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Nominate Your World for WOTD Here! [September - December Cycle]

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    GrowID: INSZ


    THEMAGICLAMP is an adventure world that inspired from Alladin, but it's not the same story. It's themed in Arab (Desert). This world tells you a story about a man named Aladeen that will change his life after he accepting a mission from Sultan (King) ​. The mission is exchange a golden idol for magic pineapple from Genie. But not that easy because he has to face so many obstacles that appear in the Cave of Wonders. The most dangerous cave in Arab. Actually Aladeen already know about it. But he thinks that carrying out this mission is a honor for him. So without any reconsideration he approve the mission.

    World contains:

    -Story and a simple Monologue
    -Credit and Special Thanks Board
    -1001 Nights TaleCastle Design
    -Pixel Art: Lamp from Alladin Movie
    -Anubis pixel art
    -Adventure parkour and Trickster maze
    -Punch and Zombie Jammer
    -Ghost Charm
    -Weather machine~Comet
    -Xenonite Crystal


    ​​​​​Click image for larger version

Name:	themagiclamp.png
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Size:	552.0 KB
ID:	6928315


    • Hello everyone, I am bakwu and here is THENIGHTMAREBOY for World of the Day.

      Growid: bAkWu

      Click image for larger version

Name:	thenightmareboy.png
Views:	134
Size:	986.2 KB
ID:	6928317
      World contains;

      - Punch and Zombie Jammers
      - Weather Machine - Apocalypse
      - A narrative storyline
      - Song : "In the Silence"
      - Usage of Adventure Items and Clash blocks
      - Interactive Parkour
      - Creditory Board

      There was a boy who that wakes up from another awful nightmare. He wants to forget these bad memories he had from the past that keep haunting him every single day, so he runs to a witch and begs her to erase these memories from his head..

      The story implies that.. "When life becomes unbearably hard, the easiest way out is to run.."

      But, will it really solve the problem? or will it just make it worse and haunt him forever?



        World name: TRAPPEDINTHEMAZE
        GrowID: SilverFriend

        World Render:

        Thomas, a teenager, arrives in a giant labyrinth. Like the others youths dumped there before him, he has no memory of his previous life. Thomas quickly becomes part of the group and soon after demonstrates a unique perspective that scores him a promotion to Runner status. He and his friends try to escape from the maze and eventually learn that they are subjects of an experiment.

        - A winner's room
        - Credit board
        - Adventure items
        - Weather machine Jungle
        - Pineapple guardian
        - Punch and Zombie Jammers
        - Ghost Charm


        • World name: TREEOFFALL
          GrowID: Clurry
          TREEOFFALL is a challenging parkour with a story about how you woke up one day in the middle of fall and it didn't feel like fall at all. The trees were still green and the weather was still really hot so you decide to make a trip to the TREE OF FALL to get some answers. Your quest will not be easy at all, but you can do it Growtopian! Good luck.

          World Contains:
          - P Z Jammers.
          - Adventure Items.
          - Password doors.
          - Storyline.
          - Difficult Parkour.
          - World is a harvest blast to get into the fall spirit.
          - A Bulletin board next to the white door giving credit to people and things that helped.

          Click image for larger version

Name:	treeoffall.png
Views:	144
Size:	504.5 KB
ID:	6928339


          • DealWithTheDice:

            You've made it this far, fought through countless enemies and claimed their debts owed to the gambling master King Dice! He challenges you to one last challenge, you must gather things scattered around while avoiding death despite it lurking around every corner. Will you accept the deal and save yourself, or will you fall as the final hurdle?

            CYBOTS! for an interesting parkour experience
            Password door puzzles
            Stair puzzles
            Punch and Zombie Jammers
            Credit to all helpers and inspiration
            Night Weather Machine
            Adventure items

            Click image for larger version

Name:	dealwiththedice.png
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Size:	208.4 KB
ID:	6928354


            Day 20... the corruption has risen to the surface and is beginning to eat buildings and people left and right with no desire to stop.. an endless hunger gnawing away at decades of buildings and modernisation.. Your Brother is now wounded and knows how to stop it, will you build up enough courage to obtain the cure and save the world?


