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  • Note:Celebrity Hills and Eagle Statue not showing in render

    Hi Growtopian's I am nominating my world SONADVENTURE

    Storyline: A stranger left a note for you, a passageway that leads to unknown,You have lost your memory, and who you are,You'll need to find and solve this riddles,
    ​​​​As you find yourself remembering who you really are Now you need to find 3 Adventure items before everything gone

    The world has:
    Creditboard Adventure Door for credit world Original Story
    A windmill and 3 elements
    Punch jammer and Zombie jammer
    Starship camera
    Weather Machine-Celebrity Hill

    Fun riddles(clue each board)
    Parkour(easy, medium, hard)
    Use of Adventure items
    Use of obelisk and sungate
    All can play with or without wings
    Vip room for the winner

    This world,I build with love and effort Thank you to my friends who help me alot and the world I inspired all I give credit.

    Thank you for reading❤️❤️❤️📖
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      FOR WOTD!

      Click image for larger version

Name:	houseofvines.png
Views:	208
Size:	2.15 MB
ID:	6952222

      -The Story is intense on the middle part of the story.
      -Easy To Find the missing letters for password door.
      -Easy Ending Part Even No Wing Can Finish the parkour.
      -Story Line is Easy To Understand now.
      -But Some of New Blocks/Background Cant see!


      WORLD HAS:


      • ENTAILED
        Click image for larger version

Name:	entailed.png
Views:	196
Size:	1.30 MB
ID:	6952225
        Notes: Space Junk Dirts and Backgrounds do not appear in renders, added more features such as tomb robbers and parkour, more fixes for gameplay.
        "The land of the dead, going through an infinite loop suffering entailed the revelations of a young souls fears. Going through his deepest thoughts, taking a backtrack to his bitter experiences while he is still living and finally accepting his situation at the end.
        - Punch Jammers, Zombie Jammers, Firehouses, and Xenonite Crystals
        - Song : Lacrimosa
        - An Interlinked world - ENTAILED2
        - Usage of Adventure Items
        - Features a one-of-a-kind narrative storyline
        - Creditory Board

        World: ENTAILED
        GrowID: ProdigyDawn
        GrowID: ProdigyDawn
        IG: @prodigydawn


        • World name: SWORDOFKINGARTHUR ​​​​ ​​​​​​
          GrowID: XearZ

          Story about the world : You're a traveler who's seeking for the truth of the SWORD OF KING ARTHUR. You stumbled across a woman that is inneed of help of her sick son. The woman invited you to follow her into the woods. As you reach the woods, she started laughing hysterically and revealed to the traveler that she was a witch. Without hesitation, the witch casted a curse that made the traveler shrink and he is now stuck in being tiny. After everything that has happened to the traveler, he still continued to seek the truth of the SWORD OF KING ARTHUR.

          The world includes:
          -Story about seeking the truth of the SWORD OF KING ARTHUR
          -Easy to Medium Parkour
          -Adventure Items
          -VIP/Finisher's Room
          -Zombie Jammer
          -Punch Jammer
          -Weather machine - St. Paddy's Day
          -Ghost Charm
          -Credits on the bulletin board near the white door

          LATEST RENDER : Click image for larger version

Name:	swordofkingarthur (5).png
Views:	187
Size:	1.18 MB
ID:	6952265


          • Nominating THEDAYWEEXTINCT for WOTD!

            (the empty space has space junk that doesn't show on the render)


            THEDAYWEEXTINCT. Why did we go extinct? All the humans are gone, city's are ruined and the earth is now the biggest graveyard in the universe. Youre a stranger that mysteriously woke up in the middle of the weird creatures attack. Youre mission is to find why and how did we go extinct.

            World Contains:

            -Unique and Original Story
            -Signs that has some information about the story
            -Unique Gameplay
            -Noob Friendly
            -Basic Jammers
            -Xenonite Crystal
            -Ghost Charm
            -Creditory Board

            Click image for larger version

Name:	thedayweextinct.png
Views:	202
Size:	1.96 MB
ID:	6952280


            • Re-nominating my World of the Day entry.

