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Nominate Your World for WOTD Here! [September - December Cycle]

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  • Hi! I would like to nominate my world UFOVILLAGE. My IGN is "Stuy."

    Context: You are a private investigator who spent his life dedicated to uncovering and learning about paranormal and extraordinary activities. After searching for the existence of UFOs for quite a long time, you get a tip that a cliff-side village has been dealing with strange UFO activities for a long time now. From your research, you find out that there are three statues in the village that, when all found, may possibly allow the user to find a UFO. With this understanding, you make way into the village, learning about the experiences of the residents, and searching for the statues!

    World Includes:

    Updated (New Fixes): Made the sky section more aesthetically pleasing and removed some spikes on top.
    • A detailed storyline and unique stories of UFO encounter from different villagers that allow for active exploration (NPCs).
    • Pixel art of a UFO (that serves as a VIP Room!).
    • Includes riddles and parkours. I used many different mechanisms such as deathtrap wall, gravity wells, up-up away block, sun gate, tricksters, the new ghost blocks, etc.
    • Includes new blocks from Startopia 2.0 (moon lamp, decayed statue) and SummerFest 2020 (hammock, inflatable dolphin, life ring, message-in-a-bottle), AND PAW 2020 (infinity weather machine and ghost blocks).
    • Facts about UFOs around the world!
    • Includes all the necessary jammers such as Punch Jammer, Zombie Jammer, Ghost Charm, Firehouse, and Xenonite (so the world is new-player friendly!).
    • Gave credit on the left side of the white door!
    • Used paint and checkpoints!



    • Nominating FallMemories for WOTD

      World: FallMemories
      Growid: Botulinum

      Story: Two years have gone by since your darling Hudson had passed. You were never able to fully recover from the grief that struck you when you heard the news. You had been married for just over five years and had known each other since you were very young. After closing yourself from everyone, you realize you cannot live this way anymore. One night, in a last attempt to get over your sorrows, you decide to remember all the times you and Hudson spent together. As you begin to doze off into sleep, you see all your fondest moments with Hudson flashing before your eyes...

      World Contains:
      -P and Z jammers
      -Use of adventure items

      (Space Junk does not appear on render so I added a world plan which is almost identical to the actual world bellow)
      Click image for larger version

Name:	fallmemories.png
Views:	126
Size:	397.8 KB
ID:	6904533


      • FUTUREFEVER for WOTD 🎬
        (2nd sequel for CAVEOFORIGINS)
        Click image for larger version

Name:	futurefever (3).png
Views:	161
Size:	370.7 KB
ID:	6904562

        Have you pictured out what the future would look like? Well, it would probably be like this - a techy world, a non-human community, robots, and even language manipulation. Jump into a different world with the found broken time machine - solve the morse!

        World Contains:
        *Short Dialogues
        *Background Story & Current Story
        *Creditory Board
        *Robotic Lock
        *Xenonite Crystal (Blocking: Double Jump, High Jump, Heat Resist, Long Build, Strong Punch, and Powerups)
        *Punch Jammer, Zombie Jammers, Ghost Charm, and Fire House
        *Morse Coded questions (e.g growtopia, life, history, and etc.)
        *Original building structures
        *Original futuristic emerald pixel art
        *Original working time machine pixel art
        *Parkour Difficulty: Medium
        *Confusing gameplay rotation
        *Tomb Robber (Tech-Stealer) gameplay
        *Free to roam VIP area for finishers
        *History of Morse Code
        *List of Morse Code
        *Futuristic World Design
        *Non-human mannequins
        *Usage of Digital Dirt
        *Usage of Cybots
        *Usage of Adventure Items
        A demon never hides - therefore lurking in the beneath of the abyss, now bow down you puny little mortals!

        IGN: Zytran
        World: ZYTRAN
        Instagram: @zytran_gt


        • "Wotd Entry"--MOONLIGHTSERENADES

          Story: You were camping at a Mountain and as you fell asleep you woke up in a lost town of luna and the only way to escape is to complete quests and go to the moon that grant any wishes..

