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  • GrowID: nabikrebs

    "You were dragged into the darkness where the highest structures are built, where the evil elements are imprisoned and where the blood of dead flows.

    You were dragged here not because of your sins, it's for a calling to cast out the demons summoned from underworld.

    Demons are destroying everything and liberating the spirits and evil elements to sow terror in other worlds."

    Will you be able to cast out the demons? or you will just be eaten by the darkness?

    World features:

    ~Adventure items
    ~PZ Jammers
    ~Weather machine (Heatwave)

    World render:

    Click image for larger version

Name:	castingout.png
Views:	168
Size:	1.18 MB
ID:	6952638

    (Space junks are not visible in the render)



    • World name: HONEYRACING
      GrowID: bear9

      Welcome to the hive where the bees fly around.
      The world has lot of nectars around and 3 bees flying through their hive. Have fun!

      World has:
      Race road
      Song by Ecoides & JASACOMPOSER
      Xenonite crystal
      Weather Machine
      P/Z jammers
      Pineapple guardian
      (Challenge timer with prizes)
      Vip room
      Credits board
      Start/End flags

      Hope you all love the honey as I do, Yummy!
      Attached Files


      • Nominating THEMONEYHEISTS for WOTD.

        World name:
        GrowID: CoolZ
        World is built by me, and Kyutepie. And inspired by “Money heist” series.

        A group of thieves are planning a heist on a bank, but for the heist to be successful and for them to be able to break through the safe box, they must go in a mission. To collect the secret letters needed to encrypt the safe box. In order for the mission to be successful, they will go through 10 chambers of varying difficulty, those chambers might contain ONE or TWO secret letters. After the thieves encrypt the passcode, they will be able to access the safe box and steal the fortune. Do you think they will be able to pass through all the challenges that awaits them ?

        The world has all the necessary jammers:
        • Punch & zombie jammers.
        • Pineapple guardian.
        • Minimod.
        • Ghost charm.
        • Firehouse.
        • Credits board.

        World info:
        • 10 parkour chambers, with varying difficulty.
        • Bulletin boards to guide, and interact with the player.
        • Use of adventure items.
        • Interactive parkour & story.
        • Use of clash blocks.
        • Original song (Bella Ciao).
        • The world involves looking around the chambers to search for passwords.
        • VIP room.
        • Different parkour environments.
        • Mini race.
        • Pixel art, and parkour inside it.

        Credits: Kyutepie, Sinister, and Skeptra.

        Click image for larger version

Name:	themoneyheists.png
Views:	163
Size:	324.7 KB
ID:	6952725


        "If you're eating chocolate, then chocolate is eating you."


          GrowID: INSZ
          World : THEMAGICLAMP


          THEMAGICLAMP is an adventure world that inspired from Alladin, but it's not the same story. It's themed in Arab (Desert). This world tells you a story about a man named Aladeen that will change his life after he accepting a mission from Sultan (King) ​. The mission is exchange a golden idol for magic pineapple from Genie. But not that easy because he has to face so many obstacles that appear in the Cave of Wonders. The most dangerous cave in Arab. Actually Aladeen already know about it. But he thinks that carrying out this mission is a honor for him. So without any reconsideration he approve the mission.

          World contains:

          -Story and a simple Monologue
          -Credit and Special Thanks Board
          -1001 Nights TaleCastle Design
          -Pixel Art: Lamp from Alladin Movie
          -Anubis pixel art
          -Adventure parkour and Trickster maze
          -Punch and Zombie Jammer
          -Ghost Charm
          -Weather machine~Comet
          -Xenonite Crystal


          ​​​​​Click image for larger version

Name:	themagiclamp.png
Views:	151
Size:	548.9 KB
ID:	6952734


          • GrowID: Yimira
            World Name: RITUAL

            This story is about a Rural Village, where every year, there is an important day called Sacrificial Day. On Sacrificial Day, the village will have to choose one villager to embark on a journey towards the Tomb Of Demon to sacrifice a Cup of Wine, so that the demons will spare the village from the evil spirits and grants them peace and protection. However, over the years, the path towards the tomb of demons have been blocked off by huge dangerous vines. The chosen villager will have to embark on an alternate path which takes him through a secret dungeon, and a series of demon/hell related path all the way to reach the Tomb Of Demon and sacrifice the Cup of Wine.

