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Nominate Your World for WOTD Here! (January - March 2021 Cycle)

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  • (All worlds below have been tested via multiple events and finishers. Thank you for reading!)

    World Name: AIRANCIENT
    GrowID: STYX

    AIRANCIENT is a timing-based parkour and race!
    This world is part of a future ten-world-long adventure!

    The world includes:

    -Airship Finisher's Room
    -Custom music by Dynnie
    -Credits above the white door
    -Trickster, Cybot, & Deathwalls
    -Timing-based parkour mechanics
    -Punch, Ghost,& Zombie Jammer
    -Antigravity allows any player to finish

    World name: WATERANCIENT
    GrowID: STYX

    WATERANCIENT is a water-themed sandbox parkour that can be finished in any order!
    This world is part of a future ten-world-long adventure!

    The world includes:

    -Custom music by Dynnie
    -Megalodon Finisher's Room
    -Credits above the white door
    -Timing-based parkour mechanics
    -Punch, Ghost, and Zombie Jammer
    -Antigravity allows any player to finish

    World name: EARTHANCIENT
    GrowID: STYX

    EARTHANCIENT is a sandbox parkour world filled with riddles and dangers!
    This world is part of a future ten-world-long adventure!

    The world includes:

    -Story about a pyramid explorer
    -Sandbox-style parkour
    -Trickster, gravity wells, and waterfall-based challenges
    -Number Riddles and Adventure Items
    -Zombie, Punch, and Ghost Jammer
    -Custom music by Dynnie
    -Credits on the scroll near the white door

    World name: STYXCLINIC
    GrowID: STYX

    STYXCLINIC is a hospital world filled with various clinics!
    Fun medical information can also be found throughout the world!

    The world includes:
    -Facts about health and medicine
    -Varying clinics of different themes
    -A rooftop garden
    -Funny mannequin dialogues
    -Zombie,Punch, and Ghost Jammer
    -Credits on the board above the white door
    -Custom music by Dynnie

    Instagram: styxMD


    • World Name: LOSTCODE
      Grow ID: GrowSweg

      Nominating LOSTCODE for WOTD

      Description/Summary: Lostcode is about a Growtopian trying to find his way out to the lost code to get out of a nightmare he's trapped in. The nightmare the growtopian is living is of an catastrophic event consisting of a black hole swallowing everything possible in its way including the lightning bolts it brings with it.

      World Includes:
      • Required Jammers
      • Ghost charm
      • Parkour (Difficulty:Medium)
      • Adventure items
      • Password/code
      • Pixel Art (Key, Lock, Words)
      • VIP (Winners room)
      • Credit Board
      • Interesting Story (Different from description)
      Render Link:
      Render: Has bugs (white background under sequoia trees)
      Click image for larger version

Name:	2DEB0B8F-9A9A-4E8B-BCF1-D37CFB93A856.png
Views:	135
Size:	913.6 KB
ID:	6984576

      Level: 91


      • Click image for larger version

Name:	magicacademys.png
Views:	135
Size:	2.18 MB
ID:	6984618Nominating my world "MAGICACADEMYS" for WOTD
        GrowID : DaPpoL

        Quick description:
        You are a little wizard who has just entered a magic academy, you will be directed to become a strong Wizard, with that you must get a magic wand that is very strong on the top of the hill

        This World has :
        - Jammers
        - Vip Room
        - Adventure item
        - Credit Board
        - Trickster parkour under water
        - Using 2 Worlds


        • THYSEN for WOTD 🍃
          Click image for larger version

Name:	thysen.png
Views:	127
Size:	999.2 KB
ID:	6984623

          Long ago, a gate was created by the strongest wizards in the world. This gate was made accessible to anyone who seeks to travel back in time or in the future. As a lone kid, you wish to see you're family even if the odds are not on your favor.

          Take on this journey towards the mythical Thysen Gate in this forest! The thysen gate is being protected by a wizard, only those who have pure intentions can access the portal. Go and wish to see your family once again!

