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Nominate Your World for WOTD Here! (January - March 2021 Cycle)

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    Click image for larger version

Name:	reveriejump.png
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ID:	6977057

    ReverieJump for WOTD

    World: Reveriejump
    Grow id : Jevl

    World Contains:
    ■Punch and Zombie jammers
    ●Ghost Charm
    ♡Weather Machine Snowy
    ♤Adventure Items

    Storm Cloud, Lunar Crater,Cracked Stone Slab
    ♢Credit board & İnformation Board
    ♡Winner Room
    ♢Pixel arts
    □Winter Theme
    ♡Password Game
    ♤Vip Room

    □Music Box

    Pixel art is taken from this page: https: //
    Render :

    Click image for larger version

Name:	reveriejump.png
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Size:	1,001.9 KB
ID:	6977056


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      Renominating World: SANTAMYSTERY for WOTD GrowID: iDotzy
      World render:
      Click image for larger version

Name:	santamystery (1).png
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Size:	293.6 KB
ID:	6977084
      Click image for larger version

Name:	santamystery.png
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Size:	252.8 KB
ID:	6977085
      (Clouds are blocking some parts in the world render)

      You have entered a winter wonderland, but you are stuck inside the world. Your mission is to get out in time to celebrate christmas with your family. Escaping wont be that easy, you will have to pass different obstacles to get out. Also your time is limited so you must move on, if you dont make it in time you wont be able to get out to celebrate christmas with your family.
      Good luck on your adventure!

      World contains:
      - Pixelarts with full parkour inside them
      - A song
      - Jammers (punch, zombie, ghost charm, firehouse)
      - Weather
      - VIP/hangout area at the end

      - 100% newbie friendly (can be completed without any items that add mods [will be more difficult])
      - Difficulty level: Medium+
      - Adventure items (multiple tasks with these items)
      - Also contains: cybots, trickster (dodging part), clash items with special effects.
      - Some small tips for parkour

      It was fun to build this world, i built it all by myself, but i got some ideas and inspiration from my friends (this is my first WOTD attempt).
      I got this world name as a suggestion from a friend, this world had a 500+ day old lock, so i locked it with my own and started clearing it.
      Building took a lot of time and effort, but it turned out great.
      Hopefuly you guys like my world
      Also Happy New Year everyone!


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        GrowID : Dycesion
        World : ANNUALDERBY

        Welcome to the ANNUALDERBY racetrack!! Race through all 13 ANNUAL Growtopia events from Valentines' Day to Players Appreciation Week... you name them all! (maybe except the new Wing Week ^-^)
        This racetrack, built by me and SodaXD features :
        - Punch and Zombie Jammer
        - Ghost Charm
        - Pineapple Guardian
        - Nothingness weather

        Regarding the competitive racing nature of KYDERBY, this racetrack was built to optimise the racers' enjoyment and speedrunning capabilities. The track is built to have sufficient spaces, and tight spaces are minimised to the best possible extent. We really hope you enjoy your time at ANNUALDERBY , and strive to get the fastest possible time!
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        Likes Psyduck
        Likes turtles


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          World: Rubiinii
          GrowID: Rubiinii

          Hey guys! I wanted to announce that i'm nominating my main world for WOTD!
          The world has a "underworld" theme which i like A LOT

          This world includes the following things!

          - Zombie Jammer

          - Punch Jammer

          - Ghost Charm

          - Firehouse

          - Nothingness Weather

          - Adventure items

          - Dark, a little challenging parkour!

          - VIP Room (For winners)

          - Story/Credits board(s)
          - A little secret prize room with World Locks!


          You woke up in this weird place you've never seen before. You can feel how hot the atmosphere is in this place.. you start to sweat a little, at the same time you feel.. scared. This place is almost like from a video game.. Is this real or just a nightmare? The only way to get you out of this place.. is to help "him".
          Remember.. you're not alone.. This place is filled with secrets..

          Hope you enjoy!
          Take care!

