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Nominate Your World for WOTD Here! [September - December Cycle]

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  • Click image for larger version  Name:	abyssaladventure.png Views:	80 Size:	293.9 KB ID:	6897913 World: AbyssalAdventure
    GrowID: xaertex

    The world is a linear parkour world, difficulty being: Easy-Medium [Requires double jump]
    Theme being realistic cave
    Brief description: You're stuck in a cave and try to get out.

    PZ Jammers, firehouse and a ghost charm.
    1 Secret for players to find.
    Speedrun + 1 life mode (For those who like to challenge theirselves)
    A tragic "story" if you can call it that.
    Invisible maze at the end, it cannot be seen from the render.
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      for WOTD!

      I'd like to nominate STAFFMEMBERS for WOTD!
      Grow ID: 7075

      World Description:
      STAFFMEMBERS is an informational world inspired from MODERATORS that includes colorful square-ish rooms for each Ubistaff member, in-game moderator and guardian! Each room involves short interesting facts & information of the current Growtopia Staff. Likewise, the world spreads awareness about fake moderator applications as well as phishing websites to educate new Growtopians and prevent them from entering those websites.

      This world has:
      >Credit board right above the entrance door
      >Colorful square-ish rooms for each Growtopia Staff Member
      >Fire, Freeze and Curse Wands displayed on Painting Easels

      >Weather Machine - Stuff
      (with a Curse Wand in it to match the world’s theme)
      >Punch and Zombie Jammers
      >Fire House

      Click image for larger version

Name:	staffmembers7075.png
Views:	149
Size:	290.0 KB
ID:	6897965
      Confidence is the key. If you do not believe in yourself, NOBODY will.


      • Nominating SPANTSBOBFAN for WOTD

        (World looks a bit wonky because of the Background Weather Machine in the render, looks better in the world)

        World Name: SPANTSBOBFAN
        GrowID: ballz

        Short Description of Story:
        It's set during the Medieval times. In your P.O.V. You are Atrius, one of the best knights known to man.
        The kingdom of Apkout is under attack by an evil king.
        You are sent out by the King to defeat this evil presence and restore Apkout to its former glory.

        This World Has:
        Basic Jammers (Punch and Zombie Jammers)
        Ghost Charm and Firehouse
        Pixel Art that is also a parkour
        Medium parkour difficulty (You will need wings to complete it)
        Fair use of adventure items
        A storyline to follow through
        Background Weather Machine
        VIP Room for Winners


        • GrowID: Rovie
          Click image for larger version  Name:	thewarpeddungeon.png Views:	90 Size:	631.1 KB ID:	6895564

          ​Some blocks are missing due to render issues!


          This adventure contains 3 interlinked worlds. The first world, ATROUBLEDMIND, introduces the story. The second world, THEWARPEDDUNGEON, is where the majority of the adventure is spent. The final world, THEWARPEDCONCLUSION, has an unexpected ending for players.

          Interlinked Worlds:

          Gameplay Features:

          Thanks for reading!
          IGN: Rovie
          Discord: rovvvie#4588

          pfp by topazi


          • Click image for larger version  Name:	IMG_20200906_175850_296.jpg Views:	0 Size:	314.5 KB ID:	6898014

            World name: COLLAGEOMETRY
            Grow id : ProfAzmi

            World name is CollaGeOmetry!
            The world doesn't have story, parkour, and xenonite crystal, but has a race, and unique obtacles. Render shows all collage and geometry in this world. Collage and geometry gave this world a name. There are unique race, secret passage game, diving board game, and obtacles in this world. Two jammer (Punch jammer and Zombie jammer) defensed the world.

            - 2 Jammer (Punch jammer and zombie jammer)
            - Unique Race, secret passage, diving board game.
            - Credits for growtopians, app, and world who help me.
            - Weather machine night
            - beautiful Collage & Geometry Art.

