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Nominate Your World for WOTD Here! [September - December Cycle]

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    Name: Chinitto

    You are reading a diary of a very ordinary girl whose life will one day take a different turn. Relationships with family, friends and herself are becoming tense. A good girl becomes a bad girl in an instant, without noticing it.


    - Mainly slide/surf parkour
    - Bit of normal parkour
    - Original story (storyline)
    - Usage of adventure items
    - Noob friendly (xeno allows you to double jump and run fast)
    - Winners room to chill with others and share thoughts of world
    - Pixel art
    - Credit board
    - Basic jammers, ghost charm, fire house

    World is somewhat challenging, so you have to figure out how to pass some places but it’s not hard


    • GrowID: Heramix
      World Name: GTSKELD

      GTSKELD is an among us recreation made inside of Growtopia! Using among us’s most popular map: Skeld. The world has similar gameplay to among us.

      At the start, crewmates and impostors randomly get picked (there is 4x more crewmates than impostors) and then the match starts. The crewmates has to finish their “tasks” to win, and the impostors has to kill the crewmates to sabotage them so they don’t complete their tasks!

      Way more information about how the game works can be find in the data repositories next to the door.

      -P & Z Jammer
      -Weather Machine : Background
      -Xenonite Crystal
      -Unique game item usage
      -2 Tomb Robbers
      -Spectating System
      -A clever system to have more crewmates then impostors.
      -Task system, where every player has to do diffirent and unique tasks
      to earn their team a point. (Ranging from dimension block maze to entering codes)
      -Vents for impostors to sneak through!
      -The Skeld Map from among us!
      -Completely automatic (doesn’t require a host)

      The Latest Render:
      Click image for larger version

Name:	gtskeld.png
Views:	126
Size:	239.1 KB
ID:	6937048
      Hello, I’m Heramix!


        Created by: FearLessCat

        The main purpose of this world is to showcase every Annual event and shop's creativity packs on the game. By entering the portal you will explore every event that had happened in growtopia starting from Anniversary event to Winter event.
        Every room is a worth taking a photo.

        The world consists of:
        • Annual Event theme = January to December
        • Shop Creativity packs
        • 8 pixel art
        • BASIC JAMMERS (Punch & Zombie)
        • Ghost Charm
        • Firehouse
        • Oldest to Newest Annual event BLOCKS and ITEMS
        • Credit board for the pixel art and world inspiration (Including World link for the world I've got inspired)Click image for larger version

Name:	themehouse.png
Views:	137
Size:	569.9 KB
ID:	6937071


          ​​​​​ Click image for larger version

Name:	rememoratio.png
Views:	139
Size:	871.4 KB
ID:	6937077

          Features - Basic Jammers, Ghost Charm, and Firehouse
          - Anti-gravity Generator for REMEMORATIO and Xenonite Crystal for IMMEMORATIO
          - A connected world: IMMEMORATIO
          - New Mechanics/Features using Adventure Items and various Clash Blocks
          - Creditory Board near the white door

          Other notes:

          Recent Changes; Fixed parts where players can miss adventure items, Nerfed the difficulty of adventure brazier maze, added more clues on a riddle.

          The world design revolves mainly in the storyline and a lesson embedded in the story of Princess Madeleine and Evander. The world features some new and old parkour mechanics featuring several clash blocks and adventure items such as the adventure brazier maze. Parkour extends from REMEMORATIO to IMMEMORATIO and back.

