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Name:	DA45F8D1-4AA3-4576-8CB2-770A78CCBE5E.jpeg
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ID:	6943743Submiting PSYDERBY For Wotd Wich was built by me and Retri ! Its a full world Easter themed Racetrack using a Beautifull Purpleish Nature theme with a heatwave Weather machiene to top it off ! It also has a Race around a Psy Bunny Pixelart using unique Guild Clash Systems (Gravity Wells, Mud Puddles...) and a Song made out of Music Gears ! Race to the end to Get Free VIP with a Winners Board to Leave a Message !

    Story :

    The Annual Bunny Derbies have Begun with a Twist ! The Derby has been relocated in a More Dangerous Place than ever before Turning Every Normal Bunny entering the place into a Psychotic Bunny. Race to get to the Grand V.I.P of the Bunny Castle and Leave this madness be !

    World includes :

    Guild Clash items like :

    -Mud Puddle Blocks

    -gravity Wells

    Jammers and Weathers like :

    -PZ Jammers


    -Pinapple guardian

    -Anti Gravity Machiene

    -Heatwave Weather machine

    World Itself Includes :

    -A Full Racetrack going Through the whole World

    -A Original Pixelart

    -New Bunny Blocks

    -A Original Theme

    -A Song completely out of audio Racks

    -a VIP Place for Winners !

    GrowID : Menal

    World : Psyderby


    • Click image for larger version  Name:	image_193123.png Views:	3 Size:	91.9 KB ID:	6943774 Nominating ABANDONED for WOTD!

      ABANDONED revolves around the story of two young girls going for a trick-or-treat. The world makes use of a decision making concept that deals a huge impact on how the story ends. It has a 2nd world ABANDONED2, which include the mechanics found inside each building.

      The world includes:
      - Jammers
      - Xenonite Crystal
      - Storyline
      - Unique story mechanics

      World is completely and originally made by PixelJr.
      Discord: PixelJr#2322
      Instagram: @iampixeljr
      Growtopia Discord:
      Content Moderator for Growtopia Wiki.


      • Bear9
        Bear9 commented
        Editing a comment
        i think it is too original, 2colours is too ez but looks great at all.

      GrowID : jakefarming

      "Something is missing..." you said this phrase over and over again when you snapped back to reality. You escaped that twisted hallucinations; however, there is still something missing, then you SNAP. "I don't know anything about the twisted carnival. All I knew was the rumors," you said to yourself. You gathered up different sources: books, journals, news articles, and rumors about the twisted carnival. After finding a whole lot of sources, you decided to take a nap.

      You woke up, feeling a little dizzy from that nap, and notice that you weren't in the library. You recognized where you are because you read the rumor about the "Inverted Reality." According to the stories, that the inverted reality has the memories of the carnival master, along with his journal. However, reality scattered the crucial entry that impacted the making of the twisted carnival.

      World Features:
      > P and Z Jammer, Ghost Charm, Fire House
      > The World is completely INVERTED
      > A lot of hidden spikes ( Twisted Spikes + Black Paint )
      > 7 Journal Entry that will surely expand the story even more
      > Medium - Hard Parkour
      > Easy Puzzle ( I don't know if this is a puzzle )

      Latest Render:
      Click image for larger version

Name:	invertedreality.png
Views:	171
Size:	558.5 KB
ID:	6943776( Fun fact: Turning your screen upside down will make it more nomall )

      Let me properly introduce myself,
      Hello, My name is NotSoOldJake!
      and I'm not even old...

      *cough* 17 years old *cough*

      IGN: jakefarming


      • GrowId: Prefine
        World: TheoryOfGrowlactus


        This world is a Growlactus themed world “which is why most of the blocks are invisible” it is a multi trivia world with riddles, adventure items, gates, Medium/Hard Parkour, and a catching story line.

        World includes:

        -Basic Jammers
        -Fire house & Ghost charm
        -Mini mod
        -Cybot Parkour
        -Adventure Items
        -Startopia 2.0 Growlactus Update
        -Clash Blocks
        -Huge Vip Penthouse for winners
        -Medium/Hard Parkour
        -Halloween Items-New Portrait

        Click image for larger version

Name:	theoryofgrowlactus.png
Views:	156
Size:	740.9 KB
ID:	6943781


        • Nominating THEDAYWEEXTINCT for WOTD!

          (the empty space has space junk that doesn't show on the render)Click image for larger version  Name:	thedayweextinct.png Views:	0 Size:	1.02 MB ID:	6943825

          THEDAYWEEXTINCT. Why did we go extinct? All the humans are gone, city's are ruined and the earth is now the biggest graveyard in the universe. Youre a stranger that mysteriously woke up in the middle of the weird creatures attack. Youre mission is to find why and how did we go extinct.

