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Nominate Your World for WOTD Here! (January - March 2021 Cycle)

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    GrowID: Famia

    World includes:

    - Song: C471 - Sweden, (Minecraft theme)
    - Night Weather, PZ Jammers, Ghost Charm
    - Story themed adventure parkour
    - Puzzles with different stories
    - Clash Items
    - An are for winners
    - Possible to complete without wings
    - Adventure items
    - Enjoyable world (:


    You fell in a sleep and in order for it to end,
    and you to wake up, you have to figure out
    all puzzles and pass all challenges safe!
    Your heart will open the way from your sleep,
    follow where it leads you, and you'll wake up.

    Good luck everyone!

    Click image for larger version

Name:	thesleepofendless.png
Views:	106
Size:	644.5 KB
ID:	6987836


      Have you ever been into bee's beehive?
      if no, there is your chance to taste climby/jumping blocks with a huge amount of nectar around.
      You will find 3 bees flying through their hive, listen to such incredible song that will steal your soul into the wonderful musicland,
      Then you can race with your friends, find the fastest honey lover or try the Challenge timer and win some chocolate bars, Good luck everyone!
      Click image for larger version

Name:	honeyracing (15).png
Views:	91
Size:	288.4 KB
ID:	6987890
      World has:
      P/Z jammers
      Vip area
      Xenonite crystal
      Guardian pineapple
      Weather machine - background
      Wonderful song
      Challenge timer and timer features
      Start/end flags

      ​​​​​​World has:
      P/Z jammers
      Weather machine
      Adventure puzzles
      Password doors
      Linked parkour world
      Interesting facts about bears

      Click image for larger version

Name:	bearley (4).png
Views:	103
Size:	346.6 KB
ID:	6987889
      GrowID: bear9


        Grow ID: TopFamous

        You were chosen to face this hard parkour. While in your sleep, you are
        teleported to The Nether, and the only way to wake up in the real life is
        to Escape The Nether. Luckily, Roan, The Nether Guardian will guide you
        through the exit. But as he says, there won't be a direct way out of the
        nether, and you'll be teleported to other places that you'll have to escape
        as well. So be ready, brave man, to face your fears in your adventure
        full of discoveries. I guess you will need a... Good Luck!

        This world has:
        -P-Z Jammers
        -Ghost Charm
        -Night Weather Machine
        -Credits board and story line near the white door
        -Usage of adventure items
        -Different themes designs (Nether, Jungle, Sea, Castle, Clouds)
        -Medium level parkour throughout the whole world
        -Coded Level (In the clouds level, you'll have to find and arrange the 6
        letters to get the password that will lead you to the end of the parkour)

        Last render:
        Click image for larger version

Name:	escapethenether.png
Views:	114
Size:	459.6 KB
ID:	6987907

        Grow ID: TopFamous

        You're gonna dive through 3 levels. Each level will lead you inside a lock,
        and you're gonna parkour inside that lock till you get out of it and get
        ready to enter the next one. Good Luck in exploring the three locks!

        This world has:
        -P-Z Jammers
        -Ghost Charm
        -Background Weather Machine
        -Credits board and world information near the white door
        -Usage of adventure items
        -World Lock, Diamond Lock and Emerald Lock pixel art
        -Parkour inside the locks pixel arts
        -Coded Level (In the level that leads you to the emerald
        lock, you'll have to find and arrange the letters to get the
        password that will lead you inside the emerald lock, to then
        finish the parkour)

        Last render:
        Click image for larger version

Name:	locksevolution.png
Views:	113
Size:	182.7 KB
ID:	6987908


        • World Name: FirstAdventure
          GrowID: Jokerlol

          This world was inspired by the show "Duck Tales" season 3, episode 16.

          This world features:
          -Cool Story
          -Punch and Zombie Jammers
          -Adventure items
          -Ghost charm
          -Pineapple guardian
          -Xenonite crystal

          Click image for larger version

Name:	firstadventure.png
Views:	127
Size:	588.0 KB
ID:	6987910


          • Click image for larger version

Name:	savethetradition.png
Views:	137
Size:	725.8 KB
ID:	6987912World name: SaveTheTradition
            Grow id: 60mins
            Quick description: Chinese New Year is coming, but it can't be truly done without the festivals ! Since someone stole the Dragon's egg which made the dragon upset. You'll have to help to citizens
            Jammers available:
            • Punch and Zombie Jammers
            • Ghost Charm
            • Pineapple Guardian
            • Song name available
            • Usage of a lot of events and latest blocks
            • inside pixel art painted parkour
            • story boards


            • Nominating world for WOTD

              World name : CURSEDFORESTS
              Grow ID : GodPredict

              Quick Description :
              15 years ago, the peaceful soulstone of the forest was cursed by the evil spirits. Every warriors that stepped into the cursed forest, they never came back...As a young warrior of the village, I have to find the way to break the curse. Let's save the forest !!

