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Nominate Your World for WOTD Here! [September - December Cycle]

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    You will be leaving from the City of Fysirmenos tomorrow to go the the supreme castle. It should be your day off. But as a part of the Order of the Stone, you are tasked to help the citizens. And the best way to do that is to end the corruption of the government. For the past few years, the government has never been equal. The poor are not given freedom. Now's the time to end that. Gather all the evidences and people's insight. We will publish them to start a revolution before you leave. This has to come from rich and educated people as well. It is the only way to make them see heart. But this isn't going to be simply just taking items. As a defense, they will rarely speak about your clues.

    Key note: The world can either be a free roam, or a puzzle. Depends on how you want to enjoy the world.

    To start the puzzle, you need at least 7 people. I highly encourage working in teams.

    Here are its photos:
    Click image for larger version  Name:	fysirmenos.png Views:	0 Size:	632.8 KB ID:	6893134​Here are its complete render:

    I've placed all the planner render due to the main one being glitched.
    IGN : ElyXiAL
    Level : 93

    Goals :
    Just expressing thyself


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      Nominating "SKYTHRONE" for World of The Day

      IGN : REDAC

      -Story and maze
      -Friendly parkour
      -Weather infinity : Meteor shower and Frozen cliff
      -Xenonite crystal
      -Dimension Blocks
      -Cybots, Tricksters, and Deathtrap walls
      -Credit board
      -Linked world (SKYTHRONE2)

      In the 22nd century, there was a big war involving all countries. The war resulted in a great destruction on earth and which caused the humans enter a new era. An era where earth losts most of it's gravity. Mountains and lands rose up above with the clouds.
      An era where only few inhabit who had survived from the war. Then one day, a brave man called Shino, united those remaining few and together they built a Castle. After that, he became a leader of the empire. Life of this era wasn't much different from the previous era. And now, you and your friends time travelled from year 2985 gets a chance to explore the mighty SKYTHRONE.

      NOTE : I took 2 renders because weather infinity doesnt show up both condition (Nagoya Castle) (Clouds)
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        PLANETOFCANDY by Stokawaii

        Story :
        You are in the middle of a planet, Candylicious. A planet filled with CAAANDDIEESS and RAAIIINBOWS. You’re here to find a village. The myth said that there’s a hidden village on this planet. Can you find the village? Beware, this planet is not as safe as you think it is.

        This world contains :
        Punch and Zombie Jammer
        A weather machine
        Ghost Charm
        a Parkour
        Pixel Arts
        Adventure Items used

        Click image for larger version

Name:	pocfinal.png
Views:	176
Size:	284.5 KB
ID:	6896431
        In-Game Name : Stokawaii
        Discord : stokie#2576
        " If we were meant to be, we would have been by now "


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          Presenting : LASTHARVESTERS

          My Grow ID : Gorudo
          World : LASTHARVESTERS
          You are preparing for harvest festival 2020 and you find out cults all around are destroying farms trying to stop harvest festival. Will your farm be next?

          #growwotdsept20 #growtopia

          World has : Punch Jammer, Zombie Jammer, Firehouse, Ghost Charm, Volcano, Jungle Weather Machine
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            Click image for larger version  Name:	despicableme2.png Views:	48 Size:	283.5 KB ID:	6895090

            This world is base on the movie "Despicable Me 2"


            One day, the evil supervillain "El Macho" stole the potent mutagen known as "PX-41"
            He used it to Gru's Minions and the minions turned into Evil Minion
            In order to cure the evil minions and turn it back become
            normal minions, you should help Gru to find the antidote that Dr Nefario made.
            You can get the antidote from the Dr Nefario's Lab
            But, inside of the lab there are lots of obstacles such spike.
            Can you get the antidote and cure all the minions near the Giant Minion Statue beside the lab?

            1. P and Z Jammer so no zombies and punchers will disturb you
            2. Stuff Machine With falling bananas
            3. Giant Minion Statue
            4. A big lab with parkour inside
            5. Banana song from "Minions Movie"
            And lots lots more
            Subscribe my youtube Channel: ElectroGuy Gt


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              Hello there! Re-nominating this world for WOTD!

