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Nominate Your World for WOTD Here! (January - March 2021 Cycle)

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    Nominating THEDARKCONTINENT for World of the Day
    GrowID: mewaa

    Biggest special thanks to Feodebius (krtprml)


    You open your eyes, realizing that this is not your place, not the place that you are supposed to be. You can barely see yourself amidst the all-consuming darkness.

    You are frustrated and confused about where you are and what’s happening. Your mind is completely blank, yet you cannot recall entering this place on your own accord.

    The place is called The Dark Continent, the realm of darkness, devoid of anything you’re familiar with. Your task is getting out of this place, face the obstacles, overcome it, solve the riddles, and eventually, be free.

    World Features:

    -Basic Jammers (Punch Jammer and Zombie Jammers)
    -Ghost Charm
    -Weather Machine - Background (The Darkness as a background)
    -Guardian Pineapple
    -Some Parkour (intermediate) and riddles!
    IGN: meramipop
    i like anime yes

    Try out my parkour in FINORZA

    Do you like parkour? If yes, read this:


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      World name: TRAPPEDINTHEMAZE
      GrowID: SilverFriend

      World Render:

      Thomas, a teenager, arrives in a giant labyrinth. Like the others youths dumped there before him, he has no memory of his previous life. Thomas quickly becomes part of the group and soon after demonstrates a unique perspective that scores him a promotion to Runner status. He and his friends try to escape from the maze and eventually learn that they are subjects of an experiment.

      - A winner's room
      - Credit board
      - Adventure items
      - Weather machine Jungle
      - Pineapple guardian
      - Punch and Zombie Jammers
      - Ghost Charm


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        Click image for larger version

Name:	9D650D32-FFB4-40D4-87A6-6CDD4885210B.jpeg
Views:	285
Size:	976.8 KB
ID:	6977828Submiting PSYDERBY For Wotd Wich was built by me and Retri ! Its a full world Easter themed Racetrack using a Beautifull Purpleish Nature theme with a heatwave Weather machiene to top it off ! It also has a Race around a Psy Bunny Pixelart using unique Guild Clash Systems (Gravity Wells, Mud Puddles...) and a Song made out of Music Gears ! Race to the end to Get Free VIP with a Winners Board to Leave a Message !

        Story :

        The Annual Bunny Derbies have Begun with a Twist ! The Derby has been relocated in a More Dangerous Place than ever before Turning Every Normal Bunny entering the place into a Psychotic Bunny. Race to get to the Grand V.I.P of the Bunny Castle and Leave this madness be !

        World includes :

        Guild Clash items like :

        -Mud Puddle Blocks

        -gravity Wells

        Jammers and Weathers like :

        -PZ Jammers


        -Pinapple guardian

        -Anti Gravity Machiene

        -Heatwave Weather machine

        World Itself Includes :

        -A Full Racetrack going Through the whole World

        -A Original Pixelart

        -New Bunny Blocks

        -A Original Theme

        -A Song completely out of audio Racks

        -a VIP Place for Winners !

        GrowID : Menal

        World : Psyderby


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          Nominating Storks For WOTD
          <Story Line>

          You are a Stork! kind,smart and brave.
          One day, you saw a baby That was kidnappend by an evil witch. And you are trying to get back the baby to her parents.

          World Name: “STORKS”
          GrowID: Storks

          World has:
          - Full Songs
          - VIP Room
          - Punch and Zombie Jammer
          - Weather Machine - Jungle
          - Fire House, Pigeon, Ghost Charm
          - Adventure items
          - Story Adventure Parkour
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            Nominating THEMONEYHEISTS for WOTD.

            World name:
            GrowID: shstoke
            World is built by me, and Kyutepie. And inspired by “Money heist” series.

            A group of thieves are planning a heist on a bank, but for the heist to be successful and for them to be able to break through the safe box, they must go in a mission to collect the secret letters needed to encrypt the safe box. In order for the mission to be successful, they will go through 10 chambers of varying difficulty, those chambers might contain ONE or TWO secret letters. After the thieves encrypt the passcode, they will be able to access the safe box and steal the fortune. Do you think they will be able to pass through all the challenges that awaits them ?

            The world has all the necessary jammers:
            • Punch & zombie jammers.
            • Pineapple guardian.
            • Minimod.
            • Ghost charm.
            • Firehouse.
            • Credits board.

            World info:
            • 10 parkour chambers, with varying difficulty.
            • Bulletin boards to guide, and interact with the player.
            • Use of adventure items.
            • Interactive parkour & story.
            • Use of clash blocks.
            • Original song (Bella Ciao).
            • The world involves looking around the chambers to search for passwords.
            • VIP room.
            • Different parkour environments.
            • Mini race.
            • Pixel art, and parkour inside it.

            Credits: Kyutepie, Sinister, and Skeptra.

            Click image for larger version

Name:	themoneyheists.png
Views:	310
Size:	324.2 KB
ID:	6977869


            "If you're eating chocolate, then chocolate is eating you."


