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I need advice from world builders.

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  • I need advice from world builders.

    Hello, I'm MicAzL and I have plan to re-build my main world, MICAZL. I'm a TikTok content creator for Growtopia. I want players enjoy my world.

    Before I regret of my own design (Yes, it happens everytime I build my worlds) I'll ask you as world builders - not really care how much worlds you've build. As long as you have idea, I'll listen and learn from it.

    By the way, I'll design my world in a nature theme, and with my wishlist, the world will have:
    • A VIP Room which isn't far from the main door.
    • Vending Machine - I'll place about 20ish or 30ish.
    • Nature aesthetic parkour.
    • Dice game and spleef.
    • Donation Box and Mailbox area.
    • Place where people can socialize and talk, like house or hospital (well, I'll put a story on my parkour so it connects)
    • I don't want my world looks so formal like too-square or something.

    1. Is it possible to put my wishlist in one world?
    2. Is song a must for a world to be enjoyable?
    3. What should I avoid when making a parkour? (I found this in GrowH's thread.) I learned so much from his thread, thanks. And I'd like to know more, so give me your opinion. Provide picture*
    4. What blocks should fit the Night Weather Machine. Other than Dirt, Hedge, and Rock. I'll use this weather to reduce lag and frameloss.
    5. Where the main door should be placed (based on my wishlist)? Put the coordinat if possible.
    6. Quick prediction of the budget needed based on number 4 (exclude jammers and stuffs), only blocks and backgrounds.
    7. Would you do a free sketch design for my world?

    I'll also put your name on the Bulletin Board as credits if I used your idea, especially for number 3 and 7.

    Sorry if I asked too much. I'm really unexperienced on building worlds.

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    I highly suggest you use a world planner, IamIm has a good up-to-date one. Cernodile's is a good web-based alternate if you don't like the idea of downloading a planner, though it's slightly outdated now. That should help you determine if you can fit everything you want and give you an idea of how many blocks you're gonna need to budget for.

    Is song a must for a world to be enjoyable?
    It's not necessary in the slightest, though I personally like including music in my worlds. That being said, I'm definitely biased here since I make music in this game, I know that a lot of people don't really care and often just have music muted anyways.
    hi I'm dyn and I love mistie 💘
    IGN: Dynnie
    Discord: Dynnie#3475

    Avatar by the most wonderful Mistie, thank you so much! ❤️


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      Thanks for your opinion, Dyn. I found that music makes everyone frameloss but I like having music in my world. I think I'll go for music.

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    Use different variations of blocks.


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      If you're having a nature theme, then I could suggest a tree house as a social place.
      :hat​​​​:Greetings, fellow forumer!