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Nominate Your World for WOTD Here! [September - December Cycle]

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  • thedroppen in an Abandond ISland figure out the mysterious spider secret and answer Grownological questions beat the guards of growganoth They are going to blow ur mind
    i lost again

    world contains

    color blocks
    adventure items
    the portals doesn’t lead to Vend only growganoth or white door
    short story
    I Hate Growganoth I Like growch

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    • Grow ID: Paoloqt

      World has:
      -Fire House
      -Good Pixel Art!
      -Easy Parkour
      -Riddles about cake's
      -Basic Jammer
      -Ghost Charm

      You are nominated as one of the adventurer who would like to discover the beauty of this JUNGLE! your mission is to complete those obstacle to reach the VIP AREA! but becareful there are tons of venus who will try to kill you. And once you are dead you cannot complete your task anymore! So this gonna be a rough adventure for you. Good Luck!!

      Click image for larger version

Name:	harvestjungleV2.png
Views:	113
Size:	1,003.3 KB
ID:	6935131


      • Nominating world "THEDEVILISLANDS" for WOTD Owner : MinhBuoiTo
        Name world : THEDEVILISLANDS

        - Story: During the heat Summer you decide to take a vacation inVancouver. During the flight, u was looking the sky and you notice that out there is some creature you never seen before, it getting closer and closer to the plane, you feel something terrible gonna happen.
        SUDDENLY the creature hit the plane, u plane was in a bad situation , it keep falling down, everything is going crazy.
        The last thing u heard before u getting fainting is a devil voice but u couldn't heard anything cause of the chaos on the plane.
        Wake up after the fainting, u are on the island, u heard someone's voice.
        U must firuge out to know what is it.
        - World contains :
        Punch & Zombie jammer
        Pineapple guardian
        Ghost Charm
        Fire house
        Weather apocalypse
        Adventure items
        Medium - Difficult parkour
        Story lines
        - Last Render:Click image for larger version

Name:	thedevilislands.png
Views:	123
Size:	2.39 MB
ID:	6935155


        • GrowID: AlfadhHilmy World: CROWNEXPLORER

          Click image for larger version

Name:	crownexplorer.png
Views:	140
Size:	533.3 KB
ID:	6935179

          1100 Years ago, there was an old kingdom in the middle of the wilderness. Many say that there is a legendary crown belonging to a king who ruled the kingdom for many years. Many archaeologists say that in 1109 there was a group of bone tribes who wanted to steal the crown, but all the members of the tribe died, they died not without cause, but the kingdom was full of traps. And some of them disappeared for no reason.

          You are a member of the 'National Archaeologist'. You are assigned with your partner to bring the Legendary Crown to the city museum to serve as historical evidence, and research.

          -Original story by me
          -Adventure items
          -Punch & Zombie Jammer
          -Guardian pineapple
          -Mini mod
          -Fire house
          -Small Riddle
          -Some Cybot
          -Credit's board (Near white door)


          • Hello, I would like to renominate my world for WOTD. -
            World name: AFTERFESTIVAL
            Click image for larger version

Name:	IMG-20201020-WA0010.jpg
Views:	127
Size:	991.1 KB
ID:	6935184
            Click image for larger version

Name:	IMG-20201020-WA0011.jpg
Views:	128
Size:	1.05 MB
ID:	6935183
            Story about the world: The journey to find Hendy’s grandfather, but was blocked by many obstacles. Can you help Hendy to find his Grandfather?
            World contains:
            - Zombie jammer
            - Punch jammer
            - Ghost Charm
            - Fire House
            - Antigravity Generator
            - Day and night cycle using Infinity Weather
            - Using of Adventure Items
            - Using of Sungate and Obelisks
            - Gravity Wells Parkour
            - Aesthetic Japanese buildings
            - Credit Board
            - Story Script
            - Riddles and Quizzes
            - VIP for finishers
            Best regards,



              - World is interactive, easy and fun to play.
              - Parkours are made easy for new players.
              - Fun puzzles, and hidden mechanics for players to explore.
              - A nice character development.
              -Original storyline with original characters.

              Hi everyone, i would like to bring you THE SHADOW PALACE, a fun and interactive world, trying something new with block designs, this world is dedicated to this month, the spookiest month of the year October. Please bring a Torch with you for a more immersive experience around the world!!! Highly suggested!!!

              World made by :
              FOKd - For making the outline and base of the world, testing the parkour, and giving feedback on what can be improved upon.

              KyoC - For funding the world, helping giving feedback with the design, making sure the signs and board are not set to public, and checking for grammatical errors.

              CLOUT - For designing the world and building the parkour, contributing in the story, and listening to feedbacks and making minor & major changes when needed.