              GrowID : DaveGJ
              World Name : THECOSMICCART
              "Making a mutualism symbiosis between the player (adventurer and parkourist) and the owner (seller - vend owner) by making a cheap vending shop for those who can complete the adventure (Cosmic Quest)"
              This world has :
              -Basic Jammers (P, Z, Ghost Charm, Firehouse)
              -Weather - Warp Speed
              -Music (Stargazing - Kygo ft Justin Jesso)
              -The use of Adventure Items
              -Easy 'til Medium levels of Parkour
              -Cheap Vending Shop as the Prize
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                Dragon Speaking...
                collaboration between Draluxes and ItzEagleT
                ​​​​​​ Click image for larger version

Name:	theeagletotem (1).png
Views:	149
Size:	2.31 MB
ID:	6896503

                Due the render bug, it supposed to be includes Space Dirt, Space Junk Dirt, and more.

                Consequences :
                A strange magic has taken over a secret part of the fierce Jungle, which is a shock to many. This place is called the Fledging Vines. People have searched for ways to uncover a path to this place, yet it was so hard that the project was slowly dropped over time. Thanks to the help of an organization, you have arrived here to investigate and possibly search for a way that can take away this strange magic. Good luck!

                What's New?
                * Startopia v.2 blocks were added into the world
                * Wolf World blocks were added into the world
                * Splenkuroma v.2 blocks were added into the world
                * Time Tossed blocks were added into the world
                * Bountiful blocks were added into the world
                * Winterfest blocks were added into the world

                Features :
                * Zombie and Punch Jammer
                * Firehouse
                * Weather Machine - Jungle

                ​​​​​​Those eagle totem was made by ItzEagleT

                NOSTORS By Draluxes
                Click image for larger version

Name:	nostors.png
Views:	135
Size:	753.9 KB
ID:	6896502

                [Balancing world and updated a New Path!] + Added the new route "An inelegant phenomenon of dragon"!

                Consequences :
                Look in the sky, the smoke was appeared from somewhere. The possible problems have done by fierce creatures. The dragon's master immediately asks for our help. She says this problem has caused by the dragon over there. It's located in my main tower, especially far from that place. I couldn't solve this problem by myself, even my dragons won't be able to help me. We need to get there together and you must take the risk once you accepting our help.

                The dragons now screaming often, it might be something wrong. We should find out what's going on.

                We're running out the time, we must hurry! Follow me!

                How's the game works?
                You need to take training from the dragon's master and gain some skills! After that, you have 20 minutes to reach the upwards tower. It has 6 floors in total until the dragons concerned with you.

                What's New?!?
                * New! A startopia 2.0 Blocks were added into this world!
                * Adventure mechanics were applied to this world.
                * Summer clash blocks were added into this world.
                * Summer mechanic blocks were added into this world ( 3 Gravity Well and 9 Death Trap Wall ).
                * Winter clash blocks were added into this world.
                * Winter mechanic blocks were added into this world. ( 2 Storm Cloud and 2 Cracked Stone Clab ).
                * Spring clash blocks were added into this world.
                * Spring mechanic blocks were added into this world ( 1 Up Up and Away and 4 Trickster ).
                * Block Party v2 was added into this world.
                * Wolf World blocks were added into this world.
                * Bountiful blocks were added into this world ( includes Bountiful Bamboo Spikes, Jungle Temple Pillar, Monkshood ).
                * Splenkuroma Strikes Back blocks were added into this world.
                * Chinese New Year Blocks were added into this world.
                * Mutant kitchen block was added into this world.
                * Farming Blocks Roles were added into this world.
                * Surgeon Blocks Roles were added into this world.
                * 2 Sear Bot - Level 2 are running through the world.
                * 2 Spike Bot - Level 1 are running through the world.
                * 4 ShockBot - Level 1 are running through the world.
                * 1 ShooterBot - Level 1 is running through the world.
                * 1 FlameBot - Level 2 is running through the world.
                * Absolutely the dragon stuff eg. Dragon Blocks and Scales.
                * Winter stuff eg. Winter wind, Giant Chandle, Festivus pole, and more.