            Click image for larger version

Name:	IMG_20200903_075454_082.jpg
Views:	125
Size:	286.3 KB
ID:	6898016

            World name: HANGINGHOUSE
            Grow id : ProfAzmi

            The world has basic jammer and story. The world has creative hanging house. The world has unique puzzle to player. The world inspired by minecraft. The world has land with hanging flowers. The world has adventure items (5 idol). Two jammers (Punch jammer and zombie jammer) defensed the world.

            - Basic jammers (Punch jammer & zombie jammer)
            - Credits
            - creative Hanging house
            - new Art
            - unique mechanics
            - noreal history Story
            - Little parkour and puzzles
            - Land with hanging flowers.

            I hope my world shows on WOTD, Growtopia 🙂


            • DEMON AMONG US by CrushieCakes

              This world tackles about the 7 Deadly Sins, its meaning and how to avoid them.

              After regaining your consciousness, you found yourself in Hell. But you're not here for you are a sinner but because God himself sent you here to learn what are The 7 Deadly Sins (Lust, Gluttony, Greed, Sloth, Envy, and Pride) and how to avoid them, to save the people from committing too many sins. He chose you because he knows you can do this he trusts you so don't try to break that trust.


              -A Guestbook containing the whole story, and the whole credits.
              -PZ Jammers
              -Adventure Items
              -Mars Blast
              -Easy Parkour
              -Some Riddles
              -Clash Items
              -A Door that leads you to Sarkalla

              I want to say this once again Big Big thanks to the world "Sarkalla" for giving me Ideas, I so much love this world hope you visit it too

              PAWGATHERING by CrushieCakes

              Get the party started!

              Why not still go crazy and make your day always A PAW Day, This is a party place to relax, to have fun and to give yourself some time of appreciation. go party, go dance and go make some friends! Chill out and create the best memories with your pals.

              World contains…

              -A main Dancefloor in the middle where you can dance with everybody!
              -Dining Area at the left side, for those who are hungry from party-ing too much.
              -Pool party at the right side, for those who love to party in the water!
              -Resting Area below the Pool, where you can rest after a long party. (Hammock and Life Ring is not seen in the render)
              -A door that leads you to the Selfie spot, where u can take pictures as memories with your friends!
              -Zombie and Punch Jammer, Firehouse, Anti- Gravity, Weather – Night

              And thank you to my friend for supporting me to build this world I very much needed that support so thank you very much!

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              • Hello everybody!
                I am Submitting NEONDERBY for WOTD!
                Growid: RealGlykos

                This world Includes:
                • Xenonite Crystal
                • Punch and Zombie Jammer
                • 3 types of race tracks
                • Spectators and VIP area
                • Weathers
                • Pine Guardian
                • Firehouse and Ghost charm
                Attached Files


                • Hello Growtopians & Administrators!
                  I've updated and changed some things to add more details to the world.
                  I build this world solo and I hope this time it would be a lot nicer.
                  Make sure you tried it for yourself because it's better when you look from inside the game, haha.

                  So this is my nomination for WOTD:

                  Grow ID : SukaProjek
                  World : THEFORGOTTENCAVE
                  Click image for larger version  Name:	theforgottencave.png Views:	0 Size:	808.7 KB ID:	6894041

                  Here are the things that the world have :

                  1. Based on real life mechanics, size & logics (except for the pixel art, of course).

                  2. Mannequins as the character

                  3. Complete Jammers & Weather Machine.

                  4. Credits & Story Line near the white door.

                  5. Original tree designs.

                  6. Usage of many kinds of adventure item.

                  7. Usage of dimension blocks.

                  8. Normal Difficulty Parkour.

                  9. Dark Cave Background Maze.

                  10. Binary Code Puzzle.

                  11.Usage of obelisks & sun gate.

