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Nominate Your World for WOTD Here! (January - March 2021 Cycle)

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  • Nominate Your World for WOTD Here! (January - March 2021 Cycle)

    Hello, Growtopians!

    It’s time to commence the new cycle! So, we're opening a new thread to submit your WOTD entries!

    What do you get when you win WOTD?
    • An awesome trophy magically appears in your inventory
    • "WOTD Winner" is shown every time someone enters your world
    • Your world is added to the WOTD winner's list in-game: /top
    • 10 Growtokens
    • And above all! RESPECT!
    Cool right? But there are rules to follow to be eligible to win the much coveted WOTD Award!

    Entry Requirements
    • World name
    • Your GrowID (because we can't see them sometimes and just in-case you changed your name.)
    • A quick description of your world
    • Latest Render of the world
    We are also allowing players to submit their entries on Instagram. Just post your entry with the "Entry Requirements" and include this hashtag:
    • For January entries: #growwotdjan21
    • For February entries: #growwotdfeb21
    • For March entries: #growwotdmar21
    Rules (January - March 2021 Cycle)
    • Owners should be the ones nominating their worlds. Nobody else is allowed to submit your entry for you.
    • A Bulletin board next to the white door giving credit to other players who helped with building/funding the world, music creator, worlds they have inspired/copied design from (If it's from the Web please mention that) and any other information should be mentioned. You can also use alternative boards, such as Guestbook.(You can choose to represent this info in a different creative way if you like but it must be near the start area of the world so we can easily see and check them)
    • You must credit pixel art sources and/or music inspiration.
    • At least basic Jammers (Punch and Zombie) must be placed within the world, unless the world does not require having one of them. Note that promising that the jammers will be placed inside the world if it wins will not be considered.
    • Vend worlds, Storage and Pixel Art only worlds will not be considered.
    • Guild Headquarters (Worlds) are welcome! However, as the world is owned by one person, the prize will only be given to the owner. It's up to the Guild how they will make use of the WOTD prize in case the world wins.
    • We will only look at the world owner's punishment/s. We will no longer consider the admins' ban record.
    • We will not consider owners who were banned for more than 3 days in the last 6 months.
    • We are allowing a world entry to be submitted more than once but with a 3-day gap.
    So you want to win eh?

    • Plus points are given to in-game event theme worlds which explain old and/or new mechanics of the in-game event to help guide new players
    • Plus points are given to worlds with new/creative ideas or unique/original mechanics
    • Plus points are given to worlds using recent items/blocks from recent or current events
    • Plus points are given to worlds placing doors/portals to worlds they have inspired/copied design, music and anything else from.
    • Negative points are given to worlds with doors linking to Vend/Shop worlds or any other worlds that are not related.
    • Owners who have been banned for more than 3 days in the last 6 months will not be considered. If the punishment has been removed before it expires automatically, the ban is not counted and the player/world will still be eligible to win WOTD.

    Would I be able to nominate my world in the next cycle and have a chance to be chosen as WOTD?
    Yes, you can nominate your world every cycle, but we highly encourage you to try and make improvements in the world rather than just nominating the same world as it is in the next cycle. We also encourage you to create a thread to collect feedback on how to improve your world, and we might leave some comments there in some rare cases.

    My world was chosen as a WOTD before the 2018 trophy was launched, am I eligible to get the new trophy?
    Yes, you are! Simply make sure you have the Ultra Trophy 3000 in your inventory and contact support, we will replace the Ultra Trophy 3000 with the new 2021 version.

    Can I nominate more than one world in the same cycle?
    Yes, you can! You can nominate as many worlds in the same cycle as you like.

    Why do copied worlds get plus points? Does this mean I can just copy a world and win?
    Most probably will have nearly no chance of winning a WOTD if you choose to simply copy an old WOTD. The whole point of this rule is simply we don't mind if you end up copying a small part from a previous world (a cool looking tower, house decoration, etc.) as long as you are honest enough to clearly show that in your world (which we also hope that would give credit to the original owner and traffic to their world) but that will also mean your world must be different enough!
    Alrighty then! That should explain everything. Now go create your world and start submitting!