          Disclaimer:This is my first time making a wotd entry world please dont judge my work,i am the only builder of this world

          World contains
          -Punch jammer
          -Zombie jammer
          -Painted blocks/spikes
          -Requires adventure item to proceed
          -A vip for winner
          -A Bonus prize(Complete the word by finding all the Gem signs which contains letter around the map)
          -Bulletin board of story,information

          If i won or lose ill still create more worlds hope you guys like it

          Attached Files



            IGN: frontieer
            World name: FORESTOFCURSEDFLAMES


            World Description;
            You were wandering around, searching for adventure, something to do. Time through time passed by and now you're lost in a forest. While you were trying to figure it out the way back, you accidently went through a gate which you thought were normal, but the truth is... it isn't. The gate made you enter a whole new dimension and turns out it was a cursed forest. Now the story depends on you, do you have what it takes to find the gate again so you can get back the old world?

            World Details;
            1. Complete set of jammers
            2. Medium Parkour
            3. Puzzles!
            4. A Bonus Puzzle with a twist
            5. Xenonite Crystal and mini mod
            6. Adventure items
            7. Rare parkour mechanics and combined
            8. Cybots, Hypertech Antigrav
            9. Djump and speed blocked!

            Good Luck to everyone too!, hope you like the world and enjoy the gameplay^^



              GrowID: SnowBlizter
              World: THEWINTERRESCUE

              -PZ Jammers
              -Weather Machine - Snowy Night
              -Winter clash blocks
              -Winner's area

              You decided to visit the north pole to see Santa. To your surprise, Santa was nowhere to be found. There was a trail of tiny footsteps and magical blue dust. You followed it and ended up here. You get the feeling Santa is somewhere around here, so you decide to explore.

              Click image for larger version

Name:	delet3.PNG
Views:	256
Size:	1.38 MB
ID:	6904654


              • WOTD ENTRY - TIMEDERBY

                World name: TIMEDERBY
                GrowID: Clurry
                Description: The other day while I was playing other people's derby worlds I decided to make one myself so this is my derby world that took me 10 hours to build it hopefully it becomes WOTD

                The world is everyone friendly so players who do not have a pair of wings or shoes that make you run faster can still finish the derby

                World also contains: Punch Jammer, Zombie Jammer, Ghost Charm and a longer than usual derby race
                WOTD submission


                • Hello Growtopians!

                  I've updated and changed some things to add more details to the world.
                  I build this world solo and I hope this time it would be a lot nicer.
                  Make sure you tried it for yourself because it's better when you look from inside the game.

                  So this is my nomination for September's WOTD

                  Grow ID : SukaProjek
                  World : THEFORGOTTENCAVE

                  Click image for larger version  Name:	theforgottencave.png Views:	0 Size:	808.7 KB ID:	6894041


                  Here are the things that the world have :

                  1. Designs & Story based on real life mechanics, size & logics (except for the pixel art, of course).
                  2. Usage of many mannequins, and lots of green paints.
                  3. Basic Jammers, Ghost Charm, Pineapple Guardian, CCTV & Weather Machine.
                  4. Credits & Story Line near the white door.
                  5. Original tree designs.
                  6. Usage of many kinds of adventure item.
                  7. Usage of some dimension blocks.
                  8. Easy-Normal difficulty parkour.
                  9. Dark Cave Background Maze.
                  10. Binary Code Puzzle.
                  11. Usage of obelisks & sun gate.
                  12. Original Pixel Art of Viney Treasure Chest
                  13. A Dimension block maze inside the pixel art.
                  14. Lastly, a VIP/WINNER area, of course!
                  Quick Story Line :

                  It's a beautiful day, sunny, bright & full of joy. You woke up from your bed and checked for your wife.
                  There's a knock on your door, oh it's the mailman! He must have been busy all day sending mails to people.
                  You checked on the mail and there's a letter inside! It's from Jim! Your father. He knows you love traveling
                  and going out for exciting adventures! So, he told you about a secret cave that many people
                  don't know. If you reach the end of the cave, there's a secret treasure waiting for you to be brought home.