                  12. Pixel art of treasure chest that I built myself.

                  13. A Dimension block maze inside the pixel art.

                  14. Lastly, a VIP/WINNER area, of course!

                  Quick Story Line :

                  It's a beautiful day, sunny, bright & full of joy. You woke up from your bed and checked for your wife.
                  There's a knock on your door, oh it's the mailman! He must have been busy all day sending mails to people.
                  You checked on the mail and there's a letter inside! It's from Jim! Your father. He knows you love traveling
                  and going out for exciting adventures! So, he told you about a secret cave that many people
                  don't know. If you reach the end of the cave, there's a secret treasure waiting for you to be brought home.
                  But it's not easy to get there, you'll have to survive and make your way through the darkness & pain.

                  Are you brave enough? Will you be the first to bring home the secret treasure?
                  The cave are waiting for your presence to answer all those questions.

                  Thanks for reading and have a great day!

                  IGN : SukaProjek
                  a nub forumer n player
                  follow my ig:@sukaprojek_gt


                  • World: BIOMEESCAPE
                    GrowID: MagmaTrix

                    I am nominating BIOMEESCAPE for WOTD.


                    This world has unique design as it is divided into 7 sectors of different biomes.

                    Puzzle, Parkour, Story

                    Get your mind ready to become crazy as you get into higher biomes!.

                    You were sent into a spaceship for a challenge, to escape. Finding codes and passing through mini parkours is fun and its worth the time spent every time you finish a biome. These riddles needs you to be observative and sharp-minded about the surroundings to pass each biome.

                    This world includes:

                    - Puzzles
                    - Parkour
                    - Riddles
                    - Credit and Appreciation Board
                    - World Information Board
                    - 7 fun-packed riddled biomes
                    - A VIP Biome for those with intelligent minds who passed all the biomes.
                    - No main story included, but there are stories included in some biomes.
                    - Different themes and blocks all throughout the world.
                    - Different music blocks that are fit in each biome to enhance your experience while playing.
                    - Background Weather
                    - Punch Jammer
                    - Zombie Jammer
                    - Firehouse
                    - Ghost Charm

                    Latest Render:
                    Click image for larger version

Name:	biomeescape.png
Views:	142
Size:	465.3 KB
ID:	6898102

                    World: PTABLEOFELEMENTS
                    GrowID: MagmaTrix

                    I am nominating PTABLEOFELEMENTS for WOTD.


                    Have you ever wondered how can you memorize the elements while playing? Well, this world is fit for YOU, you can memorize the ELEMENTS while playing.

                    This World has only one Objective , -To help the player to gain more knowledge about the Elements.

                    Perfect for September (Science Month)

                    This world includes:

                    - Information about the Elements
                    - Credit and Appreciation Board
                    - Background Weather
                    - Punch Jammer
                    - Zombie Jammer
                    - Firehouse
                    - Ghost Charm

                    Latest Render
                    Click image for larger version

Name:	ptableofelements.png
Views:	112
Size:	133.1 KB
ID:	6898103

                    Im finding suggestions and opinions and i'll appreciate it if you try to visit the worlds too.

                    Goodluck to everyone!



                    • Ign : RealGecko
                      World: Hightreederby

                      World feature

                      -City design
                      -Pumch and zombie jammer
                      -Ghost charm
                      -Pine guardian
                      -mini mods

                      Attached Files


                      • Wotd Entry September-December Cycle World Name:INDONESIASURGERYS
                        Description:This World Is Inspired By World Named SURGERY,This World Was Made For Indonesian Player For How To Do Surgery,Because All Tips,How To Do Surgerys Prizes That We Can Claim From Surgery,Parkour,All Was Maded In Indonesia Language,Also If I Win WOTD,I Will Make Some World That Help/Make Easier Growtopian To Play This Game.
                        This World Also Contain:
                        Punch Jammer
                        Zombie Jammer
                        Ghost Jammer
                        Fire House
                        Thank You So Much!
                        Attached Files


