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Nominate Your World for WOTD Here! [September - December Cycle]

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  • Nominating my World for WOTD.
    World : TheLostVillages
    GrowId : PitKAiPitKAiPitKAi

    Story :
    1000 Years Ago, In a very peaceful village, And when one day the country of growthland, which at that time was the most feared colonial country, They came to the village however, one of their shamans decided to eliminate the village so that Growthland could not find out the village, And with their magic powder, they enveloped their village like ashes. And 1,000 years later, today, there is news about "The Lost Village" Legend has it that the village was not habitated, the whole world will disappear, forever ...

    World has :
    - Ghost Charm
    - Punch Jammer
    - Zombie Jammer
    - World Architect
    - And So Much Adv. Items

    I Wish I Win! Please Wish me luck y'all! Thanks
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      I am not sure for which reason my world has not won yet, but I have done my best in general structure, design and gameplay. This world does not feature a lot of mechanics, just a few riddles and parkour. I still persist in uploading my worlds, despite not having won yet. I hope you can please consider playing this world and to attentively read the story I have put much thought in. Thank you.

      Growid: BURNV3

      World contains the majority of jammers in GT, for example; P jammer, Z jammer, Ghost charm etc.

      Click image for larger version  Name:	pichillisland (1).png Views:	0 Size:	1.31 MB ID:	6917024


      • Nominating EVILKINGSCURSE for WOTD

        (World looks a bit wonky because of the Background Weather Machine in the render, looks better in the world)

        World Name: EVILKINGSCURSE
        GrowID: ballz

        Short Description of Story:
        It's set during the Medieval times. In your P.O.V. You are Atrius, one of the best knights known to man.
        The kingdom of Apkout is under attack by an evil king.
        You are sent out by the King to defeat this evil presence and restore Apkout to its former glory by completing the parkour that awaits you.

        This World Has:
        Basic Jammers (Punch and Zombie Jammers)
        Ghost Charm and Firehouse
        Pixel Art that is also a parkour
        Medium parkour difficulty (You will need wings to complete it)
        Fair use of adventure items
        A storyline to follow through
        Background Weather Machine
        VIP Room for Winners


        • World: LILYSDIARY
          Name: Chinitto

          You are reading a diary of a very ordinary girl whose life will one day take a different turn. Relationships with family, friends and herself are becoming tense. A good girl becomes a bad girl in an instant, without noticing it.


          - Mainly slide/surf parkour
          - Bit of normal parkour
          - Original story (storyline)
          - Usage of adventure items
          - Noob friendly (xeno allows you to double jump and run fast)
          - Winners room to chill with others and share thoughts of world
          - Pixel art - Credit board
          - Basic jammers, ghost charm, fire house

          World is somewhat challenging, so you have to figure out how to pass some places but it’s not hard


          • Hey everyone,

            World name: KRAMIE
            GrowID: Edibish

            World features include:
            - A storyline
            - Antigravity parkour (mid-hard)
            - Jammers (PZ, Ghost charms, and etc)
            - Adventure items
            - The use of recent blocks/materials
            - Credits
            - A chill and lovely song
            - Winners lounge

            Click image for larger version  Name:	kramie.png Views:	0 Size:	1.04 MB ID:	6917093


            • Disclaimer: Changed the name of the world...

              World name : FORSAKENCASTLE

              GrowID: jakefarming

              You wake up from feeling dizziness. it is like someone knocked you out from a fight. You wake up in front of the forsaken kingdom that rumors to be a hoax; however, this kingdom isn't fake anything you touch is solid as a rock. Looking above, you saw the bridge of the new civilization, you asked yourself, "The rumored forsaken kingdom was under the new kingdom." Every rumor you heard from above, from the new ruler being the one who ordered to bury the kingdom & the kingdom being under our noses, is all real. Everything is clear now. You know what your goal is, your goal is to spread the information that the forsaken kingdom is below the ground. With enough evidence and confidence, one can over-throne the new ruler and reveal the twisted fate of the buried castle.