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              World name: FUTUREMARIO,
              Growid: ELEKTRONI,

              The world name and Mystery Box are inspire from Super Mario games. This us a medium difficulty parkour with tons of unique mechanics. We took advantage of the tomb robber mechanics like never before. In total we used 33 Tomb Robbers. The world also features adventure items, cybots and Xenonite Crystal to block abilities like double & high jump.

              It is a new kind of parkour experience as mist people are used to the convenience of using double & high jump or speedy. We also made it possible with or without parasol, although it's much harder without it.

              This is our biggest project yet, taking over six months to build, sometimes more and sometimes less actively. We didn't want to rush it to make it as good as it can be.

              The world was built by ELEKTRONI. He built and decorated the world. He also came up with the mechanics. Most notable helpers were andq and Arago who helped with developing and mastering the mechanics. andq also did the texts in the world. Thanks to all world testers too. World builders: ELEKTRONI, andq & Arago

              -Basic jammers & other useful jammers to keep the world clean.
              -Xenonite crystal to limit abilities in the world. -Cybots
              -Adventure Items
              -33 Tomb Robbers
              -Unique mechanics that you have to experience.
              -Over 160 different blocks.
              -Boss Fight level
              -VIP room for winners.
              -Secret Room
              -And a lot more that you have to experience yourself.
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                Resubmitting my world for wotd!

                World name: LearnYoga
                IGN: CursedYugi

                World description: What better way to start of the year than by learning yoga! This world is solely focused on teaching Growtopians the history of Yoga in India and how it came into Western Culture. The world follows a cave theme at the beginning, which teaches the ancient start of Yoga and how it has evolved over time. Once you reach the end, there are boards describing the basic Yoga poses and how to successfully master them! These poses are then used in the Sun Salutation, one of the most commonly practiced yoga routines in the world! Scattered around the world are also random and fun facts about Yoga! I hope you enjoy.

                World includes:
                - Fun facts about Yoga
                - Original cave theme that follows the history of Yoga
                - Information on how to perform basic Yoga poses
                - Easy Parkour and adventure items
                - Basic jammers, epoch weather, and pineapple guardian
                - Original pixel art
                - Credits board

                Click image for larger version

Name:	80A1D1C2-EC5C-4FB6-9741-089933D43CB4.png
Views:	224
Size:	563.3 KB
ID:	6977882
                IGN: CursedYugi


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                  THEBOOKOFBOBAFETT by dalphi
                  Star Wars The Book of Boba Fett

                  World: THEBOOKOFBOBAFETT
                  GrowID: dalphi

                  Taken right from the upcoming TV project The Book of Boba Fett set to release in December 2021 first displayed in the post-credits sequence of Chapter 16 of The Mandalorian.

                  But since the plot is unknown, I added my own fun little story to it.

                  It’s Christmas all over the galaxy, the aliens are cheering, planets are idyllic. But for bounty hunter, Boba Fett there is never a time for a break. Follow in the steps of Boba Fett as he captures his last bounty for the month.

                  This will be a WhoDunIt situation where he has to catch his bounty through the evidence of the citizens. They've been given hush money to stay quiet to you must identify who will spill the tea.

                  If successful, he will finally get a nice festive rest for once.

                  Below are the full renders of the worlds used:
                  Click image for larger version

Name:	thebookofbobafett.png
Views:	271
Size:	1.16 MB
ID:	6977920

                  Linked World:

                  Click image for larger version

Name:	bookofbobafett.png
Views:	249
Size:	680.8 KB
ID:	6977921

                  Note: Some blocks are not visible on the render ex: Jade Brick Background

                  This Planet Contains:
                  - Cybots Usage.
                  - Required Jammers Used.
                  - Chasing Game Using Antler Hats.
                  - WhoDunIt Type Situation.
                  - Theme Music For The World.

                  ~ Dalphi


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                    Nominating State of logic for WOTD
                    Growid : steamkidYT
                    World : State of logic
                    Theme : The item of the month where u can travel through space and throught the planets : D so i made this mutiuniverse, I never won wotd Before
                    Features :
                    - Basic Jammer ( Punch, Zombie, firehouse)
                    - Parkour
                    - Life motivation
                    - About life
                    - Winner special room's
                    - 4 universes with special theme
                    - World relating to january item of the month.
                    If i will wotd ima Give half to people that need it : D
                    Render World :
                    Attached Files


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                      Nominating Late4School for WOTD
                      Growid: Vishan
                      World: Late4School

                      Theme: School, Nature, Space, Aliens

                      Plot: You are late for school, but this time something's different... YOUR SCHOOL HAS VANISHED! You have to go on an adventure to rescue your school, but you find out it was abducted by aliens.

                      Features :
                      - Basic Jammers (Punch, Zombie, Ghost)
                      - Unique Parkour
                      - Unique Story Line
                      - Parkour difficulty is perfect for everyone.
                      - Everyone can complete the world, it is new player friendly because it is possible to complete without wings!
                      - Relates to the IOTM, has to do with space and aliens.