          GrowID: ProdigyDawn
          World: REMEMORATIO
          GrowID: ProdigyDawn
          IG: @prodigydawn


          • Click image for larger version

Name:	grimreapers.png
Views:	126
Size:	1.21 MB
ID:	6937084
            Click image for larger version

Name:	grimsscythe.png
Views:	119
Size:	772.8 KB
ID:	6937085
            WOTD ENTRY - GrimReapers
            World Name: GrimsReapers

            GrowID: Hnov
            Me (TheGrimReaper) and Eabias (Keres) has challenged you to sit on my throne. It will not be easy, as the manor it self contains 3 level of challenges and 1 separated world challenge. You have to outsmart Keress dungeon, beat the living spirit challenge, escape the secret statue of my body (TheGrimReapers) and beat the scythe as the final challenge to prove yourself you're worthy. If you are worthy enough to finish those 3 challenges and 1 separated world challenge, that means you are worthy to sit on my Throne. Tyche (Fortuna) wishes you a goodluck on attempting to finish my challenges.
            The world may contains few incredible stuffs
            -Separated world, as one of the challenges. The castle on the weather itself describes the very manor of mine.
            -Ghost charm, so that you are not disturbed by any other ghost than mine.
            -Punch And Zombie jammers, No need to fight each other for claiming my throne, and zombies may not infect others!
            -Pineapple Guardian keeps people away from cheating!
            -Worlds info that will guide you through the challenge
            -Some riddles and questions may be asked in this challenge, pay attention to every scroll!
            -Few weather machines (currently green heatwave) to thrill the world even more!
            -Song that creeps you everytime you make a step!
            -Pixel arts of Grim Reaper, Ghosts, and Reapers Scythe that contains the challenge.
            -Adventure Items that is part of the world riddle so people don't cheat.
            -Sungate door and obelisks as the mini-challenge (scarf)
            -And last but not least, The Mighty Throne of TheGrimReaper for the winner to sit on.

            #growwotdoct20 @growtopia #ubisoft #pixelart #adventure #puzzle #growtopia #growtopiawotd #growtopiaworld
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            • Hello everyone! I am nominating my world JACKOMONSTER!

              GowID: Roxypie
              World name: JACKOMONSTER

              Introduction of the story:
              Spooky season has begun! You are on your way to Charlie's house to invite her to go trick or treating this year to get some of those delicious treats! But it seems like you read the address wrong and made your way to the wrong side of the map. Now you ended up finding yourself in a village that looks like a ghost town! Currently, you read the map again and started on finding the way to get through this creepy village.
              The question is would you be able to survive the hidden mysteries of this village?

              The world contains:
              - Punch and zombie jammers (it was covered by the filter on the rightside)
              - fire house (covered)
              - pixel art
              - Halloween items
              - Adventure items
              - dark sewer on a bottom with dark cave bg
              - laser grid game
              - Maze with a twist
              - parkour
              - A door game
              - A story line
              - Conversations
              - Unexpected ending
              - Music from a military radio
              - spooky weather machine
              - Cctv
              - Totally harmless doll
              Click image for larger version  Name:	jacko.png Views:	0 Size:	1,013.9 KB ID:	6937121


              • Click image for larger version

Name:	pagomeno (2).png
Views:	126
Size:	1.20 MB
ID:	6937135


                GrowID : Dubov
                World Name : PAGOMENO

                How about a sinister looking world for halloween, eh?

                Updates :
                -Smoother Parkour flow
                -Tweaked Storyline
                -Repainted Ruby and Crystals
                -Added decorations
                -Added halloween themed blocks

                World Info -

                "A sinister looking dark fortress! It's a bit chilly though.."

                World Features :

                -A unique parkour system that involves the game's gravitational system and the use of time space ruptures as obstacles.
                -Punch and Zombie jammers.
                -Ghost charm
                -Heatwave machine
                -Rare blocks from various events in use.
                -The use of adventure items.
                -Gravity well obstacles.
                -Credits board
                The world is designed by Dubov, built together by Dubov, nabikrebs, and Shiels

                Background and References

                Pagomeno, (Icecold/stonecold in greek) is a world inspired by the infamous long Italian poem "The Divine Comedy"
                by Dante Alghieri. The world is specifically based on Dante's potrayal of the ninth circle of hell also called "Cocytus". Dante potrayed "Cocytus" as a very cold place, contradicting the beliefs that hell's supposed to be in flames. I took the concept and manifest it into the world "PAGOMENO". Structure wise, it is built as a dark fortress sitting at the lowest depths of hell. Upon wandering inside "PAGOMENO", visitors should feel the cold-chilly vibe that the fortress possess. The materials chosen for the world building are carefully picked to express how I want the world to feel.

