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Nominate Your World for WOTD Here! (January - March 2021 Cycle)

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  • World: RESORT
    IGN: Teruhashi

    Description: A Resort Hotel is a full-service lodging facility, intended primarily for vacationers and usually located in places frequented for relaxation or recreation, such as beaches, seashores, scenic or historic areas, Adventure, pools, Etc.

    World consist:
    P & Z jammer
    Ghost charm
    Fun slide
    The song that is really fit for the world resort
    LifeGuard tower
    Cloud Dating spot
    Hotel room
    Swimming spot
    Cave experience
    Easy - normal - hard adventure
    Underground restaurant
    Swimming pool
    Social world
    Hangout world
    Complete Resort Set
    New Summer items such as life ring and bottles
    Click image for larger version

Name:	resort.png
Views:	154
Size:	837.8 KB
ID:	6986231
    IGN: Makarow & Zerefs ( Both are my account )
    LVL: 117
    HOURS PLAYED: 8000+Hours
    GUILD : Otaku

    GUILD WORLD : GuildParty

    1. Sponsor an Anime Items
    2. Get all Nami's Item
    3. To sleep 8 hours a day


      GrowID: Rovie

      Click image for larger version  Name:	riftleaper.png Views:	0 Size:	915.6 KB ID:	6984974



      This adventure is best played with sound on. It's interlinked to THERIFTSCAPE and THERIFTSCAPE2, which are used for storytelling. A Xenonite Crystal is placed for fair gameplay for all.
      IGN: Rovie
      Discord: rovvvie#4588

      Rovie's Services here


      • Nominating INPUSWORLD

        World name: INPUSWORLD
        Grow ID: INPU

        This world is an adventure world that is linked to ASCENSIONTRIALS. 2 worlds in 1 adventure. Story is about a young anubis (the player) who isn't a god yet. To reach godhood, he must pass the trials. After a little warm-up in INPUSWORLD, the player will be sent to the real challenge. To ASCENSIONTRIALS. The story will be told with bulletin boards and signs. The world also has fun facts about anubis.

        World has:

        •P&Z jammers
        •Guardian pineapple
        •Xenonite crystal
        •Weather machine - Heatwave
        •Linked world
        •Adventure gates and items
        •Sungate and obelisks
        •Credits board
        •VIP for the winners

        Linked world has:

        •P&Z jammers
        •Antigravity generator
        •Weather machine - Background
        • Story
        •Adventure gates and items
        •Steam puzzles

        Click image for larger version

Name:	inpusworld-3.png
Views:	121
Size:	1.08 MB
ID:	6986391

        Click image for larger version

Name:	ascensiontrials.png
Views:	112
Size:	408.3 KB
ID:	6986392
        pLz doNaTe


          Have you ever been into bee's beehive?
          if no, there is your chance to taste climby/jumping blocks with a huge amount of nectar around.
          You will find 3 bees flying through their hive, listen to such incredible song that will steal your soul into the wonderful musicland,
          Then you can race with your friends, find the fastest honey lover or try the Challenge timer and win some chocolate bars, Good luck everyone!
          Click image for larger version

Name:	honeyracing (15).png
Views:	112
Size:	288.4 KB
ID:	6986401
          World has:
          P/Z jammers
          Vip area
          Xenonite crystal
          Guardian pineapple
          Weather machine - background
          Wonderful song
          Challenge timer and timer features
          Start/end flags

          ​​​​​​World has:
          P/Z jammers
          Weather machine
          Adventure puzzles
          Password doors
          Linked parkour world
          Interesting facts about bears
          Click image for larger version

Name:	bearley (4).png
Views:	122
Size:	346.6 KB
ID:	6986400
          GrowID: bear9


          • World name: FUTUREMARIO,
            Growid: ELEKTRONI,

            The world name and Mystery Box are inspire from Super Mario games. This us a medium difficulty parkour with tons of unique mechanics. We took advantage of the tomb robber mechanics like never before. In total we used 33 Tomb Robbers. The world also features adventure items, cybots and Xenonite Crystal to block abilities like double & high jump.

            It is a new kind of parkour experience as mist people are used to the convenience of using double & high jump or speedy. We also made it possible with or without parasol, although it's much harder without it.

            This is our biggest project yet, taking over six months to build, sometimes more and sometimes less actively. We didn't want to rush it to make it as good as it can be.

            The world was built by ELEKTRONI. He built and decorated the world. He also came up with the mechanics. Most notable helpers were andq and Arago who helped with developing and mastering the mechanics. andq also did the texts in the world. Thanks to all world testers too. World builders: ELEKTRONI, andq & Arago

            -Basic jammers & other useful jammers to keep the world clean.
            -Xenonite crystal to limit abilities in the world.
            -Adventure Items
            -33 Tomb Robbers
            -Unique mechanics that you have to experience.
            -Over 160 different blocks.
            -Boss Fight level
            -VIP room for winners.
            -Secret Room
            -And a lot more that you have to experience yourself.
            Attached Files


            • Latest Update: January 9th 2021
              - Redesigned spawn, updated story, added more story.

