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Nominate Your World for WOTD Here! [September - December Cycle]

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    IGN: Sweaz
    YOU are placed in the shoes of a child chasing a naughty dog, which appears to have snatched your moon cake! Tomorrow is Harvest Festival and you won’t have your moon cake to celebrate with. ​ BUT don’t be sad, throughout the world, information about the event is scattered in signs with visuals. So you now won’t get bored chasing that dog of yours. Speaking of that, go now before your dog runs far!
    Throughout the world, you will find various tips and information about the upcoming event Harvest Festival 2020. I created this world, along with some friends, to provide new and old players with information facts about the event. The event is right around the corner and I hope that this world gets showcased!
    Special thanks:
    Thanks to 4pounds and MxrkYT for providing me materials and helping me build the world.
    Pixel arts inspired from Grow Wiki fandom page
    Musical Gong pixel art: credits to beware666, owner of MUSICALGONG (has a door leading to the world)
    Lanterns pixel arts: credits to Smirky, owner of LADAKHFESTIVAL (has a door leading to the world)
    Thanks to some special friends for giving some fun facts on Harvest Festival
    Thanks so much for those who inspired me to build the world
    World Contains:
    Punch and Zombie jammers
    Night weather-machine
    Fire House
    Security Camera
    Autumn-themed event / Harvest Festival items
    Credits board with linked doors
    Parkour (easy)
    Story and narration
    Painted blocks
    Pixel arts (Harmony mooncake, sky lantern, musical gong)
    Signs filled with information about Harvest Festival
    (some blocks are not rendered in sadly)
    Sorry had some issues on posting with image render
    Click image for larger version

Name:	9-9 render.jpg
Views:	139
Size:	1.01 MB
ID:	6898815


    • World name: SnowyWinterPalace
      Grow-ID: Caviered (Owner and Builder) & Dieliver (Admin and Consultant)
      You woke up, feeling numb all around your body. Furthermore, you don't know where you are! You explore the whole place, and find it fascinating! Turns out everything you see is owned by a special yet well-known male figure around the world! Except, everything is simulated in your mind when you're dreaming, creating this realistic view all around you! The view you see are rather Winter-ish though it isn't actually Winter! You then roam around the place with this male figure and one of his 3 pets, finding out that he has 4 season palaces to live in every season, and he was currently in his Winter Palace to visit someone and also get his favorite snacks (which had ran out in his Summer Palace). You then found a way to exit this dream with his help, in which, is by completing every obstacles and leading you to end up in the underground base! Several questions are held into by you until finishing the whole thing from this point on: "Where am I?" and "Who is this figure?".
      This world features:
      -A lot of new yet creative and intricate designs on the architectures and parkour,
      -Filled with a whole pack of one-road-fantasized-story which can be read throughout the world,
      -Newbie-friendly (parkour isn't hard at all based on the latest trials by several rookie parkourists),
      -Easy-solving puzzles, using adventure items such as Bananas and Key,
      -A guestbook above the white door to check on the story's synopsis, also credits and information about us and the world,
      -Last but not least, most importantly we had placed a Punch jammer, a Zombie jammer, a Signal jammer, a Ghost charm, a Firehouse, and also a Snowy night weather machine.
      We hope that we can get this world to become a WOTD since it've been our dreams for a while now, and now we are truly confident and ambitious. We also revamped several parts of the world. Thanks!!!

      Click image for larger version

Name:	snowywinterpalace (1).png
Views:	123
Size:	1.10 MB
ID:	6898820


        Grow ID:

        Click image for larger version

Name:	thesunsetgrove.png
Views:	138
Size:	793.9 KB
ID:	6898838

        (edit: updated)

        - Fun Puzzles hidden within the Sunset Grove trees
        - Usage of Adventure & Clash Items
        - P&Z Jammers
        - Guardian Pineapple
        - Xenonite (for new players to enjoy as well)
        - Ghost Charm
        - Vague yet mysterious dialog throughout the whole world
        - Storyline
        - Usage of Cybots

        The Sunset Grove is the home of hundreds of trees that is nurtured by one tree: The Grandfather Grove Tree. Each century, the Grove summons a person near it's vicinity to do one thing and one thing only: Collect the Bountiful Idols that can nourish, help grow, and maintain the Grandfather Grove Tree in it's fullest form. These people who do these tasks are called "The Gardeners" and are usually highly praised after they do complete. The Grandfather Grove Tree handles and controls the color of the grove so if whatever reason The Gardener has not given the four idols, the colorful grove will turn into withered trees and monochrome trees that'll dearly affect the appearance of the Grove and will later turn into a dry land. Now please, complete the task! It's our only hope!
        IGN: kroakie



          GrowID: INSZ
          World : THEMAGICLAMP


          THEMAGICLAMP is an adventure world that inspired from Alladin, but it's not the same story. It's themed in Arab (Desert). This world tells you a story about a man named Aladeen that will change his life after he accepting a mission from Sultan (King) ​. The mission is exchange a golden idol for magic pineapple from Genie. But not that easy because he has to face so many obstacles that appear in the Cave of Wonders. The most dangerous cave in Arab. Actually Aladeen already know about it. But he thinks that carrying out this mission is a honor for him. So without any reconsideration he approve the mission.