          World Contains:

          -Unique and Original Story
          -Signs that has some information about the story
          -Unique Gameplay
          -Noob Friendly
          -Basic Jammers
          -Xenonite Crystal
          -Ghost Charm
          -Creditory Board

          Thats all!
          Ign: Earljey
          Discord: Earljey17#4751
          Building is my hobby and no other than.



          • IGN:yatchs
            World includes:
            Pz jammer
            Ghost charm
            Night weather machine
            Cool design
            Flame bot
            Shooter bot
            Cool parkour
            dope story line
            famous for its high difficulty level, viferty begon to attract city dwellers. they guarantee that they will survive in the long run through places that are slum or manicured and with very low visibility. You may be one of them ...
            they once said "never act as if you are the tallest, keep your mind on the positive side. viferty wants to see how people will react if their life changes suddenly in one day
            Attached Files


            • THEMEHOUSE
              Created by: FearLessCat
              Imagine you want to go in a museum instead of painting and stuffs; in this world you will see a different kind of room for a specific annual event.

              The main purpose of this world is to showcase every Annual event and shop's creativity packs on the game and also 8 pixel art included that you can take pictures inside. By entering the portal you will explore every event that had happened in growtopia starting from Anniversary event to Winter event.
              Every room is worth taking a photo of.

              The world consists of:
              • Annual Event theme starting from January to December a total of 12 events
              • Shop Creativity packs
              • 8 Pixel arts that you can take a picture inside
              • BASIC JAMMERS (Punch & Zombie)
              • Ghost Charm
              • Firehouse
              • Oldest to Newest Annual event BLOCKS and ITEMS
              • Credit board for the pixel art and world inspiration (Including World link for the world I've got inspired)Click image for larger version

Name:	themehouse.png
Views:	154
Size:	569.9 KB
ID:	6943870


              • Hi Growtopian's I am nominating my world



                A stranger left a note for you, a passageway that leads to unknown,You have lost your memory, and who you are,You'll need to find and solve this riddles,As you find yourself remembering who you really are

                Now you need to find 3 Adventure items before everything gone

                The world has:
                Adventure Door for credit world
                Original Story
                A windmill and boat ship
                Punch jammer and Zombie jammer
                Starship camera
                Weather Machine-Night

                Fun riddles(clue each board)
                Parkour(easy, medium, hard)
                Use of Adventure items
                Use of obelisk and sungate
                All can play with or without wings
                Vip room for the winner

                This world,I build with love and effort
                Thank you to my friends who help me alot and the world I inspired all I give credit.

                Thank you for reading❤️❤️❤️📖


       image for larger version

Name:	sonadventure.png
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Size:	614.4 KB
ID:	6943888


                • Name World : soulofdarkking
                  grow id : GrowWave81503

                  Story of the world :
                  On this scary night (Halloween night) there are souls trapped in a box called the dark king, if you let go of the trapped soul you will get good or otherwise you will be cursed by those souls.

                  World Feature :
                  -Easy-Medium Pakour (using Adventure Item)
                  -World Have Art
                  -Punch Jammer
                  -Zombie jammer
                  -Fire House
                  -Ghost Charm
                  Click image for larger version

Name:	soulofdarkking.png
Views:	128
Size:	397.4 KB
ID:	6943892


                  • World name: TREEOFFALL
                    GrowID: Clurry
                    TREEOFFALL is a challenging parkour with a story about how you woke up one day in the middle of fall and it didn't feel like fall at all. The trees were still green and the weather was still really hot so you decide to make a trip to the TREE OF FALL to get some answers. Your quest will not be easy at all, but you can do it Growtopian! Good luck.

                    World Contains:
                    - P Z Jammers.
                    - Xenonite Crystal so everyone can finish the world.
                    - Weather Machine - Autumn.
                    - Adventure Items.
                    - Password doors.
                    - Storyline.
                    - Difficult Parkour.
                    - World is a harvest blast to get into the fall spirit.
                    - A Bulletin board next to the white door giving credit to people and things that helped.

                    Click image for larger version

Name:	treeoffall.png
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Size:	612.5 KB
ID:	6943918


                    • HERLCAVE For WOTD
                      (by jaringan)

                      a large cave that is below sea level was found by three brave people, inside the cave there is a treasure that they have to get according to the scroll that allows only the brave to enter. can you reach the treasure by passing through a very dangerous cave?

                      World featuring:
                      ~ Punch and Zombie Jammer
                      ~ Ghost charm
                      ~ Fire House
                      ~ Adventure Items
                      ~ Storylines (Mystery genre)
                      ~ Parkour difficulty: Hard
                      ~ Weather Epoch
                      ~ Dark cave background
                      ~ Gravity wells
                      ~ Credits board
                      ~ Pixel Arts

                      Note: This world is made by a dark cave background because of the item of the month celestial dragon charm is usually used for only the coolnest, so why not use it for parkour in the dark cave?

