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Nominate Your World for WOTD Here! [September - December Cycle]

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Name:	submit 5.png
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ID:	6919505

    ( World Updated )

    [- the storyline might be better right now ].
    [- This world can be resolved alone ].
    [ - the world is being easier right now ].

    BY : Kkotnim

    HELLOW Growtopians , id'like to re-nominate my world for wotd december


    there was once a legend that states that,
    in the middle of the ocean, there is an area dubbed as UNDERTHEWAVES,
    this area has become a forbidden area because many ships have passed through the area and sunk and not even a single wreck has sunk there,
    until one day. A team of divers are also scientists who really don't believe in the myths, they better encourage they self and try to dive in the area,
    but they never come back and the area is still a mystery.

    so who is the team that will open wide the truth of the area? , be the first and solve the mystery ...!

    This world has :

    - Xenonite crystal .
    - Full jammer .
    - a very historical song and will make your passion very carried away
    when playing this world .
    - a brand new theme that will make you feel completely trapped under the sea
    - Cool History and conversation story.
    - adventure items .
    - obelisks and sungate as a maze.
    - gateaway puzzle with true story .
    - Credit board .

    - storyline using a mannequin that will make
    the thrill of the underwater adventure even more felt.

    World information :
    - Players can learn about the history of Titanic ships,
    and players can reflect on / recall one of the history of the legendary love drama that ended tragically
    - This world relies on hand speed and ingenuity of players.
    - uses a low graphics system for a more exciting and thrilling experience.
    { this mean : set your graphics at low for better experience }.
    - made for players have fun and can enjoy growtopia game.


    • Nominating my First World of the Day!

      World : HYPERICAL
      GrowID : hYpErIcaL

      Story : A group of friends decided to enter the forest-like realm. It is an obstacle of the adventure to get into the main tree, exactly in the middle as the heart of the world. As they go through those obstacles, they realize that every door of a destination requires a key and the key can be a form of anything. The main key of the world is The Gobl....

      World contains :
      - BasicJammers
      - Ghost Charm, Firehouse and Minimod
      - A VIP Room
      - Signs to guide the way.
      - Story ( Characters Conversations )
      - Medium-Hard Parkour
      - Adventure Items
      - Credits

      Click image for larger version  Name:	hyperical.png Views:	0 Size:	941.2 KB ID:	6919507


      • World name: TREEOFFALL
        GrowID: Clurry
        TREEOFFALL is a challenging parkour with a story about how you woke up one day in the middle of fall and it didn't feel like fall at all. The trees were still green and the weather was still really hot so you decide to make a trip to the TREE OF FALL to get some answers. Your quest will not be easy at all, but you can do it Growtopian! Good luck.

        World Contains:
        - P Z Jammers.
        - Adventure Items.
        - Password doors.
        - Storyline.
        - Difficult Parkour.
        - World is a harvest blast to get into the fall spirit.
        - A Bulletin board next to the white door giving credit to people and things that helped.

        Click image for larger version

Name:	treeoffall.png
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Size:	496.9 KB
ID:	6924541
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        • Nominating my World for WOTD.
          World : TheLostVillages
          GrowId : PitKAiPitKAiPitKAi

          Story :
          1000 Years Ago, In a very peaceful village, And when one day the country of growthland, which at that time was the most feared colonial country, They came to the village however, one of their shamans decided to eliminate the village so that Growthland could not find out the village, And with their magic powder, they enveloped their village like ashes. And 1,000 years later, today, there is news about "The Lost Village" Legend has it that the village was not habitated, the whole world will disappear, forever ...

          World has :
          - Ghost Charm
          - Punch Jammer
          - Zombie Jammer
          - World Architect
          - And So Much Adv. Items

          I Wish I Win!
          Attached Files


          • World name: EVERFROSTMOUNTAINS
            GrowID: IamIm

            World contains:
            - Punch and Zombie Jammer,
            - Xenonite blocking double jump, high jump and enabling super speed.
            - Spirit charm
            - Medium -difficulty parkour

            Description: You are an adventurer in the cold mountains, you find a house to sleep for the night but its far too cold, you must go collect the torch to warm it up and save yourself.