            Fun Fact:
            There are rituals in real life that sacrifice a drink as an offering to a deity. This is called Libation.

            Extra Features:
            -Original Story
            -Intermediate ~ Difficult Parkour
            -Usage of All adventure items (e.g Rope, Torch, Goblet, Idol, etc)
            -Spooky Weather
            -Jammers (e.g PZ Jammers, Pine Guard, Ghost Charm)
            -VIP Area
            -Tons and Tons of Paint

            Render of the World:
            Attached Files


            • Re-nominating: THEAFTERTIME
              Interlinked with THEAFTERTIME2
              Ign: Krag

              Features include:
              - Story and credit board
              - Challenging parkour
              - Xenonite crystal
              - Basic jammers, pineapple guardian, firehouse, ghost charm, and etc
              - Recent event materials
              - Sungate (although easier in a group; It is possible alone)
              - Adventure items and clash items
              - Password puzzle
              - VIP room

              Whats new?
              - Xenonite crystal
              - Additional signs throughout the world
              - Refurbished story
              - Added more notes to the password puzzle, easier to understand
              - Painted the clouds
              - Painted the dimension blocks, so it blends better
              - Lowered the heatwave, easier to see for those who want to play on graphics high

              Click image for larger version

Name:	B622F5A9-2212-4569-8C8B-948D273F8DC9.png
Views:	159
Size:	777.7 KB
ID:	6952750Click image for larger version

Name:	131BC09E-9205-4374-BE97-6139E882B6B7.png
Views:	145
Size:	751.0 KB
ID:	6952751Click image for larger version

Name:	F67437C6-232E-4A45-8BC7-636AB9F2443E.jpeg
Views:	130
Size:	220.1 KB
ID:	6952752
              IGN: KRAG


              • TURKEYCOVE by PresDM (and others)

                A Thanksgiving-themed adventure world which has a storyline about a living myth (a giant turkey), moderate difficulty parkour, and trivia about Thanksgiving! Grab a friend and try to get to the objective together! Good luck, and happy Thanksgiving!

                THIS WORLD HAS:
                - Basic Jammers, Firehouse, Weather Machine
                - Unique storyline
                - Parkour
                - Trivia (Thanksgiving-themed)
                - Adventure items
                - Trickster mechanic
                - Sungate and Obelisk mechanic


                Click image for larger version  Name:	turkeycove.png Views:	0 Size:	1.43 MB ID:	6952759
                Last edited by Preseted; 11-25-2020, 04:07 AM.
                Quitted growtopia and forums, but I'm still active on Forumers United discord server.

                ~Farewell ~


                • Renominate my world for WOTD

                  World: LETLIFEBEBEAUTIFUL

                  GrowID: Zaewy

                  This world is built based on a 14-year-old Chinese boy who was diagnosed with Leukemia and how he lived his amazing life. I wanted to commemorate him because of his stubbornness to life. His life is short, but it's fulfilled with happiness(The story is quite long but it's all based on a true story). I've added some inspirational quotes about life to emphasize how our life is precious and why we should take a good care of ourselves. My hope was to help the people out there with pain to stay strong and live their life to be a better person which they always should be! And most importantly, STAY POSITIVE!

                  This world contains:
                  -Basic Jammers (Punch, Zombie, Ghost, Firehouse)
                  -Inspirational quotes
                  -Usage of tricksters
                  -Usage of Adventure Items
                  -Usage of Deathtrap wall
                  -Usage of Cybots
                  -Usage of Obelisks and Sungate
                  -Dimension blocks
                  -VIP area
                  -Inspirational story
                  -Credit board
                  -Link to the world that inspired me

                  Click image for larger version

Name:	letlifebebeautiful.png
Views:	118
Size:	1.22 MB
ID:	6952773


                  • GrowId: Prefine

                    World: TheoryOfGrowlactus


                    This world is a Growlactus themed world “which is why most of the blocks are invisible” it is a multi trivia world with riddles, adventure items, gates, Medium/Hard Parkour, and a catching story line.