            Password door puzzles
            Stair puzzles
            Punch and Zombie Jammers
            Credit to all helpers and inspiration
            Apocalypse Weather Machine
            Adventure items
            Advanced puzzles using adventure item blocks
            Engaging story
            A Secret that few will solve..

            Click image for larger version

Name:	corruptionrises.png
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Size:	926.2 KB
ID:	6928355
            Certified Balloon Wars pro (3x MVP in 2 wars)
            ALSO IGN: CringeAF (PC/MOBILE)
            IGN: MrMine8 (XBOX)

            discord: WillyWongChoi#5501


            • THEEAGLETOTEM by ItzEagleT
              ..collaboration between Draluxes and ItzEagleT ​​​​​​ Click image for larger version

Name:	theeaglettem banner - Copy.png
Views:	111
Size:	267.4 KB
ID:	6928405Click image for larger version

Name:	theeagletotem (2).png
Views:	129
Size:	2.25 MB
ID:	6928406

              Due the render bug, it supposed to be includes Space Dirt, Space Junk Dirt, and more.

              Consequences :
              A strange magic has taken over a secret part of the fierce Jungle, which is a shock to many. This place is called the Fledging Vines. People have searched for ways to uncover a path to this place, yet it was so hard that the project was slowly dropped over time. Thanks to the help of an organization, you have arrived here to investigate and possibly search for a way that can take away this strange magic. Good luck!

              What's New?
              * Startopia v.2 blocks were added into the world
              * Wolf World blocks were added into the world
              * Splenkuroma v.2 blocks were added into the world
              * Time Tossed blocks were added into the world
              * Bountiful blocks were added into the world
              * Winterfest blocks were added into the world

              Features :
              * Zombie and Punch Jammer
              * Firehouse
              * Weather Machine - Jungle

              ​​​​​​Those eagle totem was made by myself

              Originally posted by Jedaki;n6926758
              suddenly when a youtuber gets hacked/scammed, the logs magically appear


                FOR WOTD!

                Click image for larger version

Name:	houseofvines.png
Views:	132
Size:	1.37 MB
ID:	6928409

                -The Story can make you Intense/ The Story is fit for Halloween.
                -Easy To Find the missing letters for password door.
                -Easy Ending Part Even No Wing Can Finish the parkour.
                -Story Line is Easy To Understand now.
                -Some of New Blocks/Background Cant see!

                STORY LINE:
                A Story is about an enormous house with overgrown Huge Vines. Thousand Year's Ago!

                It Started to happen because there was a witch who was harassing and doing Evil to the people in the Village Of Nethilor. Theres Mr.Tom named as a hero, Because he saved many people in their Village and he alway's destroys the Evil Plans of the witch.

                The Witched Shouted stronger and broke here possessions. At that point, The Witch wanted to plan something for Mr.Tom, The Witch jealousy What he's doing. In Light of the Franticiness of the Witch that she reviled him to become Plants And Developed in his home. Mr.Tom couldn't ensure himself that he was unable to stopcrying and being Miserable.

                You are Buddy! After you Discovered what happened to Mr.Tom Your'e Stunned, Your'e interested to recognize what happened to Mr.Tom and you chose to Discover!
                WORLD HAS:
                •BASIC JAMMERS
                •FRIENDLY WORLD
                •CREDITORY BOARD
                •ORIGINAL STORY
                •GATEWAY OF ADVENTURE
                •GHOST CHARM
                •ADVENTURE ITEMS
                GROW ID: JHERUEL


                • World: LILYSDIARY
                  Name: Chinitto

                  You are reading a diary of a very ordinary girl whose life will one day take a different turn. Relationships with family, friends and herself are becoming tense. A good girl becomes a bad girl in an instant, without noticing it.