              GrowID: MOJYO
              World: THEBUSYCITY

              World Story:

              The BUSY CITY, known as the most polluted city in Growtopia. Because of that tourist and even locals doesn't want to visit this city due to its unhealthy lifestyle. Government let this city stay as what as it is because of its productiveness that keeps the economy stable.

              Your brother and his friend went to that place to make an research. And found out that they got lost and they are not with each other.


              World features:

              * Jammers - such as Punch, Zombie, Pineapple Guardian, Ghost Charm, Firehouse, Mini Mod, Security Camera and Xenonite(for fair gameplay).
              * Story Board.
              * Weather - Night.
              * Gameplay that has some dialogues(easy) - Trickster, cybot, portal game, password door with trivias and use of adventure items.
              * VIP Area - for those who will complete through the end.
              * Creditory Board.

              Click image for larger version

Name:	thebusycity (1).png
Views:	153
Size:	872.7 KB
ID:	6952290
              Thank you and wish us luck.


              • World : IslandOfMystery
                GrowID : JudgeX

                Story :
                It was a peaceful night, you woke up in a weird-looking island. You was dumbfounded as you did not know what happened. Of course, you need to escape this mysterious island before you have no energy. Let the journey begin!

                World Include :
                - Basic Jammers
                - Sungate
                - Friendly Parkour
                - Story
                - Credits Board
                - Adventure Items

                Thanks for reading, have fun! Click image for larger version

Name:	islandofmystery.png
Views:	150
Size:	450.3 KB
ID:	6952304


                • V Planner render V

                  Click image for larger version  Name:	submit dearinsom 1.png Views:	0 Size:	1.17 MB ID:	6949751

                  V The Real Render V

                  Click image for larger version  Name:	submit 4.png Views:	0 Size:	529.5 KB ID:	6949752


                  GrowID : Kkotnim


                  Many rumors about a teenager suffering from insomnia.
                  insomnia is a disease where a person has difficulty sleeping at night,and the causes are many,
                  one of which is (excessive fear of something).
                  even many medical experts who reveal that if, those who suffer from this disease can sleep soundly at least once in their life,
                  they have great potential in developing Down syndrome which can make sufferers fall asleep for a long time.

                  it is about a teenager,

                  about how he lived a life of suffering,

                  about the nightmare that snares,

                  about parental affection for something,

                  this is your story, liam

                  This World Has :

                  - Full jammer.
                  - Interesting and memorable storyline.
                  - Xenonite Crystal.
                  - Maze.
                  - Interesting parkours mechanic.
                  - Puzzles.


                  - This world continues with 2 other worlds.
                  I used darkcave background,
                  so the world in the game will look exactly like the world planner render.

                  - This world was made for all growtopians to have fun with this game.


                  • WOTD ENTRY "COLLEGGTION"

                    COLLEGGTION by VeeLatt
                    IGN: VeeLatt

                    World: Colleggtion Short Description: Easter Themed World and also a Collection world

                    World Contains
                    P and Z jammers
                    Ghost Charm
                    Anti-Gravity Generator
                    Info Board with credits
                    New Thanksgiving Blocks such as Pigeon
                    Most of Orange colored items

                    Click image for larger version  Name:	colleggtion.png Views:	0 Size:	917.2 KB ID:	6952434
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                    • THEMEHOUSE
                      Created by: FearLessCat
                      Imagine you want to go in a museum instead of painting and stuffs; in this world you will see a different kind of room for a specific annual event.

                      The main purpose of this world is to showcase every Annual event and shop's creativity packs on the game and also 8 pixel art included that you can take pictures inside. By entering the portal you will explore every event that had happened in growtopia starting from Anniversary event to Winter event.
                      Every room is worth taking a photo of.

                      The world consists of:
                      • Annual Event theme starting from January to December a total of 12 events
                      • Shop Creativity packs
                      • 8 Pixel arts that you can take a picture inside
                      • BASIC JAMMERS (Punch & Zombie)
                      • Ghost Charm
                      • Firehouse
                      • Oldest to Newest Annual event BLOCKS and ITEMS
                      • Credit board for the pixel art and world inspiration (Including World link for the world I've got inspired)Click image for larger version

Name:	themehouse.png
Views:	145
Size:	569.9 KB
ID:	6952462


                      • Resubmitting my world for wotd!