                    World includes:

                    -Basic Jammers
                    -Credit Board Above White Door
                    -Fire house & Ghost charm
                    -Mini mod
                    -Cybot Parkour
                    -Rope Piton Parkour
                    -Adventure Items
                    -Startopia 2.0 Growlactus Update
                    -Clash Blocks
                    -Huge Vip Penthouse
                    -Medium/Hard Parkour
                    -New Portrait
                    Click image for larger version

Name:	theoryofgrowlactus.png
Views:	146
Size:	1.33 MB
ID:	6952782


                    • Renominate FIGHTWITHCRIMEWAVE For WOTD!
                      *Some Fixes And Additional Blocks

                      GrowID: Hungel
                      World: FIGHTWITHCRIMEWAVE


                      You Have To Rescue The Hostages Inside The Factory And Defeat all The Criminals Using The Superpower Card, Before You Start You Will Be Given 3 Life Points (Golden Idol)

                      Since The Last 3 Month, a Factory Has Been Taken By Criminal, Led By Almighty Seth, Inside The Factory There Are Several Workers Who Were Held Hostage By Them, Even The Police Failed To Rescue The Hostage And Failed To Take Back The Factory, The Police Ask For Your Help To Rescuing The Hostage And Arresting Almighty Seth.

                      Thanks To My Friend kirbyGTs For Helping Me! And Also Thanks To World CRIMEBAHASA For Providing Information About Crime.
                      World Inspired From FACTORYESCAPISTS

                      - Story And Credits
                      - Adventure Items
                      - Cybots
                      - PZ Jammers, Fire House
                      - Weather Machine - Background
                      - Againts Crime
                      - Mannequin And Crime Conversation
                      - Normal Parkour And Puzzle
                      - Gravity Well, Trickster, Deathtrap Wall, Storm Cloud, Up Up And Away Block

                      Render of The World ->
                      Click image for larger version

Name:	fightwithcrimewave1000.png
Views:	149
Size:	1.21 MB
ID:	6952787
                      Instagram: Hungel.GT


                      • World: GRIMRAPPER
                        Grow ID: JoetaroKujoh
                        World contains:
                        -P/Z Jammer
                        -Heatwave Weather Machine
                        -Firehouse to prevent fire
                        -Xenonite Crystal to make it fair
                        -Tons of coloured block/wallpaper
                        -Infinite Creativity and Fun

                        Plot: Grim was once a cheerful Death Angel. But unfortunately he was possesed by a spirit that made him had bad behavior and amazing Rap Ability. So you need to help him to break free the possesion and bring back his old self. I won't tell all the story here, so why don't you pay a visit to GRIMRAPPER and find it out yourself?

                        Click image for larger version

Name:	IMG_20201125_122433.jpg
Views:	124
Size:	822.9 KB
ID:	6952812



                        • Nominating my world for WOTD.
                          World Name: GROWCHESCAPE
                          GROWID: YuaMikamii

                          GROWCHESCAPE is a story between growch and human. Growch is kind and friendly when they are living with the villagers. One day, human decided to develop a igloo theme park and use growch to attract travellers for earning money. Growch realised and it became mad and starting to destroy the theme park. Some people was caught by growch and trapped as hostage. You as one rescue team are going to rescue them.

                          Credits: Thanks to WisdomBread and Dakrai for designing the world. A part of parkour idea from LEGENDARYMOUNTAIN-@Hamumu , creating portals which confusing players while enter it.

                          World includes:
                          -Story of growch and human
                          -Punch Jammer
                          -Zombie Jammer
                          -Ghost charm
                          -Weather Machine - Snowy
                          -Signal Jammer
                          -Pixel Art

                          Click image for larger version  Name:	125879855_466117981043408_2114259907798240879_n.png Views:	0 Size:	1.04 MB ID:	6952832
                          Last edited by HenryRM; 11-25-2020, 09:36 AM.


