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Nominate Your World for WOTD Here! [September - December Cycle]

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    Your function is to travel between realities to reach the question and your malfunction is to answer it. You are what precedes the final shape, and you have ushered a concrete prophecy.Click image for larger version

Name:	malfunctioning.png
Views:	155
Size:	299.8 KB
ID:	6930074
    This world includes:
    • Xenonite Crystals (3 in total for each world)
    • Appropriate jammers for all worlds
    • Parkour & puzzles using howlers, adventure items, and other mechanics.
    • Story.
    • Relevant credits & world info allocated on a Guestbook besides the white door.
    *note, this world uses challenge timers as a mechanic which require the player to be a supporter - there is an alternative path to avoid this necessity for players who aren't supporter.
    37 World of the Days won.
    4 World Building Competitions placed in.


    • DealWithTheDice:

      You've made it this far, fought through countless enemies and claimed their debts owed to the gambling master King Dice! He challenges you to one last challenge, you must gather things scattered around while avoiding death despite it lurking around every corner. Will you accept the deal and save yourself, or will you fall as the final hurdle?

      CYBOTS! for an interesting parkour experience
      Password door puzzles
      Stair puzzles
      Punch and Zombie Jammers
      Credit to all helpers and inspiration
      Night Weather Machine
      Adventure items

      Click image for larger version  Name:	dealwiththedice.png Views:	75 Size:	208.4 KB ID:	6928354


      Day 20... the corruption has risen to the surface and is beginning to eat buildings and people left and right with no desire to stop.. an endless hunger gnawing away at decades of buildings and modernisation.. Your Brother is now wounded and knows how to stop it, will you build up enough courage to obtain the cure and save the world?


      Password door puzzles
      Stair puzzles
      Punch and Zombie Jammers
      Credit to all helpers and inspiration
      Apocalypse Weather Machine
      Adventure items
      Advanced puzzles using adventure item blocks
      Engaging story
      A Secret that few will solve..

      Click image for larger version  Name:	corruptionrises.png Views:	80 Size:	926.2 KB ID:	6928355
      Certified Balloon Wars pro (3x MVP in 2 wars)
      ALSO IGN: CringeAF (PC/MOBILE)
      IGN: MrMine8 (XBOX)

      discord: WillyWongChoi#5501


      • ETHEREALGARDENS by Dipole for WOTD

        GROWID: Dipole



        A place where generations of gardens are built, harvested, and devastated. Seeds, flowers, plants, fruits, trees, and dead trees were cultured and loved in the place called Ethereal Gardens. A garden represents beauty inside and out, crops that was made to be perfect but no one can escape the wrath of human kind that's why generations of gardens were built to maintain beauty and perfection.

        WORLD INFO:
        -Punch and Zombie Jammers
        -Weather/Blast (Monochromatic)
        -Song (Hokage Funeral *Copied from THEMUSIC*)
        -Parkour (Easy to Medium)
        -Info, Guides and Credits
        -VIP (At the end of Story and parkour)
        -Adventure Item

        Thank you for your time, have a nice day. )

        Attached Files



          IGN: frontieer
          World name: FORESTOFCURSEDFLAMES ​

          World Render:

          World Description;
          You were wandering around, searching for adventure, something to do. Time through time passed by and now you're lost in a forest. While you were trying to figure it out the way back, you accidently went through a gate which you thought were normal, but the truth is... it isn't. The gate made you enter a whole new dimension and turns out it was a cursed forest. Now the story depends on you, do you have what it takes to find the gate again so you can get back the old world?

          World Details;
          1. Complete set of jammers
          2. Medium Parkour
          3. Puzzles!
          4. A Bonus Puzzle with a twist
          5. Xenonite Crystal and mini mod
          6. Adventure items
          7. Rare parkour mechanics and combined
          8. Cybots, Hypertech Antigrav
          9. Djump and speed blocked!

          Good Luck to everyone too!, hope you like the world and enjoy the gameplay^^​


            FOR WOTD!