              World has :
              -PZ jammer / firehouse / ghostcharm
              -A Credit board
              -A mini quest

              Render of the world :
              (Moon lamp was not showing in the render)
              Attached Files


              • Click image for larger version

Name:	20FD2B3B-7905-4ED0-A6DA-ABD453A73996.jpeg
Views:	117
Size:	255.7 KB
ID:	6988016
                GrowID: JacksHeart

                You have landed on the legendary island of Avalon! The island where King Arthur’s Excalibur was foraged and where King Arthur was later buried deep in the thick forests of Avalon. Legend says that Excalibur was buried along side King Arthur.

                You have came here for one thing only. To retrieve Excalibur, your motives are unspecified.

                World Includes:
                • An easy beginner friendly parkour with arrows for guidance.
                • Boards throughout the world that explain in game mechanics to new players.
                • An original storyline written by JacksHeart.
                • A board above the white door thanking worlds and people who helped.
                • Punch, Zombie, and Ghost jammers.
                I first started playing on December 23, 2013!

                Previous Names: Vlare, Verst, LunaHaider, JacksHeart (Current)
                Level: 56
                Tokens: 12/200

                - 2/15 WOTDS [INCOMPLETE]
                - Legendary Dragon [INCOMPLETE]


                • THYSEN for WOTD 🍃
                  Click image for larger version

Name:	thysen.png
Views:	139
Size:	999.2 KB
ID:	6988025

                  Long ago, a gate was created by the strongest wizards in the world. This gate was made accessible to anyone who seeks to travel back in time or in the future. As a lone kid, you wish to see you're family even if the odds are not on your favor.

                  Take on this journey towards the mythical Thysen Gate in this forest! The thysen gate is being protected by a wizard, only those who have pure intentions can access the portal. Go and wish to see your family once again!

                  World contains:
                  *Creditory Board
                  *Story Guides
                  *Xenonite Crystal (Blocking: Double Jump and High Jump)
                  *Punch Jammer, Zombie Jammer, Ghost Charm, and Fire House
                  *Original wooden house structures
                  *Tomb Robber (cleansing of adventure items)
                  *Celestial Thysen Gate VIP/Finishers Area
                  *Parkour Gameplay (Medium Difficulty)
                  *Trade style gameplay (mini-stalls)
                  *Interactive telephone gameplay
                  *Slippery Pole Gameplay
                  *One riddle
                  *Original life quotes
                  *Proper terrain blending
                  *Usage of prehistoric blocks
                  *Usage of cyboys
                  *Usage of adventure items
                  *Usage of clash blocks
                  *Weather Machine - Comet
                  A demon never hides - therefore lurking in the beneath of the abyss, now bow down you puny little mortals!

                  IGN: Zytran
                  World: ZYTRAN
                  Instagram: @zytran_gt


                  • World: SKIINGMOUNTAINS
                    GrowID: Cards

                    You are going to the skiing champions with your best friend to be his support there. Your friend is going to face off against the best skiers of Europe. Good food and a best community with you, although some guys like to play dirty games, can he handle it or have a hard fall?


                    - Story+ storyline (quest books)
                    - Credits board
                    - Adventure items
                    - Antigravity parkour
                    - Traps
                    - Unscrambling
                    - Winners place+ Feedback area
                    - Noob friendly (xeno)
                    - Basic jammers (P&Z,pine guard,ghost charm)


                    • Hi Growtopians,

                      You should come test out my fascinating, inspiring and engaging adventure world!

                      WORLD: MEMOIRSOFME
                      Growtopia Username: Truthie

                      Click image for larger version  Name:	memoirsofme.png Views:	102 Size:	618.3 KB ID:	6986650

                      It includes a variety of mechanics, such as:

                      - Fun parkour.

                      -Tricky, but engaging puzzles.

                      -An exclusive VIP area for people who complete the world.

                      -A range of different stages.

                      -A well-written detailed storyline.

                      -An interesting adventure for people to participate in.

                      -Credits to the people who have been able to assist in the world.

