of the houses give us the picture of spookiness it is at night. The world is a short parkour with challenges to it.

                        World Includes:
                        Punch & Zombie Jammers
                        Ghost Charm
                        Death Trap Wall
                        Adventure items
                        Apocalypse weather

                        Hope to win!
                        Click image for larger version

Name:	mournfulshadows.png
Views:	116
Size:	789.0 KB
ID:	6947641
                        LAZY BUT CRAZY
                        INSTAGRAM: ASYRENGT


                        • World : INVERTEDREALITY
                          GrowID : jakefarming

                          "Something is missing..." you said this phrase over and over again when you snapped back to reality. You escaped that twisted hallucinations; however, there is still something missing, then you SNAP. "I don't know anything about the twisted carnival. All I knew was the rumors," you said to yourself. You gathered up different sources: books, journals, news articles, and rumors about the twisted carnival. After finding a whole lot of sources, you decided to take a nap.

                          You woke up, feeling a little dizzy from that nap, and notice that you weren't in the library. You recognized where you are because you read the rumor about the "Inverted Reality." According to the stories, that the inverted reality has the memories of the carnival master, along with his journal. However, reality scattered the crucial entry that impacted the making of the twisted carnival.

                          World Features:
                          > P and Z Jammer, Ghost Charm, Fire House
                          > The World is completely INVERTED
                          > It's a prequel to TWISTEDCARNIVAL
                          > A lot of hidden spikes ( Twisted Spikes + Black Paint )
                          > 7 Journal Entry that will surely expand the story even more
                          > Medium - Hard Parkour
                          > Easy Puzzle ( I don't know if this is a puzzle )
                          > Credit & Story Board

                          Latest Render:
                          Click image for larger version

Name:	invertedreality.png
Views:	125
Size:	565.3 KB
ID:	6947696

                          Let me properly introduce myself,
                          Hello, My name is NotSoOldJake!
                          and I'm not even old...

                          *cough* 17 years old *cough*

                          IGN: jakefarming


                          • Click image for larger version  Name:	suffer logo.png Views:	0 Size:	215.3 KB ID:	6943626
                            World: SUFFER
                            Owner/GrowID: Dynnie
                            Admin: Mistrella (helped plan and build the world)

                            SUFFER is a hell-themed parkour world built by Dyn and Mistie. The parkour is challenging, but maintains a fair balance where the difficulty increases as you go further. A xenonite crystal ensures that everybody has an equal chance, and also helps to create a unique no-mods parkour. The world also takes advantage of the reduced hitbox on portals to create unique jumps. Each level has been tested and is 100% possible, though it will take multiple attempts to get through.

                            You have been banished to this hellish realm and are stuck here to suffer for eternity... You are offered a chance for freedom, however it will not come easy. You will need to pass the oppressive Trials of Suffering, made up of the Serpent's Trial and the Trial of Greed. Many will fail and give up in their endeavours, but those who perservere 'til the end will be granted freedom. Will you be one of the lucky few, or will your suffering truly be eternal?

                            - Hellish theme
                            - Blood-red heatwave weather, adding to the spookiness
                            - A storyline with a grim conclusion
                            - A challenging parkour
                            - Xenonite Crystal, all parkour powers are blocked
                            - Punch/Zombie Jammers and a Firehouse


                            hi I'm dyn and I love mistie 💘
                            IGN: Dynnie
                            Discord: Dynnie#3475

                            Avatar by the most wonderful Mistie, thank you so much! ❤️


                            • TREATYQUEST for WOTD

                              World Name: TreatyQuest
                              Growid: Botulinum

                              Story: While wandering from house to house, trick or treating, your neighbor tells you a legend about a Candy Pirate who has an endless bucket of candy. Anxious to get your hands on this bucket, you and your sister wander into the woods to find the Candy Pirate, blissfully unaware of the dangers that may lie ahead. Along your journey, you meet many spooky characters who help you find your way in exchange for yummy candy. Will you reach the Candy Pirate, or will you turn back empty handed...

                              World Contains:
                              -Punch and Zombie jammers
                              -Xenonite Crystal
                              -Fun facts about Halloween!
                              -Adventure items
                              -Winners area

                              Click image for larger version

Name:	treatyquest.png
Views:	151
Size:	311.3 KB
ID:	6947763


                              • World name: HONEYRACING
                                GrowID: bear9

                                Welcome to the hive where the bees fly around.
                                The world has lot of nectars around and 3 bees flying through their hive.

                                World has:
                                Race road
                                Xenonite crystal
                                Weather Machine
                                P/Z jammers
                                Pineapple guardian
                                (Challenge timer with prizes)
                                Vip room
                                Credits board
                                Start/End flags

                                Hope you all love the honey as I do.
                                Attached Files