            World render: Click image for larger version  Name:	everfrostmountains.png Views:	0 Size:	382.2 KB ID:	6919594

            World name: HEARTOFTHEDESERT
            GrowID: IamIm

            World contains:
            - Punch and Zombie Jammers
            - Xenonite blocking double jump, high jump and enabling Super Speed.
            - Pineapple guardian
            - Non-linear adventure which is medium-difficulty

            Description: You notice that the water isn't running as it should, you decide to go investigate the tree of sustenance and learn that the heart has been stolen. You must retrieve the heart and water the tree.

            Click image for larger version  Name:	heartofthedesert.png Views:	0 Size:	473.9 KB ID:	6919595
            [NOTE: These are separate submissions, they are not related in anyway.]
            IGN: IamIM
            level: 116/125
            Making and playing difficult parkours is what i do, also trying daily challenges - war of wolves and carnie.
            Discord - I_am_Im#2066


            • Click image for larger version

Name:	chessgame.png
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Size:	196.7 KB
ID:	6919692 IGN: Teruhashi
              World: ChessGame

              The world consist of three major part which is :
              1) Chess PVP maze with your friends
              2) Chess puzzles
              3) Chess Information

              Info : Chess is a two-player strategy board game played on a checkered board with 64 squares arranged in an 8×8 grid. The goal of the chess game here in growtopia is to beat your foe or friends within the time limit.

              Mechanics : This is a maze inspired by chess that you can play with a friend or foe. You must choose either you want to be on the White or the Black side, aside from trying to beat the game, the main goal is reaching the end of the maze faster than your opponent.

              Directions: You and your friend must choose white (left) or black (right). You will be put on the side you chose as you start to race. Note that the parkour is flipped. The person who finishes the races with the least time is declared the winner, thus, checkmate.

              Indonesian Translate: Anda dan teman anda harus memilih anda akan ditaruh ditempat yang anda pilih untuk balaparan. Perhatikan bahwa parkour terbalik. Orang yang menyelesaikan lomba dengan waktu paling sedikit dinyatakan sebagai pemenang, dengan demikian, skakmat.

              Additional Info: The world will help you explain how does chess really works in real chess game.

              This World Contains :
              - Z Jammer
              - P Jammer
              - Night Weather machine
              - Ghost charm
              - Maze
              - Chess Hall/ Chess social hall
              - Information About chess
              - Puzzles
              - a 1v1 game with a friend ( can be play multiple times)
              - A mirror maze
              - Time Game
              - No music ( since Chess game is all about silencity)

              The Chess Information tackles about:
              - How does pieces work?
              - Chess Pieces Value
              - Chess Rank Titles
              - Top 15 Chess Grandmasters ranking of 2019 with ELO ratings
              - How to improve at Chess?
              - Top 10 best places to play chess online
              - 18 Best Chess Engines of 2020 [ Based on Their Ratings ]
              - Top 10 Best Openings for White
              - Top 10 Best Openings for Black
              - The two most important question in chess which related to Strategy and Tactics
              - Where does chess originated
              - What is the main objective of chess?
              - 10 tips to become a Chess Champ
              - Who is the greatest chess player of all time?

              - Puzzle 1 & 2
              IGN: Makarow & Zerefs ( Both are my account )
              LVL: 117
              HOURS PLAYED: 8000+Hours
              PLAYED GROWTOPIA: APRIL 13,2013
              GUILD : Otaku

              GUILD WORLD : GuildParty

              1. Sponsor an Anime Items
              2. Get all Nami's Item
              3. To sleep 8 hours a day


              • THEEAGLETOTEM collaboration between Draluxes and ItzEagleT ​​​​​​

                GrowID : ItzEagleT
                Click image for larger version  Name:	theeaglettem banner - Copy.png Views:	0 Size:	267.4 KB ID:	6919710
                Click image for larger version  Name:	theeagletotem (2).png Views:	0 Size:	2.25 MB ID:	6919709

                Due the render bug, it supposed to be includes Space Dirt, Space Junk Dirt, and more.

                Consequences :
                A strange magic has taken over a secret part of the fierce Jungle, which is a shock to many. This place is called the Fledging Vines. People have searched for ways to uncover a path to this place, yet it was so hard that the project was slowly dropped over time. Thanks to the help of an organization, you have arrived here to investigate and possibly search for a way that can take away this strange magic. Good luck!