          World contains:
          *Creditory Board
          *Story Guides
          *Xenonite Crystal (Blocking: Double Jump and High Jump)
          *Punch Jammer, Zombie Jammer, Ghost Charm, and Fire House
          *Original wooden house structures
          *Tomb Robber (cleansing of adventure items)
          *Celestial Thysen Gate VIP/Finishers Area
          *Parkour Gameplay (Medium Difficulty)
          *Trade style gameplay (mini-stalls)
          *Interactive telephone gameplay
          *Slippery Pole Gameplay
          *One riddle
          *Original life quotes
          *Proper terrain blending
          *Usage of prehistoric blocks
          *Usage of cyboys
          *Usage of adventure items
          *Usage of clash blocks
          *Weather Machine - Comet
          A demon never hides - therefore lurking in the beneath of the abyss, now bow down you puny little mortals!

          IGN: Zytran
          World: ZYTRAN
          Instagram: @zytran_gt


          • 'VORT' for WOTD
            by LEFU

            I sailed through the sea, hands poised on my telescope and back coiled like a spring. "Avast Ye! " The Lunar New year has begun. The blaring sound coming from the General Alarm has started to circumscribe. I launched myself forward, trying to lay my feet on The Mystical Island of Vort.

            The world contains:

            - Basic Jammers (Punch, Zombie, Firehouse, Ghost charm)
            - Xenonite
            - Creditory board
            - Medium Parkour
            - Puzzle and Riddles
            - Life Quotes
            - Autumn weather machine
            - Usage of adventure items
            - Obelisks and Sungate Mechanics
            - Usage of Clash blocks
            - Unique Story and Biography
            - Vip area
            - Easter Egg prizes

            Thankyou everyone for reading !

            Attached Files
            Last edited by LEFU; 01-14-2021, 02:57 PM. Reason: I edited this because I added xenonite which was untrade before I posted this. This is my latest render


            • Nominating THEMONEYHEISTS for WOTD.

              World name:
              GrowID: shstoke
              World is inspired by “Money heist” series.

              A group of thieves are planning a heist on a bank, but for the heist to be successful and for them to be able to break through the safe box, they must go in a mission to collect the secret letters needed to encrypt the safe box. In order for the mission to be successful, they will go through 10 chambers of varying difficulty, those chambers might contain ONE or TWO secret letters. After the thieves encrypt the passcode, they will be able to access the safe box and steal the fortune. Do you think they will be able to pass through all the challenges that awaits them?

              The world has all the necessary jammers:
              • Punch & zombie jammers.
              • Pineapple guardian.
              • Minimod.
              • Ghost charm.
              • Firehouse.
              • Credits board.

              World info:
              • 10 parkour chambers, with varying difficulty.
              • Bulletin boards to guide, and interact with the player.
              • Use of adventure items.
              • Interactive parkour & story.
              • Use of clash blocks.
              • Original song (Bella Ciao).
              • The world involves looking around the chambers to search for passwords.
              • VIP room.
              • Different parkour environments.
              • Mini race.
              • Pixel art, and parkour inside it.

              Credits: Pawggers, Sinister, and Skeptra.

              Click image for larger version  Name:	themoneyheists.png Views:	0 Size:	837.6 KB ID:	6984646


              "If you're eating chocolate, then chocolate is eating you."


                by REDAC

                -Different level of parkour (Easy-medium)
                -Basic jammers
                -Pine Guardian
                -Linked world
                -Howlers and tricksters

                *Both world supposed to be using Xenonite (2 xenonites are ready to put after unlocked)
                **Parkour has been nerfed

                It all started last year, exactly on February of 2020 when Winter was almost over. But I still got some bucket or "to do" list which was visiting the Switzerland. During the Winter, I travelled to the Alps all by myself because my friends couldn't make it due to their jobs. On the way there, we stopped in a valley called as Engadin Valley, the train that I took had to do an emergency stop because there was a huge chunk of ice blocking the railway. The locomotives decided to move the train backwards back to the station, so the trip must be delayed until they could move or break the huge chunk of ice. But I insisted and decided to hop out of the train and started exploring the Alps on my own. Fortunately, the distance between the station and my location was just 10 miles. This was the most reckless thing I've ever done in my life. And more recklessly, I explored the Alps for 3 days straight until the train was able to pick me up.
                Attached Files


