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  • GrowID: Acais
    World: GatheringBlue
    Quick Description:
    A once-in-a-generation comet passes, causing special crystals to spawn on a special hill. Both elders and youngsters of this quaint village await this rare event.

    A young growtopian journeys to find a special gift for someone he feels is as close to that of a family. To show his appreciation to her, but life isn't that simple is it? Well, not here...

    World Contains:
    ​​​​​Several cute builds :]
    A story with multiple endings
    A fun group of puzzles
    Freedom with modes of parkour (some parts are harder with dj than with hj and vise versa)
    Save point for people who dc midway.
    Click image for larger version  Name:	gatheringblue.png Views:	0 Size:	1,013.0 KB ID:	6952955
    Click image for larger version  Name:	gatherblue2.png Views:	0 Size:	1.15 MB ID:	6952956
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    Hi there,
    Im Açais.

    Building Material Shop @ 5PCS


    • MadMewMew and ItzEaglet presents:
      GIANTSTORERUSHClick image for larger version  Name:	giantstorerush.png?at=331149.png Views:	5 Size:	885.8 KB ID:	6952701

      -Purchase, Fight, Win!
      -Recreate the Black Friday experience by participating in GIANTSTORERUSH, GIANTSTORERUSH is a Capture-The-Flag + Free For All Hybrid, Where people will compete to who will buy the most items in the store! The way on how this is set up is first, the players will spawn on the shopping cart, If they want to "purchase" an item they need to look around and spot an item they want to "purchase", if the item has a flag placed near it then it can be "purchased", get the flag then it will be considered as a "purchase" by you. Once you acquired the flag, go straight to the cashier, there will be game goals placed there to "check out" your item then, it will make you respawn on the cart to do it all over again.

      World Includes:
      -A Unique Game Formula that is different than other PVP Worlds
      -Unique Pixel Arts inspired from existing items irl or items in Growtopia by ItzEaglet
      -Complete Set of Basic Jammers such as the PZ Jammers and Ghost Charm

      Tutorial World If People Are Confused About the Concept:
      Click image for larger version  Name:	gsrfornoobies.png?at=125199.png Views:	3 Size:	731.9 KB ID:	6952702
      -GSRFORNOOBIES is just a small simple tutorial world depicting the process on how to play the game, its the scaled down
      version of the main world so people can easily grasp on how the game works
      IGN: MadMewMew

      Discord: Gey phemus#6243
      IG: madmewmew_gt


      • "KENRICHPROGT" by KenrichPROGT

        World have:-
        • Parkour
        • Small story
        • VIP Room
        • Punch and Zombie Jammer
        • Ghost Charm
        • Fire House
        • Background Weather and other weather
        • Small description
        • Prize (sometimes)

        Its a Horror Castle parkour themed world
        Hope i win WOTD 😃
        And special thx to all the mods who are working as a team, making gt better and making the right things
        Good Luck to all other contestantClick image for larger version

Name:	kenrichprogt.png
Views:	120
Size:	240.2 KB
ID:	6952963


        • WOTD Entry - "DIGITALEXPLORER"
          GrowID : LuckJun

          World has Punch and Zombie Jammer
          Already tested by LuckJun (Owner).. It is possible to complete it
          Description :
          - It's a parkour adventure world
          - Has a storyline about stopping a world-threatening virus (no, not That virus.. its a fictional virus)
          - Uses the "search blocks" function on the "Growscan 9000" item to progress faster
          - Uses "Gravity Wells" to create interesting and challenging parkour jumps
          - Consists of a back and forth adventure parkour, requiring certain adventure items, etc.
          - Uses the "Digital Rain" weather machine
          - Uses a "Sungate" and 7 "Obelisks" in the final part of the parkour
          - Chaos themed world

          Click image for larger version

Name:	digitalexplorer.png
Views:	147
Size:	1.02 MB
ID:	6952965


          • Click image for larger version

Name:	PSX_20201125_213237.jpeg
Views:	137
Size:	606.6 KB
ID:	6953091

            Nominating THESWEETNIGHTMARE for WOTD

            Story :
            You woke up in your house just like usual. But wait, something is different. Purple haze is coming inside your house.

            Out of curiousity, you started looking for clues. Will you be able to find your way out of this world of nightmare?