                      Render World: Click image for larger version

Name:	late4school.png
Views:	243
Size:	321.5 KB
ID:	6978003


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                        THYSEN for WOTD 🍃
                        Click image for larger version

Name:	thysen (4).png
Views:	268
Size:	483.1 KB
ID:	6978005

                        Long ago, a gate was created by the strongest wizards in the world. This gate was made accessible to anyone who seeks to travel back in time or in the future. As a lone kid, you wish to see you're family even if the odds are not on your favor.

                        Take on this journey towards the mythical Thysen Gate in this forest! The thysen gate is being protected by a wizard, only those who have pure intentions can access the portal. Go and wish to see your family once again!

                        World contains:
                        *Creditory Board
                        *Story Guides
                        *Xenonite Crystal (Blocking: Double Jump and High Jump)
                        *Punch Jammer, Zombie Jammer, Ghost Charm, and Fire House
                        *Original wooden house structures
                        *Tomb Robber (cleansing of adventure items)
                        *Celestial Thysen Gate VIP/Finishers Area
                        *Parkour Gameplay (Medium Difficulty)
                        *Trade style gameplay (mini-stalls)
                        *Interactive telephone gameplay
                        *Slippery Pole Gameplay
                        *One riddle
                        *Original life quotes
                        *Proper terrain blending
                        *Usage of prehistoric blocks
                        *Usage of cyboys
                        *Usage of adventure items
                        *Usage of clash blocks
                        *Weather Machine - Comet
                        A demon never hides - therefore lurking in the beneath of the abyss, now bow down you puny little mortals!

                        IGN: Zytran
                        World: ZYTRAN
                        Instagram: @zytran_gt


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                          GrowId: Zeoxu
                          World: THENIGHTFUTURE

                          we are inspired from EMPIREIV by delphi

                          On a quiet night in the future, there has been an attack in the city center by traitor soldiers, they want to take over the resources in the city center and kidnap the president, but there is a hero who is always loyal to the president, always loyal to the city, and always loyal. in his country, his name is... (you)

                          what's in this world? : - basic jammers (punch, zombie, ghost charm)
                          - medium parkour
                          - puzzles
                          - unique design
                          - adventure items
                          - credit and story board
                          - cybots
                          Attached Files


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                            Click image for larger version

Name:	learnpet-10.png
Views:	290
Size:	457.7 KB
ID:	6978014

                            Nominating My World for WOTD

                            World name: LearnPet
                            IGN: Player251

                            Welcome to the world of Pet Battler, in this world you can learn everything about Pet Battle
                            , Everything! what is pet battle?, how does it work?, what is the grand tournament? , Pet Abililities, Bugs, Decks, and many more... A full pet battle trivia world and the first one in game! Feel free to visit the world.

                            World Description
                            > Basic Jammer (PZ)
                            > Ghost Charm
                            > Night Weather Machine
                            > Back to Nature themed world
                            > Complete Information
                            > Unique Mechanism
                            > linked World


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                              Nominating ABANDONEDPALAZE for WOTD
                              Growid : Wernli
                              World : ABANDONEDPALAZE
                              Theme : Abandoned Castle
                              Features :
                              - Basic Jammer ( Punch, Zombie, Ghost charm,Jungle Weather)
                              - Parkour
                              - Adventure
                              - Unique Stories
                              - Special Room For WInner
                              - Stories :
                              A History Of Banjar. An incident... World War One shot killed hundreds of people in the Banjar Valley. The struggle for the valley are became the background of the incident. All souls flew, not a single one escaped from the war shots. No one knows what the fate of the valley will be next.

                              An century after that war. A good-hearted explorer came to the valley with a map on his left. He didn't know any story about the palace, so he invited archaeologists and historians to explore more about the old palace. Information was obtained from the palace: namely that the building had been standing since the 14th century and is still intact until now, the palace had been attacked so that there were bodies that had not been buried, and the purpose of the palace was built for their leaders (2 leaders). So.. before the palace wanted to become UNESCO status, the valley and palace were used as a crater of challenge.

                              Builder : ProfAzmi
                              Thank You To All My Friends, And Builders Especially ProfAzmi ,Marumance n More (That Help Me)

                              Render World :
                              Click image for larger version  Name:	abandonedpalaze.png Views:	178 Size:	1.15 MB ID:	6978036
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                                Acidity Research For WOTD
                                The City of Growtopia, currently facing a massive leak of Acid Radiation. People were transferred into different Medical Institutes. Mr.X an unknown scientist volunteered himself to
                                Investigate the laboratory located at the undersea base facility. In order for Mr. X to determine the type and the structure of acid. He needs the sample for his study and he could create an antibody to stop the acid radiation POV: You, player was sent to the Laboratory with Mr. X as his assistant for the study. Are you ready to put your life at the line? The Growtopians are waiting your new journey awaits. Double check
                                your backpack make sure you're ready to go! Good luck player [ERROR-CODE S)

                                This World contains :
                                -Basic Jammer(Punch Jammer, Zombie jammer)
                                -Undersea Blast
                                -Ghost Charm
                                -Fire House
                                ​​​​-Mini Mod
                                -Credit Board
                                -Adventure Items

                                Good luck everyone!

                                Attached Files