              ​​ ​ Click image for larger version  Name:	suffer logo.png Views:	0 Size:	215.3 KB ID:	6943626​​​​​
              World: SUFFER
              Owner/GrowID: Dynnie
              Admin: Mistrella (helped plan and build the world)

              SUFFER is a hell-themed parkour world built by Dyn and Mistie. The parkour is challenging, but maintains a fair balance where the difficulty increases as you go further. A xenonite crystal ensures that everybody has an equal chance, and also helps to create a unique no-mods parkour. The world also takes advantage of the reduced hitbox on portals to create unique jumps. Each level has been tested and is 100% possible, though it will take multiple attempts to get through.

              You have been banished to this hellish realm and are stuck here to suffer for eternity... You are offered a chance for freedom, however it will not come easy. You will need to pass the oppressive Trials of Suffering, made up of the Serpent's Trial and the Trial of Greed. Many will fail and give up in their endeavours, but those who perservere 'til the end will be granted freedom. Will you be one of the lucky few, or will your suffering truly be eternal?

              - Hellish theme
              - Blood-red heatwave weather, adding to the spookiness
              - A storyline with a grim conclusion
              - A challenging parkour
              - Xenonite Crystal, all parkour powers are blocked
              - Punch/Zombie Jammers and a Firehouse


              hi I'm dyn and I love mistie 💘
              IGN: Dynnie
              Discord: Dynnie#3475

              Avatar by the most wonderful Mistie, thank you so much! ❤️


              • GrowID: Corpson
                World Name:


                - Punch, Zombie, Firehouse & Ghost Charm jammers
                - Use of Adventure items
                - Continued storyline throughout the map
                - Credits (above the white door)

                You're caught on a volcanic island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, when a presumably dead volcano suddenly erupts. You're reminded of an old tale of a tomb located deep within the underground of the island, which has the power to withstand specifically such trials. Your objective is to reach this tomb by venturing through the dark depths of Arlor, where you'll encounter ancient builds and mythic creatures that are designed to prevent you from reaching your destination.

                This world contains new-player-friendly levels, and has been tested several times on an account without Air Robinsons, Wings, Jetpack, Parasol etc.

                Render of the world (with & without Epoch Weather Machine):
                Click image for larger version

Name:	WOTD Attempt #1 - Including Epoch.png
Views:	173
Size:	1.08 MB
ID:	6986447

                Click image for larger version

Name:	WOTD Attempt #1.png
Views:	151
Size:	1.03 MB
ID:	6986448


                • Nominating EasternPier for WOTD GrowID: Dropped

                  Experience yourself in the story about a young fisherman wanting to become a samurai. Make your way through this beautiful pier all the way to the temple of the samurai.

                  This world has a:
                  Xenonite crystal,
                  A story,
                  Pineapple guardian,
                  Adventure items,
                  And many other things.

                  I’ve added a credit board which has been placed above the main door.
                  Click image for larger version

Name:	easternpier.png
Views:	166
Size:	422.6 KB
ID:	6986463


                  • World of the Day Entry!

                    World Name: Beethoven (Happy 250th Birthday, Beethoven!)
                    GrowID: Klavier

                    I will provide a brief description of the world and its purpose:

                    You've heard of musical showcases in Growtopia, but have you seen a world dedicated to classical music? For the past six months, our team has been working on BEETHOVEN so every Growtopian will have a chance to learn about the history of music. With epic music and a design by PHAETHON, we strove to create the best classical listening and learning experience with everyone.

                    Here is what the world has:
                    • Basic Jammers
                    • World items like Antigravity and Weather
                    • Trivia Door, with VIP entrance
                    • Links to 100+ classical pieces
                    • Information Boards for every composer
                    • Design by PHAETHON
                    Click image for larger version

Name:	beethoven.png
Views:	150
Size:	370.7 KB
ID:	6986471


                    • World Name: CODINGQUIZ

                      Creators: Link, Concertz, ItsMatts

                      - Basic Jammers for best player experience
                      - Interesting Pixel Art (doesn't render properly, idk why)
                      - Challenging Parkour
                      - Numerous Riddles (guaranteed a challenge for those who want!)

                      Apart from the traditional parkour WOTDs, this world combines the use of challenging parkour with riddles, to provide a thrilling experience to those puzzle loving folks out there! Only the tough can get through the mind boggling quest that lies in this world, so may the challenge begin to those who choose to finish this world.

                      So are you ready to face the Coding Quiz? Head on down today!
                      Attached Files
                      IGN: Link

                      Follow me: @_Link.GT


                      • FRUITYHARVESTS
                        A unique game world that has 2 teams and requires 2 play-styles to win.

                        Fight: Defeat enemies! Every kill is worth 2 points, a total of 20 kills (40 points) are needed to win!

                        Break: Too aggressive? Break their temple's game block for 40 points, an instant win.

                        Every game lasts only 5 Minutes. In the case of both teams not breaking the Game Block in time, the team with the most kills will be declared the winner!

                        Each team has 1 temple, and inside that temple will be the game block. On the battlefield there will be a Tomb Robber, this tomb robber requires two adventure items for the key to the shortcut. These two adventure items are located at each team's temple and once the items are given to the tomb robber the gate in the middle will open. This is a huge advantage to players who want to break their enemies' game blocks.