                The world is made representing my darkest thoughts during one of my darkest days in my university life. I want to state that dark awful things can also look beautiful and that beauty is relative to one's perspective. The story is about a lost soul wandering the depths of the dark fortress in the afterlife, trying find their way to their final resting place guided singlehandedly by the "authority" there with no third characters involved. It is made as potrayal of self indulgement.

                World's Lore

                As you went on your journey, end of the world as far..
                Into a gap you fell, ...a ravine or some sort?
                Certain on death, eyes closed yet wide opened.
                Head first, leaving the living.
                Fell deep, very deep, it gradually deepens.

                "I'm supposed to end up in nirvana, am i not ?!" you wondered.

                Reality strikes as the heat comes, the smell of the burnt, the screams of the terrible!

                "So this is where i'll go.." you chanted, accepting your judgement.

                Yet it seems this pit doesn't have an end! You kept falling on and on until...

                A sudden breeze passed, a thousand needles sharp. Piercing through the skin!

                Alas... You have arrived..
                A place that no one ever talked about..
                A place where warmth could never be found..

                "This place... it's.. cold..."


                - Dubov
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                • TWISTEDFORESTS by NotBiov
                  IGN: NotBiov
                  World: TwistedForests


                  Once upon a time, there was a farmer who lived in the mine name “George”. George’s family doesn’t like being bother by his neighbor or celebrating any events with his neighbors too. George always enjoy his days with his family at his free time and he got a job as a miner so that why he built a house in the mine, that he could just live with his family without anyone bothering him. But one day on October 31th, something strange started happening to George while he was mining in the tunnel for hours in the evening. He saw a big giant creature come out from the darkness in the mine, so he ran out of the mine and went back to his house and searching for that creature name in his book that had been left over from his ancestors. And after a while, he saw the creature named “GROWGANOTH”...

                  World Contains:
                  -P and Z jammers
                  -Spooky Weather Machine
                  -Mini Mod
                  -Ghost Charm
                  -Xenonite Crystal
                  -Adventure items
                  -Growganoth Story
                  -Growganoth Guide
                  -Halloween theme
                  -Credit Board
                  -Story Board
                  -Growganoth Story
                  -Medium Parkour
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                  • Nominating my world

                    Thehiddenjungles by PetirArt

                    World : Thehiddenjungles
                    Grow id : PetirArt

                    Story : This world tells about 4 explorers have a task to investigate the lost forest, until there they do not know the way to home, so they make a place to stay, and one of his friend named james gets lost alone in the forest, he tries to survive and finds his friends

                    World contains :
                    - Punch jammer
                    - Zombie jammer
                    - Ghost charm
                    - Jungle weather machine
                    - Fire house
                    - Adventure items
                    - Credits
                    - Story
                    - Parkour and puzzle
                    - Vip/winner room
                    - Halloween theme

                    Click image for larger version

Name:	thehiddenjungles (12) (1).png
Views:	123
Size:	1.12 MB
ID:	6937160


                    • World: NATIONALZOO
                      GrowID: SamPotato

                      Zoo! Plenty of zoo animals (leashes & ridings) were displayed in this world! While players explore the world, they can read about over 50 animal fun facts.