                  - Mainly slide/surf parkour
                  - Bit of normal parkour
                  - Original story (storyline)
                  - Usage of adventure items
                  - Noob friendly (xeno allows you to double jump and run fast)
                  - Winners room to chill with others and share thoughts of world
                  - Pixel art
                  - Credit board
                  - Basic jammers, ghost charm, fire house

                  World is somewhat challenging, so you have to figure out how to pass some places but it’s not hard


                  • World: SpiritsRealm
                    GrowID: Junious

                    Click image for larger version  Name:	spiritsrealm.png Views:	0 Size:	789.1 KB ID:	6928430
                    Connected World: SPIRITSREALM2Click image for larger version  Name:	spiritsrealm2.png Views:	0 Size:	144.2 KB ID:	6928431
                    Some people believe the dead will live in another world. Could this be the place where the spirits lived? Only you can figure it out. You are a kid who is always afraid of ghost woke up in a mysterious world where spirits are living. After a journey of exploration, you woke up from your bed and realized that it was just a dream. But could the dream be true? No one knows...

                    World Has:
                    - Normal Parkour
                    - Adventure Items
                    - Sungate
                    - Interesting Storyline
                    - Creditory Board
                    - Simple Riddles
                    - Facts
                    - Halloween themed
                    - End Area
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                    GrowID : JunHongYT
                    Instagram : @jun_hong_gt
                    Youtube : Jun Hong


                    • Growid: Faculty
                      World: Facirate

                      The world features the story of Facirate and his adventures to his ship in order to start a mission. It would not be easy, as troubles will be along the way. Will Facirate able to get into his ship before his ship leaves?

                      This world has:
                      - Pz Jammer/Ghost charm/Cctv
                      - Monochromatic blast/Fire house
                      - Story board
                      - Credits board
                      - Vip area for finishers
                      - Flying ship
                      - Tree house
                      - Easy/medium Parkour
                      - Adventure items
                      - Latest render
                      - Clash items

                      Thats all Goodluck to all 💙💙
                      Click image for larger version

Name:	IMG_20201015_210517_181.jpg
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Size:	300.8 KB
ID:	6928455


                      • THECHICKENFACTORY by Johnxx

                        Story: Two of the trolls are captured and abducted by an evil notorious chicken named Teryjaki. Your mission is to find your way into the Chicken Factory and finish all of the obstacles in every stage and save the trolls! You are our only hope!

                        Description: This world is an Adventure/Parkour/Story world which uses almost all of the adventure items such as the rope, torch, golden idol, banana, crystal goblet and pineapple. Uses also new blocks and obstacle blocks such as steam items, tricksters, deathtraps, laser grids, looming shadows, and Cybot items.

                        World Contains:
                        ~ Zombie Jammer
                        ~ Punch Jammer
                        ~ Pineapple Guardian
                        ~ Jungle Weather Machine
                        ~ Adventure Pack/Jungle Items
                        ~ Storyboard
                        ~ Credits Board
                        ~ Challenge Timer, Challenge Start and End Flags
                        ~THE NEW TROLL MANNEQUIN!
                        ~ Shop Pack Items
                        ~ Cybot Items
                        ~ Cinco De Mayo Items
                        ~ Zombie Defense Pack Items
                        ~ Hidden Riches Items
                        ~ Cinema Pack Items
                        ~ Locke Update Items
                        ~ Growmoji Items
                        ~ Cooking Update Items
                        ~ Undersea Blast Items
                        ~ Valentines Items
                        ~ Racing Action Pack Items
                        ~ Education Pack Items
                        ~ Dungeon Pack Items
                        ~ Systems Update
                        ~ Night of the Sewing Dead Items
                        ~ Growassic Park Items
                        ~ Steam Pack Items
                        ~ Surgery Pack Items
                        ~ Summerfest Items
                        ~ Prehistoric Pack Items
                        ~ Roots Items
                        ~ Thanksgiving Items
                        ~ Time Tossed Items
                        ~ Fantasy Pack Items
                        ~ Block Party Items
                        ~ City Pack Items
                        ~ Startopia 1 & 2 Items
                        ~ Winner/Prize Room
                        ~ 9 Obstacle Levels
                        ~ Summer/Winter/Spring Clash Items
                        ~ Farm Pack Items
                        ~ Chinese New Year Items
                        ~ Harvest Festival Items
                        ~ BOO Items
                        ~ Firefighter Pack Items
                        ~ Easter Items
                        ~ Player Appreciation Week Items
                        ~ Spelunkorama Items
                        ~ Building Block Items
                        ~ St Patricks Items
                        ~ Mad Science Kit Items
                        ~ Astro Pack Items
                        ~ Gone Fishin Items
                        ~ Chemsynth Items
                        ~ Wolfworld Items
                        ~ Anniversary Items
                        ~ Halloween Items

