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Nominate Your World for WOTD Here! [September - December Cycle]

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  • GrowID: givors World: GIVORS

    Click image for larger version

Name:	givors.png
Views:	129
Size:	990.0 KB
ID:	6976429
    Connected World
    Click image for larger version

Name:	krampusfolklore.png
Views:	115
Size:	840.2 KB
ID:	6976430

    Tells about a child who wakes up from his sleep because there is a sound in his living room. He also approached his Christmas tree, very surprised when he saw a present under the Christmas tree. But it was not only that, besides the gift there was a letter written from Santa. It turns out that the letter contains a mission to help Santa because there is a problem, what is it? Let's find out..

    World contains:
    •Friendly Parkour
    •Adventure items
    •Punch & Zombie Jammer
    •Guardian Pineapple
    •Ghost Charm
    •Mini Mod
    •Some Cybots
    •Connected World
    •Credit's board

    Because Xenonite can't be used yet, I replaced it with several dimension blocks.


    • World: OZZED Growid: OzZED
      Click image for larger version

Name:	Capture.PNG
Views:	129
Size:	258.8 KB
ID:	6976444
      (im using my plan on planner as render, because the Bug Render)

      World has:
      -Vip Place
      -Gameplay: 2 way
      -Adventure items
      -Cybot items

      Hi everyone, this time I'm making WOTD for my main world. This world has the theme of deserts and ancient buildings, because this world is made based on the Legendary Lock that was just released. Thank you for reading, and hope you will visit my world.


      • Nominating THEMONEYHEISTS for WOTD.

        World name:
        GrowID: shstoke
        World is built by me, and Kyutepie. And inspired by “Money heist” series.

        A group of thieves are planning a heist on a bank, but for the heist to be successful and for them to be able to break through the safe box, they must go in a mission to collect the secret letters needed to encrypt the safe box. In order for the mission to be successful, they will go through 10 chambers of varying difficulty, those chambers might contain ONE or TWO secret letters. After the thieves encrypt the passcode, they will be able to access the safe box and steal the fortune. Do you think they will be able to pass through all the challenges that awaits them ?

        The world has all the necessary jammers:
        • Punch & zombie jammers.
        • Pineapple guardian.
        • Minimod.
        • Ghost charm.
        • Firehouse.
        • Credits board.

        World info:
        • 10 parkour chambers, with varying difficulty.
        • Bulletin boards to guide, and interact with the player.
        • Use of adventure items.
        • Interactive parkour & story.
        • Use of clash blocks.
        • Original song (Bella Ciao).
        • The world involves looking around the chambers to search for passwords.
        • VIP room.
        • Different parkour environments.
        • Mini race.
        • Pixel art, and parkour inside it.

        Credits: Kyutepie, Sinister, and Skeptra.

        Click image for larger version  Name:	themoneyheists.png Views:	0 Size:	324.2 KB ID:	6976465


        "If you're eating chocolate, then chocolate is eating you."


        • NATUREAWAITS by MinistrySucks (Allyssaaaa)

          Lost alone, places you've not discovered. You're on an adventure to discover what mother nature offers. Coming close to the end of your discovery, you hit a place where it's not like any other places. Floating islands,dangerous plants, hidden fotress.
          it's NATUREAWAITS!

          world consist of :
          noob friendly parkour( you don't need wings)
          pz jammer
          ghost charm
          usage of adventure items
          vip room
          and best of all, FUN! Click image for larger version

Name:	natureawaits (1).png
Views:	131
Size:	2.96 MB
ID:	6976482


          • Click image for larger version

Name:	17-01-54-thenightfuture.png
Views:	110
Size:	872.6 KB
ID:	6976511 GROWID: Zeoxu

            we inspired by EMPIREIV by dalphi

            On a quiet night in the future, there has been an attack in the city center by traitor soldiers, they want to take over the resources in the city center and kidnap the president, but there is a hero who is always loyal to the president, always loyal to the city, and always loyal. in his country, his name is...

            what's in this world? : - basic jammers (punch, zombie, ghost charm)
            - medium parkour
            - puzzles
            - unique design
            - adventure items
            - credit and story board
            - cybots


            • Nominating: THESLEEPOFENDLESS

              World name: THESLEEPOFENDLESS
              GrowID: Famia

              World includes:

              - Song: C471 - Sweden, (Minecraft theme)
              - Night Weather, PZ Jammers, Ghost Charm
              - Story themed adventure parkour
              - Puzzles with different stories
              - Clash Items
              - An are for winners
              - Possible to complete without wings
              - Adventure items
              - Enjoyable world (:


              You fell in a sleep and in order for it to end,
              and you to wake up, you have to figure out
              all puzzles and pass all challenges safe!
              Your heart will open the way from your sleep,
              follow where it leads you, and you'll wake up.