          In the land of Arab, there lived a young man named Aladeen. He was an adventurer that has explore many places in his life. One day he got a mission from Sultan. The mission was gave to Aladeen with a purpose to save Sultan's life because he got an unknown disease. The mission is exchange the golden idol for magic pineapple from genie.

          World contains:
          • Story and a simple Monologue
          • Credit and Special Thanks Board
          • 1001 Nights Tale
          • Castle DesignPixel Art: Lamp from Alladin Movie
          • Anubis pixel art
          • Adventure parkour and Trickster maze
          • Punch and Zombie Jammer
          • Ghost Charm
          • Weather machine~Comet
          • Xenonite Crystal


          Click image for larger version  Name:	themagiclamp.png Views:	0 Size:	550.9 KB ID:	6898848

          Thank you for reading my post! Hopefully you love it.


          • NOSTALGIAVILLAGE ​​​​​​

            Hello and good day growtopians! today, I will present my world to be nominated as WOTD September 2020. I am happy to show you guys my creations and thank you also for making time to read my post! let us respect each other and also appreciate the works of other creators.

            With that being said,

            here are the information needed for the World Of The Day contest:

            World name: NOSTALGIAVILLAGE
            Grow ID: WaterNice

            Short description: Purpose of the world is to teach the main character to realized that time before it becomes a memory (yes I got it from Dr. Seuss). I also wanted to make the main character feel nostalgic and happy for what little things he has. Even if its little, even if its only 2 of them, it still counts as a family if you care about each other. The story teaches us about moving on, courage and hapiness.

            Latest render of the world:
            Click image for larger version  Name:	nostalgiavillage (1).png Views:	34 Size:	577.5 KB ID:	6894277

            ​ ​​​​​​
            World features:
            ~Weather Machine - Night
            ~Punch jammer
            ~Zombie jammer
            ~Ghost charm
            ~VIP room for the winners
            ~Adventure items (such as key, rope etc.)
            ~Bountiful blocks
            ~Signs to indicate the player's location
            ~Creditory board (near the white door)
            ~Some clash blocks (Dimension block and Garden Trellis tunnel)
            ~Chain link fences

            Whats new?
            I revamped the land formation to make it like a plateau and below it is a cave where people could enter. I also added chain link fences as a design in the cave and added some bone spikes and painted it green to blend in with the grass around it.

            Thank you guys for making time to read my post, It really means alot to me knowing that people are seeing my post and give their opinions about my creation. Also, goodluck to all WOTD contestants!
            My Face When I Won A Giveaway


            About Me

            My Goals

            If You Need Help Or Question Don't Bother Ask Meh I Will Answer ASAP


            • World : JunTasks
              GrowID : JunHongYT

              Click image for larger version  Name:	juntasks-4.png Views:	0 Size:	479.3 KB ID:	6898948
              Tells a boy name Jun and his beloved mother who has a serious cough. Sadly, there is no pharmacy near his house. Without any choices, Jun decided to travel from his house all the way to the pharmacy as he could get some medicine. It seem hard, but this is the only way to get his mom cured, without knowing how dangerous the outside world is.

              World Has :
              - Normal Parkour
              - Cybot & Trickster
              - Adventure Items
              - Sungate
              - Creditory Board
              - Interesting Storyline
              - End Area

              That's all, thanks for reading <3
              GrowID : JunHongYT
              Instagram : @jun_hong_gt
              Youtube : Jun Hong


              • Re-nominating WORLDLYSINS for WOTD

                GrowID: Luxinia

                In the demon realms, the demon god's son which is the demon king were reincarnated through generations. Every hundred years after the past demon king died, new king was born with half demon half human blood. You will act as Rey who inherit the blood of the demon who got transported to the demon realm. How will Rey act in this situation?

