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    Rip I just harvested my entire pinball farm of 2000 seeds and got no cakes

    Ubisoft literally scammed me bruh ;( hope it’s fixed soon but I literally got 0 Mooncakes this harvest rip me
  2. Terrible iotm and game is dying everyone quiting

    Me and many others thought rayman would be next iotm then magplant but we woke up to see the prismatic aura as the iotm and people just gave up at the game and started playing casinos since there was...
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    Why aren’t you guys showing us the iotm preview?

    You made the forum thing for it and said it’s where u show console iotm but still haven’t showed yet can we get a answer?
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    But Where’s The Console One ;(

    Many of us on console feel so attention is given to us can we at least get the iotm preview ;( or any information regarding it
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    Sticky: Where do I apply?

    I’ve been playing for 5 years and have almost 3000 hours on growtopia I know the game very well and how the economy and community is I’m wondering how I can apply to this new “Guardian” role. I love...
  6. Selling Surg Tools Crime Cards And Galactic Tools At MAJESTIC (PS4)

    On the left side of MAJESTIC I’m selling surg tools galactic tools and crime cards for quest if you need during carnival or just want items from galactic prizes good luck
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    Selling First Pet Fox On Ps4

    I got first place in the pet battle event taking best offers already have been offered challenge crown but declined need either pure wls or better offers put offers below
  8. I didint it was slowly acquired with word locks...

    I didint it was slowly acquired with word locks and I bought SSP packs from people who bought gems lol the reason I’m rich is because I take the roads less taken not just straight up buying gems or...
  9. I’m not fighting tho I’m being accused of...

    I’m not fighting tho I’m being accused of something that can get me banned can I not defend my self?
  10. Toxic player base

    Toxic player base
  11. I lied to u since it was the beginning so many...

    I lied to u since it was the beginning so many people asked how I got wls and no one would believe me if I said I just grinded and massed so that’s all I could say at the time but now I tell people...
  12. Ur kinda rude

    It’s kinda rude u assume that I spent $500 I only spent $30 at the beginning of the game and I own some of the first daily challenges then slowly sold the crowns to get richer and richer to win more...
  13. Yup

    Yea I own the only one others are just useless like selling 1 of each seed or not enough vending machines
  14. Cheapest SSP Shop On PS4 Just Got Cheaper :) MAJESTIC

    Due to the success of MAJESTIC I decided to make the prices cheaper so that competition can’t even compete. I’ve made all the prices of every seed give 5-30 more seeds per wl buy whatever blocks you...
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    You just made this forum account

    This means you havent even been apart of the community for that long lol so most people who get banned from casinos go straight to the forums ive seen this happen alot im not the kid banned in this...
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    Yes, this happend to me aswell

    During the first wold whistle daily challenge I went for 1st place and after the first wolf world I tried to go for a second one and it said "world inaccessible" I thought nothing of this and thought...
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    Im pretty sure this was not a glitch

    Ive been playing like 24/7 since the game came out and the only people who have gotten banned were casino owners/admins. I havent seen it frequently but randomly there have been many purges of...
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    Lack Of /News Login (Please Read)

    Hello I’ve been playing since the first day on PS4 and I would like to majorly point out that when you login the game the news doesn’t pop up like it does on mobile/pc this is terrible because of the...
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    Sell Guild Potion- Blocks At ScarusGt

    Sell guild potion Blocks At ScarusGt
  20. Sell Many Game Block Seeds And Blocks At ScarusGt

    Selling Many Game Blocks And Seeds At ScarusGt
  21. Selling Growganoth Glitched World After Patch

    I’m selling a glitched world that has growganoth weather it has been recently patched so no one can replicate the original glitch but I still have the weather in this world so if you want to buy msg...
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    Sell Real Item Name Buy Worlds

    I got these names right when the items came out all from clash events
    BuyKnightsChainmailLion - 2Dls
    BuyKnightsChainmailSun - 2Dls
    BuyKnightsChainmailCrown - 2Dls
    I’ve earned about 15 Wls a day...

    I can provide proof daily that it is auto people and also the highest offer so far is 2 Dls I’ve had this world for 2 years and I placed a Camera and many people come everyday but since I haven’t...
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    Sell 126 dimension blocks at OUIK

    Get them
    Before summer clash event is over
  25. Selling world with 151 Awkward Unicorn Placed

    The word name is MRSFARMXD usually placed awk unicorns are 10 wls each but I’m selling them for 6.6 wls each this is a very rare offer to find this many unicorns in one world but I’m selling because...
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