              Click image for larger version

Name:	thesleepofendless.png
Views:	116
Size:	1.18 MB
ID:	6976514


              • World Name: StarInformation
                GrowID: BillyChung

                World description:

                Starinformation was build for guide Growtopians who are new at Startopia and let them learn it easily.
                This world has all the information that growtopians need to know about startopia!
                -All Startopia reward/items display/information
                -All type of mission + step to fix
                -All Startopia tools/blast/components display/information
                -More for you to discover!

                World Features:
                -Punch and Zombie Jammers
                -Credit Board (Upside White Door)
                -Ghost Charm
                -Fire House
                -Security Camera
                -Weather Machine - Stargazing
                -Mini Game ( Test their parkour skill and understanding about startopia )
                -Growtopia Star Captain Role Logo ( From Growtopia )
                Click image for larger version

Name:	starinformation.png
Views:	100
Size:	824.8 KB
ID:	6976560
                Attached Files


                • Click image for larger version  Name:	l4dybug.png Views:	88 Size:	663.1 KB ID:	6956635​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
                  Nominating L4DYBUG for WOTD
                  GrowID: aloraa
                  the unpredictable journey of sonnie collier
                  on your way to the library one day you decide to visit your parents work space undercover (not the best of ideas)
                  follow her through a clumsy mysterious journey and discover the history behind her families workshop
                  World Contents: ❄
                  • Storyline
                  • Weather Machine - Snowy
                  • Basic Jammers
                  • Use of unique game mechanics
                  • Original riddles and puzzles


                  • Nominating MonoWinter for WOTD by xMojah

                    World Name: MonoWinter
                    Grow ID: xMojah

                    Click image for larger version

Name:	monowinter.png
Views:	110
Size:	846.9 KB
ID:	6976841

                    Winter is often multi-coloured.

                    What if it was mono-coloured?

                    How would it look like?

                    Maybe mono-coloured winter isn't so bad at all...

                    A new world that has an immense diffrence of shade...

                    One that will change the vision of humankind.
                    Will you take the challenge?

                    World Contains;

                    Punch / Zombie Jammer
                    Fire House
                    Ghost Charm
                    CCTV Camera
                    Unique Games
                    No Double-Jump, Speedy Mod Needed

                    Usage of Dimension Blocks
                    VIP For Winners
                    And More...
                    Last edited by CheybesALT; 01-01-2021, 06:18 AM.


                    • GrowID: Marshmarrow
                      World: TRIBALSACRIFICE (updated)

                      World Story: You are an agent sent out to retrieve 2 ancient catalyst being used to summon the eldritch horror hiding from the far depths of hell. Everyone in this town have gone down insanity, even worshipping the monster they summoned. Do you have what it takes to stop this abomination from wrecking havoc in the overworld? Are you committed and willing to risk your life? Take the test and find out.
                      DECAY - a poem by Marshmarrow (made exclusively for this world)
                      Dust to ashes, dusk to dawn
                      Life and death, which is which
                      All touched by the green mist,
                      ceases to exist

                      Present your pure self
                      To the one below the dirt
                      No point in struggling
                      No hope, no fear, nothing

                      Corpse eaten by the ground
                      No resistance, just pure acceptance
                      Resting and dreaming about nothingness
                      The nothingness dreams of you too

                      Sate your curiosity
                      Cave in to the mystery
                      Look beyond the all-ever black
                      Which no sun nor moon can light

                      Drown through the shadows,
                      sinking deep down into isolation
                      Everything here is in silence,
                      such a nice place to die

                      This world has:
                      Original poem
                      Engaging story
                      Near-complete jammers
                      Repulsive monster
                      Brain-trembling puzzles
                      Time-limited parkour
                      An original town design Click image for larger version

Name:	tribalsacrifice.png
Views:	118
Size:	716.2 KB
ID:	6976671 I know it's not in-theme with new year and christmas but it never hurts to try!


                      • World of the Day Entry!

                        World Name: Beethoven (Happy 250th Birthday, Beethoven!)
                        GrowID: Klavier

                        I will provide a brief description of the world and its purpose:

                        You've heard of musical showcases in Growtopia, but have you seen a world dedicated to classical music? For the past six months, our team has been working on BEETHOVEN so every Growtopian will have a chance to learn about the history of music. With epic music and a design by PHAETHON, we strove to create the best classical listening and learning experience with everyone.

