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Nominate Your World for WOTD Here! [September - December Cycle]

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  • Nominating my first wotd

    Growid iggymo
    World name : imagin4tion

    Story line :
    Coronavirus has spread all around the world , there's only few of them that not infected. John is one of them.John got a plan to make vaccine and he heading to his friend's sicence lab.John and his friend fail to make vaccine and they don't have a choice. They only can RUN till the safe zone so that they are safe . Soon, his friend get infected and he is the only one that not infected. He was so scare that he can't reach the safe zone. John snap out of his bad dream and he realize that it was just an IMAGINATION

    World include:
    pz jammer
    adventure item
    weather machine - heatwave
    winner room
    story line
    ghost charm
    trickster and gravity well
    credit board
    #growwotdoct20 Click image for larger version

Name:	imagin4tion.png
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Size:	2.15 MB
ID:	6928895



      ▪World Name : ADVENTURETOCAVE

      ▪GrowID : Kingharits

      ▪Description : This World is about you (who play the role of an adventurer) Who are on an expedition to forest and caves . And when you are reserching an animal , Your head hits by a rock and you faints . When you wake up from fainting , you are in a dark cave , You are trying to find a way out by going through the many obstacles that exist .

      ▪The World Has :
      • pz jammer
      • ghost charm
      • mini mod
      • medium parkour
      • adventure item
      • credits board
      • vip area
      • dimension blocks
      Click image for larger version

Name:	adventuretocave 69.png
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Size:	418.7 KB
ID:	6928901


      • Hi I nominate my world for October 2020 WOTD

        World name: THELASTREDDOOR
        Grow ID : JANOBARKER
        It's 2 am in the middle of the night, you're sitting in the living room watching the news about the serial killer that ran from the prison. Suddenly you heard strange sound from the outside, you think it's just a cat, you continue watching but then you heard again that strange sound. Now it's sound like someone trying to open your main door. You brace yourself to take a peek from the window. You see a big guy with a black hoodie and wearing a hockey mask force to open your door! You scared- You panic! and "BAAAAM" the door is open! You're trying to think fast, where should you hide?! This is the beginning of your adventure, your next decision will determine your life.

        Click image for larger version

Name:	thelastreddoor 17 oct.png
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Size:	325.8 KB
ID:	6928916

        - This world story was inspired from so many thriller movie I watched.
        - This world have a story line that the ending is depends on your choice. So many door's so many ending's
        - This world have a various kind of parkour (Easy & medium) like labyrinth game, portal game and others , you need wing and parasol to finish it
        - This world contains P&Z Jammer, ghost charm and firehouse
        - This world have a big pixel art , that detail from the pixel art is a room with so many different activities
        - Safe VIP room & RIP VIP Room
        - Two hidden spot to explore the world
        - Four spectator room to see how's your friends finish the story
        - Last is this world have a guide to "How protect yourself when your alone at home and someone try to force inside your house"

        Click image for larger version

Name:	parkour room1.JPG
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Size:	543.2 KB
ID:	6928917Click image for larger version

Name:	portal game.JPG
Views:	90
Size:	327.6 KB
ID:	6928918
        Thankyou & Happy Halloween everyone

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        • Click image for larger version

Name:	thecrystalenergy.png
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Size:	744.1 KB
ID:	6928935
          Nominate My World THECRYSTALENERGY For WOTD
          GrowID : DAPPOL
          About World :
          You will become a beginner magician in a magic school. and you will carry out a mission that is to Take Back Crystal energy that is on a high hill
          World Contains :
          • Zombie Jammer & Punch Jammer
          • Xenonite Blocked Double jump,High Jump & Speed
          • Pineapple guardian
          • Trickster Parkour Under water
          • Death Trap Wall
          • Password door
          • Rope Piton Parkour
          • And Many Adventure item


          • Nominating my guild home world "SAUNAGUILD" for WOTD!

            World name: SAUNAGUILD
            GrowID: WekNd

            Sauna is a level 15 Guild from Finland which is leaded by me WekNd.
            The world has big castle which is our guild Headquarter.
            Around the castle there is quiz about guilds and medium howler parkour for everyone.

            The world has:

            - P & Z Jammers
            - Firehouse
            - Night Weather
            - Minimod
            - Adventure items
            - Credit board (its few blocks above guild lock)
            - Usage of clash items
            - Medium parkour which includes part of howler parkour
            - Quiz about guilds
            - Winners / VIP room for those who complete the Parkour or Quiz
            - Warm sauna in the upper left of the world
            - Cooking area for guild members for Cooking Conquerors event.