              World Description:
              > P & Z jammer, Pineapple guardian, Firehouse and Ghost charm,
              > Xenonite crystal ( No Double jump )
              > Medium parkour
              > 1 Secret Ending, 2 Regular Ending
              > usage of Deathtrap wall, as traps
              > Credit board and Story board
              > Harvest blasted world

              Latest Render:

              Click image for larger version  Name:	forsakencastle.png Views:	0 Size:	635.7 KB ID:	6917120
              ( I used space junk in some part in cave below, that's why there are some part in the cave part holes)

              Let me properly introduce myself,
              Hello, My name is NotSoOldJake!
              and I'm not even old...

              *cough* 17 years old *cough*

              IGN: jakefarming


                World: THEKINGSMISSION
                GrowID: iVus
                9th Repost Repost

                One Day the King 👑 Wanted Something Special and that's his Golden idol. His Golden idol is protected by a Dark Shadow. The Dark Shadow Took The King's Golden idol Because His Crystal Goblet is Missing. The King cant Get it from the Dark Shadow so He Hired Someone Who's Really good at Adventuring Dangerous Stuff to get it for Him and that Person is You.

                World Has:
                - Riddles or Trick Questions and Puzzle
                - Easy and Hard Parkour
                - Adventure Items
                - Basic Jammers, Ghost Charm and Fire House
                - Dimensions to prevent Skipping
                - Weather machine Night
                - Story line
                - A Extension Parkour in a Different World,
                (World name: ARCADECITY)

                Enjoy the World 🙂
                I Hope I win and Good luck to all ☺️

                LATEST RENDER

                Click image for larger version

Name:	arcadecity (1).png
Views:	119
Size:	142.4 KB
ID:	6917139
                Extension/ Connected Parkour (World: Arcadecity)
                Attached Files


                • World: AIM
                  GrowID: Edmush

                  World info: A spooky-eerie derby theme world, you should try it out in game!
                  It has punch & zombie jammers, pine guardian and ghost charm.
                  VIP lounge after long and tiring race!
                  Spooky scary skeleton music too!
                  1min45secs - 2minutes finishing.

                  World: TUTANKHAMUNCURSE
                  GrowID: Edmush

                  World info: Spooky adventure world with storylines.
                  A really scary music composed by MonstoR.
                  Funfacts about Halloween.
                  Credit board is at the white door.
                  It has all the jammer.

                  World: GTSHOPEESALE
                  GrowID: Edmush

                  World info: Parkour, password games, riddles, hunts and many more!
                  This world came in Top 9 on Black Friday contest!
                  A VIP lounge!
                  It has all the jammers!
                  A really happy music that brightens up the world alot!
                  Attached Files
                  IGN: MacProof
                  Level: 125


                  • Click image for larger version

Name:	AE63A5F4-5E3C-4B50-AB7E-856D8C7430E0.png
Views:	133
Size:	759.4 KB
ID:	6917238Nominating “MERMAID” For WOTD

                    WORLD : MERMAID

                    OWNER ID : Nymph


                    World contains :
                    • Interesting Fun facts about Mermaids
                    • Eye pleasing and visually attractive futuristic undersea towers design
                    • Mermaid Fan fiction story
                    • Newbie friendly parkour
                    • Punch Jammers, Zombie Jammers, Anti Gravity machine.
                    • Unique


                    World description:

                    Mermaid is a majestic creature that was just a rumour, but turns out they are even technologically more advanced than human beings. With the help of “Others” beings from another earth, hologram projections and everything that explains how Mermaid is now almost invisible to the naked eyes of humans. Come and join the adventure to the world of Mermaid.


                    Credits :

                    All the design is originally made by Nymph,

                    Inspired from the blockbuster movie “Aquaman”


                    And thus i rest my case! World made for months and also worth to note that block choices are carefully picked and i truly wish everyone good luck!



                    • Re-Nominate For WOTD
                      ​​​​​​reason: Remake World

                      World : HOKIGUILD
                      Growid : HokiGM

                      Hi guys! I'm nominating my Guild Main world for WOTD.
                      This world basiclly just main guild world, for guild members of HOKI guild to contribute together or just chilling and discuss about something.

                      Click image for larger version

Name:	hokiguild.png
Views:	118
Size:	513.4 KB
ID:	6917293

                      World contains:
                      - Punch Jammer
                      - Zombie Jammer
                      - Ghost Charm
                      - Weather machine-night
                      - Parkour with quetions
                      - Guild events information
                      - Credit board

                      That's all from me, Thank You !