                        Here is what the world has:
                        • Basic Jammers
                        • More world items like Antigravity and Weather
                        • Trivia Door, with VIP entrance
                        • Links to 100+ classical pieces
                        • Information Boards for every composer
                        • Design by PHAETHON
                        Click image for larger version

Name:	beethoven.png
Views:	122
Size:	931.7 KB
ID:	6976687


                        • HONEYRACING by bear9
                          Have you ever been into bee's beehive?
                          if no, there is your chance to taste climby/jumping blocks with a huge amount of nectar around.
                          You will find 3 bees flying through their hive, listen to such incredible song that will steal your soul into the wonderful musicland,
                          Then you can race with your friends, find the fastest honey lover or try the Challenge timer and win some chocolate bars, Good luck everyone!
                          Click image for larger version

Name:	honeyracing (13).png
Views:	130
Size:	884.9 KB
ID:	6976719

                          World has :
                          P/Z jammers
                          Vip area
                          Ghost charm
                          Pineapple guardian
                          Wonderful song
                          Challenge timer
                          3bees flying through their hive
                          (Xenonite Crystal - supposed to be right in the world, but due the glitch it can't be placed)
                          Credits board and recordings board.

                          Thx everyone, bye.


                          • GrowID: Meep
                            World: CheeryLand


                            The holidays are upon us in the little town of Cheery Land! As the name suggests, this time of the year is no joke. The townspeople live for Winterfest. Fluffy white snow blankets the entire landscape and you want nothing more than to go build Snowtopians. Unfortunately, your mother says you need to go into town and fetch some things in town first. Your mother won't let you go outside to play until you return with the goods. Harsh terrain blocks the path you'd usually take, so you'll need to go the long way... through the mountains. It's probably filled with danger, such as deadly ice spikes and crippling darkness, but your mother knows you can handle it. The people of Cheery Land are unusually friendly, so they will be more than happy to help you along your journey!

                            World has:
                            Fun holiday theme and story
                            Credit board
                            P/Z Jammers, Firehouse, Ghost CharmClick image for larger version

Name:	cheeryland.png
Views:	124
Size:	1.04 MB
ID:	6976725
                            IGN: Meep


                            • World Name: LOSTCODE
                              Grow ID: GrowSweg

                              Re-nominating LOSTCODE for WOTD
                              Description/Summary: Lostcode is about a Growtopian trying to find a lost code to get out of a nightmare he's trapped in.

                              World Includes:
                              • Required Jammers
                              • Ghost charm
                              • Parkour
                              • Adventure items
                              • Password/code
                              • Pixel Art (Key)
                              • VIP
                              • Credit Board
                              • Interesting Storyline
                              Render Link:

                              Click image for larger version

Name:	lostcode-2.png
Views:	131
Size:	952.6 KB
ID:	6976744
                              Last edited by GrowSweg; 01-01-2021, 12:26 AM.

                              Level: 91


                              • FAERIETALE

                                Once upon a time, You, a curious lad/lass, embark on a journey to discover the secrets of Gran'pa's lost fairytale. On the way, you find yourself living the fairytale, forced to find ways to get you back home from the mystical and jolly land of Gnomes.


                                Click image for larger version  Name:	faerietale.png Views:	0 Size:	1.02 MB ID:	6976798

                                Link World:

                                Click image for larger version  Name:	hairypwet.png Views:	0 Size:	954.6 KB ID:	6976799

                                NOTE: MOON LAMPS AREN'T SEEN IN THE RENDERS

                                The world features..
                                2 interlinked worlds that bind the story together
                                Riddles that will sure boggle that big brain of yours
                                Parkour that will sure exercise those fast fingers of yours.
                                The Essential Jammers (Punch, Zombie, Ghost Charm, Firehouse)
                                Xenonite Crystal just to make it fair for everyone :>
                                ..and Gnomes that live in the mystical lands of Faerie Tale

                                Hope that everyone who visits will immerse themselves in playing the world!

                                World Name: FAERIETALE
                                (Link World: HAIRYPWET)

                                Grow ID: Owley
                                Last edited by OwleyGT; 01-01-2021, 04:58 AM.
                                "Why fit in when you are born to stand out?"

                                I'm Owley,
                                A Growtopian since the 20th of August 2013.