                What's New?
                * Startopia v.2 blocks were added into the world
                * Wolf World blocks were added into the world
                * Splenkuroma v.2 blocks were added into the world
                * Time Tossed blocks were added into the world
                * Bountiful blocks were added into the world
                * Winterfest blocks were added into the world

                Features :
                * Zombie and Punch Jammer
                * Firehouse
                * Weather Machine - Jungle

                ​​​​​​Those eagle totem was made by myself
                Originally posted by Jedaki;n6926758
                suddenly when a youtuber gets hacked/scammed, the logs magically appear


                • Dragon Speaking...
                  NOSTORS By Draluxes
                  Click image for larger version

Name:	nostors banner - Copy.png
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Size:	297.5 KB
ID:	6919714Click image for larger version

Name:	nostors.png
Views:	95
Size:	753.9 KB
ID:	6919717

                  [Balancing world and updated a New Path!] + Added the new route "An inelegant phenomenon of dragon"!

                  Consequences :
                  Look in the sky, the smoke was appeared from somewhere. The possible problems have done by fierce creatures. The dragon's master immediately asks for our help. She says this problem has caused by the dragon over there. It's located in my main tower, especially far from that place. I couldn't solve this problem by myself, even my dragons won't be able to help me. We need to get there together and you must take the risk once you accepting our help.

                  The dragons now screaming often, it might be something wrong. We should find out what's going on.

                  We're running out the time, we must hurry! Follow me!

                  How's the game works?
                  You need to take training from the dragon's master and gain some skills! After that, you have 20 minutes to reach the upwards tower. It has 6 floors in total until the dragons concerned with you.

                  What's New?!?
                  * New! A startopia 2.0 Blocks were added into this world!
                  * Adventure mechanics were applied to this world.
                  * Summer clash blocks were added into this world.
                  * Summer mechanic blocks were added into this world ( 3 Gravity Well and 9 Death Trap Wall ).
                  * Winter clash blocks were added into this world.
                  * Winter mechanic blocks were added into this world. ( 2 Storm Cloud and 2 Cracked Stone Clab ).
                  * Spring clash blocks were added into this world.
                  * Spring mechanic blocks were added into this world ( 1 Up Up and Away and 4 Trickster ).
                  * Block Party v2 was added into this world.
                  * Wolf World blocks were added into this world.
                  * Bountiful blocks were added into this world ( includes Bountiful Bamboo Spikes, Jungle Temple Pillar, Monkshood ).
                  * Splenkuroma Strikes Back blocks were added into this world.
                  * Chinese New Year Blocks were added into this world.
                  * Mutant kitchen block was added into this world.
                  * Farming Blocks Roles were added into this world.
                  * Surgeon Blocks Roles were added into this world.
                  * 2 Sear Bot - Level 2 are running through the world.
                  * 2 Spike Bot - Level 1 are running through the world.
                  * 4 ShockBot - Level 1 are running through the world.
                  * 1 ShooterBot - Level 1 is running through the world.
                  * 1 FlameBot - Level 2 is running through the world.
                  * Absolutely the dragon stuff eg. Dragon Blocks and Scales.
                  * Winter stuff eg. Winter wind, Giant Chandle, Festivus pole, and more.

                  * Punch and Zombie Jammer
                  * Weather Machine - Rainy

                  RUNNERISLAND By Draluxes
                  Click image for larger version

Name:	runneisland banner! - Copy.png
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Size:	307.7 KB
ID:	6919716Click image for larger version

Name:	runnerisland (1).png
Views:	97
Size:	475.5 KB
ID:	6919715 ​​​​​​​

                  What a hot seasonal weather. Oh, hey traveler! Have you heard Runner Island occurred through to the game? Isn't it sound familiar to you? Fear no more!

                  Welcome to the runner island world! This world reference from the game called " Dragon City " game events!

                  In this world, you can dig any treasure that can be found here. They are including a lot amount of golds, foods, gems, or even exclusive mystical dragons!

                  Before you take a step, let's remember this one. The system will add the timer countdown. That means if you can reach any final sub-route, you will be eliminated plus all progress will be lost in the time.

                  What are you waiting for? The rewards are on beyond your destiny go get a hurry!