                      The world includes the following:
                      -Animal leashes/ridings displaying
                      -Animal fun facts
                      -Interactive mannequins (zookeepers)
                      -Mysterious Jungle theme
                      -Punch & Zombie Jammer
                      -Weather Machine
                      -Credits board above white door

                      (some backgrounds can't be seen due to render problem)
                      Render of the world:
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                      • Nominating SQUIRRELJOURNEY for WOTD
                        World : SQUIRRELJOURNEY
                        Growid : Jec

                        The Scandentious Kingdom, led by King Robustus, was increasingly worrying, he enslaved and commited violence against his subjects. He already led the kingdom for about 1 year. While the election of a new king takes 5 year. My uncle says there's only one way out. Someone has to go to the Lost Squirrel Town and look for Mysterious Shell right there. Someone who finds it will be elected to be the next king without election. But it's very difficult to find the Mysterious Shell in the Lost Squirrel Town because it's well known for its Dangerous Plants and an Enermous Acorn

                        Will you be the next king of the Scandentious Kingdom and cease the deeds of King Robustus?

                        WORLD FEATURES

                        Punch and Zombie Jammer
                        Ghost Charm
                        Fire House
                        Story and Credit next to the White Door
                        Adventure blocks and items
                        Bountiful blocks
                        Dimension blocks
                        Hanging snakes and lazy cobra
                        and others

                        Note : You need wing to play in this world

                        I hope i can be part of WOTD Winner
                        That's all, thankss

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                        • World name: thelensofriches

                          Growid: Ciphyr

                          Halloween draws near, spirits grow restless, reactivating an ancient artifact, the lens of riches, and it begins to wreak havoc on the city through earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. As a famed adventurer, you have been summoned to Liandry, and get rid of the artifact once and for all. The journey brings you through the volcano, through usage of golden idols, ropes, and torches. Finally, a decision for you to make. Wealth, or liberation? Your choice.

                          World contains:
                          Punch and Zombie Jammer
                          Ghost Charm
                          Credit board (beside the white door)
                          Adventure items
                          Dimension Blocks (to prevent skipping)
                          Song remix
                          Background weather machine
                          Time-based parkour
                          Signs to make sure the player knows what he's doing
                          Good / Bad endings

                          Parkour difficulty: 6/10
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                          It been 3 year since I been guild leader for Nofreeload.. there or up and down player that honest and player cant follow threw what they said they will do, I dont allow player to break rule because every time one do other will try to do the same.


                          • OMGMANNEQUIN
                            GROWID: Zierfandler

                            OMG! Be forewarned of the Four-armed. The hazy horror began as you were accidentally separated from your spelunker buddies in a complex of colossal caves. Little did you know that the underground chamber is inhabited by a creepy clan of quasi-cavemen and their multi-limbed mime monstrosity of a monarch.

                            • Portal-based parkour where players must maneuver their way through giant limbs and massive stalactites.
                            • Two divergent endings, available via different passageways and actions.
                            • A set of supporting elements, including adventure items, jammers, Haunted Darkness, and rope pitons.
                            • Spooky onslaughts of OMG Mannequins lurking in every corner and exit!
                            Click image for larger version

Name:	omgmannequin.png
Views:	180
Size:	1.02 MB
ID:	6937446

                            Growtopia Wiki admin. Check out some of my threads!
                            List of Pets and Clothing Mods
                            Converted RTTEX Files


                            • World : Vampii
                              GrowID: Vampii

                              Hell has risen, and we need your help! Complete the parkour to save earth from demons arising.

                              - Punch And Zombie Jammer
                              - Fire house
                              - Ghost charm
                              - Ecto lock
                              -Credit board at the entrance
                              -Adventure door to take you to your destination
                              -Public Board
                              -Mars Blast
                              -Secret Password Door
                              - Parkour Difficulty : VERY HARD

                              Attached Files


                              • HONEYRACING by bear9

                                Welcome to the hive where the bees fly around.
                                The world has lot of nectars around and 3 bees flying through their hive.

                                The world has:
                                Xenonite crystal
                                Weather Machine
                                P/Z jammers
                                Pineapple guardian
                                (Challenge timer with prizes)
                                Vip room
                                Credits board
                                Start/End flags
                                Composed song by JASACOMPOSER & Ecoides

                                Hope you all love the honey as I do, YUMMY!
                                Attached Files