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  • HONEYRACING by bear9
    Have you ever been into bee's beehive?
    if no, there is your chance to taste climby/jumping blocks with a huge amount of nectar around..
    You will find 3 bees flying through their hive, listen to such incredible song that will steal your soul into the wonderful musicland,
    Then you can race with your friends, find the fastest honey lover or try the Challenge timer and win some chocolate bars, Good luck everyone!
    Click image for larger version

Name:	honeyracing (12).png
Views:	179
Size:	880.6 KB
ID:	6975091

    World has:
    P/Z jammers
    Vip area
    Ghost charm
    Pineapple guardian
    Wonderful song
    Challenge timer
    3bees flying through their hive
    (Xenonite Crystal - supposed to be right in the world, but due the glitch it can't be placed)
    Credits board and recordings board.

    Thx everyone, bye.


    • Introducing my main(Lovanos) for World Of The Day!
      Made by Lovano

      Enjoy your stay at this beautiful biome inspired by the mythical places in Iceland.
      This world has many things to offer, as example: A story about a small child named Lovano roaming around this world and finding lots of interested areas, A VIP spot to hang out there with your friends and many more things!
      Such as:

      - A parkour
      - Adventure items
      - Links to all my other WOTDS
      - All the required jammers
      - And many more things that you have to explore yourself!

      I also want to thank all my friends who supported and help me build this world!
      Their names are written on the credit board nearby the main door.

      For everyone who visits Lovanos,
      Enjoy your stay!

      Click image for larger version

Name:	lovanos.png
Views:	195
Size:	1.29 MB
ID:	6975105
      GrowID: Lovano
      IG: LamboUrus_GT


      • Nominating My World For WOTD!
        World Name :
        Ign : SanDisk

        Storyline :
        There is a festival called Sanpoji Daikon Festival that being held in the Northwest of the town. It is annual festival that serving 10.000 boiled radish in two days. You want to go there. However, your parent who is the Emperor does not allow you to meet with the town folk. So you are planning to run away from the castle to go to the festival. You are also looking for some items to help you out of this castle. Along the way, you will meet several people who you can help and talk to. Perhaps they will help you too...
        World Features :
        - Story & Credit Board!
        - Adventure Items Puzzles!
        - Tips About Winterfest Event!
        - 2 Different path options with different requirements that players can choose which one to begin first!
        - Portal Parkour!
        - Collecting Letters Side quest to make it easier to guess the last riddle!
        - Unique & Advanced Parkour Techniques!
        - VIP area for Escapers!
        - Deathtrap Wall Usage!
        Supporting Facilities :
        - Basic Jammers (PZ Jammer)
        - Ghost Charm
        - Mini-Mod
        - Firehouse
        - Pigeon
        - Weather Machine - Snowy Night

        Render Glitches :
        - New Blocks (Diamond Castle Stones, Diamond Regal Stairs, Diamond Regal Bannisters, Snowy Fences, Snowy Tree Blocks, and Pigeon)
        are changed into Disco Ball.
        - Space Dirt Backgrounds are not showed in the render.

        Latest Render :
        Click image for larger version  Name:	SAN_Attempt.png Views:	0 Size:	1.29 MB ID:	6975181


        • Nominating SQUIRRELJOURNEY for WOTD
          World : SQUIRRELJOURNEY
          Growid : Jec

          Story :

          The Scandentious Kingdom, led by King Robustus, was increasingly worrying, he enslaved and commited violence against his subjects. He already led the kingdom for about 1 year. We, as the people of The Scandentious Kingdom could not do anything but obey his orders . My uncle says there's only one way out. Someone has to go to the Lost Squirrel Town and look for Mysterious Shell right there. Someone who finds it will be elected to be the next king without election. But it's very difficult to find the Mysterious Shell in the Lost Squirrel Town because it's well known for its Dangerous Plants and an Enermous Acorn
          Will you be the next king of the Scandentious Kingdom and cease the deeds of King Robustus?

          Features :

          Basic Jammer and Ghost Charm
          Adventure items
          Bountiful blocks
          Hanging snakes and Lazy Cobra
          Credit and Story next to the white door

          (I've fixed a few mistakes before, now the world is ready to play)

          Nominating TOWNOFGINGERBREAD for WOTD
          Growid : Jec

          Story :

          You are an explorer, you got separated from your friends during the trip, then you found a small town that you have never seen before, you also try to get to know the culture of this town. Your main goal is to find out the culture and history of this town because it can be used as material for your next research as an explorer.

          Features :

          Basic Jammer and Ghost Charm
          Facts about some fruits and history of gingerbread
          Some new blocks, such as Winterfest Lantern, Windup Musical Box, Open Present Box, etc
          Animals, such as pigeon, buffalo, sheep, etc
          Story and Credit next to the white door

          (I'm really sad because the render in this world is broken, it's been 3 days since the render broke, i've tried to re-render it everyday but the results are the same, some parts are separate, some blocks are replaced with other things, and also the snowy night weather machine doesnt turn on in the render.)
          Attached Files


          • Hello, I am Carbonide and I would like to nominate my newest world "GLOOMYCLIFFS" for the World of the Day. I'm sure you will love it!