                  You need to complete five routes of the runner! Including..
                  Route 1 : An exercise runner, with the rewards 1 Milion of golds!
                  Route 2 : Resistance of speedy, with the rewards 1 Milion of foods!
                  Route 3 : Forfeit feathers, with the rewards 20 Gems!
                  Route 4 : Heat atmosphere, with the rewards 50 Gems!
                  Route 5 : The last accumulate, with the special reward, Lapiz Lazuli dragon can be yours!

                  The pixel art was made by myself, his name " Runner dragon! "

                  What's New?!?
                  * Summer mechanic blocks were added into this world.
                  * Winter mechanic blocks were added into this world.
                  * Spring mechanic blocks were added into this world.
                  * Absolutely the dragon stuff.
                  * Cybot ( Include Spike Bot, Flame Bot, Sear Bot)!
                  * Startopia blocks were added into tis world.
                  * Wolf World blocks were added into this world.
                  * Bountiful blocks were added into this world.
                  * Splenkuroma Strikes Back blocks were added into this world.
                  * Pineapple Stuff was added into this world.
                  * Adventure mechanics were applied to this world.

                  * Punch and Zombie Jammer
                  * Weather Machine - Warp
                  * Ghost Charm
                  * Pineapple Guardian!

                  Bluragon's can go anywhere, if i will on there, don't get surprised.

                  Check out of this video ^^


                  • THEKINGSMISSION FOR WOTD
                    World: THEKINGSMISSION
                    GrowID: iVus

                    One Day the King 👑 Wanted Something Special and that's his Golden idol. His Golden idol is protected by a Dark Shadow. The Dark Shadow Took The King's Golden idol Because His Crystal Goblet is Missing. The King cant Get it from the Dark Shadow so He Hired Someone Who's Really good at Adventuring Dangerous Stuff to get it for Him and that Person is You.

                    World Has:
                    - Riddles or Trick Questions and Puzzle
                    - Easy and Hard Parkour
                    - Adventure Items
                    - Basic Jammers, Ghost Charm and Fire House
                    - Dimensions to prevent Skipping
                    - Weather machine Night
                    - Story line
                    - A Extension Parkour in a Different World,
                    (World name: ARCADECITY)

                    Enjoy the World 🙂
                    I Hope this is gonna be my very first Wotd ☺️

                    LATEST RENDER

                    Click image for larger version  Name:	arcadecity.png Views:	65 Size:	156.2 KB ID:	6919759
                    (World Name: ARCADECITY) Extension Parkour, has Dark Cave and More Stuff
                    Attached Files
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                    • ​World name: QueenAndDragon
                      GrowID: iigonub

                      Description: This world is focusing on the story of Queen And Dragon, it's a story about a Prince who got a goal to save the queen, crept into a castele and became knight. t's a very heartwarming story, teaches people about the morals of a true friendship, and how times have changed.
                      The world is new people friendly, you do not need wings, nor' a speed item to complete it. It has been tested multiple times with or without helpful gear.
                      This is my Fourth WOTD attempt and I was the only builder, so I built this world with love and passion. Thank u!
                      Click image for larger version  Name:	queenanddragon.png Views:	0 Size:	789.8 KB ID:	6918501
                      World includes:
                      Credit board
                      Wonderful storyline
                      Weather Machine- Night
                      V.I.P area for winners
                      Castle and green garden.
                      Dragon pixel art
                      Some trickster levels
                      Traps, Password doors, quiz.
                      4 Adventure door levels
                      Please check out my world!

                      ​World name: RobinsonsTreasure
                      World Features and Mechanics

                      Punch Jammer, Zombie Jammer
                      Riddles (Test them Out!)
                      Various Adventure Items and Tomb Robber Mechanics
                      Creditory Board
                      Click image for larger version  Name:	robinsonstreasure.png Views:	0 Size:	855.6 KB ID:	6918502
                      Robinsonstreasure is a an adventure world which features some riddles and adventure items. The storyline revolves on the unknown island where the storm brought you (Tom), your goal is to find the way out of this island and get back home! Since you read the books then you knew that each island has its own secret, such as a hidden treasure that Tom (you) wanted to find before going home! So you started exploring the island!