          ~ Rubiinii

          Click image for larger version  Name:	renderworld.png Views:	0 Size:	1.20 MB ID:	6977173
          Last edited by KultaKatriina; 01-01-2021, 08:31 PM.
          If you see me in game come say hi!
          IGN: Rubiinii
          Watch out for them spooky scammers


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            Created by: FearLessCat
            Imagine you want to go in a museum instead of painting and stuffs; in this world you will see a different kind of room for a specific annual event.

            The main purpose of this world is to showcase every Annual event and shop's creativity packs on the game and also 8 pixel art included that you can take pictures inside. By entering the portal you will explore every event that had happened in growtopia starting from Anniversary event to Winter event.
            Every room is worth taking a photo of.

            The world consists of:
            • Annual Event theme starting from January to December a total of 12 events
            • Shop Creativity packs
            • 8 Pixel arts that you can take a picture inside
            • BASIC JAMMERS (Punch & Zombie)
            • Ghost Charm
            • Firehouse
            • Oldest to Newest Annual event BLOCKS and ITEMS
            • Credit board for the pixel art and world inspiration (Including World link for the world I've got inspired)Click image for larger version

Name:	themehouse-1.png
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Size:	569.9 KB
ID:	6977179


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              Nominating - REMOVETHEWHEEL for WOTD

              GrowID : Awimg
              World : REMOVETHEWHEEL

              Story : Roulette wheel,was invented in Vegas pack.At first this wheel made for fun against your friend,but getting longer this wheel is used to gambling.Developer never expect this wheel is used to gambling.And now gambling has mushroomed more and more,mods can't handle it. Now,you as a new developer you must search for a wheel machine and remove the wheel to stop gambling

              Features :
              • Basic Jammers
              • Trickster
              • Weather-Background
              • Adventure items
              • Education&how illegal gambling/casinos
              • VIP room for winners
              • Parkour
              • Maze with obstacles and dimension

              Note : I made this world with hope that all illegal things will stop and disappear,educate player that casinos are illegal
              This world doesn't need wing,so friendly for newbie player
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                "GRUMPYGROWCH" by Sweaz
                IGN: Sweaz
                World: GRUMPYGROWCH
                The player is tasked to deliver winter gifts to Growch to make him happy. In the world, there are various locations to visit and explore. The player just has to accomplish the task to make Growch happy or else he will be sad for the holidays. Share the love everyone!
                Throughout the world, you will find doors linked to another world that corresponds to a room. I created this world, along with some friends, to give players the joy of exploring and entering rooms directing to another world as well as some slight parkour. Winterfest is fun in Growtopia and I hope players will appreciate the build themed world. We also included as much items/blocks from Winterfest so players can mesmerize the beauty of the game.

                Note: The linked world of the rooms is GRUMPYGROWCH2
                Special thanks:
                Thanks to MimosaVermillion and MxrkYT for providing me materials and helping me build the world.
                Pixel arts inspired from Grow Wiki fandom page
                Thanks to the people in the Official Growtopia Discord Server
                Thanks so much for those who inspired me to build the world
                World Contains:
                Punch and Zombie jammers
                Snowy/Snowy night weather-machine
                Fire House
                Security Camera
                Winterfest themed items/blocks
                Credits board
                Parkour (easy)
                Story and narration
                Pixel art (Growch)
                (some blocks are not rendered in sadly)
                Click image for larger version

Name:	Screen Shot 2020-12-25 at 4.23.55 PM.png
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Size:	1.79 MB
ID:	6977195

                Linked world:
                Click image for larger version

Name:	Screen Shot 2020-12-25 at 4.24.07 PM.png
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Size:	2.06 MB
ID:	6977196


