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Nominate Your World for WOTD Here! (January - March 2021 Cycle)

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    GrowID: Luxinia

    The world is about an infamous gang who got caught and ended up in the maximum security prison. But one day due to unknown cause of structures collapsing, some members died and some escaped. You will act as one of the member who will priority on saving the Gang Leader from execution. Will you able to save your leader?

    The World Features:

    Basic Jammers.
    Difficult Parkour.
    Mystery Doors which is confusing.
    Xenonite to block double jump.
    Ideal Prison Design.
    Click image for larger version

Name:	IMG_20210114_165624_530.jpg
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ID:	6984755


    • IGN: CaptainStanford
      World name : CANDYDERBY


      built : CaptainStanford & Snowflakedreamz
      Inspiration : Art from discord bot and track from GGRWOCH
      tester : Thanks to tester WhiteBolts also people who enjoyed the race

      World Features

      - Full of track
      - Basic Jammer with Xenonite to make it Frendly
      - Candy cane Art
      - Vip spot
      - Best time Board/public board/comment board

      Attached Files

      Old Render


      • Hi, I'm nominating SUNSAVIOR for WOTD.
        GrowID: zupsik

        Storyline: The Black Hole is getting stronger and stronger every day until it will swallow the whole World and YOU need to be the one who will Stop it Forever! You need to take on a dangerous journey and defeat the Black Hole by activating and entering the Sun Gate! The future of the World is in YOUR hands! You're the SUN SAVIOR!

        Features of the World:
        - Punch Jammer and Zombie Jammer
        - Firehouse
        - Ghost Charm
        - Jungle Weather
        - Creditory Board
        - Sungate and Obelisks
        - Adventure items
        - Awesome and Beginner friendly parkour that doesn't require Air Robinsons nor Wings
        - Unique Story
        - Detailed Builds

        NOTE: The Startopia 2.0 Blocks don't load on renders (bottom left cave part)

        World render:
        Attached Files
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        • Latest Update: January 9th 2021
          - Redesigned spawn, updated story, added more story.

          ​​ ​ Click image for larger version  Name:	suffer logo.png Views:	0 Size:	215.3 KB ID:	6943626​​​​​
          World: SUFFER
          Owner/GrowID: Dynnie
          Admin: Mistrella (helped plan and build the world)

          SUFFER is a hell-themed parkour world built by Dyn and Mistie. The parkour is challenging, but maintains a fair balance where the difficulty increases as you go further. A xenonite crystal ensures that everybody has an equal chance, and also helps to create a unique no-mods parkour. The world also takes advantage of the reduced hitbox on portals to create unique jumps. Each level has been tested and is 100% possible, though it will take multiple attempts to get through.

          You have been banished to this hellish realm and are stuck here to suffer for eternity... You are offered a chance for freedom, however it will not come easy. You will need to pass the oppressive Trials of Suffering, made up of the Serpent's Trial and the Trial of Greed. Many will fail and give up in their endeavours, but those who perservere 'til the end will be granted freedom. Will you be one of the lucky few, or will your suffering truly be eternal?

          - Hellish theme
          - Blood-red heatwave weather, adding to the spookiness
          - A storyline with a grim conclusion
          - A challenging parkour
          - Xenonite Crystal, all parkour powers are blocked
          - Punch/Zombie Jammers and a Firehouse


          hi I'm dyn and I love mistie 💘
          IGN: Dynnie
          Discord: Dynnie#3475

          Avatar by the most wonderful Mistie, thank you so much! ❤️


            A unique game world that has 2 teams and requires 2 play-styles to win.

            Fight: Defeat enemies! Every kill is worth 2 points, a total of 20 kills (40 points) are needed to win!

            Break: Too aggressive? Break their temple's game block for 40 points, an instant win.

            Every game lasts only 5 Minutes. In the case of both teams not breaking the Game Block in time, the team with the most kills will be declared the winner!

            Each team has 1 temple, and inside that temple will be the game block. On the battlefield there will be a Tomb Robber, this tomb robber requires two adventure items for the key to the shortcut. These two adventure items are located at each team's temple and once the items are given to the tomb robber the gate in the middle will open. This is a huge advantage to players who want to break their enemies' game blocks.

            Game Areas
            Battlefield: This area is where players spawn, their enemies will be the opposite of them. To enter their temple to break their game block, a player has to go across the battlefield and find their enemy's spawn which has a door that leads to the temple.