                          • XMAS2REMEMBER
                            GrowId : DaunKunyit
                            World name : XMAS2REMEMBER
                            Click image for larger version

Name:	xmas2remember.png
Views:	328
Size:	1.32 MB
ID:	6952862

                            2020 will be the year that we want to cancel but not to forget.
                            Many things happen in this one year.
                            Some lost their love one due to Covid-19.
                            Some haven't meet their father or mother since January because many country closed their border and they can't go home to meet their family.
                            This year Christmas Eve won't be the same like the previous year.
                            Maybe last year we can celebrate Christmas with our family, friends and relatives but this year its totally different.
                            For those who can not celebrate with their love one don't be sad, always remember "far away by sight but close by heart"
                            So Growtopians lets celebrate Christmas Eve this year virtually in world

                            Synopsis :
                            Santa Claus Is On His Way To Deliver The Christmas Gift To All Growtopians.
                            Suddenly the sleigh he was riding in lost control and he fell into a hail of snow.
                            what happen next?
                            You will find out what happen all the way in this fun journey through the fun pakour.

                            Not Interested in Parkour?
                            You can hangout with your friends inside Santa Claus Gift Bag.
                            Don't worry we won't turn you into toys

                            You also can watch other growtopians complete this astonishing parkour in our observation room located at santa eyes.
                            Celebrating Christmas in Santa Claus Gift Bag with your friends while "we wish you a merry christmas" song play in the background
                            sound great right?
                            Argh too many fun things in this world you should check it yourself.

                            So lets make this year Christmas "Christmas to remember!"
                            Hopefully next year we can celebrate christmas like normal.
                            Happy holidays and advance Merry Christmas to all growtopians!

                            This world has:

                            Punch And Zombie Jammer
                            Snowy Night Weather
                            Credit Board
                            Song Called "We Wish You A Merry Christmas"
                            Observation room
                            Hang Out Room


                            • ​​Nominating "FRIENDSHIPSTORY"

                              World name: FRIENDSHIPSTORY
                              GrowID: Dzez

                              Description: This world is focusing on the story of Androclus and the Lion, it's a story about a man who escaped, crept into a cave and became friends with a lion in the ancient times of Rome. It's a very heartwarming story, teaches people about the morals of a true friendship, and how times have changed.
                              The world is new people friendly, you do not need wings, nor' a speed item to complete it. It has been tested multiple times with or without helpful gear.
                              This is my first WOTD attempt and I was the only builder, so I built this world with love and passion.

                              World includes:
                              • Credit board
                              • Wonderful storyline
                              • PZ Jammers
                              • Ghost Charm
                              • Firehouse
                              • Weather Machine- Jungle
                              • V.I.P area for winners
                              • Features real ancient Rome buildings.
                              • Lion pixel art
                              • Tons of paint buckets used
                              • Some trickster levels
                              • 2 Adventure door levels

                              Does NOT have any portals linking to vend worlds.

                              Latest render:
                              Click image for larger version

Name:	friendshipstory render.png
Views:	124
Size:	1.24 MB
ID:	6952897



                              • V Planner render V

                                Click image for larger version  Name:	submit dearinsom 1.png Views:	0 Size:	1.17 MB ID:	6949751

                                V The Real Render V

                                Click image for larger version  Name:	submit 4.png Views:	0 Size:	529.5 KB ID:	6949752


                                GrowID : Kkotnim


                                Many rumors about a teenager suffering from insomnia.
                                insomnia is a disease where a person has difficulty sleeping at night,and the causes are many,
                                one of which is (excessive fear of something).
                                even many medical experts who reveal that if, those who suffer from this disease can sleep soundly at least once in their life,
                                they have great potential in developing Down syndrome which can make sufferers fall asleep for a long time.

                                it is about a teenager,

                                about how he lived a life of suffering,

                                about the nightmare that snares,

                                about parental affection for something,

                                this is your story, liam

                                This World Has :

                                - Full jammer.
                                - Interesting and memorable storyline.
                                - Xenonite Crystal.
                                - Maze.
                                - Interesting parkours mechanic.
                                - Puzzles.


                                - This world continues with 2 other worlds.
                                I used darkcave background,
                                so the world in the game will look exactly like the world planner render.

                                - This world was made for all growtopians to have fun with this game.