              STORY :

              There was once a boy named Monkas. He is a kid who's really excited for Halloween. For him, Halloween is a really fun event that he cant miss, he loved eating candies with his friends.

              Before the day of Halloween, he slept earlier because he really cant wait for Halloween to come. After a few moments he realised... he was not in his bed. He was... somewhere else... a different world filled with darkness.

              While he was there, he met Mr. Freddy Kranken, a spawn of the Purple Cthulhu. Mr. Freddy Kranken told the boy this.. "If you want to get out of this world, you need to explore and find the exit. You will meet creatures like me who will try and stop you on your way! Be weary and always.. watch your back.."

              World includes :

              - Punch/Zombie Jammers, Firehouse, Background Machine.
              - Cool story and conversations with Mannequins.
              - Obelisks and sungate.
              - Credits board.
              - Original monsters with their own background story to give a nice fright, some stories may be educational with morals.
              - Parkour is made not-too-hard, new players to the game are kept in mind.
              - Used Gross-Out blocks for creativity, something we havent seen done in a Halloween world!
              - A VIP room for players to relax after completing the Story and Parkour.

              World info :

              - Learn about how some monsters came to be
              - Made for players to experience some fright during October, and have some giggles with some dad jokes included in the story.
              - Take a tour around THE SHADOW PALACE and learn about some of the horrifying creatures that lives there!
              - World is much more fun playing with a [Torch/Torch Light] for a more immersive experience!!!

              We hope you have a thrilling time experiencing this world!

              Render:Click image for larger version

Name:	shadowpalace revision.png
Views:	144
Size:	876.9 KB
ID:	6935202


              • GrowID: Feodebius
                PROJECTETHEREALRAINBOW is a game world based from a carnival game, Deathrace 5000 and inspired from the game "A Hat in Time" which has level where you have to stop the train from self destruction.

                Rule is simple all you have to do is to get to the end if you ever played Deathrace 5000 then you should know how it work! however you can sabotage other players by hitting them for 5 times and thats it!

                first one to save the train wins!

                Credits: Heramix (Tester) / Frontieer (Block Supplier)

                World Category: Game

                Punch and Zombie Jammer
                Ghost Charm
                Xenonite Crystal (Blocked Everything)
                Rainbow Eyes (not copied from google of course.)

                In ethereal rainbow dragon's nest An evil conductor has activated self destruction on the train and flee away leaving the train to be exploded, not only the train explode but the nest will explode too so stop the self destruction within 2 minutes before it's too late.
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                • THEHALLOWEENHAUNTING by Kitty
                  IGN: Kitty
                  World: THEHALLOWEENHAUNTING

                  Story: You are a detective and you must solve the mystery of a murder on Halloween night while haunting and spooky events are occuring. Follow the adventure of the detective and find out who commited the murder!

                  world contains:
                  Ghost charms
                  Unique mechanics such as Adventure gates and Cybots, makes it enjoyable
                  A very cool storyline which keeps the user engaged
                  Interactive story
                  Xenotite crystal

                  Click image for larger version

Name:	thehalloweenhaunting.png
Views:	129
Size:	460.1 KB
ID:	6935297
                  Love the life you live and live the life you love

                  GrowID || Kitty


                  • World : Vampii
                    GrowID: Vampii

                    Hell has risen, and we need your help! Complete the parkour to save earth from demons arising.

                    - Punch And Zombie Jammer
                    - Fire house
                    - Ghost charm
                    - Ecto lock
                    -Credit board at the entrance
                    -Adventure door to take you to your destination
                    -Public Board
                    -Mars Blast
                    -Secret Password Door
                    - Parkour Difficulty : VERY HARD

                    World : Vampii
                    GrowID: Vampii

                    Hell has risen, and we need your help! Complete the parkour to save earth from demons arising.

                    - Punch And Zombie Jammer
                    - Fire house
                    - Ghost charm
                    - Ecto lock
                    -Credit board at the entrance
                    -Adventure door to take you to your destination
                    -Public Board
                    -Mars Blast
                    -Secret Password Door
                    - Parkour Difficulty : VERY HARD
                    Attached Files


                    • World: SKARZ
                      Ign: FFAKKE
                      Desc: Have basic jammers, some different kind of blocks, doors and stuff to new players to discover How to use them. I think hard level is 5-6/10 for people who do LOT of parkours but will be 9/10 to someone who is new, so it should give some hard times and be teaching. After finishing all levels, there is ”bonus-level” and when finished, you will get access to vip areas which is rounding the actual parkours, so you can watch, cheer and help people finishing it.
                      This world is for all animelovers! Music is inspired from one of the most touching song from naruto, left character is Naruto. Right one is All Might from series My Hero Academy, its also awesome show. I chose these because im kinda hooked on all animes, ENJOY

                      ps. i did few sb to test parkour and find possible glitch/broken etc blocks. But if you do this and find any issues, please leave mail or contact me! If you have other ideas or think there is something to build it more enjoyable for people, just hit me up

                      Click image for larger version  Name:	skarz.png Views:	103 Size:	495.7 KB ID:	6926335


                      • World: NATIONALZOO
                        GrowID: SamPotato

                        Zoo! Plenty of zoo animals (leashes & ridings) were displayed in this world! While players explore the world, they can read about over 50 animal fun facts.