            This world has :
            - Story
            - Xenonite Crystal
            - Pineapple Guardian
            - Punch, Zombie, and Signal Jammer
            - Weather Machine - Heatwave
            - Decent/Hard Parkour
            - No wing parkour type
            - Adventure items
            - Traps
            - Credits (Written in a bulletin board)

            Note :
            1. This world is linked to another world named THESWEETNIGHTMARE2 at the end of the world.
            2. This render looks quite messy (There's dirt) but it's already cleaned up by the time i finished rendering the world.


            • World name: TheViruse

              Growid: Luxery

              Description: You have been chosen to save humanity from an unforeseen event. Your first mission will be to get a crystal goblet in which the cure can be held in. However this crystal goblet is not easy to obtain, you must face off the worlds most lethal mountain. after this you must enter the jungle inorder to proceed to the place you need to be. The lab your looking for is heavily guarded with moving robots. However entering this lab will not be easy as only people native to the city may enter. Will you be the HERO that we need. Your memory is the key to your success on this journey.

              World specs:
              Punch Jammer and Zombie Jammer
              -ghost charm
              -guardian pineapple
              -Use of adventure items
              Click image for larger version  Name:	theviruse.png Views:	0 Size:	1.22 MB ID:	6953158


              • Nominating EVILKINGSCURSE for WOTD

                (World looks a bit wonky because of the Background Weather Machine in the render, looks better in the world)

                World Name: EVILKINGSCURSE
                GrowID: Ballz

                Short Description of Story:
                It's set during the Medieval times. In your P.O.V. You are Atrius, one of the best knights known to man.
                The kingdom of Apkout is under attack by an evil king.
                You are sent out by the King to defeat this evil presence and restore Apkout to its former glory by completing the parkour that awaits you.

                This World Has:
                Basic Jammers (Punch and Zombie Jammers)
                Ghost Charm and Firehouse
                Pixel Art that is also a parkour
                Medium parkour difficulty (You will need wings to complete it)
                Fair use of adventure items
                A storyline to follow through
                Background Weather Machine
                VIP Room for Winners


                • World name: HONEYRACING
                  GrowID: bear9

                  Welcome to the hive where the bees fly around.
                  The world has lot of nectars around and 3 bees flying through their hive. Have fun!

                  World has:
                  Race road
                  Song by Ecoides & JASACOMPOSER
                  Xenonite crystal
                  Weather Machine
                  P/Z jammers
                  Pineapple guardian
                  (Challenge timer with prizes)
                  Vip room
                  Credits board
                  Start/End flags

                  Hope you all love the honey as I do, Yummy!
                  Attached Files


                  • THEFALLENCHILD FOR WOTD

                    World: THEFALLENCHILD
                    Grow-ID: Pendulous

                    Features: -P and z jammers +firehouse +ghost charm+ snowy night weather
                    -story line based on the game UNDERTALE
                    -pixel art
                    -vip room
                    -New gt mechanics such as l grids were used
                    -Difficultly EASY-MEDIUM to help out new players (including tips)

                    Click image for larger version

Name:	thefallenchild.png
Views:	128
Size:	1.12 MB
ID:	6953254

                    Story line: Long ago, two races ruled over earth.
                    Eventually.. a war broke out between the two races. The Founders (HUMANS) and The monsters
                    After a very long battle.. the founders were victorious.
                    Then they sealed the monsters underground with a magic spell that eventually included evolved technology.
                    Many years later.. You decided to go on an adventure to mount Ebott. Legends say that those who climb the mountain and try exploring the "underground" never return...
                    The mountain has a big hole that leads to the underground, you stumble and accidentally fall into the hole!


                    • Grow ID: iGabre
                      Name World: LAPLANDD
                      I created a little story by myself:"Kidnapped Santa Claus by the Spirits of the Forest"