                • World : Reveriejump
                  Grow id : Jevl

                  - Credits / Story Board
                  - Jammers (Punch,zombie,ghost charm,fire house)
                  - PARTY &ANNİVERSERY THEME
                  - Weather Machine Party
                  -Winner Room
                  -Adventure Items
                  -Easy Riddle

                  Story :
                  You fall asleep in your warm
                  bed and suddenly find yourself following your
                  dreams in reveriejump

                  Render :

                  Click image for larger version

Name:	IMG_20210109_102707_472.jpg
Views:	301
Size:	296.6 KB
ID:	6984666


                  • Hello, I am Carbonide and I would like to nominate my newest world "GLOOMYCLIFFS" for the World of the Day. I'm sure you will love it!


                    Welcome young traveller to GLOOMYCLIFFS, a place where mysteries really occur and which have caused a lot of intrigue between its citizens. However, let me introduce you first into the city's story and its people. It all started in 1942 when the first settlers came to conquer America. During their journey, they found various extravagant places. That's when they got to know this valley till we know until today and where dreams, learnings and expiriences arrive everyday since because of all the mysteries our ancesters have had to deal with. This city is famous for its mine which provide special minerals. However, lately we have had some problems and we need your help. Would you be able to save this valley?

                    Throughout the world, the character will investigate and search for the problem that has caused harm to the town. As well, he will meet new places and the people of the town which will lead him to know what's the problem.

                    World Futures:
                    • Fire House
                    • Zombie and Punch Jammers
                    • Ghost Charm
                    • Autumn Weather
                    • Puzzles
                    • Parkour
                    • Caves

                    As well, this world includes some new and inovative concepts which are:
                    • Shadowed Painted Trees
                    • Shadowed Painted Train
                    • All the buildings include shadows and a 3D perspective
                    • New blocks mixtures for a desert world by using glue and paint

                    Note: I used Space Junk Dirt, but it hasn't been added to the render system yet. Be sure to check it in game!

                    IGN: Carbonide

                    Click image for larger version

Name:	gloomycliffs.png
Views:	123
Size:	697.1 KB
ID:	6984677


                    • GrowID: givors
                      World: GIVORS

                      Main World
                      Click image for larger version  Name:	givors.png Views:	0 Size:	402.2 KB ID:	6984681

                      Connected World
                      Click image for larger version  Name:	krampusfolklore.png Views:	0 Size:	840.2 KB ID:	6984682

                      Tells about a child who wakes up from his sleep because there is a sound in his living room. He also approached his Christmas tree, very surprised when he saw a present under the Christmas tree. But it was not only that, besides the gift there was a letter written from Santa. It turns out that the letter contains a mission to help Santa because there is a problem, what is it? Let's find out..

                      World contains:
                      •Friendly Parkour
                      •Adventure items
                      •Punch & Zombie Jammer
                      •Guardian Pineapple
                      •Ghost Charm
                      •Mini Mod
                      •Some Cybots
                      •Connected World
                      •Credit's board
                      Last edited by Alfadh; 01-14-2021, 07:47 AM. Reason: Add Xenonite


                      • Hello, I’m Carbonide and I would like to nominate my main world “CARBO” for the World of the Day. You will loveit!

                        Hello, Welcome to CARBO! This is my main world. Here you will be able to find different kind of activities, information and you will be able to spawn through different places! Here’s a list of what are you able to do here!


                        You will find here a parkour, a password door game and a PVP! (You can also punch the Obelisks to enter to a VIP area)


                        You will be able to find a WOTD Room. Their you can learn “How do you post a WOTD” and some building tips. You can also find my main goals in Growtopia and learn if they have been COMPLETED or UNCOMPLETED. Their is also a room with my most important achievements.

                        3.Spawn Area

                        You can go to A VIP Room and find an Easter Egg!