                * Punch and Zombie Jammer
                * Weather Machine - Rainy

                RUNNERISLAND By Draluxes
                Click image for larger version

Name:	runnerisland (1).png
Views:	173
Size:	475.5 KB
ID:	6896501 ​​​​​​​

                What a hot seasonal weather. Oh, hey traveler! Have you heard Runner Island occurred through to the game? Isn't it sound familiar to you? Fear no more!

                Welcome to the runner island world! This world reference from the game called " Dragon City " game events!

                In this world, you can dig any treasure that can be found here. They are including a lot amount of golds, foods, gems, or even exclusive mystical dragons!

                Before you take a step, let's remember this one. The system will add the timer countdown. That means if you can reach any final sub-route, you will be eliminated plus all progress will be lost in the time.

                What are you waiting for? The rewards are on beyond your destiny go get a hurry!

                You need to complete five routes of the runner! Including..
                Route 1 : An exercise runner, with the rewards 1 Milion of golds!
                Route 2 : Resistance of speedy, with the rewards 1 Milion of foods!
                Route 3 : Forfeit feathers, with the rewards 20 Gems!
                Route 4 : Heat atmosphere, with the rewards 50 Gems!
                Route 5 : The last accumulate, with the special reward, Lapiz Lazuli dragon can be yours!

                The pixel art was made by myself, his name " Runner dragon! "

                What's New?!?
                * Summer mechanic blocks were added into this world.
                * Winter mechanic blocks were added into this world.
                * Spring mechanic blocks were added into this world.
                * Absolutely the dragon stuff.
                * Cybot ( Include Spike Bot, Flame Bot, Sear Bot)!
                * Startopia blocks were added into tis world.
                * Wolf World blocks were added into this world.
                * Bountiful blocks were added into this world.
                * Splenkuroma Strikes Back blocks were added into this world.
                * Pineapple Stuff was added into this world.
                * Adventure mechanics were applied to this world.

                * Punch and Zombie Jammer
                * Weather Machine - Warp
                * Ghost Charm
                * Pineapple Guardian!

                Bluragon's can go anywhere, if i will on there, don't get surprised.

                Check out of this video ^^


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                  ARIESCASTLE for WOTD 🐏
                  (GUILD WORLD)
                  Click image for larger version

Name:	ariescastle.png
Views:	161
Size:	801.6 KB
ID:	6896518

                  Interested to see the castle made for the King Aries? Here we present you an outstanding creation, an autumn-night fever!

                  Connected World (ARIESCORE)
                  Click image for larger version

Name:	ariescore.png
Views:	132
Size:	96.1 KB
ID:	6896519

                  It is not just about the castle you know - we prepared 2 original weekly riddles for everyone to enjoy... too hard? Well, we hid doors leading for some clues but be careful - those clues will give you a hard time gettin'

                  World Contains:
                  *Interconnected world (ARIESCASTLE and ARIESCORE)
                  *Punch Jammer, Zombie Jammer, Ghost Charm, and Fire House
                  *Infinity Weather Sequence (Autumn-Night)
                  *Personally made weekly riddles
                  *Autumnish area for selfies
                  *Grand Castle
                  *Song - Howl's Moving Castle
                  *4 Different Gameplays (in ARIESCORE)
                  -Simple Parkour
                  -Adventure Item Gameplay
                  -Guild Q&A
                  -Let's play Chance!
                  *Awesome art of the aries zodiac sign
                  *Creditory Board
                  A demon never hides - therefore lurking in the beneath of the abyss, now bow down you puny little mortals!

                  IGN: Zytran
                  World: ZYTRAN
                  Instagram: @zytran_gt


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                    KENRICHPARKOUR WOTD
                    Owned by:
                    World has: Ghost Charm, Punch Jammer, Zombie Jammer, Quiz, Adventure items, VIP for winners
                    About: Its about a story with 4 base line: Hell, Moon, Creepy Castle and Quite Jungle. The parkour is quite easy but sometimes hard and specially there are quiz which makes people think and its a part of education.