            Click image for larger version

Name:	houseofvines.png
Views:	110
Size:	1.42 MB
ID:	6930151

            -The Story can make you Intense/ The Story is fit for Halloween.
            -Easy To Find the missing letters for password door.
            -Easy Ending Part Even No Wing Can Finish the parkour.
            -Story Line is Easy To Understand now.
            -Some of New Blocks/Background Cant see!

            STORY LINE:
            A Story is about an enormous house with overgrown Huge Vines. Thousand Year's Ago!

            It Started to happen because there was a witch who was harassing and doing Evil to the people in the Village Of Nethilor. Theres Mr.Tom named as a hero, Because he saved many people in their Village and he alway's destroys the Evil Plans of the witch.

            The Witched Shouted stronger and broke here possessions. At that point, The Witch wanted to plan something for Mr.Tom, The Witch jealousy What he's doing. In Light of the Franticiness of the Witch that she reviled him to become Plants And Developed in his home. Mr.Tom couldn't ensure himself that he was unable to stopcrying and being Miserable.

            You are Buddy! After you Discovered what happened to Mr.Tom Your'e Stunned, Your'e interested to recognize what happened to Mr.Tom and you chose to Discover!
            WORLD HAS:
            •BASIC JAMMERS
            •FRIENDLY WORLD
            •CREDITORY BOARD
            •ORIGINAL STORY
            •GHOST CHARM
            •ADVENTURE ITEMS
            GROW ID: JHERUEL


            • World: LILYSDIARY
              Name: Chinitto

              You are reading a diary of a very ordinary girl whose life will one day take a different turn. Relationships with family, friends and herself are becoming tense. A good girl becomes a bad girl in an instant, without noticing it.


              - Mainly slide/surf parkour
              - Bit of normal parkour
              - Original story (storyline)
              - Usage of adventure items
              - Noob friendly (xeno allows you to double jump and run fast)
              - Winners room to chill with others and share thoughts of world
              - Pixel art
              - Credit board
              - Basic jammers, ghost charm, fire house

              World is somewhat challenging, so you have to figure out how to pass some places but it’s not hard


              • Nomination For WOTD " Growtinfo"

                -List of villains about
                -List of gifts from surgery
                -use of surgery tools
                -list of diseases from surgery
                -A detailed guide for card PvP
                -Fun facts about the crime update
                -list of goods from starship
                -List of grift from starship


                -Growid : DrBoiKe
                -World. : Growtinfo


                Features :
                -P and Z jammer
                -Fire house
                -weather mechine Baground
                -Antigravity generator to make is easy move around the world


                -descrip world :My world is a place where people can learn about the various uses of Startopia surgery equipment and crime cards.
                Attached Files


                • Click image for larger version  Name:	image_192075.png Views:	4 Size:	1.04 MB ID:	6930239


                  GrowID : Dubov
                  World Name : PAGOMENO

                  As you went on your journey, end of the world as far..
                  Into a gap you fell, ...a ravine or some sort?
                  Certain on death, eyes closed yet wide opened.

                  Head first, leaving the living.
                  Fell deep, very deep, it gradually deepens.

                  "I'm supposed to end up in nirvana, am i not ?!" you wondered.

                  Reality strikes as the heat comes, the smell of the burnt, the screams of the terrible!

                  "So this is where i'll go.." you chanted, accepting your judgement.

                  Yet it seems this pit doesn't have an end! You kept falling on and on until...

                  A sudden breeze passed, a thousand needles sharp. Piercing through the skin!

                  Alas... You have arrived..
                  A place that no one ever talked about..
                  A place where warmth could never be found..

                  "This place... it's.. cold..."

                  World Info -

                  Pagomeno, (Icecold/stonecold in greek) is a world inspired by the infamous long Italian poem "The Divine Comedy"
                  by Dante Alghieri. The world is specifically based on Dante's potrayal of the ninth circle of hell also called "Cocytus". Dante potrayed "Cocytus" as a very cold place, contradicting the beliefs that hell's supposed to be in flames. I took the concept and manifest it into the world "PAGOMENO". Structure wise, it is built as a dark fortress sitting at the lowest depths of hell. Upon wandering inside "PAGOMENO", visitors should feel the cold-chilly vibe that the fortress possess. The materials chosen for the world building are carefully picked to express how I want the world to feel.