                Features :
                Mars Blast
                Basic Jammers
                Fire House
                Ghost charm
                Trickster gameplay
                Halloween blocks
                Riddles and codes
                Sungate and obelisks
                Have a connected world

                Goodluck to all Builders! Click image for larger version

Name:	worldlysins.png
Views:	102
Size:	660.6 KB
ID:	6898976


                • World: EASTERDAY2020
                  GrowID: ISKADI
                  Description: This is an Easter theme world. I built this world by myself. In this world You can get some informations about Easter Event. This is also an adventure world, which has storyline and parkour. And at the end of the story, there is a hangout area for who has finish the parkour.
                  I really wish that I could win. :$
                  -PZ Jammers
                  -Fire house
                  -Ghost charm
                  -Snowy weather machine
                  -Original pixel art (rabbit, eggs, rainbow, etc)
                  -Original story
                  -Adventure items
                  -Block glues used
                  -Pineapple Guardian
                  -Sungate (team or solo)
                  -Clash blocks and Easter Event blocks
                  Click image for larger version

Name:	easterday.png.jpeg
Views:	110
Size:	926.2 KB
ID:	6898978
                  IGN: ISKADI
                  Main world: ISKADI
                  I played GT since: June 2014
                  Follow my IG


                  • IGN: Zerefs
                    World: ChessGame

                    The world consist of three major part which is :
                    1) Chess PVP maze with your friends
                    2) Chess puzzles
                    3) Chess Information

                    Info : Chess is a two-player strategy board game played on a checkered board with 64 squares arranged in an 8×8 grid. The goal of the chess game here in growtopia is to beat your foe or friends within the time limit.

                    Mechanics : This is a maze inspired by chess that you can play with a friend or foe. You must choose either you want to be on the White or the Black side, aside from trying to beat the game, the main goal is reaching the end of the maze faster than your opponent.

                    Directions: You and your friend must choose white (left) or black (right). You will be put on the side you chose as you start to race. Note that the parkour is flipped. The person who finishes the races with the least time is declared the winner, thus, checkmate.

                    Indonesian Translate: Anda dan teman anda harus memilih anda akan ditaruh ditempat yang anda pilih untuk balaparan. Perhatikan bahwa parkour terbalik. Orang yang menyelesaikan lomba dengan waktu paling sedikit dinyatakan sebagai pemenang, dengan demikian, skakmat.

                    Additional Info: The world will help you explain how does chess really works in real chess game.

                    This World Contains :
                    - Z Jammer
                    - P Jammer
                    - Night Weather machine
                    - Ghost charm
                    - Maze
                    - Chess Hall/ Chess social hall
                    - Information About chess
                    - Puzzles
                    - a 1v1 game with a friend ( can be play multiple times)
                    - A mirror maze
                    - Time Game
                    - No music ( since Chess game is all about silencity)

                    The Information about chess tackle about:
                    - How does pieces work?
                    - Chess Pieces Value
                    - Chess Rank Titles
                    - Top 15 Chess Grandmasters ranking of 2019 with ELO ratings
                    - How to improve at Chess?
                    - Top 10 best places to play chess online
                    - 18 Best Chess Engines of 2020 [ Based on Their Ratings ]
                    - Top 10 Best Openings for White
                    - Top 10 Best Openings for Black
                    - The two most important question in chess which related to Strategy and Tactics
                    - Where does chess originated
                    - What is the main objective of chess?
                    - 10 tips to become a Chess Champ
                    - Who is the greatest chess player of all time?

                    Puzzles 1 & 2
                    Click image for larger version

Name:	chessgame.png
Views:	131
Size:	195.2 KB
ID:	6898991
                    IGN: Makarow & Zerefs ( Both are my account )
                    LVL: 117
                    HOURS PLAYED: 8000+Hours
                    PLAYED GROWTOPIA: APRIL 13,2013
                    GUILD : Otaku

                    GUILD WORLD : GuildParty

                    1. Sponsor an Anime Items
                    2. Get all Nami's Item
                    3. To sleep 8 hours a day


                    • Nominating world NATURALHOPE for WOTD

                      Naturalhope is a nature (includes also things that are risk to nature) themed interactive story world with several endings. You can change the story by going through doors (Gateway to adventure). Good luck trying to get all the endings!
                      ~ Parkour
                      ~ Puzzle
                      ~ Story
                      ~ Unique features
                      Everything you need for a good adventure world.

                      The story in a nutshell:
                      You are going to explore the nearby forest with your friend Jacob. While you're walking, Jacob starts talking about his life and you can't stand him. Now you have to make the most important choice in the story. Should you be kind or mean? (Actually, the world just starts at this point...)