            Welcome young traveller to GLOOMYCLIFFS, a place where mysteries really occur and which have caused a lot of intrigue between its citizens. However, let me introduce you first into the city's story and its people. It all started in 1942 when the first settlers came to conquer America. During their journey, they found various extravagant places. That's when they got to know this valley till we know until today and where dreams, learnings and expiriences arrive everyday since because of all the mysteries our ancesters have had to deal with. This city is famous for its mine which provide special minerals. However, lately we have had some problems and we need your help. Would you be able to save this valley?

            Throughout the world, the character will investigate and search for the problem that has caused harm to the town. As well, he will meet new places and the people of the town which will lead him to know what's the problem.

            World Futures:
            • Fire House
            • Zombie and Punch Jammers
            • Ghost Charm
            • Autumn Weather
            • Puzzles
            • Parkour
            • Caves

            As well, this world includes some new and inovative concepts which are:
            • Shadowed Painted Trees
            • Shadowed Painted Train
            • All the buildings include shadows and a 3D perspective
            • New blocks mixtures for a desert world by using glue and paint

            Note: I used Space Junk Dirt, but it hasn't been added to the render system yet. Be sure to check it in game!

            Click image for larger version

Name:	gloomycliffs.png
Views:	174
Size:	1.24 MB
ID:	6975217

            IGN: Carbonide


            • SHANGHAHAI by voony

              Click image for larger version

Name:	shanghahai.png
Views:	163
Size:	773.9 KB
ID:	6975228

              Inspired from Shanghai, China. A world finance and cultural center.

              voony presents to you the partial part of Shanghai, China.

              What's in the world?
              ■Necessary Jammers
              ■Weather Machine-Stuff
              ■Creditory Mannequin
              ■Adventure Game
              ■Password Game
              ■Portal Game
              ■Cybot Game
              ■VIP Place

              Why should this world won WOTD?
              I watched a chinese drama, I got inspiration from it so I make it, I just want players to acknowledge the beauty of Shanghai, China.

              Additional Information:
              Since, Shanghai, China is a global financial hub. In relation to it, I put information on how to validate a credit card number manually. It's easy!

              Reduce the number of blocks that can kill players and make it growtopian-friendly world.

              Thank you!

              BUBBLYLAND by voony

              Click image for larger version

Name:	bubblyland.png
Views:	156
Size:	954.3 KB
ID:	6975229

              Bubbly Bubbles!

              Welcome to Bubbly Land, a place where bubbles are everywhere and a place where anyone is welcome to visit these fantastic land.

              Prepare yourself and an adventure awaits you!
              Sharpen your eyes!

              Thank you and best of luck!

              What's in the world?
              ■Gateway Adventures
              ■Adventure Items
              ■Bubble Machines
              ■Night Weather Machine
              ■World Finisher's Area
              ■Description Board
              ■Credit Board

              As you can see on the /renderworld, the world might look empty when you look it very far but when you zoom it, you will see the details of the world. That's the intended effect of my design.
              In-game Name: vooNY

              Instagram: @voony_gt
              Discord: voony#2432


              • World Name: LOSTCODE
                Grow ID: GrowSweg

                Nominating LOSTCODE for WOTD
                Description/Summary: Lostcode is about a Growtopian trying to find a lost code to get out of a nightmare he's trapped in.

                World Includes:
                • Required Jammers
                • Ghost charm
                • Parkour
                • Adventure items
                • Password/code
                • Pixel Art (Key)
                • VIP
                • Credit Board
                • Interesting Storyline
                Render Link:

                Click image for larger version

Name:	lostcode.png
Views:	162
Size:	919.8 KB
ID:	6975250​ ​

                Level: 91


                • World : DIMENSIONREALM
                  Growid: LearnToFamous

                  Description :
                  One time there was an accident while Michael and Tony were walking so it didn't feel like they were heading into the forest. There Michael and Tony enter a dimension they both don't know about. Until a while later they meet someone, they both ask how to get out of this dimension, that person tells them how to get out of that dimension. The two of them are ordered to find an object called a Dimensional Statue. The two people immediately searched for the object.

                  World Contains :

                  - Punch and Zombie Jammer
                  - Ghost Charm
                  - Weather Machine - Jungle
                  - Xenonite Crystal
                  - Credit Board

                  Renderworld :
                  Note : This World look empty, but if you look closely & u can see some blocks have painted.

                  Click image for larger version

Name:	12-02-36-dimensionrealm.png
Views:	166
Size:	1.37 MB
ID:	6975255


                  • Grow ID-CodyMac

                    World Name-MysticalWoodland


                    You and your brother (Timmy) have lived your entire lives staying away from the mystical-woodlands as you have always been told it’s incredibly dangerous, but as time goes on you hear rumors about an Artifact hidden in the forest that leads to infinite riches. So you decide to grab Timmy and navigate your way throughout the incredibly dangerous jungle ending up on cliffs, in caves, and even possibly lost in the jungle! You will meet characters such as Air-balloon pilot Ed and Fisherman Alex that will provide helpful information as tips to guide you on your journey!

