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  1. News world

    World Name: News
    Grow Id: 60mins
    Information about new items.
    information about old items.
    Information and guides for every event in Growtopia .227220
  2. 217989 217989

  3. Historical World

    World Name :Nicolas98
    It's not only a main world it's a historical world you can see Historical buildings like Dracula's castle,oldest Chinese temple,oldest church,Dubai...
  4. Winter

    World Name: News
    GrowId: Newsgang
    Intro: News is one of the most famous information worlds in growtopia. So we made News winter fest version! Happy Winter Fest209928
  5. Winter

    World Name: Winterjorn
    Grow Id: NaNoSs2
    Instagram: Nanoss2_gt
    The Story about The bad snow man Trying to destroy and put fire on Santa gifts. For finish Christmas and destroy Santa Forever....
  6. World News

    World name: News
    GrowId: Newsgang
    world news is the #1 in information in all over gt :3 so why not to be nominated to win wotd :3
    you will love news world trust me :3 Visit us :D

    - - - Updated...
  7. Replies

    It's an old video with my ex gf :( but it's...

    It's an old video with my ex gf :(
    but it's happy one and full of love. i hope i will win it's a simple video from 2015 maybe :3
    Grow id: Nicolas98
    Instagram: Nicolas98_gt
    Video name:Talking to...
  8. Balloon Warz

    World Name : Gfun
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