                      Click image for larger version

Name:	naturalhope.png
Views:	113
Size:	1.09 MB
ID:	6899012

                      World includes:
                      - Basic jammers (punch jammer, zombie jammer, firehouse, ghost charm)
                      - Bountiful blast's "weather"
                      - Vip areas for every ending
                      - Credits (left side of the start house)
                      - Can be completed without wings or high jump-items
                      - Has checkpoints (of course...)
                      - Unique design but have some inspiration from world "FRESHGRASSLANDS"

                      My GrowID: MrOliivi


                      • PRODIGYDAWN by prodigydawn
                        latest render:
                        Click image for larger version

Name:	prodigydawn.png
Views:	124
Size:	788.2 KB
ID:	6899029

                        Notes: Nerfed the parkour a bit so some players won't have to restart their progress. Space Junk Dirts aren't visible in renders. World Features,

                        - Punch and Zombie Jammers, Ghost Charm, Pineapple Guardian, Firehouse, Minimod
                        - A Xenonite Crystal
                        - Public Wrench Area
                        - A short, yet challenging parkour for VIP room
                        - Creditory Board
                        GrowID: ProdigyDawn
                        IG: @prodigydawn


                        • World: CONFUSINGPINEAPPLE Growid: OzZED

                          Click image for larger version

Name:	confusingpineapple (3).png
Views:	136
Size:	1.01 MB
ID:	6899033

                          World has:
                          -Jammers (Punch, Zombie, Pineapple Guardian)
                          -Parkour (Normal/Hard)
                          -Biology Facts

                          Upon a time, Jono's extended family came to his house. A big meal celebration will be held at Jono's house to welcome his family.

                          Jono's mom wanted to make lots of pineapple ice. His mother told the younger siblings to take pineapples from Grandpa's garden in the forest. But .. Little brother didn't want to go alone, then Jono was enthusiastic about going to accompany his younger brother.

                          When Jono and his brother were walking .. He saw a pineapple shoots that was towering very high. Instantly .. Jono looked up and immediately ran towards these pineapples.


                          • IGN: Paoloqt
                            World: Harvest Jungle
                            The world includes the following:
                            -Basic Jammers
                            -Ghost Charm
                            -Fire house
                            -Basic parkour
                            -Good pixel art
                            -Credits board on the white door
                            -Some guides

                            - You are the adventurer, and suddenly you found this mysterious jungle. These jungle is a Harvest theme i include some of the harvest fest items on growtopia on the last past few years. I also create the Moon pixel art to represent the Harvest Moon Festival that we all celebrating during the month of September.


                            • Hi! I would like to nominate my world UFOVILLAGE.
                              My IGN is Stuy

                              Context: You are a private investigator who spent his life dedicated to uncovering and learning about paranormal and extraordinary activities. After searching for the existence of UFOs for quite a long time, you get a tip that a cliff-side village has been dealing with strange UFO activities for a long time now. From your research, you find out that there are three statues in the village that, when all found, may possibly allow the user to find a UFO. With this understanding, you make way into the village, learning about the experiences of the residents, and searching for the statues!

                              World Includes:

                              Updated (New Fixes): Made the sky section more aesthetically pleasing and removed some spikes on top.

                              A detailed storyline and unique stories of UFO encounter from different villagers that allow for active exploration (NPCs).
                              Pixel art of a UFO (that serves as a VIP Room!).
                              Includes riddles and parkours. I used many different mechanisms such as deathtrap wall, gravity wells, up-up away block, sun gate, tricksters, the new ghost blocks, etc.
                              Includes new blocks from Startopia 2.0 (moon lamp, decayed statue) and SummerFest 2020 (hammock, inflatable dolphin, life ring, message-in-a-bottle), AND PAW 2020 (infinity weather machine and ghost blocks).
                              Facts about UFOs around the world!
                              Includes all the necessary jammers such as Punch Jammer, Zombie Jammer, Ghost Charm, Firehouse, and Xenonite (so the world is new-player friendly!).
                              Gave credit on the left side of the white door!
                              Used paint and checkpoints!



                              • Click image for larger version

Name:	adventureofthousandsunny.png
Views:	121
Size:	547.3 KB
ID:	6899147GrowID: alldaylose
                                World Name: ADVENTUREOFTHOUSANDSUNNY

                                This world has:
                                -punch+zombie jammers
                                -beach blast
                                -knowledge about how the thousand sunny is built.
                                -different adventure items
                                -challenging task including underwater parkour and adventure
                                -mini maze
                                -adventure items
                                -40minutes time limit

                                Explore inside the thousand sunny, the ship of the straw hat pirates from the anime one piece, built by Franky and the Galley-La foremens.

                                Have fun on your adventure with the straw hat pirates!