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                  "HARVESTDISASTER" by Sweaz
                  IGN: Sweaz
                  World: HARVESTDISASTER
                  YOU are placed in the shoes of a child chasing a naughty dog, which appears to have snatched your moon cake! Tomorrow is Harvest Festival and you won’t have your moon cake to celebrate with. ​ BUT don’t be sad, throughout the world, information about the event is scattered in signs with visuals. So you now won’t get bored chasing that dog of yours. Speaking of that, go now before your dog runs far!
                  Throughout the world, you will find various tips and information about the event Harvest Festival. I created this world, along with some friends, to provide new and old players with information facts about the event. The event is right around the corner and I hope that this world gets showcased!
                  Special thanks:
                  Thanks to 4pounds and MxrkYT for providing me materials and helping me build the world.
                  Pixel arts inspired from Grow Wiki fandom page
                  Musical Gong pixel art: credits to beware666, owner of MUSICALGONG (has a door leading to the world)
                  Lanterns pixel arts: credits to Smirky, owner of LADAKHFESTIVAL (has a door leading to the world)
                  Thanks to some special friends for giving some fun facts on Harvest Festival
                  Thanks so much for those who inspired me to build the world
                  World Contains:
                  Punch and Zombie jammers
                  Night weather-machine
                  Fire House
                  Security Camera
                  Autumn-themed event / Harvest Festival items
                  Credits board with linked doors
                  Parkour (easy)
                  Story and narration
                  Painted blocks
                  Pixel arts (Harmony mooncake, sky lantern, musical gong)
                  Signs filled with information about Harvest Festival
                  (some blocks are not rendered in sadly)
                  Click image for larger version

Name:	Screen Shot 2021-01-01 at 1.29.01 PM.png
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Size:	1.81 MB
ID:	6977201


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                    Click image for larger version

Name:	winteroftime.png
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Size:	934.0 KB
ID:	6977204 ​​​​​Hey! It's iGhostRiderz and I'm submitting my world for WOTD!

                    World Name: WinterOfTIme
                    IGN: iGhostRiderz

                    World Description: Jump into the adventure while running from the evil snowman guardian! Be fast to complete the mountain parkour to reach the final totem and defeat the guardian! You'll have to avoid the slippery blocks and falling icicles while grabbing adventure items to complete this intricate quest!

                    World includes:
                    • An intuitive Wintertime storyline
                    • Celestial Dragon Charm pixel art
                    • Medium level parkour
                    • P&Z jammers
                    • Snowy Night Weather machine
                    • Fun and intuitive adventure-items system


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                      "MYSTICALMOONS" for WOTD
                      WORLD NAME: MYSTICALMOONS
                      GROW ID: Sweaz
                      "This story world represents a crew in a voyage in search of a hidden artifact. The player must overcome obstacles and puzzles to find the hidden artifact. The artifact's purpose is mainly to teleport the player to the mystical moon. The mystical moon only appears once a while, so getting to it is a dream come true for the player.
                      Other Info
                      This story-parkour world is engaging and is story-driven. This also teaches players how to use adventure items. This world utilizes a sun gate puzzle and other adventure problems.
                      World Specs
                      Punch and Zombie jammers
                      Fire House
                      Adventure Items
                      Undersea and Castle items
                      Dimension blocks
                      Parkour (easy)
                      Guild blocks
                      Weather Machine - Stargazing
                      Special thanks to @MimosaVermillion and @MxrkYT

                      Click image for larger version

Name:	Screen Shot 2021-01-01 at 1.38.33 PM.png
Views:	1340
Size:	1.73 MB
ID:	6977206


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                        HONEYRACING by bear9

                        Have you ever been into bee's beehive?
                        if no, there is your chance to taste climby/jumping blocks with a huge amount of nectar around.
                        You will find 3 bees flying through their hive, listen to such incredible song that will steal your soul into the wonderful music-land
                        After you can race with your friends, find the fastest honey lover or try the Challenge timer and win some chocolate bars, Good luck everyone!
                        Click image for larger version

Name:	honeyracing (13).png
Views:	1231
Size:	884.9 KB
ID:	6977208

                        World has:
                        P/Z jammers
                        Vip area
                        Wonderful song
                        Race stuff start/end flags.
                        Weather machine - background
                        Challenge timer and timer features
                        3bees flying through their hive
                        Credits board and recordings board

                        Thx everyone, hope I win


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                          World Name: LOSTCODE
                          Grow ID: GrowSweg

                          Re-nominating LOSTCODE for WOTD
                          Description/Summary: Lostcode is about a Growtopian trying to find a lost code to get out of a nightmare he's trapped in.