                      Use the map to orient yourself better! (reccomended)

                      Click image for larger version  Name:	map.png Views:	60 Size:	215.2 KB ID:	6918519

                      World: RobinsonsTreasure
                      Grow id: iigonub


                      • Submiting PSYDERBY For Wotd Wich was built by me and Retri ! Its a full world Easter themed Racetrack using a Beautifull Purpleish Nature theme with a heatwave Weather machiene to top it off ! It also has a Race around a Psy Bunny Pixelart using unique Guild Clash Systems (Gravity Wells, Mud Puddles...) and a Song made out of Music Gears ! Race to the end to Get Free VIP with a Winners Board to Leave a Message !

                        Story :

                        The Annual Bunny Derbies have Begun with a Twist ! The Derby has been relocated in a More Dangerous Place than ever before Turning Every Normal Bunny entering the place into a Psychotic Bunny. Race to get to the Grand V.I.P of the Bunny Castle and Leave this madness be !

                        World includes :

                        Guild Clash items like :

                        -Mud Puddle Blocks

                        -gravity Wells

                        Jammers and Weathers like :

                        -PZ Jammers


                        -Pinapple guardian

                        -Anti Gravity Machiene

                        -Heatwave Weather machine

                        World Itself Includes :

                        -A Full Racetrack going Through the whole World

                        -A Original Pixelart

                        -New Bunny Blocks

                        -A Original Theme

                        -A Song completely out of audio Racks

                        -a VIP Place for Winners !

                        GrowID : Menal

                        World : Psyderby
                        Attached Files


                        • World name: GNAW
                          GrowID: Kranken

                          I am nominating my world GNAW for WOTD.

                          You are bacteria living on a hand-shaped spaceship, but the ship has encountered some unforeseen trouble. Something has broken and you have landed on this planet to salvage old abandoned starships for spare parts.

                          Once you have figured out the key to fixing your ship, you must travel through space debris back to your ship to fix whatever was broken.

                          Each door represents a dead spaceship. Inside, you will find a short challenge, a test of intelligence, and a letter.

                          Each riddle will give you a number ranging from 1 to 10. Assemble the letters in the correct order to obtain the code needed for passage.

                          World features:
                          -a challenging anti gravity parkour
                          -10 space-ship mini levels interlinked from the main world.
                          -unique level design
                          -unique block combinations
                          (-jammers/anti gravity generator/nothingness)


                          • Hi Growtopians!

                            Just wanted to submit this world for WOTD! I cleaned it up to the best of my abilities, so hope you enjoy playing!

                            Updated Render!

                            Click image for larger version  Name:	memoirsofme.png Views:	115 Size:	620.1 KB ID:	6905637

                            Growid: Truthie

                            World: MEMOIRSOFME

                            -Xenonite, so all players can play!

                            -Punch Jammer, Zombie Jammer, Firehouse and Ghost Charm

                            -Credits to all those who helped!

                            -A unique and original storyline


                            -Puzzles, using adventure items

                            -The usage of a variety of blocks

                            -A happy ending, featuring a inspiration quote


                            A crash was all I heard, the sudden yet saddening site..
                            The site of a burning car, the emotions of shock and sorrow.

                            This was the vivid image encrypted in my mind... The vivid image that sealed the feeling of happiness.

                            This was 10 years ago... 10 years ago, I lost the people I cared about..

                            Nowadays, I live in a small cabin... A small cabin in the middle of the woods. I have never been able to experience the happiness that I once had...

                            Today, I feel a small breeze, a change of heart...

                            I feel different.... I feel like I need to journey outside...

                            I wonder what I will find.. I wonder what memories I can recall... All those happy memories...

                            Why did I create this world?
                            I created this world to showcase that everyone has their up's and down's, but it's important to always feel happy. I think that people can struggle, but when they recall their previous joyful memories, it can boost their mood so much.There is something so powerful with our memories, that allows us to forget about the bad experiences we have had, and continue to journey on for a positive future!

                            Thank you everyone for reading!
                            Instagram: Truthie_GT

                            Have a great day!


                            • GrowID: Feodebius
                              World: QUESTFORBALANCE

                              Renominating QUESTFORBALANCE!
                              QUESTFORBALANCE is a Harvest Fest Adventure world where you go out to get 3 balance mooncakes to celebrate with your family but to get those mooncakes you need to talk to townsperson and do their fun works!

