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    What to you do with farmed gems?

    I know a lot of you people farm for gems here, whatever farmable it would be may I ask what to you do with them for profit? (Not that, I'm asking anything huehueheu)
  2. Possibly cause of the hype it creates and how...

    Possibly cause of the hype it creates and how people soon start to realize that the item isn't worth as much as it was intended to be or maybe cause people didn't profit enough with the MAGs, making...
  3. The youtuber effect in market (and why you shouldn't follow them)

    I have thought of a new thing called the Youtuber effect. It's when very influenced user uploads a video on how to get rich by massing something and then selling it for high profits, this is nothing...
  4. Nope. Popularity by wealth has been a thing for...

    Nope. Popularity by wealth has been a thing for centuries and our little nut minds cant help the fact there are people better than us just for something they cant own so they beg their influence
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    Um, Not sure if a start of a rumor or something...

    Um, Not sure if a start of a rumor or something legit!

    People grow up and move on with life, people cannot play a game 24/7 and moderate cause we all have our own free time that we use for school...
  6. Getting wealthy by trading? Still a possibility?

    I have wondered if the whole.. like, buying low selling high is possible nowadays as I haven't played Growtopia for a long time. Sorry if this has been asked Frequently :sweatdrop: Maybe there are...
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    You ever feel.

    Like everything going on with growtopia has turned into a time wasting farming simulator, i understand some people like this but i come to think of it as that nobody can have fun in this game...
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    quitting this game

    quitting this game
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    Not a celebration

    Not a celebration
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    Not waste my time here.

    Not waste my time here.
  11. deal with it.

    deal with it.
  12. Indeed :hat:

    Indeed :hat:
  13. Guide: A helpful guide to being successful in life and growtopia.

    Growtopia might be an interesting place to be. But real life needs some talk to of course. Follow this guide to become what you really are in growtopia and in real life

    Life does get hard. We all...
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    What is everybody up to today?

    Was just wondering what people were doing. Well in other hand i'm doing pretty nice at the moment. Just listening to some music :panic:
  15. What in the world happened to one of the best mods Meow?

    Remember seeing her in 2013 in items being invisible building the world and that was literally the best thing ive ever seen on growtopia. But what has happened even to our lord meow who was the...
  16. That sucks. I haven't seen that since 2014 my...

    That sucks. I haven't seen that since 2014 my dude lol
  17. Sign me in

    Sign me in
  18. I find memes interesting but i'm not that good at...

    I find memes interesting but i'm not that good at making memes trust me. It's just my humor which is off
  19. Fly me up in the space and watch me fall down to the nether,

    Just made this. What do you guys think about it?


    Also ignore the title.
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    All of Martus guides. Archive

    This is an archive of all of my old guides i made back in 2014
    Please do not follow these guides made by me when i was 9. They are old and have the worst grammar ever

  21. Oooh i remember you. Wazzup my dude

    Oooh i remember you. Wazzup my dude
  22. GUIDE: How to make friends in growtopia!

    Well here we go again.

    Hello hello everybody Martu here. Today i will teach you a guide made by me and how to make friends!!!

    1. DO NOT add random people. Why? Cuz it's hella annoying. Rather...
  23. Has anything changed much in growtopia?

    Just visiting the game and messaging my old friends from past, is there some huge changes made to the community or the game? :scratch:
  24. It's been 4 years and i'm finally back. To apologize to Moderators and Members

    Okay so a quick summary. My name is Martu and ive been a forumer here from late 2014. I was known to mass spam the forums and do lots of no no stuff in the Forums.
    A lot of people here are from...
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