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Nominate Your World for WOTD Here! [September - December Cycle]

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  • DealWithTheDice:

    You've made it this far, fought through countless enemies and claimed their debts owed to the gambling master King Dice! He challenges you to one last challenge, you must gather things scattered around while avoiding death despite it lurking around every corner. Will you accept the deal and save yourself, or will you fall as the final hurdle?

    CYBOTS! for an interesting parkour experience
    Password door puzzles
    Stair puzzles
    Punch and Zombie Jammers
    Credit to all helpers and inspiration
    Night Weather Machine
    Adventure items

    Click image for larger version  Name:	dealwiththedice.png Views:	75 Size:	208.4 KB ID:	6928354


    Day 20... the corruption has risen to the surface and is beginning to eat buildings and people left and right with no desire to stop.. an endless hunger gnawing away at decades of buildings and modernisation.. Your Brother is now wounded and knows how to stop it, will you build up enough courage to obtain the cure and save the world?


    Password door puzzles
    Stair puzzles
    Punch and Zombie Jammers
    Credit to all helpers and inspiration
    Apocalypse Weather Machine
    Adventure items
    Advanced puzzles using adventure item blocks
    Engaging story
    A Secret that few will solve..
    Click image for larger version  Name:	corruptionrises.png Views:	80 Size:	926.2 KB ID:	6928355
    Certified Balloon Wars pro (3x MVP in 2 wars)
    IGN: MrMine8 (XBOX)

    discord: WillyWongChoi#5501


    • Nominating "SILVAOBSCURA" for World of The Day

      [Updated Renderworld]

      IGN : REDAC

      -Weather machine : heatwave(dark)
      -Pine Guard,Mini-mod,and basic jammers
      -Xenonite crystal
      -Dimension blocks
      -Pixel art
      -Ritual book

      The story begins when a wicked witch came into a peaceful forest. the witch disguised herself as a normal villager. the villagers didn't realize that and they accept her as family. the purpose of her arrival is to test her new spell. it's a spell that she found at the place where she belongs. it means the villagers will be her ritual's object. One day, the witch started to make a house for her ritual but the witch is cunning, she decorated the house as a normal house. the witch persuaded the villagers to come into her house. and then she served a dinner for them all. when they started to eat, the witch started her ritual. Suddenly, The villagers screamed so loud and they fell off. the witch now realised that the spell was an astral project. it's a spell that is able to separate body and the soul of a person. And then, the witch released a spell that changed the forest into the darkness, just like her tradition after transit a place for her experimental ritual. she did that to get rid of her traces. Then, the witch continue her trip onto the next target with another spell.

      *The purpose of this world is to let players enjoy and prevent getting stressed while doing the parkour.
      **NOTE: space junk background doesn't show up at the render.
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      • (The underground uses space dirts which are not shown on render)

        World Name: YUSARIN
        GrowID: Yusarin



        -Adventure items

        -Punch and Zombie Jammer

        -Ghost charm and firehouse

        -Infinite Weather: snowy and night

        -Credits to people who helped me

        -A cool and original storyline!

        Storyline :

        Since ancient times, the forest was known to be cursed.
        But the truth is the forest was blessed by the gods.
        Thus, the gods decided to create mystical creatures.
        The mystical creatures were given a duty to protect the forest.

        Throughout the centuries, the echanted forest has lost it’s magical spirit.
        Although there are still mystical creatures living here.
        They are fragile and weak.

        Darkness has shadowed over the village in the night, and people are afraid.
        The curse is growing worst everyday, which is damaging the forest’s beauty.
        If this continues, the world will peril into darkness and people will suffer.

        However, the villagers and mystical creatures hope for something.
        They hope for a legend...
        A legend that would break the curse.
        A brave individual, a loyal, who can collect the essence of mystical power left in this world.

        The task is treacherous, a tough journey ahead.
        But again, this is a legend.
        A legend that may ascend.
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          FOR WOTD!
          Click image for larger version

Name:	houseofvines.png
Views:	87
Size:	1.21 MB
ID:	6932344

          -The Story is intense on the middle part of the story/ The Story is fit for Halloween.
          -Easy To Find the missing letters for password door.
          -Easy Ending Part Even No Wing Can Finish the parkour.
          -Story Line is Easy To Understand now.
          -Some of New Blocks/Background Cant see!