            Click image for larger version  Name:	saunaguild.png Views:	0 Size:	737.1 KB ID:	6928986
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            • MAGNETICWORLD for WOTD

              World Name: MAGNETICWORLD
              GrowID: Dacksei

              Last year. Edward got the an old magnet from his grandfather,
              he kept it and used it for treasure hunting. In the past year
              Edward was searching for rare magnets.He found this
              what is called "Magic Magnet" the national treasure magnet,
              Edward wanted to search for it. could he find it?

              - Punch Jammer
              - Zombie Jammer
              - Ghost Charm
              - Fire House
              - Adventure Items
              - Weather (Jungle)
              - Halloween items
              - Credits Board / World that inspired me
              - Hula Bobblehead (Summer item)
              - Mannequins
              - Dimension blocks
              - Pot O' Gold
              - Vip room
              - Sun Gate/Obelisk
              - Red Crystal
              - Castle blocks
              - Victrola
              - Movie Screen

              ​ ​* sorry for the Regal Bannister because was not supported.
              Click image for larger version

Name:	magneticworld.png
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Size:	684.4 KB
ID:	6928988


              • World name-CALAMITYVILLE
                Grow ID-MOONISH
                In 1547,a team of explorers from Denmark found a cave nearby
                and in it they found what looked like an unlimited amount of gold
                news spread fast and several people from different lands came here
                to strike rich,they started building houses, shops, churches and even started
                to grow agriculture, like potatoes and carrots, as it was a lot easier to just
                grow them here than have them transported all the way up here.
                But something happend several years later,the gold that was mined and
                sold off seemingly turned to rust and the people that ever touched it
                died a few days later from an unknown disease, which prompted people to
                leave this place and never come back,not only did they have to deal with
                the gold rusting and people mysteriously dying but also a never ending
                snowstorm had set in,reaching temperatures below -50C, and after that
                nobody had set foot in this place for several years, exept *You* After reading
                this story from an old book you decide to venture out to this place to find the sole reason as to why everything had happened several years ago.
                *Xenonite Crystal
                *Adventure items
                *Small puzzle
                Attached Files


                • *Nominating this world that i made last year not winter yet but ok.
                  CATINTHEWINTER is a Parkour World with background a cat that was abandoned by its owner because its owner went to town for the new year, and Santa told his fairies to accompany the cat until the owner come back.

                  This world contains:
                  -Basic Jammers
                  (Punch, Zombie and Ghost Charm)
                  -Weather Machine - Background
                  -Facts About Cats
                  -Normal Parkour
                  -Pixel art
                  -Password Doors
                  -Questions on Gateway Adventure
                  -Adventure Items
                  -Xenonite Crystal
                  -Credit Board
                  -Winners Room
                  -Gravity Well
                  -Winter Theme

                  Click image for larger version

Name:	catinthewinter.png
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Size:	523.9 KB
ID:	6929144
                  Growid: RimUwU
                  world: CATINTHEWINTER
                  Smh why my signature not gif


                  • World : MADMEK
                    Growid: OzZED

                    Click image for larger version

Name:	madmek (1).png
Views:	106
Size:	606.0 KB
ID:	6929269
                    World has UPDATED

                    World has:
                    -Jammer (Punch, Zombie, Guardian Pineapple, Mini-mod)
                    -Xenonite Crystal (Fair Gameplay)
                    -Adventure item
                    -Creditory (Boards, link inspired)

                    Have you ever imagined, how the beauty of nature is down there? Nature that has never been touched by humans at all. When you are too amazed by the beauty of outer space, there is an underwater realm that is completely unsolved.
                    In this time, we will explore a beautiful underwater area, called MADMEK. This mysterious place is known to have a mystical and enchanted atmosphere, where beauty is roaming free. The crystals, jellyfish and coral reefs that can be be seen are so colorful, shining, in the deep blue water.
                    If you have ever wondered about how beautiful it is, your journey can begin. You will guided by guard

           - Coral Reefs Knowledge
           - Pixel Monster Inspired


                    • Nominating for WOTD!
                      Grow id :ska6e
                      World name : jungleexploration
                      This world tells of a young man who wants to camp in the Forest of Dean in autumn, but the young man gets lost and the young man doesn't know the way out because the weather is already dark.
                      One time when the young man wanted to find a way out, a witch came, then the witch kidnapped the young man and took him to a hut and locked him there to be his food.
                      Your mission is to save the young man and bring him back before the witch makes him his meal!
                      Theme: ThClick image for larger version

Name:	14-31-28-jungleexploration.png
Views:	103
Size:	616.7 KB
ID:	6929285e Forest of Dean(native forest in england)
                      The world has:
                      -pineapple guardian
                      -weather machine autumn
                      -clash item
                      -adventure item
                      -ghost charm
                      -password door
                      -medium parkour
                      -story and credit board
                      -dimension block
                      -vip room
                      #growtopia #growwotdoct20


                      • World Name: ThePurpleCave
                        GrowID: Manav

                        Long ago, you inhabited the planet Yethelia. As time went on you became curious about the planet you lived on. One day you decide to explore the nearby cave. However many have failed, but you think you will be the first to do it.