                      Before 300 years ago, were living a gnoms, who were working for Santa Claus. One morning they woke up and saw that Santa Claus is gone..Gnoms were so scared because till Christmas left only month! They tried find Santa Claus everywhere. They saw a Christmas tree and they asked: "Dear Christmas Tree, did you see Santa Claus?" Christmas tree answered: "No, I didn't. But go and ask the moon, where is Santa Claus! Because he knows everything!" They went through forests and snowdrift till they reach the moon. Gnoms were suprised! Because moon( sun brother) was so huge. They asked moon: "Dear moon, you see and know everything, can you tell us, where is a Santa Claus?" Moon said: "Yes, i know where he is. The spirits of the forest kidnapped Santa Claus! They hate Christmas and they did it." Gnoms became sad because they don't know how to defeat the spirits of the forest! So, pass this parkour, quiz game, defeat spirits, help Santa Claus and Christmas! (Turn on your imagination! Imagine, that you are in this story and in this time before 300 years ago).
                      World Contains:
                      -Xenonite Crystal;
                      -Punch and Zombie jammers;
                      -Ghost Charm;
                      -Game Generator;
                      -Weather Machine-Snowy Night;
                      -Antigravity Generator;
                      -Interesting facts about Christmas;
                      -Quiz(puzzle) game;
                      -Interlinked world (World Name POJUTIS;
                      -Winterfest Items used;
                      -Thanksgiving event items used.
                      With friend we made this world with love, spent hours and days to make it better and better. Thanks so much for ErnisTsg! He helped me so much!
                      Thank you all! Love you!!!
                      Click image for larger version  Name:	laplandd-1.png Views:	0 Size:	1.41 MB ID:	6953282

                      Attached Files


                      • My world
                        World contains a unique storyline about two Mountain climbers and their trip, Dont forget to take your torches with you, it is going to be pretty dark there! ​​
                        Quiz-Password doors
                        Labyrinth, sometimes you have to chose witch way you have to go!
                        Pakour, for parkour lovers!
                        Weather-Snowy night
                        Credit board, under the storyline!
                        Vip, on the top of the Everest!


                        Click image for larger version  Name:	m0untaineverest.png Views:	0 Size:	1.10 MB ID:	6951533​​
                        Grow id: iigonub


                        • Hi Everyone i am MamboyYourFavBoy. I am nominating my world called: GrowtoStartopia

                          Description: This world is a guide for Growtopians to do Startopia easily and could understand them well. This world includes all the descriptions starting from roles, achievements, startopia daily challenges prizes, prizes from each sector and lastly how to do the missions (with clear description of which tool should we use) Also we have also provide guides for Startopia V2

                          This World Contains:
                          -Punch Jammer
                          -Zombie Jammer -FireHouse
                          -Ghost Charm
                          -Mini Mod
                          -Antigravity Generator
                          -Weather Machine- Frozen Cliff

                          This World Contains Information about:
                          -Startopian Tools
                          (How to use them and their infos)
                          -Startopia Role items
                          -Startopia Achievements
                          (With details on how to achieve them)
                          -Prizes from each sector
                          (Heart of Galaxy)
                          (Desolation of Waste)

                          -How to Beat Growlactus
                          -Startopia V2 GUIDES!

                          *Some Blocks And Items Disappeared
                          Attached Files


                          • NYASARDIHUTAN for WOTD
                            GrowID : VerdantGate

                            World Story :
                            One day, there was a young man who wanted to have a treasure. He traveled around the earth in his ship. Until in the end, he got the treasure but, the treasure guard was angry and chased the young man. Can the young man return to the ship and come home safely?

                            World Features :
                            - Punch Jammer
                            - Zombie Jammer
                            - Ghost Charm
                            - Xenonite Crystal with speedy effect, double jump effect, block use of powerups
                            - Firehouse
                            - Weather machine - Arid
                            - Challenge timer 21 Minutes with prizes
                            - Gateway To Adventure
                            - Adventure Barrier
                            - Adventure Brazier
                            - Adventure Idol Gate
                            - Adventure Item - Banana, - Golden Idol, - Key, -Torch
                            - Adventure Pedestal
                            - Angry Adventure Gorrila
                            - Locked Adventure Door
                            - Bountiful Items
                            - Cracked Stone Slab
                            - Deathtrap Wall
                            - Dimension blocks
                            - Gravity Well
                            - Mud Puddle
                            - Slippery Flag Pole
                            - Credits board in the near of white door

                            THESOUTHERNSEAS for WOTD
                            GrowID : VerdantGate

                            World Story :
                            Nyi Roro Kidul, is a legendary Indonesian spirit or goddess who is very popular among the people of Java and Bali.
                            Nyi Roro Kidul was originally a daughter of the Sunda Kingdom who was expelled by her father because of her stepmother. Nyi Roro Kidul's position as Ratu-Lelembut of the land of Java is a popular motif in folklore and mythology, as well as being associated with the beauty of Sundanese princesses.