    ~ Hufflewitz
    What's meant to be will always find a way!

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    90 Selfie Spot!! Good Weather!! Love it!!
    World: SELFIE2020
    My GrowID: GALASTiZ
    World with:
    - Legendary Lock
    - Antigravity Machine
    - P & Z Jammer
    - Ghost Charm
    - Mini Mod
    - CCTV
    - Public Board
    Attached Files


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      Renominating world again after making it slightly easier!
      Growid: Olaf1234
      World: GumihosQuest

      Story: Gumihos/Korean nine tailed foxes upon living for 1000 years are able to ascend to immortality. They have to get through the mountains to claim their Fox Bead which grants them power and knowledge for them to live peacefully in the Fox Shrine.

      World Features: Punch,Zombie Jammers, Firehouse, Ghost Charm
      3 Stages of wing-friendly moderate parkour, last stage using dimension blocks
      Willow Trees with Frozen Cliff/Snowy Rocks environment
      Head and tails of the Nine-Tailed Fox with the Fox Shrine(Winner's Area)
      Modified story of the korean nine-tailed fox.
      Credits board/World Info
      Frozen Cliffs background
      New Snowy Fence and Snowy Tree blocks (render showed them as disco balls)

      Here's the render: Click image for larger version

Name:	GumihosQuest.png
Views:	3490
Size:	1.19 MB
ID:	6976884


      • #4
        Growid: OzZED
        Click image for larger version

Name:	trappedinancient.png
Views:	2740
Size:	419.7 KB
ID:	6979898
        Note: rendered bug because new item (Legendary Lock)
        World has:
        -Creditory Boards
        -Adventure items
        -Cybot items
        -Vip place
        Bobi is an archaeologist. Today is his first day working in Egypt. At first he looked nervous. But he imagined that in the past, he wanted to be a famous archaeologist. Instantly he was again excited to live his new day at the monument to the Egyptian royal heritage.
        * Then Bobi went by car to the relics of the ancient Egyptian kingdom.
        Arriving ..
        Bobi prepares his equipment to enter the monument. He ****yzes many things, one of which is
        After that, he went to the place of the "god gate" monument. There he saw a huge "Rune Stone". While looking and ****yzing, Bobi tripped over a rock which made him fall. Then he took the stone, and realized that it was a shard of the "Rune Stone". He immediately filled the shards into the empty "Rune Stone" section.
        Apparently he had activated the "gate of the god" And pulled the person who activated it into the gate. The gate brought Bobi to the era of the ancient Egyptian kingdom.
        Now, Bobi must find some items to activate the gate so he can return to the future.
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          Nominating HUMANJOURNEY for WOTD
          Growid : Oceys
          World : HUMANJOURNEY
          Theme : Human life
          Features :
          - Basic Jammer ( Punch, Zombie, Gcharm)
          - Parkour
          - Life motivation
          - Unique Stories
          - Winner special room's
          - 3 planet with different theme
          - World relating to january item of the month with space as a second theme.

          Render World :
          Click image for larger version  Name:	humanjourney.png Views:	98 Size:	711.2 KB ID:	6976889
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            by Eaggy

            The super-ancient Eagle Spirit has inflicted their wrath upon you, a pirate who had been mercilessly slaying and plundering every ship you see, you were allied with no one but the people in your crew.

            On your way plunder an earl's island, it appears; and it brings a massive storm with it. Your ship suffers a large hole and you are knocked overboard. Grab materials, plug the hole ,and confront the legendary Eagle spirit! Good luck, brave pirate!


            Click image for larger version

Name:	seastc.png
Views:	3245
Size:	768.5 KB
ID:	6976895

            World Features:

            ~Stunning full-world pixel art
            ~Easy parkour
            ~Adventure Items
            ~Clash Mechanics
            ~A new "disconnect" /checkpoint system which allows you to return to a certain point, provided you remember the password
            ~A large VIP area, right in the Eagle Spirit's head!