                    Hope I win WOTD as its my dream
                    Good luck to all the other players who are competing against me
                    Click image for larger version

Name:	kenrichparkour.png
Views:	132
Size:	482.4 KB
ID:	6896542


                    • Nominating LearnPet For WOTD

                      World: LearnPet IGN: Player251

                      Story: Its the place where you can learn What is Pet Battle? Well pet battle is a strategic game, where there is two player will fight each other with their Pet, you can Block attack, dodge attack, heal, passive skill, and Inflict damage.

                      In this world, you can learn about pet battle history, How to create your deck, how to start a battle, about crispr technology and genetic resequencer, how to splice new ability, about the grand tournament and the rules. Prepare for the awesomeness Strategic Battle of PET BATTLE

                      World Contain:
                      -Basic Jammer.
                      -Ghost charm and Fire House
                      -Riddle, Trivia, And Puzzle
                      -Pet Battle History
                      -Cool Pixel Art

                      Thanks to everyone that support me
                      I Hope i can win because its been 1 year since i start build WOTD
                      Attached Files


                      • IGN: Zerefs
                        World: ChessGame

                        The world consist of three major part which is :
                        1) Chess PVP maze with your friends
                        2) Chess puzzles
                        3) Chess Information

                        Info : Chess is a two-player strategy board game played on a checkered board with 64 squares arranged in an 8×8 grid. The goal of the chess game here in growtopia is to beat your foe or friends within the time limit.

                        Mechanics : This is a maze inspired by chess that you can play with a friend or foe. You must choose either you want to be on the White or the Black side, aside from trying to beat the game, the main goal is reaching the end of the maze faster than your opponent.

                        Directions: You and your friend must choose white (left) or black (right). You will be put on the side you chose as you start to race. Note that the parkour is flipped. The person who finishes the races with the least time is declared the winner, thus, checkmate.

                        Indonesian Translate: Anda dan teman anda harus memilih anda akan ditaruh ditempat yang anda pilih untuk balaparan. Perhatikan bahwa parkour terbalik. Orang yang menyelesaikan lomba dengan waktu paling sedikit dinyatakan sebagai pemenang, dengan demikian, skakmat.

                        Additional Info: The world will help you explain how does chess really works in real chess game.

                        This World Contains :
                        - Z Jammer
                        - P Jammer
                        - Night Weather machine
                        - Ghost charm
                        - Maze
                        - Chess Hall/ Chess social hall
                        - Information About chess
                        - Puzzles
                        - a 1v1 game with a friend ( can be play multiple times)
                        - A mirror maze
                        - Time Game
                        - No music ( since Chess game is all about silencity)

                        The Information about chess tackle about:
                        - How does pieces work?
                        - Chess Pieces Value
                        - Chess Rank Titles
                        - Top 15 Chess Grandmasters ranking of 2019 with ELO ratings
                        - How to improve at Chess?
                        - Top 10 best places to play chess online
                        - 18 Best Chess Engines of 2020 [ Based on Their Ratings ]
                        - Top 10 Best Openings for White
                        - Top 10 Best Openings for Black
                        - The two most important question in chess which related to Strategy and Tactics
                        - Where does chess originated
                        - What is the main objective of chess?
                        - 10 tips to become a Chess Champ
                        - Who is the greatest chess player of all time?

                        Puzzles 1 & 2
                        Click image for larger version

Name:	chessgame.png
Views:	189
Size:	195.2 KB
ID:	6896567
                        IGN: Makarow & Zerefs ( Both are my account )
                        LVL: 117
                        HOURS PLAYED: 8000+Hours
                        PLAYED GROWTOPIA: APRIL 13,2013
                        GUILD : Otaku

                        GUILD WORLD : GuildParty

                        1. Sponsor an Anime Items
                        2. Get all Nami's Item
                        3. To sleep 8 hours a day


                        • World: RESORT
                          IGN: Zerefs

                          Description:A Resort Hotel is a is a full service lodging facility, intended primarily for vacationers and usually located in places frequented for relaxation or recreation, such as beaches, seashores, scenic or historic areas, Adventure , pools, Etc.