                          World Includes:
                          • Required Jammers
                          • Ghost charm
                          • Parkour
                          • Adventure items
                          • Password/code
                          • Pixel Art (Key, Lock, Words)
                          • VIP
                          • Credit Board
                          • Interesting Storyline
                          Render Link:
                          Click image for larger version  Name:	lostcode.png Views:	0 Size:	976.3 KB ID:	6977233

                          Level: 91


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                            CandyWinterLand by Invsibility

                            " A sweet chilly world. The festive breeze, what are you waiting for "

                            A dark snowy night, you promised to someone you would be there. A few more steps before you can reach your goal.. Can you succeed in fulfilling your promised?

                            World has:
                            Credit Board - With links ofc
                            Sweet Story
                            Jammers, Fire House, Ghost Charm,
                            Snowy Night Weather Mahine
                            Winner's Island
                            Alot of manuvers
                            ​​​​​​Candy Theme World
                            Click image for larger version

Name:	candywinterland.png?=9048071.png
Views:	1220
Size:	927.8 KB
ID:	6977245 Some of the new blocks are disco balls:

                            FieryTruth By Invsibility

                            Behind the story of the onslaught of innocents lives, there was one witness who saw everything. But until he got deeper and deeper within his research. His prying enemies saw the danger and he was caught and now nobody gonna know what happen on that day. And that's how you come in, you'll journeyed into the nether because the note said. There you unravel stuff that person who was investigating... Will you be able to complete his road?

                            World has:
                            P/Z Jammers, Ghost Charm, Firehouse
                            Winner's area
                            Weather Machine - Heatwave
                            Click image for larger version

Name:	fierytruth.png?=1025216.png
Views:	1271
Size:	1.19 MB
ID:	6977246 ​​​​​​
                            Originally posted by Yasuo
                            Originally posted by AlsoYasuo


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                              Hello, I would like to nominate my newest world called "GLOOMYCLIFFS" for the World of the Day! I'm sure you will love it.


                              Welcome young traveller to GLOOMYCLIFFS, a place where mysteries really occur and which have caused a lot of intrigue between its citizens. However, let me introduce you first into the city's story and its people. It all started in 1942 when the first settlers came to conquer America. During their journey, they found various extravagant places. That's when they got to know this valley till we know until today and where dreams, learnings and expiriences arrive everyday since because of all the mysteries our ancesters have had to deal with. This city is famous for its mine which provide special minerals. However, lately we have had some problems and we need your help. Would you be able to save this valley?

                              Throughout the world, the character will investigate and search for the problem that has caused harm to the town. As well, he will meet new places and the people of the town which will lead him to know what's the problem.

                              World Futures:
                              • Fire House
                              • Zombie and Punch Jammers
                              • Ghost Charm
                              • Autumn Weather
                              • Puzzles
                              • Parkour
                              • Caves

                              As well, this world includes some new and inovative concepts which are:
                              • Shadowed Painted Trees
                              • Shadowed Painted Train
                              • All the buildings include shadows and a 3D perspective
                              • New blocks mixtures for a desert world by using glue and paint

                              Note: I used Space Junk Dirt, but it hasn't been added to the render system yet. Be sure to check it in game!

                              IGN: Carbonide
                              Click image for larger version

Name:	gloomycliffs.png
Views:	776
Size:	697.1 KB
ID:	6977854
                              Last edited by Carbonide; 01-02-2021, 07:41 PM.


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                                GrowID: krtprml
                                World FELIZNAVIDIAMOND

                                A Snow guardian has taken away a mystical artifact called the Feliz Navidiamond, which allows Santa to slow down time as he delivers gifts to get it back he needs your help before christmas is over.

                                Disclaimer: Xenonite has been locked so I use diemnsional block instead, it's still noob friendly.

                                Punch and Zombie Jammer
                                Ghost charm
                                Pineapple Guardian
                                Snowy Night Weather machine
                                Hard Parkour
                                Adventure items
                                Story dialogues


                                Click image for larger version

Name:	a81b57c73bc9d41d521c18127f3165ca.png
Views:	765
Size:	538.1 KB
ID:	6977275

                                Click image for larger version

Name:	feliznavidiamond.png
Views:	827
Size:	1.09 MB
ID:	6977274