          STORY LINE:
          A Story is about an enormous house with overgrown Huge Vines. Thousand Year's Ago!

          It Started to happen because there was a witch who was harassing and doing Evil to the people in the Village Of Nethilor. Theres Mr.Tom named as a hero, Because he saved many people in their Village and he alway's destroys the Evil Plans of the witch.

          The Witched Shouted stronger and broke here possessions. At that point, The Witch wanted to plan something for Mr.Tom, The Witch jealousy What he's doing. In Light of the Franticiness of the Witch that she reviled him to become Plants And Developed in his home. Mr.Tom couldn't ensure himself that he was unable to stopcrying and being Miserable.

          You are Buddy! After you Discovered what happened to Mr.Tom Your'e Stunned, Your'e interested to recognize what happened to Mr.Tom and you chose to Discover!
          WORLD HAS:
          •BASIC JAMMERS
          •GHOST CHARM
          GROW ID: JHERUEL


          • Welcome to the ANNUALDERBY racetrack!!

            Race through all 13 ANNUAL Growtopia events from Valentines' Day to Players Appreciation Week... you name them all! (maybe except the new Wing Week ^-^)

            This racetrack, built by me (SodaXD) and Dycesion (aka minum) features :

            - Xenonite Crystal blocking High Jump and Speed

            - Punch and Zombie Jammer

            - Pineapple Guardian and Ghost Charm

            - Nothingness weather

            Regarding the competitive racing nature of KYDERBY, this racetrack was built to optimise the racers' enjoyment and speedrunning capabilities. The track is built to have sufficient spaces, and tight spaces are minimised to the best possible extent.

            We really hope you enjoy your time at ANNUALDERBY , and strive to get the fastest possible time!
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            • GrowID: Junious
              World: SpiritsRealm
              Click image for larger version  Name:	spiritsrealm.png Views:	0 Size:	696.0 KB ID:	6932403
              Some people believe the dead will live in another world. Could this be the place where the spirits lived? Only you can figure it out. You are a kid who is always afraid of ghost, just woke up in a mysterious world where spirits are living. After a journey of exploration, you woke up from your bed and realized that it was just a dream. But could the dream be true? No one knows...

              World Has:
              - Connected World
              - Normal Parkour
              - Adventure Items
              - Interesting Storyline
              - Creditory Board
              - Simple Riddles
              - Facts
              - Halloween themed
              - End Area
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              GrowID : JunHongYT
              Instagram : @jun_hong_gt
              Youtube : Jun Hong



                World : GOTOHALLOWEENPARTY
                Owner : UrKenzo

                Halloween day has arrived, all Growtopians are invited to attend a Hallloween party event at the Haunted House above the cave, The Growtopians must pass through various obstacles in the cave to get to the Haunted House.

                Halloween is an ancient Celtic tradition, known as the Samhain (late summer) festival. At that time people lit bonfires and wore costumes to ward off ghosts. Samhain is also considered a time to communicate with the dead.

                The World include :

                - Lots of Halloween items
                - Lots of Halloween Costumes
                - Fun facts about Halloween in the Cave
                - Credit & Story Board above the White door
                - Punch, Zombie, Ghost charm, Antigravity, and Pineapple Guardian Jammer
                - Parkour in the cave ( Halloween theme )
                Attached Files



                  IGN: frontieer
                  World name: FORESTOFCURSEDFLAMES ​

                  World Description;
                  You were wandering around, searching for adventure, something to do. Time through time passed by and now you're lost in a forest. While you were trying to figure it out the way back, you accidently went through a gate which you thought were normal, but the truth is... it isn't. The gate made you enter a whole new dimension and turns out it was a cursed forest. Now the story depends on you, do you have what it takes to find the gate again so you can get back the old world?