                        Game Areas
                        Battlefield: This area is where players spawn, their enemies will be the opposite of them. To enter their temple to break their game block, a player has to go across the battlefield and find their enemy's spawn which has a door that leads to the temple.

                        Temples: This area is where both team's temples are located, a huge wall divides both teams, but if you give the tomb robber the adventure items it requires the area is unlocked for direct entry to the enemy, leading to an easier win!
                        Game rules
                        Double Jump, Long Punch, and High Jump are enabled for everyone Speedy is blocked.
                        - This is to ensure that even new players have fair play against people with extra gear!

                        * Player kills take 2 hits
                        * Game Block requires 30 punches, game block resets after a period of time

                        World Information - Jammers and Miscellaneous
                        ~Punch and Zombie Jammers
                        ~Xenonite for fair play
                        ~Spring + Autumn weather cycle
                        ~Unique game mechanics with two ways to win

                        World Render
                        Click image for larger version

Name:	fruityharvests.png
Views:	132
Size:	533.0 KB
ID:	6986497

                        World Updates - 8/1/2021
                        Gathered feedback and made some changes to the world,

                        - Changed game time from 3 minutes to 5 minutes.
                        This was done to ensure the game lasts longer for teams to break the blocks or gather more kills.

                        -Two new lobbies.
                        * Due to the extended game time, the world now has a Hangout Lobby for players to wait in before the next game starts

                        * We also have added a new interlinked world that states the rules, and the storyline for the game world. I noticed that players didn't have enough time to read the rules before the game started so I created a new link for players to read about the rules and not get confused while in a match.

                        Click image for larger version

Name:	fruityrules.png
Views:	136
Size:	369.3 KB
ID:	6986496

                        Additional Information for Play Testers

                        The world is best tested with a friend or more, you'll have a better experience with 2 players+ playings in the world! This game is not meant to be for solo play!

                        Thank you, and all the best to other applicants
                        Graphic Designer

                        Discord: GENSEAF#1544
                        Portfolio (Instagram): @seafxiv
                        I can give tips for designing if you like, just contact me. (And when I have time)
                        Software used: Adobe Photoshop CC, Adobe Illustrator CC


                        • GROW ID: Wollf
                          World Name: DINE

                          DINE is world made for people to relax and, as its name suggests, dine with their friends and loved ones. In the beginning of the world, there is a maze that the player has to find his way through. Through the collection of adventure items and the usage of keen senses, the player can complete the maze to gain access to the beautiful ‘dining’ section of the world where he will come across even more challenges: In order to gain exclusive access to the world and VIP, the player needs to complete both the maze and the heart shaped parkours that follow it. The entire parkour and dining section is embedded with quotes that relate to love—quotes that will warm your heart and get you thinking on what really matters in our lives. The world is meant to be a source of enjoyment for those who visit it, and possibly make some new friends along the way.

                          Special Features:
                          - P/Z Jammed
                          - Original Pixel Art/Maze
                          - Song made by Wollf (FADED by Alan Walker)
                          - Original Story & Mechanics

                          I hope you like my world
                          Attached Files
                          2020 Goals:

                          ~ Level: 92/100
                          ~ Surgeon Role: 7/10
                          ~ WOTDS: 2/10

                          Follow my ig: @wollfgt


                          • World: SKIINGMOUNTAINS
                            GrowID: Cards

                            You are going to the skiing champions with your best friend to be his support there. Your friend is going to face off against the best skiers of Europe. Good food and a best community with you, although some guys like to play dirty games, can he handle it or have a hard fall?

                            - Story+ storyline (quest books)
                            - Credits board
                            - Adventure items
                            - Antigravity parkour
                            - Traps
                            - Unscrambling
                            - Winners place+ Feedback area
                            - Noob friendly (xeno)
                            - Basic jammers (P&Z,pine guard,ghost charm)


                            • IGN: CaptainStanford
                              World name : CANDYDERBY


                              Built : CaptainStanford & Snowflakedreamz
                              Inspiration : Candy art from discord bot and Track from GGRWOCH
                              Tester : Thanks to tester WhiteBolts and etc who enjoyed the race.

                              World Features

                              - Full of track
                              - Basic Jammer
                              - Candy Art + Candy track
                              - Vip + Public Board

                              Renderworld link



                              • DungeonDepths for WOTD
                                This is my first time trying for a WOTD. It took a while but was very fun to build none the less.

                                GrowID: xTekken
                                World Name: DUNGEONDEPTHS

                                Click image for larger version

Name:	dungeondepths.png
Views:	134
Size:	752.0 KB
ID:	6986550
                                A dungeon exploration short story, discover what lies inside as well as the backstory and real purpose of the dungeon. Parkour throughout different areas with numerous elements making for a challenging and intriguing adventure.

                                World Features:
                                - PZ Jammer
                                - Ghost Jammer
                                - Mini-mod
                                - Fireplace
                                - Painted Blocks
                                - Challenging Parkour
                                - Adventure Items
                                - Background Story
                                - Background Music
                                - Puzzles
                                - VIP Area