            Temples: This area is where both team's temples are located, a huge wall divides both teams, but if you give the tomb robber the adventure items it requires the area is unlocked for direct entry to the enemy, leading to an easier win!
            Game rules
            Double Jump, Long Punch, and High Jump are enabled for everyone Speedy is blocked.
            - This is to ensure that even new players have fair play against people with extra gear!

            * Player kills take 2 hits
            * Game Block requires 30 punches, game block resets after a period of time

            World Information - Jammers and Miscellaneous
            ~Punch and Zombie Jammers
            ~Xenonite for fair play
            ~Spring + Autumn weather cycle
            ~Unique game mechanics with two ways to win

            World Render

            Click image for larger version

Name:	fruityharvests.png
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Size:	533.0 KB
ID:	6984898

            World Updates - 8/1/2021
            Gathered feedback and made some changes to the world,

            - Changed game time from 3 minutes to 5 minutes.
            This was done to ensure the game lasts longer for teams to break the blocks or gather more kills.

            -Two new lobbies.
            * Due to the extended game time, the world now has a Hangout Lobby for players to wait in before the next game starts

            * We also have added a new interlinked world that states the rules, and the storyline for the game world. I noticed that players didn't have enough time to read the rules before the game started so I created a new link for players to read about the rules and not get confused while in a match.

            Click image for larger version

Name:	fruityrules.png
Views:	122
Size:	369.3 KB
ID:	6984897

            Additional Information for Play Testers

            The world is best tested with a friend or more, you'll have a better experience with 2 players+ playings in the world! This game is not meant to be for solo play!

            Thank you, and all the best to other applicants
            Graphic Designer

            Discord: GENSEAF#1544
            Portfolio (Instagram): @seafxiv
            I can give tips for designing if you like, just contact me. (And when I have time)
            Software used: Adobe Photoshop CC, Adobe Illustrator CC


            • Nominating THEWINTERLANDSTORY for WOTD.

              World name: THEWINTERLANDSTORY
              GrowID: Climper

              Story: You're an adventurer traveling through a snowy and harsh terrain seeking to chart the area. While you're trying to do that, you face multiple obstacles on your way, which you have to clear through.

              World includes:
              • A cool story
              • Adventure items
              • Cybots
              • Parkour
              • A small riddle
              • Punch & Zombie Jammer
              • Guardian Pineapple
              • Xenonite Crystal
              • Credits

              Click image for larger version

Name:	wotd.png
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Size:	348.7 KB
ID:	6984902​​​​​​​


              • Nominating TEMPLEOFCERBERUS for WOTD!

                GrowID: CLOUT
                World: TEMPLEOFCERBERUS
                Click image for larger version  Name:	templeofcerberus (1).png Views:	0 Size:	2.07 MB ID:	6984934STORY:
                One day theres a traveler who received a letter from an unknown person. The letter is about an invitation to a place called the temple of Cerberus. This caught the traveler's interest, and then the traveler made up his mind to go on an adventure in the Temple of Cerberus.

                World includes:

                -Zombie jammer, Punch jammer, Ghost charm, Fire house, Weather machine - Heatwave
                -Story and credit boards
                -Funny story and conversations with mannequins
                -Original story and Character Development
                -Fun parkour & new mechanics
                -Semi-Easy parkour for new players
                -Mazes & Short Interactive Quiz
                -Adventure items
                -VIP room for those who have finished the world.
                World made for people to have fun and reading stories with joy and laughter!


                -KyoC for funding the world and giving me advices, feedback and changed some part of the world so that it would look better
                -PHAETHON for inspiring me to make the world
                -KangenMel for testing the parkour to make sure there's no error so that the others can play the world without any problems
                -CLOUT for building the world alongside KyoC, Original art!!!


                • RIFT LEAPER
                  GrowID: Rovie

                  Click image for larger version  Name:	riftleaper.png Views:	0 Size:	915.6 KB ID:	6984974



                  This adventure is best played with sound on. It's interlinked to THERIFTSCAPE and THERIFTSCAPE2, which are used for storytelling. A Xenonite Crystal is placed for fair gameplay for all.
                  IGN: Rovie
                  Discord: rovvvie#4588

                  Rovie's Services here


                  • Nominating GAIAFLOWER For WOTD!