                  World Details;
                  1. Complete set of jammers
                  2. Medium Parkour
                  3. Puzzles!
                  4. A Bonus Puzzle with a twist
                  5. Xenonite Crystal and mini mod
                  6. Adventure items
                  7. Rare parkour mechanics and combined
                  8. Cybots, Hypertech Antigrav
                  9. Djump and speed blocked!

                  Good Luck to everyone too!, hope you like the world and enjoy the gameplay^^​


                  • GrowID: Heramix
                    World Name: GTSKELD

                    GTSKELD is an among us recreation made inside of Growtopia! Using among us’s most popular map: Skeld. The world has similar gameplay to among us.

                    At the start, crewmates and impostors randomly get picked (there is 4x more crewmates than impostors) and then the match starts. The crewmates has to finish their “tasks” to win, and the impostors has to kill the crewmates to sabotage them so they don’t complete their tasks!

                    Way more information about how the game works can be find in the data repositories next to the door.

                    -P & Z Jammer
                    -Weather Machine : Background
                    -Xenonite Crystal
                    -Unique game item usage
                    -2 Tomb Robbers
                    -Spectating System
                    -A clever system to have more crewmates then impostors.
                    -Task system, where every player has to do diffirent and unique tasks
                    to earn their team a point. (Ranging from dimension block maze to entering codes)
                    -Vents for impostors to sneak through!
                    -The Skeld Map from among us!
                    -Completely automatic (doesn’t require a host)

                    The Latest Render:
                    Click image for larger version

Name:	gtskeld.png
Views:	111
Size:	239.1 KB
ID:	6932452
                    Hello, I’m Heramix!


                    • Nominating my World for WOTD.
                      World : TheLostVillages
                      GrowId : PitKAiPitKAiPitKAi

                      Story :
                      1000 Years Ago, In a very peaceful village, And when one day the country of growthland, which at that time was the most feared colonial country, They came to the village however, one of their shamans decided to eliminate the village so that Growthland could not find out the village, And with their magic powder, they enveloped their village like ashes. And 1,000 years later, today, there is news about "The Lost Village" Legend has it that the village was not habitated, the whole world will disappear, forever ...

                      World has :
                      - Ghost Charm
                      - Punch Jammer
                      - Zombie Jammer
                      - World Architect
                      - And So Much Adv. Items

                      I Wish I Win!
                      Attached Files


                      • GrowID: AlfadhHilmy
                        World: CROWNEXPLORER

                        Click image for larger version

Name:	crownexplorer.png
Views:	126
Size:	533.3 KB
ID:	6932524

                        1100 Years ago, there was an old kingdom in the middle of the wilderness. Many say that there is a legendary crown belonging to a king who ruled the kingdom for many years. Many archaeologists say that in 1109 there was a group of bone tribes who wanted to steal the crown, but all the members of the tribe died, they died not without cause, but the kingdom was full of traps. And some of them disappeared for no reason.

                        You are a member of the 'National Archaeologist'. You are assigned with your partner to bring the Legendary Crown to the city museum to serve as historical evidence, and research.

                        -Original story by me
                        -Adventure items
                        -Punch & Zombie Jammer
                        -Guardian pineapple
                        -Mini mod
                        -Fire house
                        -Small Riddle
                        -Some Cybot
                        -Credit's board (Near white door)


                        • World: HALOWENSTORYS
                          Growid: doneSE
                          Long time ago,there existed a creek whose water can cure sickness and provide overall wallness. Those people who know about this kept this truth only for themselves.
                          But they became even more selfish and greedy . Each of them plotted evil against each other. One by one died on the bands of each other.
                          Who survived in the end?

                          This World Have:
                          ~VIP Room
                          ~Gateway Adventure Item
                          ~Story Of World
                          ~About The World
                          ~Credits Of The World
                          ~Punch Jammer
                          ~Zombie Jammer
                          ~Ghost Charm
                          ~Fire House
                          ~Weather Machine - Stargazing


                          • Click image for larger version

Name:	pagomeno (1).png
Views:	133
Size:	1.08 MB
ID:	6932660

                            NOMINATING "PAGOMENO" FOR WOTD

                            GrowID : Dubov
                            World Name : PAGOMENO

                            How about a sinister looking world for halloween, eh?