                      Click image for larger version

Name:	herlcave.png
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Size:	482.0 KB
ID:	6943934


                      • World : INHABITEDCAVE
                        Growid : SadarID

                        Hello Growtopians,
                        I Want To Nominate INHABITEDCAVE for WOTD!

                        WORLD HAS UPDATE!

                        Renderworld :

                        Click image for larger version

Name:	14-00-42-inhabitedcave.png
Views:	136
Size:	403.6 KB
ID:	6943976

                        Story :
                        There is a story that tells of a miner who died in this cave because he was killed by an unknown person. Some people claim it is still hanging around this cave, so that people named this cave as INHABITEDCAVE. After some time, me and a group of my friends wanted to go explore the cave, and it turned out that we got lost and couldn't get out of the cave. We need your help to help us out of this cave.
                        Are you the first to save us?

                        World Features :

                        - Punch Jammer

                        - Zombie Jammer

                        - Ghost Charm

                        - Weather Machine - Rainy City

                        - Dark Cave

                        - Themed Halloween

                        That's all, Thanks for who supported and helping me to build the WOTD, And Enjoy!


                        • Nominating ‘Jokertb’ for WOTD

                          -World Name : Jokertb
                          -Grow ID : JokerTB

                          World description : Jacky was spawn in a cave
                          He have to pass through the parkour in the cave as he want to get out of this places
                          after getting out from the cave, Jacky got chased by invisible Jack-O-Lantern and Ghosts.
                          In the end, he found out that it was a nightmare.

                          This world has :
                          -P jammer
                          -Z jammer
                          -weather machine - night
                          -some adventure items
                          -pineapple guardian
                          -pixel of ghosts and jack-o-lantern
                          -medium parkour
                          -small race
                          -ghost charm
                          Attached Files


                          • PUMPKINYARD

                            'Gourd' evening!

                            You 'fright' your way through the gloomy lands of the Pumpkin Yard to reach the Gigantic Pumpkin's Patch!
                            The terrain in this yard can be scary steep ought by the huge spiral vines that have matured over time after being abandoned.
                            Don't worry. Your friend, Plump, will give you comedic reliefs (kinda) as you embark on your journey!
                            I hope you have a 'squashing' experience playing the world!

                            Render of the world:

                            Click image for larger version

Name:	pumpkinyard.png
Views:	156
Size:	1.11 MB
ID:	6944136

                            NOTE: Space Junk, which is one of the main terrain blocks, is not seen in the render. Although, the shape can be seen through the Cave Background behind it.

                            The world features..
                            a Big Shadowy Pumpkin
                            Dark with a tint of orange overall gloom vibe of the world
                            Parkour that is moderate in difficulty
                            Xenonite Crystal to make everything fair for everyone
                            The Essential Jammers (Punch, Zombie, Ghost)
                            ..and a friend, named Plump.

                            I hope everyone will have a fun experience playing the world!
                            I 'scare' about you. :>

                            World Name: PUMPKINYARD
                            Grow ID: owLeY
                            "Why fit in when you are born to stand out?"

                            I'm Owley,
                            A Growtopian since the 20th of August 2013.


                            • MadMewMew presents
                              SATANSARENA (ACTUAL RENDER)

                              Click image for larger version

Name:	satansarena.png
Views:	111
Size:	630.8 KB
ID:	6944371
                              SATANSARENA (Planner Version)
                              Click image for larger version  Name:	unknown.png?width=936&height=563.png Views:	8 Size:	529.7 KB ID:	6936024

                              -SATANSARENA is Free-For-All Hell/Halloween themed game world using the Game Generator, two or more players must be in the world to start playing, but more is better! Fight in the actual area where you are supposed to fight (in the big red circle) or fight where the audience is watching, There are more area to move around but there is a chance to be killed not from a player but from the environment, so pick your strategy and Good Luck winning!

                              World Includes:
                              -Basic Jammers
                              -Last Man Standing Game Set-up
                              -Weather Machine - Heatwave
                              -Antigravity Generator, mobility when playing.

                              Fun Facts:
                              -The world has over 2000 Block Glue Placed and Over 2000 Paint - Bucket Red Painted insuring the best possible designs
                              -The world design overall is a perspective based when looked at the render, pretty neat!
                              -All of the mannequins are detailed in terms of the clothing they wear with the most expensive clothing used by the mannequin is the Devil Wings!
                              -The monsters used for the world are all unique, having any correlation with any other designs are unintentional.
                              -World also used a Unobtainable Gross-out Block!
                              Last edited by Kfbun; 11-09-2020, 10:57 PM.
                              IGN: MadMewMew

                              Discord: Gey phemus#6243
                              IG: madmewmew_gt