                    World: GAIAFLOWER
                    GrowID: KDMM

                    Story: The Flower Of Gaia was a gift created from god, it sheds light onto earth and would bloom to give knowledge to all of the creatures that would inhabit this world. These new creatures would become what we consider as “Growtopians”, they’ll come to the Flower Of Gaia to seek knowledge and enlightenment.

                    Description: The world is an information world that teaches new players about the game giving them an easy head start. It discusses investing, safety, occupations, rules, miscellaneous, profiting, and interesting information!

                    Design: The design is of a red daisy in the middle of nowhere in an empty world filled with dirt and spikes. This daisy contains information that even the wisest doesn’t know!

                    Why Should I Win WOTD? Well, I want to create publicity for this topic to help new players learn about the game. Because when I started no one taught me how to profit, how to invest, or even how to stay safe. This would be a great way to get the attention of new players and to surely help them succeed. Another reason is because of the idea that I’m being unique, I’m being creative and trying to be flexible. My world isn’t like the rest, parkour, parkour, and parkour. Cmon let us change it up a bit. Let's Learn!! Plus Points: - My world teaches new players about old/new mechanics to help new players. - My world is unique in the way that the guides/information are blended into the environment. - My world even provides links to other educational worlds, it credits people that helped, and it credits sources.

                    This World Includes: - Beginner guides - Tips and Tricks - Educational Worlds - Profit guides - Investment guides - Occupation guides - Security/Safety guides - Settings/Function guides - World Building guides - Do’s and Don’t guides - Interesting Information - Miscellaneous - Background research - Punch Jammer and Zombie Jammer - Weather - Pixel Art - Jungle Theme - Credits

                    Click image for larger version

Name:	gaiaflower (3).png
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Size:	873.3 KB
ID:	6985039


                    • Renominating GROWTOPIAORIGIN
                      for WOTD.

                      World Name
                      You are an explorer going for a holiday trip but the plane crashes. You are the only survivor and you are looking for a shelter. You found a cave and discovered the temple of Growtopia...
                      Necessary Items
                      Punch Jammer
                      Zombie Jammer
                      Ghost Charm
                      Story Board
                      Credits Board
                      World Features
                      Forest Theme
                      Simple parkour
                      Ancient temple
                      Realistic lighting
                      Trickster parkour
                      Use of adventure items
                      Underground waterfall
                      Underground river
                      Easter eggs
                      Two different endings depends
                      on which way you go
                      Signs with origin of Growtopia
                      Also has Growtopia Update histories
                      and fun facts
                      (I edited and rewritten the signs)
                      Hope you like it, and have fun!

                      Latest world render
                      Click image for larger version

Name:	growtopiaorigin.png
Views:	146
Size:	2.20 MB
ID:	6985062


                      • GROWID: Messier32
                        World: DaybeforeXmas

                        Is it too late to nominate because my theme is for christmas, but idk. I'm sparing my chance to win the WOTD!

                        I would like to represent the world.

                        Renderworld:Click image for larger version

Name:	daybeforexmas (1).png
Views:	143
Size:	1.29 MB
ID:	6985137

                        World is all about santa's needing your help to make the christmas fun again by giving gifts to growtopians, but he's in a hurry coz it's christmas eve.

                        World contains:
                        Credit board near the door.
                        Night snowy ( I didn't include it while rendering world, but you can see it if you somehow visit it.)
                        P and Z Jammer
                        Dimension blocks
                        Shockbots, shooterbots, spikebots (maximizing to 10 bots at world) and some tricksters to maximize the fun of world.

                        World advantages:
                        Xenonite - Equal powers to all and maximize the fun of world.
                        Newbie friendly - I make sure the world is noob friendly and even a new growtopians can finish it.
                        Challenging parkour world for growtopians.

                        I'll be honest. I manage to somehow copy some part at Blarney, I forgot what number is it. Were you have to use mushroom and maximize the jump to reach the destination. I love that part from blarney so I copied it and it's quite enjoyable and challenging at the same time.

                        After you finish the world, it has alternate world for you to hangout, I even put a small prize to that world, so if you manage to find what needs to be done, you'll be getting those.

                        World contains:
                        Song - We wish you a Merry Christmas
                        Weather machine - Snowy

                        Hangout world:Click image for larger version

Name:	daybeforexmas2 (2).png
Views:	123
Size:	843.4 KB
ID:	6985138

                        I would like to say sorry if my world didn't reach the christmas event, but one thing i'm sure that I'll never regret building this world for you guys!