                      • Click image for larger version

Name:	thedarkasylum (4).png
Views:	116
Size:	438.7 KB

                        GrowID: ICantTrust

                        World Description:

                        A sinister and spine - chilling adventure/roleplay world, You were hired as a nurse at a local psychiatric facility, you were given tasks by your head nurse to bring necessities to a patient in room 6, you then walked on the hallway and arrived at the door of room 6, mysteriously upon opening the door, the patient is nowhere to be found, and then suddenly you heard a loud electrical crash, you went out of the room to investigate only to discover that the facility had a massive blackout, now its up for you to find a way to get out of the strange facility or can you get out?

                        The World includes:
                        A Punch and Zombie Jammer
                        Snowy Weather Night
                        Fire house
                        Ghost Charm
                        A Creepy Psychiatric Facility Environment
                        A Good and Original storyline
                        Massive Blackout
                        VIP area


                        • Click image for larger version

Name:	towersfall (11).png
Views:	128
Size:	429.0 KB
ID:	6917361

                          TowersFall by Kurgo

                          Changes : Design/Gameplay UPDATED.

                          Storyline :

                          After several days of the government announcement about the hidden towers near your city, everyone have stopped talking about them.
                          Something was weird around, everyone became silent, and after many questions about what's happening, you heard that there towers are stealing the city electricity for their huge power usage. And the only way to stop these powers is to enter them and pass their difficulties where most of the city people entered it and waiting for the others to finish it.
                          You will be the last one entering to help with the Towers Fall.

                          World contains :
                          -Medium Parkour.
                          -Full Necessary Jammers.
                          -VIP For those who finish.
                          -Credits Board.

                          Goodluck everyone!


                          • ​​​​​Nominating UNSOLVEDTRAGEDY for WOTD

                            ​​​​​​Heya ! Im Luxinia and I will showcase my world which gives you a new gameplay experience...

                            The story was about a 500 Years old unsolved case of tragedy​​​​​​... There is an island where explorer and investigators suddenly disappeared.. Now it's Rey's Team to investigate the sudden lost of communication to the previous team.. You will act as Rey the detective and team captain and solve the case which has been over 500 years..

                            This World Features:
                            *New gameplay experience which includes Game Generator and mystery doors..
                            *Creepy Vibe structures and mountains together with Creepy song...

                            *Gives you a vibe of being a detective if you read every boards and signs..

                            *Has Xenonite which blocks double-jump on the first world to give better experience..

                            *Has link world which simulates all the caves... ​​​​​​ Click image for larger version

Name:	unsolvedtragedy.png
Views:	127
Size:	637.2 KB
ID:	6917401


                            • GrowID: Heramix
                              World Name : THEBATTLEARENA

                              Introducing A Card PvP Guide : THEBATTLEARENA!

                              With Card PVP returning, what better way to celebrate then a world dedicated to it!

                              The second i saw the Card PvP update, making a guide and a place where people can fight was the first thing that came to my mind. This world is a full-on detailed guide that tells you information for all the superpower cards, what crime battling is, XP Required for each crime level, all the crime items that helps you, fun facts and much more to explore in THEBATTLEARENA!

                              The world also has a few arenas for people to fight each other. It also has an antigravity machine to make navigation easier.

                              -Zombie Jammer
                              -Punch Jammer
                              -Guardian Pineapple
                              -Weather Machine : Autumn
                              -Antigravity Generator
                              -A Detailed guide for Card PvP
                              -Arenas for people to fight in
                              -Fun Facts about the crime update

                              ~Due to the render glitch, the new space junk blocks don’t show up in the render, sorry.

                              The Latest Render:
                              Click image for larger version

Name:	thebattlearena.png
Views:	135
Size:	413.3 KB
ID:	6917427
                              Hello, I’m Heramix!


                              • DESTRUCTOSWORLD by pT0RT

                                Destructosworld is an storytelling world with challenging parkour and it’s own creative designs made by me
                                World contains:

                                • Punch Jammer
                                • Zombie Jammer
                                • Ghost Charm
                                • Firehouse

                                You woke up in this world, Destructosworld to be exact.. you can’t remember whom or what has brought you there as you begin to explore the world and try to find a way out through all the challenging obstacles and riddles.
                                Attached Files