                              Before we get into Feature/Mechanic I have improved alot of stuff on this world!

                              Credits near main door

                              More detailed texts such as Doors/Gateway to Adventure/etc.

                              Just incase you pick the first rope at Fishing Dock, you can now remove your second rope at Miner's Haven (Cave part)

                              Fishing System!
                              Punch and Zombie Jammer
                              Ghost Charm
                              3D Perspective
                              Xenonite Crystal
                              Day/Night Cycle with Infinity Weather Machine [Autumn/Howling Weather Machine]
                              Click image for larger version

Name:	0069b9a56b9d8cc8e509e59932c2aa91.png
Views:	87
Size:	459.8 KB
ID:	6924379
                              Adventure Items

                              Due to /renderworld glitch. I have to show the full render from my planner.
                              Click image for larger version

Name:	e0fe74437bd08cc0e5328dd4be53c740.png
Views:	101
Size:	485.4 KB
ID:	6924377Click image for larger version

Name:	questforbalance.png
Views:	87
Size:	630.7 KB
ID:	6924378


                              • Bear9
                                Bear9 commented
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                                Really God one

                            • RE-SUBMITTING JACKSISLAND FOR MY FIRST WOTD!

                              World: JACKSISLAND
                              GrowID: Calein

                              I really put alot of effort into this world, I really hope I can win. I hope you visit the world it's the best when you are in the world you won't regret it!

                              It's sad that there are some empty wallpaper because of the music notes but I did my best to make it good and unnoticable

                              - This world was made to teach new players about the SummerFest 2020 and to guide and update them about this event while they can have fun in the world because it is a information and a adventure world and it is also made to captivate the hearts of our fellow players who has love for the sea and ship, it's made for bringing their game into something further than they can explore. As we are on a quarantine, no one can travel nor go out. That's why we made a world that would set us an adventure in game.

                              Brief Description : SummerFest 2020 Might be over, There is still no new King of the pirates and the mysteries on the island are not yet discovered!, Are you brave and worthy enough to enter the island?

                              STORY BACKGROUND
                              In 1498, a famous pirate named Captain Jack le Croissant ruled the sea but then he vanished, no one was able to see him again.
                              Legend says his power will be pass upon the first pirate to reach his land and will be worthy to wear his set that will make you powerful, brave and skilled than any pirate in this world.

                              It is known that no mortal can enter the island, but centuries ago old rulers built a temple which would allow mortals to enter the temple. It is hidden and no one has ever found it.
                              Begin your quest, Pirate! Look for that temple and become the new ruler!

                              Credits, Song Link near the white door.

                              FEATURES :
                              - Original story and script
                              - Composed song by acos, Song title :
                              ( He's a pirate )
                              - Punch jammer
                              - Zombie jammer
                              - Ghost charm
                              - Xenonite crystal (Double Jump And Speedy Granted!)
                              - Undersea Blast to match the theme of the world!
                              - Firehouse
                              - SummerFest 2020 Blocks
                              Summer Checkpoint
                              Inflatable dolphin
                              Life ring
                              Message in a bottle
                              - Dark walnut blocks & Wallpaper
                              - Bountiful blocks
                              - Dimension blocks
                              - Underused Summer themed blocks
                              - Underused blocks
                              - Unique adventure
                              (Used Tomb robber)
                              - Code findings
                              - Unique Parkour
                              - Adventure items
                              ( Used 6 Adventure items )
                              - Jack's Hat pixel art (Jack's Hidden home VIP for those who finished)
                              - Jack's Set In display
                              - Portrait of Captain Jack Le Croissant
                              - Public board for those who finish ( Suggestions and Winners board )
                              - Unique Cemetery and prison parkour (Medium to hard difficulty)
                              - Unique Temple of the pirates parkour ( Medium to Hard difficulty)
                              - Tons of paints used
                              - A unique pirate ship
                              - Pirate logo art
                              - Jack Art
                              - Tons of signs and mannequins to guide you
                              - Treasure chests, Davy Jones chest and golden treasure hoard
                              -Guide/info room about The new SUMMERFEST items , Super summer surprise and what happened this SUMMERFEST 2020.

                              Attached Files