                        • CandyWinterLand by Invsibility

                          " A sweet chilly world. The festive breeze, what are you waiting for "

                          A dark snowy night, you promised to someone you would be there. A few more steps before you can reach your goal.. Can you succeed in fulfilling your promised?

                          World has:
                          Credit Board - With links ofc
                          Candy theme world
                          Necessary Jammers
                          Usage of adventure items
                          Winner's area

                          Click image for larger version  Name:	candywinterland.png?=3745606.png Views:	0 Size:	372.3 KB ID:	6985187
                          Some of the new blocks are disco balls:

                          FieryTruth By Invsibility

                          Behind the story of the onslaught of innocents lives, there was one witness who saw everything. But until he got deeper and deeper within his research. His prying enemies saw the danger and he was caught and now nobody gonna know what happen on that day. And that's how you come in, you'll journeyed into the nether because the note said. There you unravel stuff that person who was investigating... Will you be able to complete his road?

                          World has:
                          Necessary Jammers
                          Usage of adventure items
                          2nd world use

                          Click image for larger version  Name:	fierytruth.png?=2824874.png Views:	0 Size:	1.08 MB ID:	6985188
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                          Originally posted by Yasuo
                          Originally posted by AlsoYasuo


                          • Wherethedeadgoes for WOTD

                            Note: There is a glitch with the render and the Space Junk Background and Space junk Dirt for Hell is not appearing. The background for Hell is not white and is supposed to be space junk background.

                            GrowID: Xingys
                            World: Wherethedeadgoes

                            World Features:

                            -Basic Jammers
                            -Multiple Paths with 4 Different Endings
                            -Ghost charm
                            -Guardian Pineapple
                            -Stuff Weather machine
                            -Linked World (with Music in "Wherethedeadgoeslinks")
                            -Adventure Items
                            -Credits linked and Story
                            -Bots, Trickster, etc
                            -VIP Room

                            You died from an unknown accident. You wandered in the emptiness of the universe, a lost soul. You come across an unknown place greeted by a man who pitied you. He told you to choose your fate since you are now in the world of the dead (Purgatory). You can either choose Heaven or Hell. Along your way to your destination, you can change your fate with your unusual choices. It is now your choice to either try to atone for your sins or descend to the realm of the burning. Choose wisely....


                            • Re-Nominating THESTARSHIPAVALON for WOTD
                              Growid : GSouth
                              World : THESTARSHIPAVALON
                              Theme : Mechanic
                              Description: This world is inspired by the film entitled "Passengers"
                              Story: A starship named "The Starship Avalon" is transiting from earth to a new planet called "Homestead II". While on the way, there are several meteors ahead. What happened next? You will know if you go on adventures and read the story on bulletin board with patience
                              Features :
                              - Credit board next to white door
                              - Unique starship art
                              - Public board at the end story for who has complete the adventure
                              - Basic Jammer ( Punch, Zombie, Gcharm )
                              - Adventure & Adventure items
                              - Question at Password door
                              - Unique Stories on many Bulletin Board
                              - Black rocks in front of the shield are considered meteors
                              - Lava at the back are considered heat reactor
                              - Fire House
                              - Stargazing weather

                              Render World :
                              Click image for larger version  Name:	thestarshipavalon (3).png Views:	0 Size:	170.5 KB ID:	6985215


                              • Click image for larger version

Name:	learnpet-14.png
Views:	120
Size:	457.9 KB
ID:	6985217

                                Nominating my world for WOTD
                                World name: LearnPet
                                Grow ID: Player251

                                here is my world to teach you how to Pet Battle!

                                Learnpet is a Complex Information about Pet Battle world.
                                Now with Complete Information, and tons of false information from long ago has been Erased.

                                In this world you can learn everything about pet battle
                                Every single things! Start from making your battle pets until you fight for the Top in the Grand Tournament.

                                World Description:
                                • Basic Jammer (PZ).
                                • Ghost Charm.
                                • Night Weather Machine.
                                • Back to Nature themed world.
                                • Complete Information.
                                • Unique Designed world.
                                • Basic Information that easy to understand.
                                • Linked world ( because information cannot fit in a single world.

                                -Elevator that describe each information in different place
                                And what the map Called.
                                -Fair play, you dont need wings or any special effect.