                            World Features :
                            - Punch Jammer
                            - Zombie Jammer
                            - Ghost Charm
                            - Xenonite Crystal with Long Punch Blocked & Long Build Blocked to make it harder to take the adventure items
                            - Undersea Blast
                            - Adventure Items
                            - Gateway To Adventure
                            - Fossilized Spirit Block
                            - Credits board in the near of password door
                            - People can access the story only by using the password door

                            DRAGONSINSOFWRATH for WOTD
                            GrowID : VerdantGate
                            World description : Once upon a time there was a wanderer named Giorno. He was visiting a village but, there was something strange about the village. Many residents there felt dizzy all of a sudden, the village head in that village decided to do an expedition in the forest because there was something strange in the forest. Giorno who was interested in the expedition joined in and began exploring the forest with the village head. Can they fins the cause and the villagers?
                            - PZ Jammer
                            - Weather Machine - Jungle
                            - Ghost Charm

                            World name : THEBIGFOSSIL
                            Nickname : VerdantGate

                            World description :
                            One day there was a shepherd who was thirsty, then he found a well. But who would have thought, that the well had a mysterious tunnel and he began his journey here.

                            World Include :
                            - Punch Jammer
                            - Zombie Jammer
                            - Ghost Charm
                            - Weather machine Jungle
                            - Some dimension block in the last stage
                            - Adventure Items
                            Daily Challenge Possibilities : ​


                            • MrMamboy
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                              Wanjay bisa 2world langsung?

                            • Warfreak10
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                              1 world yg sama / 3 day klo lu punya world beda bisa sekalian

                          • Hello I want to nominate my world to World Of The Day and hope you guys enjoy my world!

                            Click image for larger version

Name:	dreamofthefuture (11).png
Views:	132
Size:	1.03 MB
ID:	6953318
                            World Name : DREAMOFTHEFUTURE
                            GrowID : Chiser

                            Story :
                            There is a child named Kevin who born in an era that wasn't familiar with advance technology, he's a good boy and always want to help his parents. One day he wanted to help his father, after that he wanted to watch his favourite cowboy movie, but the film was over, so he decided to go to bed because he felt tired. When he was sleeping he had a dream suddenly about beautiful future in a city called Cyberton City.
                            In a city there is villain named Zach who is planning the energy absorption proccess in his base to build many of his robot creation which is called a cybot to destroy and control the city. Zach also stole his sister named Viora, so that the plan of Zach didn't fail. In this city that can cancel his plan by entering the 8 digit energy source code, only Viora knows the code, because she succeeded in creating energy source and cyborgs.
                            The cyborgs can't go to Zach Base because the place is very far away and the cyborg is created from using the energy source which makes its power limited and the portal created by Dr Bob is not yet perfect, only 100% humans are can enter the portal to the Zach Base and this is Kevin's chance to go there using portal and he promises to save Viora and Cyberton City.

                            This world has :
                            - Story and Credits.
                            - Punch and Zombie Jammer.
                            - Ghost Charm.
                            - Fire House.
                            - Puzzle.
                            - Medium Parkour.
                            - Adventure Items.
                            - Holographics.
                            - Cybots.
                            - VIP room for the winners.

                            Good Luck Everyone!


                            • THYSEN for WOTD 🍃
                              Click image for larger version

Name:	thysen (4).png
Views:	136
Size:	483.1 KB
ID:	6953341

                              Long ago, a gate was created by the strongest wizards in the world. This gate was made accessible to anyone who seeks to travel back in time or in the future. As a lone kid, you wish to see you're family even if the odds are not on your favor.

                              Take on this journey towards the mythical Thysen Gate in this forest! The thysen gate is being protected by a wizard, only those who have pure intentions can access the portal. Go and wish to see your family once again!

                              World contains:
                              *Creditory Board
                              *Story Guides
                              *Xenonite Crystal (Blocking: Double Jump and High Jump)
                              *Punch Jammer, Zombie Jammer, Ghost Charm, and Fire House
                              *Original wooden house structures
                              *Tomb Robber (cleansing of adventure items)
                              *Celestial Thysen Gate VIP/Finishers Area
                              *Parkour Gameplay (Medium Difficulty)
                              *Trade style gameplay (mini-stalls)
                              *Interactive telephone gameplay
                              *Slippery Pole Gameplay
                              *One riddle
                              *Original life quotes
                              *Proper terrain blending
                              *Usage of prehistoric blocks
                              *Usage of cyboys
                              *Usage of adventure items
                              *Usage of clash blocks
                              *Weather Machine - Comet
                              A demon never hides - therefore lurking in the beneath of the abyss, now bow down you puny little mortals!

                              IGN: Zytran
                              World: ZYTRAN
                              Instagram: @zytran_gt