            That's all, Have fun everyone
            Originally posted by Jedaki;n6926758
            suddenly when a youtuber gets hacked/scammed, the logs magically appear


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              My name is Spirituality, and this is my WOTD submission!

              GrowID: Spirituality
              World Name: PICNICPANIC

              Embark on adventure to reach the special picnic area and hang out with your friends in a funny storyline!
              Lillia and Leroy, your friends, are waiting for you! But be sure to bring the food and drinks, otherwise you'll disappoint them.

              World features:
              *THREE different endings depending on your performance in the parkour
              *P-Z Jammers, Ghost Charm, Fire House and Pineapple Guardian!
              *Parkour with Tricksters, Wall Traps and more!
              *BEACH BLASTED WORLD!
              *Good Song, goes well with the topic
              *Adventure Items and Gates (Goblet, Gorilla, etc)
              *Paint Buckets and Glue Blocks - lots of them

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                Click image for larger version

Name:	IMG_20210101_003407_039.jpg
Views:	2922
Size:	258.7 KB
ID:	6976900 Hi , I'm here to nominating my world for WOTD . Although haven't Chinese New Year , but I interested to make a Chinese New Year theme world .
                I'm here to wish everyone Happy New Year 2021 .

                World name : THEYEAROFTHEOX
                GrowID : Festivan

                Short Story
                Today is Chinese New Year Eve (11 Feb 2021) , it's a day for family reunion . However , the Ox forget to join the party .You need to find the Ox bacause he is the most importantguest today . Without him , The Year of The Ox won't start . There is no much time left now , hurry up !

                This world have a linker world : THEYEAROFTHEOX2

                World has :
                -basic jammers
                -weather machine - heatwave
                -Ox Temple ( coin design n ox's horn design)
                -Tower YinYang
                -Temple YinYang
                -Willow garden full with massive fang
                -unique gameplay by gathering clues to solve pass


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                  Nominating MonoWinter for WOTD by xMojah

                  World Name: MonoWinter
                  Grow ID: xMojah

                  Winter is often multi-coloured.

                  What if it was mono-coloured?

                  How would it look like?

                  Maybe mono-coloured winter isn't so bad at all...

                  A new world that has an immense diffrence of shade...

                  One that will change the vision of humankind.

                  Will you take the challenge?

                  World Contains;

                  Punch / Zombie Jammer
                  Fire House
                  Ghost Charm
                  CCTV Camera
                  Unique Games
                  No Double-Jump, Speedy Mod Needed
                  Usage of Dimension Blocks
                  VIP For Winners
                  And More...


                  • #10

                    Grow id: ProfAzmi
                    World name: KNOWPLANTS

                    Greetings to all!. My world is themed around information about some familiar and non-familiar plants. in this world the player will get to know some of the existing plants, about 32 plants that exist. every plant has a bulletin board that contains an explanation of that plant. There are some plants that I create creatively (different designs), one of which is a strawberry bush. the plants described were made to spread across the land so that no part of the world would be nonsense. The concept of this world is 'to state several plant explanations in order to expand the visitor's knowledge'. Thank you to all of you!.

                    - Informations/explanations about some familiar and non-familiar plants!
                    - beautiful landscapes as photo spots and scenery!
                    - 32 plants spread across the land (4 out of 32 plants are new designs)

                    Click image for larger version

Name:	1609321600923.png
Views:	3734
Size:	2.09 MB
ID:	6976927


                    • #11
                      Re-nominating SNOWYQUESTS for WOTD

                      IGN : PetirArt
                      World : SNOWYQUESTS

                      (World updated)

                      the world is linked to PORTALOFQUESTION to add the portal illustration

                      Story :

                      in December 25th, 1998. A legend states about the book of secrets. It is held captive by santa claus himself. Located in an unknown house, that magical book can answer all of your questions. For those who seek this book shall face dangerous challenges upon their journey. Whoever finds that book will gain unlimited knowledge.
                      Many travellers went searching for that magical book. However, only three individuals have succeeded.