                  The world is made representing my darkest thoughts during one of my darkest days in my university life. I want to state that dark awful things can also look beautiful and that beauty is relative to one's perspective. The story is about a lost soul wandering the depths of the dark fortress in the afterlife, trying find their way to their final resting place guided singlehandedly by the "authority" there with no third characters involved. It is made as potrayal of self indulgement.

                  Here are the things that the world has to offer :

                  -A unique parkour system that involves the game's gravitational system and the use of time space ruptures as obstacles.
                  -Punch and Zombie jammers.
                  -Ghost charm
                  -Heatwave machine
                  -Rare blocks from various events in use.
                  -The use of adventure items.
                  -Gravity well obstacles.
                  -Credits board

                  The world is designed by Dubov, built together by Dubov, nabikrebs, and Shiels.


                  - Dubov
                  Last edited by dubov; 10-19-2020, 05:49 AM. Reason: edit : fixed some image issues


                  • GrowID: Heramix
                    World Name: GTSKELD

                    GTSKELD is an among us recreation made inside of Growtopia! Using among us’s most popular map: Skeld. The world has similar gameplay to among us.

                    At the start, crewmates and impostors randomly get picked (there is 4x more crewmates than impostors) and then the match starts. The crewmates has to finish their “tasks” to win, and the impostors has to kill the crewmates to sabotage them so they don’t complete their tasks!

                    Way more information about how the game works can be find in the data repositories next to the door.

                    -P & Z Jammer
                    -Weather Machine : Background
                    -Xenonite Crystal
                    -Unique game item usage
                    -2 Tomb Robbers
                    -Spectating System
                    -A clever system to have more crewmates then impostors.
                    -Task system, where every player has to do diffirent and unique tasks
                    to earn their team a point. (Ranging from dimension block maze to entering codes)
                    -Vents for impostors to sneak through!
                    -The Skeld Map from among us!
                    -Completely automatic (doesn’t require a host)

                    The Latest Render:
                    Click image for larger version

Name:	gtskeld.png
Views:	98
Size:	239.1 KB
ID:	6930272
                    Hello, I’m Heramix!


                    • THEMAGICLAMP for WOTD
                      GrowID: INSZ
                      World : THEMAGICLAMP


                      THEMAGICLAMP is an adventure world that inspired from Alladin, but it's not the same story. It's themed in Arab (Desert). This world tells you a story about a man named Aladeen that will change his life after he accepting a mission from Sultan (King) ​. The mission is exchange a golden idol for magic pineapple from Genie. But not that easy because he has to face so many obstacles that appear in the Cave of Wonders. The most dangerous cave in Arab. Actually Aladeen already know about it. But he thinks that carrying out this mission is a honor for him. So without any reconsideration he approve the mission.

                      World contains:

                      -Story and a simple Monologue
                      -Credit and Special Thanks Board
                      -1001 Nights TaleCastle Design
                      -Pixel Art: Lamp from Alladin Movie
                      -Anubis pixel art
                      -Adventure parkour and Trickster maze
                      -Punch and Zombie Jammer
                      -Ghost Charm
                      -Weather machine~Comet
                      -Xenonite Crystal


                      ​​​​​Click image for larger version

Name:	themagiclamp.png
Views:	107
Size:	552.0 KB
ID:	6930283



                      • GrowID: ayielimao
                        World: THEDESOLATEWASTELAND

                        After a fierce dogfight up in the Alpha Sector, your ship gets critically damaged -- forcing you to opt-out of the battle. As the captain of your fleet, you trust that your allies will be able to take care of the situation. Preparing your ship for warp drive, you expect to arrive at a much safer location in the Delta Sector -- instead, you are greeted by a stormy red planet, and there is no way you can escape its gravity. Will you be able to leave this mysterious planet?

                        As the player, you are tasked with exploring ships that have crashed on the same planet long ago. You must scavenge for their parts and take note of their activation codes.