                        IGN: Carbonide
                        Click image for larger version

Name:	carbo.png
Views:	148
Size:	759.0 KB
ID:	6984691


                        • GrowID: Corpson
                          World Name: VOLCANOISLAND

                          - Punch, Zombie, Firehouse & Ghost Charm jammers
                          - Use of Adventure items
                          - Continued storyline throughout the map
                          - Credits (above the white door)

                          You're caught on a volcanic island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, when a presumably dead volcano suddenly erupts. You're reminded of an old tale of a tomb located deep within the underground of the island, which has the power to withstand specifically such trials. Your objective is to reach this tomb by venturing through the dark depths of Arlor, where you'll encounter ancient builds and mythic creatures that are designed to prevent you from reaching your destination.

                          This world contains new-player-friendly levels, and has been tested several times on an account without Air Robinsons, Wings, Jetpack, Parasol etc.

                          Render of the world (with & without Epoch Weather Machine):
                          Click image for larger version

Name:	WOTD Attempt #1 - Including Epoch.png
Views:	154
Size:	1.08 MB
ID:	6984694
                          Click image for larger version

Name:	WOTD Attempt #1.png
Views:	136
Size:	1.03 MB
ID:	6984695


                          • THEMAGICLAMP for WOTD

                            GrowID: INSZ
                            World : THEMAGICLAMP


                            THEMAGICLAMP is an adventure world that inspired from Alladin, but it's not the same story of Alladin (I improved it). It's themed in Arab (Desert). This world tells you a story about a man named Aladeen that will change his life after he accepting a mission from Sultan (King)​. The mission is exchange a golden idol for magic pineapple from Genie. But not that easy because he has to face so many obstacles that appear in the Cave of Wonders. The most dangerous cave in Arab. Actually Aladeen already know about it. But he thinks that carrying out this mission is a honor for him. So without any reconsideration he approve the mission.

                            World contains:

                            -Story and a simple Monologue
                            -Credit and Special Thanks Board
                            -1001 Nights TaleCastle Design
                            -Pixel Art: Lamp from Alladin Movie
                            -Anubis pixel art
                            -Adventure parkour and Trickster maze
                            -Punch and Zombie Jammer
                            -Ghost Charm
                            -Weather machine~Comet
                            -Xenonite Crystal


                            ​​​​​​Click image for larger version

Name:	themagiclamp.png
Views:	139
Size:	548.9 KB
ID:	6984709


                            • Nominating PERPLEXER for WOTD.
                              A lost mind searches for the treasure of his great grandfather. The story begins thirty years after he first started digging for the treasure. He had dedicated the rest of his life to finding the fortune that his grandfather left behind that he built a manor on the caverns he had dug. Blinded by his avarice, he spirals into madness and fails to escape his mind that has been perplexed into an abyss of insanity.

                              World includes:
                              Basic jammers
                              Xenonite Crystal for gameplay
                              Unique goblet parkour
                              Use of adventure items
                              Easy/Medium puzzles and riddles
                              Bonus riddle at the end for the worthy

                              Side note: The render is different to the actual world because of the render glitch. The Disco Balls are supposed to be Diamond Fiesta Blocks.
                              Attached Files


                              • A different kind of virus, the

                                IGN: Jyhnxx

                                Click image for larger version  Name:	MMLogo1.png Views:	54 Size:	115.2 KB ID:	6910598

                                Inspiration for the image above from Electrolava9's WOTD submissions.prior to this thread.

                                MaliciousMalware is a parkour world themed around malware infections on computers. The world contains parkour of medium to hard difficulty and contains a good amount of checkpoints so hard parts of the parkour don't need to be repeated too many times. So.. hop on the code and see where it takes you!

                                World Features:
                                -Tips on how to keep your device safe from malwares.
                                -Noob Friendly, does not require anything to beat.
                                -Basic Jammers, Ghost Charm and Firehouse.
                                -Credit Board.

                                The render of the world itself does not look that great partly due to the fact that cave backgrounds don't work in the render. That's why I have two renders, one of the world normally and one modified render to look like it would in-game.

                                Modified render:

                                Click image for larger version  Name:	maliciousmalware2.png Views:	317 Size:	303.0 KB ID:	6933726​​

                                Normal render:
                                Click image for larger version  Name:	maliciousmalware1.png Views:	323 Size:	330.5 KB ID:	6933727