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    3.0 release date suggestion

    i just want to suggest that version 3,0 could be anniversary week/growtopia official release date? (11 january i guess if im not wrong)
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    thanks man

    thanks man
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    How long does threads queue

    So like week ago or more, i've post a big post in a suggestion box. Question, how long does it takes to get it checked by moderators and posted? (Im 99% it could get posted, but it takes too...
  4. Weather Season Jewels. Part of the Fartherlands expansion.

    This one started by simply recoloring Golden heart crystal, then it expanded in something more original, then came ideas, i made them, and more , more ideas. So that's why i called it in the title,...
  5. I thought it was a cool idea of combining things...

    I thought it was a cool idea of combining things to create such play of words and a cool item too , while making it my friend pointed what it looks very little like shark thingie gun from terraria.
  6. Gartling gun. The prize from training gar

    Hello! I made forums account for suggesting a new item ideas.

    I have more ideas to show tho all i need is to draw them.
    Keep in mind, that this is just a concept of an idea. If you don't like it,...
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