                        Good luck to everyone!
                        GrowID: JOHNXX

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                        Hello there! Johnxx here, the TROLL KING!
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                        • ​​Nominating "FRIENDSHIPSTORY"

                          World name: FRIENDSHIPSTORY
                          GrowID: Dzez

                          Description: This world is focusing on the story of Androclus and the Lion, it's a story about a man who escaped, crept into a cave and became friends with a lion in the ancient times of Rome. It's a very heartwarming story, teaches people about the morals of a true friendship, and how times have changed.
                          The world is new people friendly, you do not need wings, nor' a speed item to complete it. It has been tested multiple times with or without helpful gear.
                          This is my first WOTD attempt and I was the only builder, so I built this world with love and passion.

                          World includes:
                          • Credit board
                          • Wonderful storyline
                          • PZ Jammers
                          • Ghost Charm
                          • Firehouse
                          • Weather Machine- Jungle
                          • V.I.P area for winners
                          • Features real ancient Rome buildings.
                          • Lion pixel art
                          • Tons of paint buckets used
                          • Some trickster levels
                          • 2 Adventure door levels

                          Does NOT have any portals linking to vend worlds.

                          Latest render:

                          Click image for larger version

Name:	friendshipstory render.png
Views:	110
Size:	1.24 MB
ID:	6928518

                          Click to add your country hehe 🡹


                          • Welcome to the ANNUALDERBY racetrack!!

                            Race through all 13 ANNUAL Growtopia events from Valentines' Day to Players Appreciation Week... you name them all! (maybe except the new Wing Week ^-^)

                            This racetrack, built by me (SodaXD) and Dycesion (aka minum) features :

                            - Xenonite Crystal blocking High Jump and Speed

                            - Punch and Zombie Jammer

                            - Pineapple Guardian and Ghost Charm

                            - Nothingness weather

                            Regarding the competitive racing nature of KYDERBY, this racetrack was built to optimise the racers' enjoyment and speedrunning capabilities. The track is built to have sufficient spaces, and tight spaces are minimised to the best possible extent.

                            We really hope you enjoy your time at ANNUALDERBY , and strive to get the fastest possible time! #growwotdoct20 Growtopia
                            Attached Files


                            • Nominating my world TwistedBiomes for WOTD!
                              After months of building, I finally finished this world, thanks to cflame for helping.

                              World Name: TWISTEDBIOMES
                              Owner's Name: SodaXD
                              World has:
                              ~Weather machine-Nothingness
                              ~Punch and Zombie Jammers
                              ~Ghost Charm

                              Attached Files


                              • World name : HORRORGRANNY
                                My GrowID : vHF
                                A quick description of my world :
                                Its about granny's stories, we need to escape from granny's house and find the peacefulness.
                                Inspired from Granny Horror Game, we used Granny's small face as our small pixel, rooms inspired from that game too. We used Mrs Pumpkin's Comical Dream songs
                                Latest renderworld of the world : Oct 16th 2020
                                The world was originally built by me, with a lot of help from my siblings. Bulletin next to the white door is intended for the game info and credits. The original song was from THEMUSIC, then go to HatsuneMiku x Vocaloid section, it will lead us to world VRLZ15:VRLZ15.

                                This world has :
                                - Granny's stories (All story line around the map and have tutors how to pass it)
                                - Granny's pixel face
                                - Ghostcharm, Zombie and Punch Jammer (Normal)
                                - Firehouse and Pineapple Guardian (To avoid from housefire)
                                - Spooky Weather (because the theme is horror ones)
                                - Horror songs (Mrs Pumpkin's Comical Dream)
                                - Adventure gates (Used rope, key and banana)
                                - Parkour stages (after passed adventure gates, it will lead us to parkours and minigames)
                                - Mini games (there are secret passages, laser grid game, acid game, obelisk vs sungates, and monkey's game)

                                Happy playing

                                Click image for larger version

Name:	horrorgranny.png
Views:	116
Size:	675.2 KB
ID:	6928557
                                Attached Files