                        The world includes the following:
                        -Animal leashes/ridings displaying
                        -Animal fun facts
                        -Interactive mannequins (zookeepers)
                        -Mysterious Jungle theme
                        -Punch & Zombie Jammer
                        -Weather Machine
                        -Credits board above white door

                        (some backgrounds can't be seen due to render problem)
                        Render of the world:
                        Attached Files


                        • MEOWADVENTURES for WOTD

                          World name: MEOWADVENTURES
                          GrowID : VICSS

                          you are an adventurer ..who known by many people because of your you had a job
                          the chief from some village ask your help to find antidote in the dungeon...
                          are you ready??

                          - A winner's room
                          - Credit board
                          - Adventure items
                          - Weather machine " spooky "
                          - Pineapple guardian
                          - Punch and Zombie Jammers
                          - Ghost Charm
                          - song [ kimetsu no yaiba ]
                          - pixel art

                          world render :
                          Click image for larger version

Name:	meowadventures.png
Views:	107
Size:	679.8 KB
ID:	6935468


                          • GrowID: Heramix
                            World Name: GTSKELD

                            GTSKELD is an among us recreation made inside of Growtopia! Using among us’s most popular map: Skeld. The world has similar gameplay to among us.

                            At the start, crewmates and impostors randomly get picked (there is 4x more crewmates than impostors) and then the match starts. The crewmates has to finish their “tasks” to win, and the impostors has to kill the crewmates to sabotage them so they don’t complete their tasks!

                            Way more information about how the game works can be find in the data repositories next to the door.

                            -P & Z Jammer
                            -Weather Machine : Background
                            -Xenonite Crystal
                            -Unique game item usage
                            -2 Tomb Robbers
                            -Spectating System
                            -A clever system to have more crewmates then impostors.
                            -Task system, where every player has to do diffirent and unique tasks
                            to earn their team a point. (Ranging from dimension block maze to entering codes)
                            -Vents for impostors to sneak through!
                            -The Skeld Map from among us!
                            -Completely automatic (doesn’t require a host)

                            The Latest Render:
                            Click image for larger version

Name:	gtskeld.png
Views:	95
Size:	239.1 KB
ID:	6935542
                            Hello, I’m Heramix!


                            • GrowID : ChabHD
                              World : HALLOWEENCASTLE

                              Features :
                              Adventure item usage,
                              - P and Z jammers and additional jammers to prevent griefing by other players.
                              - credits to the people who worked / where some of the things in the world are inspired from.
                              - (Update) Removed clouds in the middle to add more puzzle to the world using sungate and obelisks
                              - added second world with a first hand experience of the nightmare the protagonist is experiencing

                              Quick Description : immerse them in a story made by us that starts off as a guy that gets constant nightmares of a castle long forgotten deep within the forests. as he progresses he unravels the mystery within the castle and the story on where it all started. also the moral lesson / life lesson it can teach on the people who will reach the end of the story. (more indepth upon entering the world)

                              Latest Render :


                              • A different kind of virus, the

                                IGN: Jyhnxx

                                Click image for larger version  Name:	MMLogo1.png Views:	54 Size:	115.2 KB ID:	6910598

                                Inspiration for the image above from Electrolava9's WOTD this thread.

                                MaliciousMalware is a parkour world themed around malware infections on computers. The world contains parkour of medium to hard difficulty and contains a good amount of checkpoints so hard parts of the parkour don't need to be repeated too many times. So.. hop on the code and see where it takes you!

                                World Features:
                                -Tips on how to keep your device safe from malwares.
                                -Noob Friendly, does not require anything to beat.
                                -Basic Jammers, Ghost Charm and Firehouse.
                                -Credit Board.

                                The render of the world itself does not look that great partly due to the fact that cave backgrounds don't work in the render. That's why I have two renders, one of the world normally and one modified render to look like it would in-game.

                                Modified render:

                                Click image for larger version  Name:	maliciousmalware2.png Views:	66 Size:	303.0 KB ID:	6933726
                                Normal render:

                                Secret Santa 2020