                        World name: LearnYoga
                        IGN: CursedYugi

                        World description: This world is solely focused on teaching Growtopians the history of Yoga in India and how it came into Western Culture. The world follows a cave theme at the beginning, which teaches the ancient start of Yoga and how it has evolved over time. Once you reach the end, there are boards describing the basic Yoga poses and how to successfully master them! These poses are then used in the Sun Salutation, one of the most commonly practiced yoga routines in the world! Scattered around the world are also random and fun facts about Yoga! I hope you enjoy.

                        World includes:
                        - Fun facts about Yoga
                        - Original cave theme that follows the history of Yoga
                        - Information on how to perform basic Yoga poses
                        - Easy Parkour and adventure items
                        - Basic jammers, autumn weather, and pineapple guardian
                        - Original pixel art
                        Click image for larger version

Name:	F1B343C0-92CB-41F2-A5E7-AB8001D426A8.png
Views:	149
Size:	591.7 KB
ID:	6952498
                        IGN: CursedYugi


                        • Hello everyone! Are you waiting for Christmas and presents? Do you miss so cold and snowy winter? If you want to celebrate Christmas everyday then I invite you to my world and celebrate with me! In this world is very cold, so take your warm clothes! There is a quiz game (you will need to read the text and answer to the questions, and you able to know some interesting facts about Christmas), interesting parkours and VIP room with Santa Claus house, slide room and the room where I answer to growtopians questions about Christmas and etc.This world is connected with other world, where is parkour! There is so hard...So, you need to have be calm nerves and go to pass parkour and reach V.I.P. Thank you! I'm waiting for you!
                          Grow ID: iGabre
                          World Name: LAPLANDD

                          World Contains:
                          -Weather Machine-Snowy Night;
                          -Antigravity Generator;
                          -Punch and Zombie jammers;
                          -Ghost Charm;
                          -Some interesting items used.
                          World has adventure parkour, simple parkour, quiz game, facts about Christmas, V.I.P room with other rooms. I'm so thankful to ErnisTsg. He was helping with this world! Love you all!
                          Click image for larger version  Name:	laplandd.png Views:	0 Size:	1.42 MB ID:	6952524

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                          • IGN: Lux || World: GOKUSHA

                            Prison, has puzzles. Run around as an inmate and solve the puzzles to escape. Avoid getting caught.

                            World has:
                            Basic jammers, pine guard, mini-mod, puzzles, and a bit of parkour with a new tactic,

                            Credits: Kranken, world. Zesty & Suslord, puzzle. naturetimes and charnocle, testers. eliaiscute, help.

                            Blocks are different and show up glitched on render. k.
                            Attached Files
                            Learn to love yourself, before you love others.
                            Instagram: @gt.mera
                            Discord: //#6666


                            • I would like to nominate my world DANGEROUSOFANUBIS

                              World Name: DANGEROUSOFANUBIS

                              GrowID: Brevity

                              There are treasure explorers, but when exploring in the pyramid, explorers are trapped in a room under the sand and there is no way out. The explores are looking for various ways to get out and very many obstacles when going through the journey. When in the middle of the journey, explorers meet anubis temple, where there are various treasures and a way out of the room.

                              Anubis art from google images

                              The World Includes:
                              - Punch Jammer
                              - Zombie Jammer
                              - Ghost Charm
                              - Fire House
                              - Heatwave - Weather Machine
                              - Adventure item for fun and code
                              - Anubis Pixel Art

                              Here the render world!
                              Attached Files


                              • Yes.
                                World contains a unique storyline about two Mountain climbers and their trip, Dont forget to take your torches with you, it is going to be pretty dark there!
                                Quiz-Password doors
                                Labyrinth, sometimes you have to chose witch way you have to go!
                                Pakour, for parkour lovers!
                                Weather-Snowy night
                                Credit board, under the storyline!
                                Vip, on the top of the Everest!


                                Click image for larger version  Name:	m0untaineverest.png Views:	0 Size:	1.10 MB ID:	6951533
                                Grow id: iigonub