                          World consist:
                          P & Z jammer
                          Ghost charm
                          Fun slide
                          Song that is really fit for the world resort
                          Life Guard tower
                          Cloud Dating spot
                          Hotel room
                          Swimming spot
                          Cave experience
                          Easy - normal - hard adventure
                          Underground restaurant
                          Swimming pool
                          Social world
                          Hangout world
                          Complete Resort Set
                          New Summer item such as life ring and bottles
                          Click image for larger version

Name:	resort.png
Views:	191
Size:	838.5 KB
ID:	6896569
                          IGN: Makarow & Zerefs ( Both are my account )
                          LVL: 117
                          HOURS PLAYED: 8000+Hours
                          PLAYED GROWTOPIA: APRIL 13,2013
                          GUILD : Otaku

                          GUILD WORLD : GuildParty

                          1. Sponsor an Anime Items
                          2. Get all Nami's Item
                          3. To sleep 8 hours a day


                          • World name : CaptainsTown

                            GrowID : MchToo
                            Click image for larger version

Name:	captainstown.png
Views:	163
Size:	619.7 KB
ID:	6896575

                            My story: I have always been excited about building something for fun. And i wanted to join this WOTD activity to see how well i can build. Since i was enjoying GrowTopia i started to enjoy more while building a world for WOTD.

                            Description for my world: As it is summer time, i wanted to make a world with an summer theme with a fun and easy parkour wich you dont need wings or air robinsons etc. And also there is a fancy ship and a beach with fishing area wich winners can enjoy.

                            World Story: The story is all about a pirate who have stolen golds from villagers. Basically its an adventure between you and the pirate.

                            World contains:

                            Punch Jammer

                            Zombie Jammer

                            Signal Jammer (not activated)

                            Ghost Charm (to edvoid ghosts)

                            Fire House

                            Security Camera


                            • Nominating my world for WOTD
                              GrowID : PitKAi
                              World : TheLostVillages

                              Story :
                              1000 Years Ago, In a very peaceful village, And when one day the country of
                              Growthland, which at that time was the most feared colonial country, They came to the village however, one of their shamans decided to eliminate the village so that Growthland could not find out the village, And with their magic powder, they enveloped their village like ashes. And 1,000 years later, today, there is news about "The Lost Village" Legend has it that the village was not habitated, the whole world will disappear, forever ...


                              This World has :
                              - PZ Jammer
                              - Ghost Charm
                              - Adventure Item - Banana
                              - Adventure Item - Rope
                              - Adventure Item - Key
                              - Gateway To Adventure
                              - VIP Room For those who Completed The Adventure

                              - Tree
                              - Dirt Hills
                              - Clouds
                              - Manor house but Abandoned so Its like Bountiful

                              - Village
                              - Temple
                              And also Good luck y'all!
                              Attached Files


                              • Hi! I would like to nominate my world UFOVILLAGE. My IGN is "Stuy."

                                Context: You are a private investigator who spent his life dedicated to uncovering and learning about paranormal and extraordinary activities. After searching for the existence of UFOs for quite a long time, you get a tip that a cliff-side village has been dealing with strange UFO activities for a long time now. From your research, you find out that there are three statues in the village that, when all found, may possibly allow the user to find a UFO. With this understanding, you make way into the village, learning about the experiences of the residents, and searching for the statues!

                                World Includes:

                                Updated (New Fixes): Made the sky section more aesthetically pleasing and removed some spikes on top.
                                • A detailed storyline and unique stories of UFO encounter from different villagers that allow for active exploration (NPCs).
                                • Pixel art of a UFO (that serves as a VIP Room!).
                                • Includes riddles and parkours. I used many different mechanisms such as deathtrap wall, gravity wells, up-up away block, sun gate, tricksters, the new ghost blocks, etc.
                                • Includes new blocks from Startopia 2.0 (moon lamp, decayed statue) and SummerFest 2020 (hammock, inflatable dolphin, life ring, message-in-a-bottle), AND PAW 2020 (infinity weather machine and ghost blocks).
                                • Facts about UFOs around the world!
                                • Includes all the necessary jammers such as Punch Jammer, Zombie Jammer, Ghost Charm, Firehouse, and Xenonite (so the world is new-player friendly!).
                                • Gave credit on the left side of the white door!
                                • Used paint and checkpoints!