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Nominate Your World for WOTD Here! [September - December Cycle]

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  • World name: ZHULONG

    Grow ID: Unscheduled

    ZHULONG is a parkour map inspired by the Chinese mythology god known as ZHULONG the map is in the shape of the Zhulong and has information about the Zhulong.
    This parkour map contains adventure items and a multiplayer parkour (or solo if you prefer it that way) were you work together to complete the parkour once you reach the end there is a VIP where you can hangout with other players who have completed the parkour.

    Jammers and weathers:
    • Punch Jammer
    • Zombie Jammer
    • Weather Machine - Heatwave
    • Ghost Charm
    • Many adventure items
    • Sun Gate and Obelisks

      Click image for larger version

Name:	zhulong.png
Views:	112
Size:	871.0 KB
ID:	6933697
    IGN: Dr.Unscheduled

    Discord: Unscheduled#9999

    Wiki: Unscheduled


    • Find out an extra story how dormammu was actually defeated🀫 Be Dr.Strange's assistance and be a hero yourself!
      Story line: Dormammu an evil villain with dimmensional powers is trying to make earth evil! Lets scare him out with our halloween spooks and fire. You are the chosen who has to handle dormammu on the inside like antman. Be helpful for Dr.Strange while he repeats his death over and over..
      This world has
      *colorful art
      *Real Dr.Strange manequin
      *A quick script of the scene
      *Tricky parkour
      *Basic jammers including firehouse and ghostcharm
      *pineapple guardian
      *Adventure items in use
      Growtopia #growtopiagame #growtopiaworld #growwotdoct20 #dormammu #doctorstrange #marvel
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      • ​A different kind of virus, the

        IGN: Jyhnxx

        Click image for larger version  Name:	MMLogo1.png Views:	54 Size:	115.2 KB ID:	6910598​​

        Inspiration for the image above from Electrolava9's WOTD this thread.

        MaliciousMalware is a parkour world themed around malware infections on computers. The world contains parkour of medium to hard difficulty and contains a good amount of checkpoints so hard parts of the parkour don't need to be repeated too many times. So.. hop on the code and see where it takes you!

        World Features:
        -Tips on how to keep your device safe from malwares.
        -Noob Friendly, does not require anything to beat.
        -Basic Jammers, Ghost Charm and Firehouse.
        -Credit Board.

        The render of the world itself does not look that great partly due to the fact that cave backgrounds don't work in the render. That's why I have two renders, one of the world normally and one modified render to look like it would in-game.

        Modified render:

        Click image for larger version

Name:	maliciousmalware2.png
Views:	311
Size:	303.0 KB
ID:	6933726
        Normal render:

        Secret Santa 2020


          GrowID: INSZ
          World : THEMAGICLAMP


          THEMAGICLAMP is an adventure world that inspired from Alladin, but it's not the same story. It's themed in Arab (Desert). This world tells you a story about a man named Aladeen that will change his life after he accepting a mission from Sultan (King) ​. The mission is exchange a golden idol for magic pineapple from Genie. But not that easy because he has to face so many obstacles that appear in the Cave of Wonders. The most dangerous cave in Arab. Actually Aladeen already know about it. But he thinks that carrying out this mission is a honor for him. So without any reconsideration he approve the mission.

          World contains:

          -Story and a simple Monologue
          -Credit and Special Thanks Board
          -1001 Nights TaleCastle Design
          -Pixel Art: Lamp from Alladin Movie
          -Anubis pixel art
          -Adventure parkour and Trickster maze
          -Punch and Zombie Jammer
          -Ghost Charm
          -Weather machine~Comet
          -Xenonite Crystal


          ​​​​​Click image for larger version

Name:	themagiclamp.png
Views:	99
Size:	552.0 KB
ID:	6933785


          • Click image for larger version

Name:	sandmaze.png
Views:	102
Size:	430.9 KB
ID:	6933819

            World Name> SANDMAZE
            GrowID> JustMinnak


            ~Maze Parkour
            ~Sand Castle with parkour
            ~Clouds with parkour
            ~Underwater Parkour
            ~Beach Blasted World

            ~ #growtopia #growwotdnov20 #growwotdoct20 #growtopias Growtopia @heynekorei


            • My WOTD Submission ~World Name: *EDARACE*
              ~GrowID: *JustMinnak*
              ~ 23 Different Type of Room
              ~ Slime Parkour
              ~ Maze Parkour
              ~ ++++++++++
              # Hastags #
              ~ #growwotdnov20
              ~ #growwotdoct20
              ~ #growtopia
              ~ #growtopiaturkiye
              ~ Growtopia ~ @heynekorei
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              • Nominating world for WOTD: PERISHEDCITY
                GrowID: Vlyne

                World Consists:

                - A fun and unique parkour! (hard)
                - A cool and exciting storyline!
                - The use of Recent Clash Blocks!
                - Jammers (PZ,Ghost Charm, Mini-mod, Guardian Pineapple, Security Camera)
                - Tavern signs to guide you through your Unforgettable Adventure!
                - The use of Different Adventure items!
                - Original & Creative building ideas!
                - Credit Board
                - A perfect world to Celebrate Halloween Fest!πŸ‘»

                Thank you for your time, Enjoy!☺
                Click image for larger version  Name:	perishedcity.png Views:	0 Size:	1.13 MB ID:	6933836


                • World Name : DRPLAGUE14THCENTURY or DrPlague14thCentury (so you can read it easily)
                  GrowID : MrRubble

                  Background Story:
                  in modern times. there is a new type of virus and ends up being a pandemic.
                  You can't leave the house, you can only stay at home until the miracle arrives.
                  You were so hungry that you searched the whole house to find anything you could eat,
                  then you found a paper near the cellar door that read about Dr. Plague a doctor in ancient pandemics.
                  You have to explore the dungeons deeper to find more information

                  Imtermezo :
                  Maybe all you know about Dr. Plague is a gift that you get when you do Surgery in Growtopia.
                  But let me explain the information about Dr. Plague in this world

                  As the name implies, Plague Doctor is actually a doctor who treats patients due to the plague.
                  In medieval times, Plague Doctors generally served to treat patients who were infected with a deadly plague.
                  In the 14th century, death black is one of the deadly plagues which killed a large part of the European population.

                  read more only in the world DRPLAGUE14THCENTURY
                  and also there
                  - info about Dr. Plague (important)
                  - monochrome colour
                  - Halloween theme
                  - dungeons / maze
                  - easy parkour with death spikes
                  - After you read the information, you will be confronted with questions through the Password Door so that you can go to the next stage
                  - Art
                  - Jammer

                  World Name : DRPLAGUE14THCENTURY or DrPlague14thCentury (so you can read it easily)
                  GrowID : MrRubble

                  Click image for larger version

Name:	drplague14thcentury.png
Views:	105
Size:	529.0 KB
ID:	6933857


                  • GrowID: Heramix
                    World Name: GTSKELD

                    GTSKELD is an among us recreation made inside of Growtopia! Using among us’s most popular map: Skeld. The world has similar gameplay to among us.

                    At the start, crewmates and impostors randomly get picked (there is 4x more crewmates than impostors) and then the match starts. The crewmates has to finish their β€œtasks” to win, and the impostors has to kill the crewmates to sabotage them so they don’t complete their tasks!

                    Way more information about how the game works can be find in the data repositories next to the door.

                    -P & Z Jammer
                    -Weather Machine : Background
                    -Xenonite Crystal
                    -Unique game item usage
                    -2 Tomb Robbers
                    -Spectating System
                    -A clever system to have more crewmates then impostors.
                    -Task system, where every player has to do diffirent and unique tasks
                    to earn their team a point. (Ranging from dimension block maze to entering codes)
                    -Vents for impostors to sneak through!
                    -The Skeld Map from among us!
                    -Completely automatic (doesn’t require a host)

                    The Latest Render:
                    Click image for larger version

Name:	gtskeld.png
Views:	100
Size:	239.1 KB
ID:	6933864
                    Hello, I’m Heramix!


                    • GrowID: SadarID
                      World: INHABITEDCAVE

                      Story :

                      There is a story that tells of a miner who died in this cave because he was killed by an unknown person. Some people claim it is still hanging around this cave, so that people named this cave as INHABITEDCAVE. After some time, me and a group of my friends wanted to go explore the cave, and it turned out that we got lost and couldn't get out of the cave. We need your help to help us out of this cave.

                      Are you the first to save us?

                      World Features :

                      - Punch Jammer
                      - Zombie Jammer
                      - Ghost Charm
                      - Weather Machine - Rainy City
                      - Hallowe'en Themed World
                      - Dark Cave

                      World Render :

                      Click image for larger version

Name:	09-14-09-inhabitedcave.png
Views:	106
Size:	803.8 KB
ID:	6933878


                      • FRUITYHARVESTS

                        A Unique game world that uses features from many different activities! Featuring
                        - Game Blocks / PVP
                        - Adventure items
                        - Public areas to battle
                        -All Jammers!

                        The rules of the games are simple, there are two teams and two ways to win!

                        The two ways to win are to -
                        Defeat enemies! Every kill is worth 2 points, a total of 20 kills (40 points) are needed to win.
                        Break their temple's game block for 40 points, an instant win.

                        The battlefield is filled with deadly spikes, which makes it even more intense with a short game time of 3 minutes so each game can rotate quickly for more to join! The game requires only 2 players to start, and more is accepted!