                  But it's not easy to get there, you'll have to survive and make your way through the darkness & pain.

                  Are you brave enough? Will you be the first to bring home the secret treasure?
                  The cave are waiting for your presence to answer all those questions.
                  IGN : SukaProjek
                  a nub forumer n player
                  follow my ig:@sukaprojek_gt


                  • (The underground is a combination of space dirts and snowy rocks) (the space dirts do not appear on render)

                    World Name: YUSARIN
                    GrowID: Yusarin



                    -Adventure items

                    -Punch and Zombie Jammer

                    -Ghost charm and firehouse

                    -Infinite Weather: snowy and night

                    -Credits to people who helped me

                    -A cool and original storyline!

                    Storyline :

                    Since ancient times, the forest was known to be cursed.
                    But the truth is the forest was blessed by the gods.
                    Thus, the gods decided to create mystical creatures.
                    The mystical creatures were given a duty to protect the forest.

                    Throughout the centuries, the echanted forest has lost it’s magical spirit.
                    Although there are still mystical creatures living here.
                    They are fragile and weak.

                    Darkness has shadowed over the village in the night, and people are afraid.
                    The curse is growing worst everyday, which is damaging the forest’s beauty.
                    If this continues, the world will peril into darkness and people will suffer.

                    However, the villagers and mystical creatures hope for something.
                    They hope for a legend...
                    A legend that would break the curse.
                    A brave individual, a loyal, who can collect the essence of mystical power left in this world.

                    The task is treacherous, a tough journey ahead.
                    But again, this is a legend.
                    A legend that may ascend.
                    Attached Files
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                    • Nominating ADVENTUREOFUNDERSEA for World Of The Day.

                      World : ADVENTUREOFUNDERSEA
                      GrowID : Chiser
                      IG Name : chiser_gt

                      Story :
                      There is a nature lover who is eager to see into the ocean in a submarine alone, because he is not careful there is a collision and the submarine is damaged. Fortunately inside the submarine there is snorkeling equipment in the submarine, this nature lover feels challenged in this situation to face the various challenges to the surface safely.

                      This world has :
                      - Story board.
                      - Credit board.
                      - Medium Parkour.
                      - Adventure items.
                      - PZ Jammer.
                      - Ghost Charm.
                      - Firehouse.
                      - Undersea design.
                      - Some pixel art.
                      - Secret place.
                      - VIP area for the winners.

                      Attached Files


                      • PILLAROFERANOR for WOTD !!

                        World name : PILLAROFERANOR
                        GrowID : CaIIiope (Caiiiope)

                        Story :
                        The Wizards Association was trying to rule the world, and they had executed their very first step which is no other than getting rid of Xial. Xial was on the way to the Magic Tower until a group of men covered in black hoods appeared before him. It was an ambush. They casted a deadly spell on Xial. It was unexpected for him, even so, he tried to cancel the spell and vanished. The men who saw Xial vanishing assumed that Xial was dead and their job was done. On the contrary, Xial reappeared in a palace and reunited with his mother.

                        Render :
                        Click image for larger version  Name:	pillaroferanor-5.png Views:	5 Size:	408.1 KB ID:	6904726
                        This world is linked to PILLAROFERANOR2
                        Click image for larger version  Name:	pillaroferanor2.png Views:	5 Size:	289.5 KB ID:	6904727
                        The worlds contain :
                        Stories and Creditory Board
                        Basic Jammers
                        Xenonite Crystal
                        Hard riddles
                        Adventure items
                        Gravity wells
                        Sungate and obelisks (PILLAROFERANOR2)
                        A new concept of parkour (PILLAROFERANOR2) that includes :
                        Antigravity Generator Machine (PILLAROFERANOR2)
                        10 Tomb Robbers (PILLAROFERANOR2)
                        Gravity Wells (PILLAROFERANOR2)

                        Note : I don't know why the render has some white lines since the world itself doesn't.
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                        • NOMINATING : HETERODOXY

                          IGN : NatureTimes
                          World : HETERODOXY

                          You have been trapped into Heterodoxy's Land. Heterodoxy is your hate and your dark. He said no one have ever escaped from his
                          Land and died. Will you be able to escape from his land by his puzzles?
                          He has built hard puzzles for you to solve, escape from his land and reveal his secrets!