                        -Zombie and Punch Jammer
                        -Ghost charm
                        -Original parkour (easy/intermediate)
                        -A story to keep the player entertained and informed
                        -Narration to give the player a better understanding of the gameplay
                        -Board that gives credit to those who helped
                        -Paint to make blocks look more appealing
                        -Glue to make structures look natural and realistic
                        -New parkour techniques

                        P.S. Unfortunately the world consist of space blocks which conflicts with the render
                        Attached Files
                        IGN: Manav

                        “The wonderful thing is that it’s so incredibly easy to be kind.” - Ingrid Newkirk


                        • GrowID: Taccoy
                          World Name: ADVENTUREWARRIORS

                          World has:
                          Punch, Zombie Jammer
                          Weather Machine - St. Paddy's Day
                          Adventure Item

                          One day we met Sugiono the old man, and he said 'Explore this world and you will come to a very beautiful place'.
                          Attached Files


                          • Hi Growtopians!

                            Just wanted to submit this world for WOTD! I cleaned it up to the best of my abilities, so hope you enjoy playing!

                            Updated Render!

                            Click image for larger version  Name:	memoirsofme.png Views:	115 Size:	620.1 KB ID:	6905637

                            Growid: Truthie

                            World: MEMOIRSOFME

                            -Xenonite, so all players can play!

                            -Punch Jammer, Zombie Jammer, Firehouse and Ghost Charm

                            -Credits to all those who helped!

                            -A unique and original storyline


                            -Puzzles, using adventure items

                            -The usage of a variety of blocks

                            -A happy ending, featuring a inspiration quote


                            A crash was all I heard, the sudden yet saddening site..
                            The site of a burning car, the emotions of shock and sorrow.

                            This was the vivid image encrypted in my mind... The vivid image that sealed the feeling of happiness.

                            This was 10 years ago... 10 years ago, I lost the people I cared about..

                            Nowadays, I live in a small cabin... A small cabin in the middle of the woods. I have never been able to experience the happiness that I once had...

                            Today, I feel a small breeze, a change of heart...

                            I feel different.... I feel like I need to journey outside...

                            I wonder what I will find.. I wonder what memories I can recall... All those happy memories...

                            Why did I create this world?
                            I created this world to showcase that everyone has their up's and down's, but it's important to always feel happy. I think that people can struggle, but when they recall their previous joyful memories, it can boost their mood so much.There is something so powerful with our memories, that allows us to forget about the bad experiences we have had, and continue to journey on for a positive future!

                            Thank you everyone for reading!
                            Instagram: Truthie_GT

                            Have a great day!


                            • World name: GNAW
                              GrowID: Kranken

                              I am nominating my world GNAW for WOTD.

                              You are bacteria living on a hand-shaped spaceship, but the ship has encountered some unforeseen trouble. Something has broken and you have landed on this planet to salvage old abandoned starships for spare parts.

                              Once you have figured out the key to fixing your ship, you must travel through space debris back to your ship to fix whatever was broken.

                              Each door represents a dead spaceship. Inside, you will find a short challenge, a test of intelligence, and a letter.

                              Each riddle will give you a number ranging from 1 to 10. Assemble the letters in the correct order to obtain the code needed for passage.

                              World features:
                              -a challenging anti gravity parkour
                              -10 space-ship mini levels interlinked from the main world.
                              -unique level design
                              -unique block combinations
                              (-jammers/anti gravity generator/nothingness)


                              • Nominating "BOOOHALLOWEEN" for WOTD!

                                BOOOHALLOWEEN by Bangla4D
                                GrowID: Bangla4D
                                World: BOOOHALLOWEEN

                                Story: You’re Booo, King Edward’s ghost and your priority is to retrieve the joy from your people back, and the only way to recieve it back is by making the most famous party from England to happen (The Halloween), but it’ll be harder than it looks...

                                World Contains:
                                Punch Jammer
                                Zombie Jammer
                                Ghost charm
                                Security Camera
                                Xenonite Crystal
                                Weather Machine - Heatwave

                                Pixel Art Credits:

                                #growwotdoct20 #growtopiaClick image for larger version  Name:	growtopiaaa.png Views:	0 Size:	589.2 KB ID:	6929500