                        • I would like to nominate LOCKSEVOLUTION for WOTD
                          -World: LOCKSEVOLUTION
                          -GrowID: YeetMeDaddy
                          -World Description: In this world you will know more about the locks in Growtopia.
                          The three locks we're gonna be exploring are: World Lock, Diamond Lock and Emerald Lock.
                          The world concept is simple, you're gonna dive through three levels. Each level will lead
                          you inside a lock and you're gonna parkour inside that lock till you get out of it, and get
                          ready to enter the next one. Good luck in exploring the locks, enjoy.
                          The world has:
                          -World Lock, Diamond Lock and Emerald Lock pixel art.
                          -Some interesting info written on signs, about the locks.
                          -Cybots and Tricksters.
                          -A coded level (You'll have to find and arrange the five
                          letters to pass the level).
                          -Punch and Zombie Jammers
                          -Ghost Charm and fire house
                          -Background weather
                          -A song
                          Last render of the world:
                          Click image for larger version

Name:	locksevolution.png
Views:	117
Size:	208.6 KB
ID:	6898128


                          • World Name: ATLANTISFLAMES
                            GrowID: ayielimao

                            It has been 5 years since GrowTech had their last breakthrough with their discovery of the ancient monoliths -- your team's project. Now, GrowTech has tasked your team with another important mission: Explore Atlantis. Underwater drones have detected a large mass of man-made structures down in the deepest depths of the Devil's Pit. Your job: Visit the lost wonder and unravel its many mysteries.

                            Render of the world:
                            ​​​​ ​​​​ Click image for larger version  Name:	atlantisflames.png Views:	0 Size:	441.5 KB ID:	6896038​PS: Space dirt isn't seen in the render

                            The world includes the following:
                            • Punch and Zombie Jammers, Ghost Charm, and Firehouse
                            • Undersea blasted
                            • An interesting narrative about an archaeologist's encounter with ancient history and knowledge
                            • A short but challenging parkour
                            • A victory room
                            • The use of adventure items
                            • Startopia v2 blocks
                            • Original "pixelart"

                            Instagram: @ayielimao
                            YouTube: ayielimao

                            Latest YT vid B)


                            • World: NATIONALZOO
                              GrowID: SamPotato

                              Zoo! Plenty of zoo animals (leashes & ridings) were displayed in this world! While players explore the world, they can read about over 50 animal fun facts.

                              The world includes the following:
                              -Animal leashes/ridings displaying
                              -Animal fun facts
                              -Interactive mannequins (zookeepers)
                              -Mysterious Jungle theme
                              -Antigravity Generator
                              -Punch & Zombie Jammer
                              -Weather Machine
                              -Credits board above white door

                              Render of the world:
                              Attached Files


                              • KRITIAS GrowID: KyutePie
                                World Name: KRITIAS

                                Alas traveler, you seek for more experience? Travelling across Leafre you stumble upon a cave! the cave leads to a small town called KRITIAS, where everyone is invited to Levian's house party. However you are required to bring a gift. Where do you find that gift? Only in the sacred tower of temple. Solve riddles and simple parkour to complete the map! Psst, there is an easter egg.

                                KRITIAS is a town in a map in the game MapleStory, I hope to bring back nostalgia to those who had played the game.

                                LATEST RENDER:
                                Click image for larger version  Name:	kritias.png?=707847.png Views:	0 Size:	512.2 KB ID:	6898305 LINKED WORLD:
                                Note: weather machine is snowy. Weather machine-Night is used to show the complete world without disruption of clouds.

                                WORLD CONTAINS:
                                Punch Jammer
                                Zombie Jammer
                                Fire House
                                Simple parkours
                                Dark cave parkours
                                Simple puzzles
                                Interesting game mechanics
                                A simple storyline
                                Another linked world
                                beautiful trees by Kranken

                                Special thanks to world funders: Proni2 and LostRiver. tree design by Kranken and many others
                                wrench bulletin board at the start to see all the contributions