                        The world features the following:
                        • PZ Jammers
                        • Ghost Charm and Firefighter
                        • Xenonite - Double jump and High jump is blocked for a fair experience for all players.
                        • The use of adventure items
                        • A challenging parkour
                        • A victory room
                        • Board containing credits
                        Click image for larger version

Name:	thedesolatewasteland.png
Views:	118
Size:	673.1 KB
ID:	6930493

                        Instagram: @ayielimao
                        YouTube: ayielimao

                        Latest YT vid B)


                        • Renominating THEKINGSMISSION for Wotd
                          World: THEKINGSMISSION
                          GrowID: iVus
                          One Day the King 👑 Wanted Something Special and that's his Golden idol. His Golden idol is protected by a Dark Shadow. The Dark Shadow Took The King's Golden idol Because His Crystal Goblet is Missing. The King cant Get it from the Dark Shadow so He Hired Someone Who's Really good at Adventuring Dangerous Stuff to get it for Him and that Person is You.

                          World Has:
                          - Riddles or Trick Questions and Puzzle
                          - Easy and Hard Parkour
                          - Adventure Items
                          - Basic Jammers, Ghost Charm and Fire House
                          - Trickster, Dimensions to prevent Skipping
                          - Weather machine Night
                          - Story line
                          - A Linked World name: ARCADECITY

                          I Make this World for fun and Hoping to win too🏅
                          I hope this will be my very first Wotd 🏅
                          Enjoy the World and Good Luck to all 🤴

                          Latest render:
                          Click image for larger version

Name:	arcadecity.png
Views:	103
Size:	156.2 KB
ID:	6930513Linked World: ARCADECITY
                          Attached Files


                          • Thedarkercaves by packor
                            IGN: Packor
                            World: thedarkercaves

                            Start of story : what...? Why am i here...? Oh yeah, i was doing cave expeditions with my friends... wait a sec... where are my friends? I remember my mind going dark and then i woke up here all alone... maybe my friends decided to go further without me..? No that cant be possible they would never leave me in this dark cold place right...? Maybe something or somebody took them... it seems like my only way is to go forward... glad i still have this flashlight with me... id be consumed by darkness without it

                            World has pz ghost jammer and its fully covered in dark cave backgrounds, parkour, adventure/adventure items And a full story
                            Click image for larger version

Name:	thedarkercaves.png
Views:	102
Size:	531.8 KB
ID:	6930621


                            • REMEMORATIO, a story remembrance and forgetfulness, disappointment and acceptance.

                              - Jammers, Anti-gravity Generator and Xenonite Crystal
                              - A connected world: IMMEMORATIO
                              - New Mechanics/Features using Adventure Items and various Clash Blocks
                              - Creditory Board near the white door

                              Other notes:

                              The world design revolves mainly in the storyline and a lesson embedded in the story of Princess Madeleine and Evander. The world features some new and old parkour mechanics featuring several clash blocks and adventure items such as the adventure brazier maze. Parkour extends from REMEMORATIO to IMMEMORATIO and back.

                              GrowID: ProdigyDawn
                              World: REMEMORATIO
                              GrowID: ProdigyDawn
                              IG: @prodigydawn


                              • GrowID: Meep
                                Description: This is no ordinary zoo. You'd expect to be confined to the outsides of the enclosures at a traditional zoo, but not here. Instead, you'll be able to get up close and personal with every animal! Facts about each real life species are inscribed on nearby signs and there is lots to learn. Taking advantage of the mythical creatures of Growtopia, there's an area dedicated to magical animals too. There's seven unique zones to explore with parkours and several adventure items to gather in each one. Mannequins are placed throughout the world with hints to help if you get lost. To add to the whole zoo nostalgia, there's a Petting Zoo and a mock gift shop to enjoy as well. Those who are especially determined to explore all of BIGZOO can challenge themselves by completing the Password Door Quiz at the end that leads to the VIP area!

                                BIGZOO HAS:
                                - Information and fun facts on 20+ real life animals
                                - Fun parkours that use some Bountiful items
                                - Animal Password Door Quiz
                                - the new Mannequins
                                - Punch/Zombie Jammer
                                - Mini Mod
                                - Ghost Charm
                                - Firehouse
                                - Weather Machine - JungleClick image for larger version

Name:	bigzoo.png
Views:	113
Size:	1.35 MB
ID:	6930664
                                IGN: Meep