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What changes should be done? On my WOTD attempt world? Please help!

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  • What changes should be done? On my WOTD attempt world? Please help!

    I wanna make changes for my wotd world, imnot a gpod builder, i didnt got choosen, i need help what to change, Please! Thank you!
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    Well, to start off, the world looks simple and it looks like your average parkour worlds. WOTDs are mostly cool looking worlds that has a interesting story, WOTDs are also enjoyable.
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    Too basic, looks like just a parkour world, you need to re-design and observe the previous WOTD, make a unique point from your world, use adventure items and make it as "puzzle", add a story, use more kind of blocks.
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      Originally posted by WaterNice View Post
      WOTDs are also enjoyable.
      Woah, calm down there
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        Woah chill, not getting picked today doesnt mean youll never be chosen.

        What i liked though:
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          Try to plan out on what you want to make. Experiment with shapes and colors. Also you can learn some designs from the previous WOTDS. Building requires time to improve, as the time goes on you will get better bud! Goodluck!!


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            (well, WOTD winners arent always with a story, VARYJUMP is just a well built parkour)
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