                            Updates : Reduced difficulty in parkour, Patched some decorations.

                            World Info -

                            "A sinister looking dark fortress! It's a bit chilly though.."

                            World Features :

                            -A unique parkour system that involves the game's gravitational system and the use of time space ruptures as obstacles.
                            -Punch and Zombie jammers.
                            -Ghost charm
                            -Heatwave machine
                            -Rare blocks from various events in use.
                            -The use of adventure items.
                            -Gravity well obstacles.
                            -Credits board
                            The world is designed by Dubov, built together by Dubov, nabikrebs, and Shiels

                            Background and Inspirations

                            Pagomeno, (Icecold/stonecold in greek) is a world inspired by the infamous long Italian poem "The Divine Comedy"
                            by Dante Alghieri. The world is specifically based on Dante's potrayal of the ninth circle of hell also called "Cocytus". Dante potrayed "Cocytus" as a very cold place, contradicting the beliefs that hell's supposed to be in flames. I took the concept and manifest it into the world "PAGOMENO". Structure wise, it is built as a dark fortress sitting at the lowest depths of hell. Upon wandering inside "PAGOMENO", visitors should feel the cold-chilly vibe that the fortress possess. The materials chosen for the world building are carefully picked to express how I want the world to feel.

                            The world is made representing my darkest thoughts during one of my darkest days in my university life. I want to state that dark awful things can also look beautiful and that beauty is relative to one's perspective. The story is about a lost soul wandering the depths of the dark fortress in the afterlife, trying find their way to their final resting place guided singlehandedly by the "authority" there with no third characters involved. It is made as potrayal of self indulgement.

                            World's Lore

                            As you went on your journey, end of the world as far..
                            Into a gap you fell, ...a ravine or some sort?
                            Certain on death, eyes closed yet wide opened.
                            Head first, leaving the living.
                            Fell deep, very deep, it gradually deepens.

                            "I'm supposed to end up in nirvana, am i not ?!" you wondered.

                            Reality strikes as the heat comes, the smell of the burnt, the screams of the terrible!

                            "So this is where i'll go.." you chanted, accepting your judgement.

                            Yet it seems this pit doesn't have an end! You kept falling on and on until...

                            A sudden breeze passed, a thousand needles sharp. Piercing through the skin!

                            Alas... You have arrived..
                            A place that no one ever talked about..
                            A place where warmth could never be found..

                            "This place... it's.. cold..."


                            - Dubov


                            • World name: HOUSEBETWEEN
                              In-game name: Alexgrow77

                              Halloween is just around the corner so I'm nominating my scary themed world HOUSEBETWEEN. It's a story/parkour world that tells the tale of a mad scientist who opened the portal to the otherworld in order to summon Growganoth. Players need to adventure trough the world in order to reach the dimension and find out the truth behind Growganoth's power. The story is written on guidebooks in the haunted house and tell the history behind the mad scientist and his evil plan to take revenge on the world.

                              The world contains:
                              - a medium difficulty parkour with adventure items along the way
                              - an original story whose main character is a famous super-villain
                              - pineapple guardian, punch and zombie jammer
                              - spooky weather machine

                              World render:
                              IGN: Alexgrow77
                              Level: 125


                              • CREEPYHAUNTEDCASTLE for WOTD

                                World Name: CREEPYHAUNTEDCASTLE
                                GrowID: Noucxy

                                Trapped inside the haunted castle, save your life and find a way out, but be careful because the ghost may have set traps and obstacles that can kill you.

                                - Parkour (wings needed)
                                - Puzzles
                                - Trap Door & Trap Portal
                                - P & Z Jammer
                                - Fire House
                                - VIP Room
                                - Weather - Spooky
                                - Winners area & Sign board
                                - Halloween items (you can kill others with Iron Maiden)
                                - Adventure items (you must have a Crystal Goblet if you to enter the VIP Room)

                                * if there is a word wrong please understand because I use google translate Click image for larger version

Name:	creepyhauntedcastle.png
Views:	97
Size:	741.0 KB
ID:	6932838