                        Why I think this is a game world that stands out? It uses tons of mechanics! Here's even more

                        * Each team has 1 temple, and inside that temple will be the game block. In the battle field there will be a Tomb Robber, this tomb robber requires two adventure items for the key to the shortcut. These two adventure items are located at each team's temple and the once the items are given to the tomb robber the gate in the middle will open. This is a huge advantage to players who want to break their enemies game block. Each temple also has a line of public building spot for more defences.

                        The game areas -
                        Battlefield: This area is where players spawn in, their enemies will be opposite of them. To enter their temple to break their game block, a player has to go across the battlefield and find their enemies spawn which has a door that leads to the temple.

                        Temples:This area is where both team's temples are located at, a huge wall divides both teams, but if you give the tomb robber the adventure items the area is unlocked for direct entry to the enemy.

                        Xeno powers to enable fair play among all -
                        Double Jump, Long Punch, and High Jump are enabled for everyone! Speedy is blocked.

                        Miscellaneous game rules -

                        Player kills take 2 hits
                        Game Block requires 30 punches, game block resets after a period of time.

                        Click image for larger version

Name:	fruityharvests.png
Views:	125
Size:	1.04 MB
ID:	6933888
                        Graphic Designer

                        Discord: GENSEAF#1544
                        Portfolio (Instagram): @seafxiv
                        I can give tips for designing if you like, just contact me. (And when I have time)
                        Software used: Adobe Photoshop CC, Adobe Illustrator CC


                        • World name: TREEOFFALL
                          GrowID: Clurry
                          TREEOFFALL is a challenging parkour with a story about how you woke up one day in the middle of fall and it didn't feel like fall at all. The trees were still green and the weather was still really hot so you decide to make a trip to the TREE OF FALL to get some answers. Your quest will not be easy at all, but you can do it Growtopian! Good luck.

                          World Contains:
                          - P Z Jammers.
                          - Weather Machine - Autumn
                          - Adventure Items.
                          - Password doors.
                          - Storyline.
                          - Difficult Parkour.
                          - World is a harvest blast to get into the fall spirit.
                          - A Bulletin board next to the white door giving credit to people and things that helped.

                          Click image for larger version

Name:	treeoffall.png
Views:	124
Size:	1,014.7 KB
ID:	6933892


                          • Hello, I would like to renominate my world for WOTD. -
                            GrowID: FUWRYYYYYYYYYYYYYY
                            World name: AFTERFESTIVAL
                            Click image for larger version

Name:	IMG-20201020-WA0011.jpg
Views:	104
Size:	1.05 MB
ID:	6933910

                            Click image for larger version

Name:	IMG-20201020-WA0010.jpg
Views:	103
Size:	991.1 KB
ID:	6933909
                            Story about the world: The journey to find Hendy’s
                            grandfather, but was blocked by many obstacles. Can you help Hendy to find his Grandfather?
                            World contains:
                            - Zombie jammer
                            - Punch jammer
                            - Ghost Charm
                            - Fire House
                            - Antigravity Generator
                            - Day and night cycle using Infinity Weather
                            - Using of Adventure Items
                            - Using of Sungate and Obelisks
                            - Gravity Wells Parkour
                            - Aesthetic Japanese buildings
                            - Credit Board
                            - Story Script
                            - Riddles and Quizzes
                            - VIP for finishers
                            Best regards,


                            • THEEAGLETOTEM collaboration between Draluxes and ItzEagleT​​​​​​ ​ ​

                              Due the render bug, it supposed to be includes Space Dirt, Space Junk Dirt, and more.

                              Consequences :
                              A strange magic has taken over a secret part of the fierce Jungle, which is a shock to many. This place is called the Fledging Vines. People have searched for ways to uncover a path to this place, yet it was so hard that the project was slowly dropped over time. Thanks to the help of an organization, you have arrived here to investigate and possibly search for a way that can take away this strange magic. Good luck!

                              What's New?
                              * Startopia v.2 blocks were added into the world
                              * Wolf World blocks were added into the world
                              * Splenkuroma v.2 blocks were added into the world
                              * Time Tossed blocks were added into the world
                              * Bountiful blocks were added into the world
                              * Winterfest blocks were added into the world

                              Features :
                              * Zombie and Punch Jammer
                              * Firehouse
                              * Weather Machine - Jungle

                              ​​​​​​Those eagle totem was made by myself
                              Originally posted by Jedaki;n6926758
                              suddenly when a youtuber gets hacked/scammed, the logs magically appear


                              • World: NATIONALZOO
                                GrowID: SamPotato

                                Zoo! Plenty of zoo animals (leashes & ridings) were displayed in this world! While players explore the world, they can read about over 50 animal fun facts.

                                The world includes the following:
                                -Animal leashes/ridings displaying
                                -Animal fun facts
                                -Interactive mannequins (zookeepers)
                                -Mysterious Jungle theme
                                -Punch & Zombie Jammer
                                -Weather Machine
                                -Credits board above white door

                                (some backgrounds can't be seen due to render problem)
                                Render of the world:
                                Attached Files