                      - Medium parkour
                      - Adventure items
                      - Conversation
                      - Trickster
                      - Sun gate/obelisk
                      - Winter theme
                      - Riddles
                      - Unique gameplay

                      World has:
                      - Punch and zombie jammer
                      - Ghost charm
                      - Fire house
                      - VIP area
                      - Credits board
                      - Story board
                      - Snowy night weather

                      Lastest Render :Click image for larger version

Name:	snowyquests.png
Views:	3416
Size:	1.15 MB
ID:	6976930


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                        Hello Growtopians! I want to nominate my world LOVERJOURNEYS for WOTD


                        Theme:Winter with Valentine story

                        World contains:

                        -Punch and Zombie Jammer

                        -Credit Board


                        -Ghost Charm

                        -Security Camera

                        -Airplane design

                        -Beautiful Tree


                        There are 2 lovers who will be celebrating their anniversary at Hawaii. While they were going to Hawaii, it started to rain heavily and the plane crash into an unknown island. The couples were not seriously hurt and needed to find each other and find help. With the help of love they will be able to find each other.

                        Attached Files
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                          World: THEANCIENTCART GrowID: prodigydawn
                          Click image for larger version

Name:	theancientcart.png
Views:	2970
Size:	1.01 MB
ID:	6976966
                          From the Black Friday World Building Contest, here is THEANCIENTCART, a game world with a shopping cart theme. The world also features a cart filled with my personal list of liked items with little explanations (you can read it when you're waiting for more players to start the game). Full guide to the gameplay is in the connected world.

                          - A set of Punch and Zombie Jammers, Ghost Charm, Minimod and a Xenonite Crystal.
                          - Game Generator and Adventure Items including Tomb Robbers for gameplay.
                          - Creditory Board, at the connected world.
                          GrowID: ProdigyDawn
                          IG: @prodigydawn


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                            I am nominating INSANEWINTER for WOTD
                            World's name: INSANEWINTER
                            GrowID: Zudikas

                            INSANEWINTER is all about parkour, I tried to make it fun but also challenging and nerve consuming. To help beginners I made a skipping system for the hardest tasks and a guide at the start of the parkour. The world is like a painting with winter accents - it makes the world messy, but doesn't it make parkour even more challenging? Overall, the idea of this world is to have fun and challenge yourself. Good luck everyone!

                            World features:
                            > Punch Jammer > Zombie Jammer > Ghost Charm > Some Weather Machines
                            > Music - Santa Tell Me - credits to pinkyswear
                            > Skipping System - using adventure doors and adventure items for skipping
                            > Easy and Hard parkour, which is possible without wings
                            > Huge place to relax after finishing the parkour
                            > Guide for new players at the start
                            > Using some rarely used blocks for parkour like a gravity well, storm cloud, etc

                            The render of the world:
                            Click image for larger version

Name:	insanewinter.png
Views:	3342
Size:	1.03 MB
ID:	6976972


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                              Growid: Piates World: GROWIEUNIVERSITY
                              Description: GROWIEUNIVERSITY is a unique school-roleplay world using the combination of game generator and adventure items. The world is in cycle, there are 4 classes and 2 break times. 1 break time for hangout outside the school like arcade or karaoke and 1 for bed time. The time also works in this world thanks to the infinity weather machine.
                              The world focuses on hangout and socializing, there are no parkours or stuffs.

                              - Basic jammers like: PZ, Fire House and Ghost Charm
                              - Unique cycle mechanics because of Game Generator and Adventure items
                              - Inside the school and Outside the school hangout areas.
                              - 6 weather in a cycle thanks to the infinity weather machine
                              Attached Files
                              I WLL MISS M1TCH, BYE !!!!

                              Originally posted by M1tch
                              Bye, AlyMilk ;) Best of luck and thank you for your kind words :D