                      -Xenonite, which provides fair gameplay to all

                      -Firehouse, Punch Jammer, Zombie Jammer, Ghost Charm, Background Weather


                      The sudden hurl of the car, the smoke that scattered everywhere.
                      I watching from the window. I had seen what had happened.
                      The blaze of the crash, the sound of the siren.
                      I was only a child.
                      I was only 12 years old.
                      This was the moment that changed me. A sudden leap from childhood into adulthood.

                      It has been 10 gruesome years since this has happened.
                      10 long and tiring years.
                      However, over time, I have realized something.
                      My memories keep coming back. It is like I shouldn't feel sad anymore.
                      Like these memories that worth remembering.

                      Today I will finally exit the house and go on a journey.
                      I wonder where this will lead me.
                      My memoirs.. I hope I can recall them..

                      Thank you so much for reading! Hope you have a nice rest of the day.

                      Instagram: Truthie_GT

                      Have a great day!


                      • Click image for larger version

Name:	loverjourneys.png
Views:	126
Size:	487.9 KB
ID:	6988047

                        Hello Growtopians! I want to nominate my world LOVERJOURNEYS for WOTD


                        Theme:Winter with Valentine story

                        World contains:

                        -Punch and Zombie Jammer

                        -Credit Board



                        -Ghost Charm

                        -Security Camera

                        -Airplane design

                        -Beautiful Tree


                        -VIP Area For WINNER/FRIENDS


                        There are 2 lovers who will be celebrating their anniversary at Hawaii. While they were going to Hawaii, it started to rain heavily and the plane crash into an unknown island. The couples were not seriously hurt and needed to find each other and find help. With the help of love they will be able to find each other.



                        • World Name:BestMm4py
                          Grow id: Chickfk
                          World description:4py Have Arrived at Land of Dawn, Hard Parkour
                          World Include: Pz, Antigravity, Ghost Charm, Firehouse.
                          Attached Files


                          • Entry Requirements

                            World name : DRAGONTEMPLEJOURNEY
                            GROW ID : FOLVA

                            This world has :
                            • Credit Board
                            • Original Story by me
                            • Adventures items
                            • Parkour
                            • Obelisks and Sungate
                            • Xenonite Crystal
                            • Basic Jammers
                            • Pixel Art
                            STORY :

                            You are trying to find a safe place from the dragon. You were running running and running. Until u went to the jungle and found the temple inside the jungle. But, there is some requirements to go inside to the highest temple that can save your life. So, you need to find out how to go there by reading the scroll and by following the sign. Are you ready to start your journey ??

                            Hope you like it..

                            Click image for larger version

Name:	dragontemplejourney.png
Views:	120
Size:	442.2 KB
ID:	6988096


                            • World Name: THSSD

                              GrowID: N7ool

                              The chaos of the four seasons is there, the adventure awaits you that will live in the atmosphere of the four seasons or an atmosphere of chaos and lagging behind because of a strong storm. You will move from one place to another. So go and explore the adventure and be free to get out of this storm.


                              - Parkour

                              - Adventure items

                              ​​​​​- VIP Room For winners

                              - Weather machine infinity has 4 Weathers machines ( Jungle, Autumn, Arid, Snowy)

                              - Weathers Changes when you playing new season.

                              - Ghost Charm

                              - P/Z Jammers

                              - Fire house

                              - nice view when you playing

                              - Different houses if enter new season

                              - Nice Discovery

                              - Feeling the seasons when you playing
                              Attached Files


                              • Renominating GROWTOPIAORIGIN
                                for WOTD.

                                World Name: GROWTOPIAORIGIN

                                GrowID: goldenjet

                                Description: You are an explorer going for a holiday trip but the plane crashes. You are the only survivor and you are looking for a shelter. You found a cave and discovered the temple of Growtopia...

                                Necessary Items:
                                Punch Jammer
                                Zombie Jammer
                                Ghost Charm
                                Story Board
                                Credits Board

                                World Features:
                                Forest Theme
                                Simple parkour
                                Ancient temple
                                Realistic lighting
                                Trickster parkour
                                Use of adventure items
                                Underground waterfall
                                Underground river
                                Easter eggs
                                Two different endings depends
                                on which way you go
                                Signs with origin of Growtopia
                                Also has Growtopia Update histories
                                and fun facts
                                (I edited and rewritten the signs)
                                Hope you like it, and have fun!

                                Latest world render
                                Click image for larger version

Name:	growtopiaorigin.png
Views:	134
Size:	2.20 MB
ID:	6988168