                    The world is 100% possible without wings, air robs, or a parasol so any player can complete this world.

                    It is a story/puzzle/parkour world that features extensive details in the design.

                    World Features:

                    -Punch and Zombie Jammer,

                    -Ghost Charm,

                    -Fire House,

                    -Full a length song,

                    -2 Weather Machines (Snowy Night and Night)

                    -Adventure Items

                    -Basic cheat prevention in the form of dimension blocks. (It’s important to note this is not a flawless prevention system!)

                    -Medium difficultly parkour

                    -A interesting Story!

                    Also! The render features the “night” background but the main world will contain the snowy night weather

                    Click image for larger version

Name:	mysticalwoodland.png
Views:	145
Size:	1.14 MB
ID:	6975259


                    • World name: HUZIC
                      GrowID: N7ool

                      Somewhere there are people who live in snowy mountains where they all want warmth and snowy mountains full of big trees so that they have enough wood for warmth Join them for the cool and exciting experience and get some wood for them.

                      -P/Z Jammer
                      - winterfest items
                      Attached Files


                      • ReverieJump for WOTD

                        World: Reveriejump
                        Grow id : Jevl

                        World Contains:

                        ■Punch and Zombie jammers
                        ●Ghost Charm
                        ♡Weather Machine Snowy
                        ♤Adventure Items

                        Storm Cloud, Lunar Crater,Cracked Stone Slab
                        ♢Credit board & İnformation Board
                        ♡Winner Room
                        ♢Pixel arts
                        □Winter Theme
                        ♡Password Game
                        ♤Vip Room
                        □Music Box

                        Render :

                        Click image for larger version

Name:	reveriejump (4).png
Views:	179
Size:	969.0 KB
ID:	6975279


                        • Click image for larger version

Name:	IMG_20201229_152638_976.jpg
Views:	162
Size:	271.4 KB
ID:	6975330 ​​​​​On a quiet night in the future, there has been an attack in the city center by traitor soldiers, they want to take over the resources in the city center and kidnap the president, but there is a hero who is always loyal to the president, always loyal to the city, and always loyal. in his country, his name is..
                          the name of this world is THENIGHTFUTURE owner: Zeoxu

                          we are inspired by EMPIREIV by dalphi

                          what's in this world? :
                          - basic jammers (punch, zombie, ghost charm)
                          - medium parkour
                          - puzzles
                          - unique design
                          - adventure items
                          - credit and story board
                          - cybots


                          • Worth it Legendary Lock 5dl for Good Weather!! Love it!!
                            World: SELFIE2020
                            My GrowID: GALASTiZ
                            World with:
                            - Legendary Lock
                            - Antigravity Machine
                            - P & Z Jammer
                            - Ghost Charm
                            - Mini Mod
                            - CCTV
                            - Public Board
                            Attached Files


                            • NOMINATING "THECOLDLAND" FOR WOTD!

                              My main object is to teach players about Winter while they are enjoying this world 😊✌

                              World: THECOLDLAND
                              GrowID: FallSpirit

                              Winter has just started but instead of waking up in your cozy warm room and sitting with your family near the fireplace, you woke up inside a strange old cabin in a cold winter land where everything is covered with snow.
                              Now you have to explore this land and find the Mystic Snow Eagle that will fly you back to your home and family.
                              During you journey, you will meet a Siberian Tiger and a Snowman, both of them will help you find that eagle and give you informations about the winter season.

                              World Features:
                              - Song (original copy by me)
                              - Credit board (near white door)
                              - Story lines
                              - Pigeon
                              - Punch and Zombie jammers
                              - Ghost charm
                              - Weather Machine Snowy Night
                              - Firehouse
                              - Facts about Winter
                              - Winter Trees pixel art with manhole covers inside them
                              - Parkour, medium level
                              - Clouds (parkour on the top of them)
                              - Sungate, obelisks, gateway to adventure and adventure items are used
                              - Also used Winter Fest and Halloween items (new and old items)

                              Latest render of the world:
                              Click image for larger version

Name:	thecoldland.png
Views:	135
Size:	381.6 KB
ID:	6975503


                              • World: THEANCIENTCART GrowID: prodigydawn
                                Click image for larger version

Name:	theancientcart.png
Views:	159
Size:	1.01 MB
ID:	6975538
                                From the Black Friday World Building Contest, here is THEANCIENTCART, a game world with a shopping cart theme. The world also features a cart filled with my personal list of liked items with little explanations (you can read it when you're waiting for more players to start the game). Full guide to the gameplay is in the connected world.

                                - A set of Punch and Zombie Jammers, Ghost Charm, Minimod and a Xenonite Crystal.
                                - Game Generator and Adventure Items including Tomb Robbers for gameplay.
                                - Creditory Board, at the connected world.
                                GrowID: ProdigyDawn
                                IG: @prodigydawn