                          This world has:
                          - Basic Puzzles + Some explanation on how to do it
                          - Original Puzzles
                          - Xenonite Crystal
                          - Guardian Pineapple, PZ Jammer
                          - Secrets to be found
                          - Obelisks + Sungate

                          Click image for larger version  Name:	Heterodoxy render.png Views:	0 Size:	266.9 KB ID:	6904749


                          • Nominating SPANTSBOBFAN for WOTD

                            (World looks a bit wonky because of the Background Weather Machine in the render, looks better in the world)

                            World Name: SPANTSBOBFAN
                            GrowID: ballz

                            Short Description of Story:
                            It's set during the Medieval times. In your P.O.V. You are Atrius, one of the best knights known to man.
                            The kingdom of Apkout is under attack by an evil king.
                            You are sent out by the King to defeat this evil presence and restore Apkout to its former glory.

                            This World Has:
                            Basic Jammers (Punch and Zombie Jammers)
                            Ghost Charm and Firehouse
                            Pixel Art that is also a parkour
                            Medium parkour difficulty (You will need wings to complete it)
                            Fair use of adventure items
                            A storyline to follow through
                            Background Weather Machine
                            VIP Room for Winners


                            • UNEXPLORED CAVE
                              Grow ID: Neruu
                              World Name: UNEXPLOREDCAVE

                              World Description:
                              A legend was passed down in the Norman Village, the legend of a secluded cave in the east. It was where the legendary hero Edgar escaped when he was pursued by the demon king. It has been a few months then when that shocking event happened. Unexpectedly, you were chosen to explore the secluded ruins in the east, namely called Unexplored Cave. A journey is awaiting you and it is your choice whether you'll take it.

                              General Information:

                              1The world is inspired by UnexploredCitizen. 2UnexploredCave is a hardcore parkour where even surviving is difficult. Only three people out of ten would make it out alive. 3UnexploredCave has a few unexpected difficult tasks where you'll have a pretty hard time. 4The world's design is an original made by Neruu. 5It is equipped with basic jammers (i.e. Zombie Jammer, Punch Jammer, Firehouse).

                              World Render:
                              Click image for larger version  Name:	unexploredcave.png Views:	71 Size:	748.4 KB ID:	6892553​

                              Unique World Features:

                              1An inescapable game where you will be forced to choose whether to move forward or surrender. 2The adventure items are crucial and important to the plot. It is needed for you to make progress in the story. 3The plot is unique where you will realize that friendship and sacrifice comes together. 4The design of the world is new and refreshing.

                              Extra Notes:

                              1It took a long time before the world was built because of numerous revisions to its design and plot. 2The reviews are consistent and positive. 3There are also players who would attempt the difficulty of hardcore out of challenge.​


                              • A different kind of virus, the

                                IGN: Jyhnxx

                                MaliciousMalware is a parkour world themed around malware infections on computers. The world contains parkour of medium to hard difficulty and contains a good amount of checkpoints so hard parts of the parkour don't need to be repeated too many times. So.. hop on the code and see where it takes you!

                                World Features:
                                -Tips on how to keep your device safe from malwares.
                                -Noob Friendly, does not require anything to beat.
                                -Basic Jammers, Ghost Charm and Firehouse.
                                -Credit Board.

                                The render of the world itself does not look that great partly due to the fact that cave backgrounds don't work in the render. That's why I have two renders, one of the world normally and one modified render to look like it would in-game.

                                Normal render:
                                Click image for larger version  Name:	maliciousmalware1.png Views:	21 Size:	330.5 KB ID:	6900381
                                Modified render:
                                Click image for larger version  Name:	maliciousmalware2.png Views:	109 Size:	303.0 KB ID:	6901485
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